Explore the fantastical Talon Island in a thrilling fusion between a MOBA and Battle Royale game. Choose your Champion and master their unique abilities, loot for treasures alone or with a friend, and rise above the competition in a top-down action-fest. Only the best survive to the end!
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Release Date:
Sep 26, 2018

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Early Access is a way for you to enjoy Battlerite Royale whilst in the final stages of development. With your support and feedback, we want to create the best Action MOBA Battle Royale experience possible and make sure it’s here to stay for many years to come. We’ve worked hard to ensure we meet expectations with the Early Access launch. All mechanics, several unique champions, and a first map are all already in place and you can play solo or duo. New content, primarily in the form of new champions from the Battlerite world, features and cosmetics, will arrive in a steady pace throughout EA up until launch. We encourage you to provide your feedback as we sincerely believe that together we can achieve more. By supporting us you will play a crucial part in the development of Battlerite Royale whilst preparing yourself for the upcoming launch.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Thanks to your support we will be able to spend time to evolve the Battlerite Royale experience to the high standard expected from a fully-fledged Stunlock Studios title. Our goal is to finalize the game and leave Early Access within 6 months.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“In Early Access you receive a solid foundation of what Battlerite Royale is about. Some of the features are still under development and will be implemented in future updates. A big part of EA is finding out what players would like to see more of, but here’s some of what you can expect:

  • An expanded roster of diverse and battle-hungry Champions
  • New Maps
  • Additional items, consumables and map events
  • Additional weapons, outfits and other visual customizations
  • Improvements and polish across the board, including, but not limited to:
  • Replay System
  • Gameplay balance tuning

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game is fully playable on a huge and detailed map and has a well-balanced roster of champions and items to loot. The combat is similar to Battlerite, though all Battlerite Champions have been reworked for Battlerite Royale.

It also boasts a solid menu interface with a number of features such as matchmaking, group chats, friend listing, profile summaries, and account progression. There’s also a thorough tutorial to get you ready for all the action.

If you’re after customizations, then there a good number of cosmetics that can be unlocked by playing and progressing, all of which you get to keep forever.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Early Access includes all current and future Royale Champions that might come with a price tag on launch.

Battlerite Royale will launch as a free-to-play title. One reason for Early Access is to help us figure out how to best turn Battlerite Royale into a free-to-play title. Early Access includes all current and future Champions that might come with a price tag on launch. Note that it is not yet decided if Champions will be sold, unlocked via in-game progression, or if they will be included as part of the experience once Battlerite Royale launches as free-to-play.

This bundle will not be available at launch. It’s likely that the same amount of content will cost more once the game is released.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Our team are continuously looking for feedback and ideas through our community. Particularly engaged players may have the opportunity to be included in private meetings and internal tests, so be sure to get involved!

Thank you for your support and helping us to make a Battle Royale experience, like no other!”
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Recent updates View all (7)

October 19

Community Weekly - Darkness on Talon Island

It’s time for the Community Weekly!

Patch 0.2 is here and it’s brought a whole bunch of tricks (and treats!) for you to enjoy! With this patch comes the beginning of the Curse of the Night event, along with a host of balance updates, bug fixes, a private lobby, and a new Champion - Ruh Kaan, the Crypt Warden.

While we initially did not allow for purchasing Creepy Chests during this event, we have brought them back. You are now able to either purchase the cosmetic you desire directly with Diamonds or Tokens, or purchase a Creepy Chest and have a chance at finding them there.

Read up on all of the changes here.

Curse of the Night is here, and there’s so much to do! Besides the new cosmetics (which can now be directly purchased with Diamonds), there are new in-game items and mysterious Trick or Treat Shrines have appeared across Talon Island. Who knows what happens when you activate them? You’ll have to stop by try it out!

Make sure you get started on your Event Quest too! The first has already begun and ends on October 24th at 8:00 UTC!

The Halloween Content Contest has begun, and we’re open for anything and everything that’s both Battlerite and Halloween! Check out full rules and how to enter here.


Are you creating awesome Battlerite content? Show us on twitter @Battlerite with hashtag #battleriteart or post it here on Steam!


Fan Art

We have some amazingly talented artists in the Battlerite community!

First up we have Darinushka back again with a beautiful interpretation of Winter Kitty Blossom:


Over on DeviantArt, SplashBrush has drawn Desert Traveler Blossom - and boy does she look adorable!

