The Bard's Tale Trilogy is a complete remaster of the iconic series that helped define the RPG genre. Featuring updated graphics and optional quality of life gameplay features, this is the ideal way to experience the dungeon crawling challenge that made the original games beloved classics.
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Aug 14, 2018

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September 4

Update 1.09 is now live!

Hi all,

Version 1.09 has now been pushed from beta to live. It contains a few things we felt was worth pushing prior to BT2 release (which we have been focusing on over the last couple of weeks).

We've added the OpenGL renderer. To access it to you create a shortcut to the game exe and add the -force-glcore commandline to it. We've heard this can be useful for WINE users, though people have had success running the standard DirectX version on WINE.

We've done some significant performance improvements to the city. it should help with people on below-min-spec machines, and with laptop battery draining.

Major Changes
  • Added opengl support so Linux users can test with WINE, use commandline option: -force-glcore
  • Major performance improvement for when in skara brae and during portraite events like shops, guild, temples or combat.
Quality of Life
  • Show weapon damage in player stats
  • You can now filter spells by spell type
  • (healing/damage/aoe/summon/buff/curse) when casting.
  • Spells that we don't have enough spellpoints to cast now appear as red
  • Review board tells you what spells you will learn when buying a spell level, or changing class.
  • Show tooltips for int/str/dex/etc stats in the guild when rolling characters..
UI Fixes
  • Shrink scrolling text font down to same size as options.
  • fix artifact line beside journal icons
  • lots of little grammatical errors in the spell text.
  • fixed text output when a group attack spell misses or fizzles on people.
Gameplay Fixes
  • Monsters now correctly spawn in up to 4 groups
  • Monsters now correctly spawn to their max groups size (ie. 8 for barbarians, not 7)
  • Fix issue where weapon toHit bonus was being added TWICE to damage in combat
  • Casting a new light spell now replaces the DetectDoors effect also - so casting cats eye means you lose your detect doors effect.
  • Fix scry site journal bug - it can change your map but not update the map up/down buttons.
  • Fix recharge all - was charging dead people
  • Fix data error in Flame Column - was doing max 28 damage instead of 88.
  • Major elevation & mage flame no longer castable in combat
  • Insane characters can no longer be possessed (and anything that inflicts insanity will remove possession)
  • Fix mithril arrow cost
  • Fix ag's arrow cost
  • Fix zen arrow cost
  • Advance command now will now execute before most monster attacks - this prevents them summoning to abort your Advance.
  • Newly summoned monsters won't get an attack until the next combat round.
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August 22

Update 1.07 is now live!

Hi all,

Version 1.07 of The Bard's Tale Trilogy is now ready to release with lots more QoL improvements and bug fixes. Thanks for everyone's input!

  • Fix catacombs bugs - exiting catacombs without a saved location would end up INSIDE the temple. That can lead to a situation where the saved location becomes 0,0 and the next exit will go to that location.

  • Updated sounds for undead and Mangar.
  • Fix for mis-linked Traveller's tune on some instruments playing Waylands.
  • Added per-trap sound effects.
  • Trimmed start of several attack, enemy and spell sounds so that they are a little more snappy

  • Fixed the A Song of Fire achievmeent.
  • Fixed Pile of Gold achievement (was set to 1,000,000 instead of 100,000).
  • Fixed A Mage's Tale achievement (was accidentally checking archmage spell levels as well; which obviously don't come in to play until BT2).

  • Fix party monsters now cast ally buffs on the party instead of the enemies.
  • Fix balance issue in spell saves (intelligence and luck are applied a little less).
  • Stop Ybarra mystical armour and shield from stacking together because it makes the entire team nearly untouchable in combat.
  • Fix bug where you could use arrows without a bow.
  • Fix hit ratio for arrows - now relies heavily on dexterity to hit or dodge ranged attacks.
  • Add combat option to equip/unequip an item to make ranged combat more accessible.
  • Fix Dragon Wand not working correctly (now does a 20-80 damage group attack).
  • Fix ConjurStaff not halving spell cost.
  • Bows can now be equipped alongside melee weapons.
  • Fixed entering guild was refreshing the UI stats.
  • Quick Fix healing can now target specials.
  • Sped up healing in the temples. Allow aborting both parts of the heal. Cut off the chant if you start a new chant.
  • Fixed some journal screen spells always using the 1st magic caster's spell points.
  • Spinners work more like the original. Guarantee to spin you (random can't == 0), spin on turn as well as Move
  • Implement the thief dagger and Luck Shield hide in shadows bonuses
  • Added Heal Entire Party option to the Temple.
  • Added Recharge Entire Party option to Roscoes.
  • Summoned monsters/NPCs no longer soak up combat XP
  • Stop onyx keys from dropping in mangars tower
  • Reworked the calculation for starting distances of random monsters
  • Fixed monster spells that didn't have a range set
  • Fixed problem with script reward items - were getting set to 255 instead of the -1 (which causes random 1..default). Fixes "unlimited" charge items being rather limited.
  • Archery now uses the hunter crit.
  • Heal Harp now lets you specify who gets healed
  • Dragonshield now usable in combat
  • Added aggro to target dummy so it always gets attacked first
  • Remove map rotation disorientation at night in the city. Maps only get disoriented in dungeons.
  • Increase identify trap chance of rogues
  • Rogue identify skill now works of intellect rather than dexterity
  • Weapon toHit bonus now correctly adds bonus to damage also
  • Monster spells should never show up, no matter what level you are at...
  • Enabled mithril arrows.
  • Ring of Power no longer attacks own time (was broken post 1.0 release)
  • Mage staff now regens magic each combat round
  • WizWand, Death Dagger and Stoneblade now drop in game.
  • Trapzap chests now half-cost with conjurstaff
  • Enemy party-stuns are ignored if you advance
  • SOSI no longer reports Darkness as something special
  • Chests now drop from fixed encounters (ones marked on the journal) at 100% rate.
  • Random encounters do not drop chests (just unprotected treasure)
  • Monster portrait tints (like dragons) now work in your party status screen
  • Fix the skara brae tower gates so you can exit without a key
  • Madgod event allows you to get to kylearans after you've killed him
  • Reworked monster AI so it selects attacks based on range
  • Reworked random starting ranges for monsters - won't get so many small groups at range now
  • Fix autorepeat on spacebar during combat (was broken post 1.0 release)
  • Blur fire tooltip now tells you it detects doors
  • Paladins now get their extra attacks several levels later than Warriors (as the manuals elude to - and because he overpowers warriors with his saving rolls)
  • Fix Falkentyne's Fury bonus damage was getting applied even if you missed because of out of range

  • Now records teleports onto the journal and the minimap.
  • Walls are only discovered in darkness if you run into them
  • Fix apport arcane bug where the wrong mage spellpoints was being used

  • add combat delay to stop accidentally spamming through the combat fight/run/advance. Also gives a moment to see what you have left to fight.
  • Added invert mouse option (inverts both axis) in the settings (Gameplay tab).
  • Added option in the settings to disable pause on backgrounding the game (Gameplay tab).
  • Disabled the controller joystick assignment, that shouldn't have been there at all.
  • Added mouse friendly combat mode - the combat options don't move but just disable/enable instead. There is an option for this in the Gameplay tab of settings.
  • Added ESDF movement support, with an option to enable this in the Gameplay tab of settings.
  • Added autorepeat support on pressing forward - holding forward (W or E) down won't enter doors. Tapping forward or using the cursors for movement will still enter doors.
  • Add automove latch system so we don't start moving instantly on exitting houses.
  • Invert mouse now only inverts up/down
  • Remove keypress delay between from mid-combat rounds.
  • Fix automove on cursors (arrows) to work like AWSD automove
  • Keyboard autorepeat now only kicks in when in a scrolling list or entering a name
  • Keyboard autorepeat is now a shorter initial delay, since its not used for movement.
  • Add New Party Order (N) key
  • Allow KeypadEnter to work like Return key.