Find the original here.

And finally, IIINoodlesIII decided to make a compilation piece of all the Battlerite Champions - and it’s amazing!

Find the original here.


Video Highlights
Our content creators have been busy at work making new videos!

Iva got some attention in the last Royale Patch, and 2Lainz delivers his opinion on the changes in the most artistic way possible
Electrocute shows off some of the best of Destiny gameplay in Battlerite Royale, in his own way:
For the French-speaking community, ZeratoR has you covered with his latest gameplay video:
Amaz also shows off his skills in Battlerite Royale in his latest video:
And Battlemanly is back with yet another highlight video!


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October 16

Battlerite Royale Patch 0.2 - Curse of the Night

Battlerite Royale Patch 0.2 will go live at 7:00 UTC on October 17th and contain the Curse of the Night Halloween Event, the Battlerite Royale private lobby, and new Champion Ruh Kaan.

During this patch we are planning on experimenting with the player count in matches during select time windows. During these times we will be increasing the amount of players in game to 40. Players will be notified when these theses have begun and ended via the in-game chat system.

Follow us on Twitter or join our Discord Channel to keep up to date on any more information.

Curse of the Night - Halloween Event

Creepy items are back in the world of Battlerite, along with the dark and dangerous things in the world. Three new Creepy Outfits and new Creepy Weapons are now in game, and all past Creepy Outfits, Weapons, Mounts, and Poses return to take part in the devious delights. Purchase these ghoulish items directly with Diamonds or Tokens or find them exclusively in Creepy Chests or Spooky Chests.

Spooky Chests can be earned by leveling up your Account Level, where they have temporarily replaced Silver Chests. These chests contain 3 random drops and guarantees at least 1 Rare item and 1 random Creepy item. They can also be purchased at 400 Battle Coins each.

Creepy Chests can only be obtained by completing limited time Event Quests and will not be directly purchasable with Diamonds. These chests contain 3 random drops and guarantees 1 non-duplicate Epic or Legendary Creepy item. Owning all items results in duplicate items.

Trick or Treat Shrines

A set number of Trick or Treat shrines spawn randomly across the map during the Halloween Event. Interact with the shrine to gain an unknown effect. Trick or Treat? Who knows!

Players can activate each shrine one time per player. A shrine always grants the same effect to any player interacting with it but the effect itself is randomized for each shrine.

Halloween Consumables
  • Vampiric Potion - Epic Consumable
    • Drink to gain 75% life leech for 8s
  • Scarecrow - Legendary Consumable
    • Spawn a Scarecrow that Fears anyone that enters the area
Creepy Items

Creepy Items can be directly purchased with Diamonds or Tokens at the following costs:
  • Legendary Outfits:
    • 1,250 Diamonds or 40,000 Tokens
  • Weapons
    • 400 Diamonds or 6,000 Tokens
  • Poses
    • 200 Diamonds or 4,000 Tokens
  • Legendary Mounts
    • 1,250 Diamonds or 40,000 Tokens
  • Epic Mounts
    • 650 Diamonds or 20,000 Tokens
Curse of the Night Event Quests
  • October 17-24 (active until 8:00 UTC)
    • Get 30 Trick or Treats
    • Reward: 3 Spooky Chests
  • October 24-31 (active from and until 8:00 UTC)
    • Scare 20 enemies with the Scarecrow
    • Reward: 1 Creepy Chest
  • October 31 - November 7 (active from and until 8:00 UTC)
    • Get 5 Trick or Treats in a match
    • Reward: 1 Creepy Chest
General Updates
  • CPU has been optimized for the effect systems. This should be noticeable when there are many active effects at the same time.
Solo/Duo Private Lobby
  • Solo and Duo Private Lobby is now supported for up to 40 players and 6 observers
  • Fixed an issue where some players would not receive the avatar and title rewards from Champion levels
  • Leaderboards now correctly show Champion composition percentages
  • Added a scrollbar to General Options
  • Fixed an issue where the chat would be filled with log in/out notifications when briefly losing connection to chat
  • Fixed an issue where pressing tab in chat would not toggle chat session if a message was already written in the input field
  • Token drops in chests will now show the correct rarity color when hovered
  • The reward screen will now show Solo or Duo depending on what mode is played
  • The minimap in the upper corner no longer says "Alpha"
  • The minimap background image is now opaque
Ranking System
  • The Leaderboards will use highest achieved rating instead of current rating
    • This change is meant to encourage people to continue to play, even at higher ranks, since they can never go down in leaderboard rating
Gameplay Updates
  • Players can now undo their purchases in the starting area
  • In order to reduce network stress whenever a player dies, items are now dropped over a short duration of time instead of all items dropping instantly. This makes deaths less subject to lag.
  • When a player dies, they can now drop their M1 ability as long as it's rare or higher quality
Talon Island Map
  • Players now spawn in 4 different locations on Talon Island during the starting phase and no longer on the isolated island.
This will give players the chance to get more accustomed to the map during the starting phase when waiting for players to connect. We are also spreading out players for technical reasons as gathering all players in the same location affects client and server performance. We intend to do time-slotted testing with 40 players on the map making the isolated island even more cramped. We will see how these changes affect the experience and will continue to work on the map in upcoming patches.

Sky Dive
  • You can now be hit by enemies during the recovery animation after landing
  • Now knocks nearby enemies away from you upon landing
Jump Pads
  • You can now be hit by abilities during the recovery animation after landing
Equipment and Consumables
  • Sheep Medallion
    • Drop chance from Chests and chance to show up at vendors reduced by 50%
  • Key Ring
    • Name changed to Lucky Keyring
    • No longer gives increased chest unlock rate
    • Now gives +16/24/32/40% bonus Gold gain
  • Spring Trap - New Epic Consumable
    • Place a trap that flings enemies into the air
  • Deployable Jump Pad - New Legendary Consumable
    • Place a jump pad
New Champion - Ruh Kaan, the Crypt Warden

  • Defiled Blade (M1)
    • Melee attack that deals 8 damage. Your weapon charges over time. When fully charged, it deals 18 damage, inflicts Curse and Silence, and heals you for 12 health on hit.
    • Legendary Bonus: Increases your movement speed by 10% while your Defiled Blade is fully charged.
  • Shadowbolt (M2)
    • Launch a dark bolt of energy that deals 36 damage.
    • Legendary Bonus: Shadowbolt hits inflict 20% Amplify for 4 seconds, causing your target to take 20% additional damage.
  • Sinister Strike (Space)
    • Dash forward, then deal 16 damage to nearby enemies.
    • Legendary Bonus: Sinister Strike hits recharge your weapon 50%.
  • Consume (Q)
    • Negate melee and projectile attacks in front of you. Negating an attack fully charges your weapon and resets the cooldown of Shadowbolt.
    • Legendary Bonus: Negating an attack with Consume steals 25% of your attacker's movement speed for 2 seconds.
  • Claw of the Wicked (E)
    • Launch a claw that deals 10 damage and pulls an enemy towards you. Hitting an enemy heals you for 5 health.
    • Legendary Bonus: Increases range of Claw of the Wicked by 33%.
  • Reaping Scythe (R)
    • Spin your scythe for 1.2 seconds, increasing your movement speed by 70% and dealing 25 damage to nearby enemies. Heals yourself for 25 health for each enemy affected by Curse hit over the duration.
    • Legendary Bonus: Reduces your damage taken by 30% during Reaping Scythe.
  • Shadow Beast (F)
    • Transform into a shadow beast with leeching attacks for 5 seconds. Replaces your abilities with a cleaving attack, a pulling projectile attack, and a teleport. Recast to end this effect early.
Champion Updates


  • Frog Leap (Space)
    • Cooldown now scales better with rarity
  • Camouflage (Q)
    • Fading Haste duration increased from 1.5s to 2s
  • Noxious Lunge (E)
    • Damage increased from 16 to 18
    • Damage now scales with rarity

  • Bash (M1)
    • Increased range on the third hit from 1.9 to 2.3
  • Spring (Space)
    • Haste duration increased from 1s to 1.5s
    • Legendary Bonus no longer increase Haste duration
    • Legendary Bonus: the next Bash inflicts a 1s Fading Snare
  • Static (Debuff)
    • Now also reduces enemy movement speed by 10%