  • Added "large view mode" for 16:10 and wider aspect ratios. It was already available for 21:9 mode. This can be found in the Gameplay tab of the settings.
  • Fix pixel artifact in 3d view frame.
  • Added gamma brightness setting to the Graphics tab of settings, for those people who need to make things brighter.
  • Fix night and day issue with shadows appearing on buildings from sun below ground.
  • Fix spell icon positioning in large-view modes
  • Change to 2 letter classes in large-view modes
  • Fix some day/night shadow artifacts during day->night transition

  • Revelation light now appears as blue flame (instead of via the Eye icon)
  • Spell ranges now appear in tooltips
  • Add support for proper-noun enemies, like Mangar, so it won't say "A mangar, or The Manger, or 1 Mangar." it will just say "Mangar".
  • Add support for "An / A" determination for monsters that start with vowels.
  • Fix alpha fading on minimap mesh.
  • Fix some text errors in spells for Word of Healing and Levitation.
  • Fixed the Bard's Tale (ES) issue on Spanish language PCs.
  • Fixed the scroll back button, in spell casting.
  • Fixed the "can't cast" message to be more informative.
  • Audio volumes now save on using ESC to exit the dialog.
  • Added disorentation icon, to let you know that you don't know your direction (for when the minimap starts to not be North = up; in dungeons)
  • Right click on message scroll now acts as a BACK BUTTON.
  • Item comparison tooltip now includes unarmed combat - useful for Monks
  • Show message when characters jump out of the way of traps.
  • Item tooltip now shows arrow damage also
  • Added some tool tips for races, in character creation
  • Added some tool tips for class, in chracter creation

  • Fix typo (Throught) in Longinus text
  • Fixed some typos in spell descriptions for ARFI, AIAR, and SHSP
  • Fixed missing period at the end of roscoe's energization message
  • Fixed target dummy spell description (removed mention of Special Slot since it doesn't exist in remaster)
  • Fix gender issues in "missed" message.
  • Made some spell descriptions gender neutral since we don't know if the caster is a male or female.

    Ver. 1.08 Hotfix Items
  • Critical fix to infinite loop when trying to Heal All a reanimated party member at the templ
  • Preset combats now drop chests again
  • Small chance for random combat to drop chests
  • Buffed rogues hide in shadows
  • Nmbr of attacks now better matches originals (first at level 4 for monks/warriors, level 5 for paladins)
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About This Game

Experience the events that led to The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep and The Mage’s Tale! The Bard's Tale Trilogy is a remastering of the classic 1980’s series, one of the godfathers of the RPG genre. Create an adventuring party in the first volume and play it across all three, creating a heroic story all your own!

  • The Bard’s Tale Trilogy launches with the first volume in the series. In the fall, The Bard’s Tale II: The Destiny Knight will be added. Finally, late in the year, The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate. Each volume will be added into the collection free of charge!
  • Rescue a city trapped by a wizard, reforge the legendary Destiny Wand, and travel across time and space to confront a Mad God!
  • Enjoy a uniform playing experience across all three titles without the need for emulation or compatibility concerns.
  • For the first time, play as male or female across all three games! Also includes other quality of life changes such as automapping for all three games, spell access, and updated equipment/inventory management.
  • The final game content released will be the Legacy Mode, a suite of features which will allow veteran players to experience the games similar to how they first played them, and will be released free of charge for owners when complete.

The Bard's Tale Trilogy is a chance for old fans to be young once again and for a new generation of roleplaying and dungeon crawler fans to discover why these games matter so much all these years later. Pick up the game and start your epic adventure today!

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64bit OS, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ / Intel Core i5-2500K or higher if using integrated Intel GPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64bit OS, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-760 / AMD FX-6100set support
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 750 or AMD equivalent, or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

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