We are tuning Iva to grant her more offensive value and a bit less defensive tools to generally make her more viable. We want Oil and Burning Oil to play a bigger part in her kit and have thus improved how to apply and consume Oil with the introduction of Flame Thrower in her kit and a couple of other changes.
  • Rocket X-67 (M2)
    • Damage reduced from 24/12 to 22/10
    • No longer consumes Oil to inflict Burning Oil, instead applies Oil
    • No longer scales Burning Oil damage based on rarity
  • Jet Pack (Space)
    • No longer scales Oil duration based on rarity
    • Oil slow factor reduced from 25% to 20%
  • Zap (Q)
    • Keybind changed from Q to R
  • New Ability - Flame Thrower (Q)
    • Deals 30 damage in a cone over time and consumes Oil to inflict Burning Oil
    • Damage of Burning Oil scales with rarity
    • Legendary Bonus: Increases movement speed during Flamethrower by 25%
  • Concussion Shot (E)
    • Now inflicts a 0.7s Stun instead of a 1.5s Incapacitate
    • Now knocks enemy back based on distance
  • Tractor Beam (R)
    • Removed, R keybind is now Zap
  • Machine Gun (F)
    • Duration increased from 2s to 2.5s
    • Bullets increased from 16 to 20
    • Damage per bullet reduced from 6 to 5
    • Can now move at reduced speed when firing

  • Stealth (Q)
    • Increased Fading Haste from 30% to 70%
    • Legendary Bonus no longer increases Fading Haste factor
    • Legendary Bonus: Drop a bomb that deals 12 damage and inflicts a 1.5s Fading Snare

  • Shuriken (M2)
    • No longer bounces to or from invulnerable target
    • Legendary Bonus no longer heals you from hitting Chests

  • Hunting Arrow (M1)
    • Legendary Bonus bouncing damage reduced from 12/8 to 8/4
    • Legendary Bonus no longer bounces to or from invulnerable targets (including Fake Chests)
  • Prowl (R)
    • Duration reduced from 1.5s to 1.2s
  • Seeker's Mark (Debuff)
    • Decreased healing for consuming Seeker's Mark from 10 to 8

  • Crescent Strike (M1)
    • Recharge time increased from 5s to 6s
  • Crescent Gale (M2)
    • Damage reduced from 24 to 20
  • Celestial Split (Space)
    • Minimum and maximum range reduced by 0.5
    • Legendary Bonus increased from 25% to 30%
      • Due to reduced range, overall new total range is shorter than previous total range
  • Prismatic Strike (E)
    • Range reduced from 5.5 to 4.5

  • Swarm (R)
    • Legendary Bonus no longer consumes Moth buffs
  • Scarab Pack (F)
    • Now inflicts a Fading Blind to enemies hit

  • Hand of Corruption (M2)
    • Damage increased from 13 to 14
    • Removed 2 healing per hit
  • Shatter (E)
    • Increased healing from consuming corruption from 6 to 8

  • Grand Conjuration (M2)
    • Damage now scales less with rarity
  • Portal (Q)
    • Legendary Bonus rabbit form duration reduced from 2s to 1.5s
  • The Prestige (F)
    • Increased cast time from 0.4s to 0.6s
  • Arcane Catalyst (Debuff)
    • Reduced duration from 3.5s to 3s
    • Reduced damage amplification from 25% to 20%
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About This Game

Early Access

During early access you have a chance to follow the development of the game and provide feedback during the final stages of development before free-to-play launch.

Early Access includes all current and future Royale Champions that might come with a price tag on launch.

A Battle Royale Above the Rest

Experience the battle royale thrill from above in this top-down, skillshot-based Action MOBA game. Select one of several Champions, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Loot for items, prepare for battle, and fight to survive as the Death Vortex closes in. Will you rise above the competition?

Critically Acclaimed Gameplay

Battlerite’s lauded gameplay returns in Battlerite Royale! Wield total control of your Champion with precise WASD controls and land skillshots with cursor-based aiming. Keep your cool in the fast and frenetic action and you may come out on top!

Use Every Advantage

Find wild mystery potions, meteor spells, turrets, bear traps, and much more to aid you in your fight! Are you the type to keep quiet and hide in a barrel disguise, or would you rather charge into battle with your rocket boots?

Massive Map

Explore the beautiful and diverse Talon Island, a location steeped in lore and mystery. Chase critters and experience a map 30x larger than any Battlerite Arena map. Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk from shore to shore - your trusty mount is coming with you!

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!

Take on the fight alone or team up with a friend to prove your mettle. If your teammate falls in battle, find a resurrection shrine and leap back into the fray. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over!

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows XP or newer
    • Processor: Dual Core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 3000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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