Survisland is a survival sandbox focused on Realism, located in a vast procedural generated world. Taste every bitter and sweet as a lone man lost in wild islands, use your wit and strength to confront every challenge the Nature gives you.
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Jul 16, 2018

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“The game is still in development and we'd like to know what do players think about our works and adjust our directions according to their feed backs. Our final goal is to modify and polish the current concept into a fully functional, feature rich PC game, and there are a lot we can learn from player's opinions.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The estimated early access time should not be exceeded by two years.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The early access version does not contain full features of the game, for several main sections are still under construction.
For existing systems and mechanics, there will be upgrades on them, like the nature system does not have latitude variations, player status does not contain mental properties, crafting system may be further expanded etc. So in the final release, many game mechanics can be largely different from early access version.
And there will be several new mechanics added into the game through the developing progress.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Now we have finished the whole framework for our future extends. Many major systems like item system, player status system are already finished and adjusted to a playable state. We need players' feed backs to polish these systems further more.
You can explore three different biomes, gather or craft over 100 items in this initial version, feel the changes of nature and observe the reactions our human system provides. Try to keep yourself alive and build something unique with the building system.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“We will raise the price after major updates. A major update will add a new fully featured mechanics into the game.
But the players who already possessed the game will not be charged after any updates. Early access owners will also get the final release.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We'll open topics to gather players' suggestions and advice, and adjust our game mechanics to the expectations of players.”
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Recent updates View all (7)

August 15

Alpha – Hotfix Log

1. Added tinder as remains of green coconuts when they got destroyed
2. Added icons for water collector, now it can be seen in the item information box
3. Added new model for fiber ropes and new material for different species
4. Made some minor optimizations to ocean rendering

1. Updated wood door frames and window frames to the dense version
2. Adjusted the set fire algorithm to make the progress more realistic and easier
3. Changed the description of tinder requirements to “Drop” rather than “Place” in case of ambiguity
4. Changed the animation of sitting down while crouching, and fixed the camera shaking issue caused by this action
5. Now wall detection can use long pillar’s middle points to generate walls
6. Improved wall detection algorithm to be able to build walls on more shapes
7. Improved jump action to reduce the chances of character stuck
8. Updated debug tips to use key icons to represent keys

1. Fixed: campfire has no light source and the fuel burns rapidly
2. Fixed: water collector does not change collecting speed when game time is accelerated
3. Fixed: rare chances that animations get stuck after picking or dropping items
4. Fixed: character occasionally unable to jump
5. Fixed: looking at an interaction icon while the character is executing a combo can allow him to attack continuously
6. Fixed strange physics behavior when placing coconut shells on triangular dirt base
7. Fixed the continuous movement in time control interface
8. Fixed: if the character dies while setting fire, the tinder can get stuck on his body
9. Fixed: rare chances that the set fire UI does not close after finishing the action and the character can be dragged to the drill stick permanently until reloading the game
10. Fixed: the oxygen meter on set fire UI cannot get to negative values
11. Fixed: the character is unable to rotate to left when interacting with an item to his left
12. Fixed the description of wood stub about making a drill board from it
13. Fixed: the character cannot move when focused on an interact icon or in building mode while flying
14. Fixed: the character won’t set fire while having severe symptoms
15. Fixed: the combustible item cannot recognize shelters when setting fire
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August 10

Alpha Update Log

Major Update:
1. Fire Making: Hand Drill
Now all combustible items need fire making actions to light them up.
Required Tools:
Drill stick: a thin stick can be used as the drill stick
Drill board: Drill on a wood stub can make a simple drill board
Tinder: many fibers can be chop down into tinders, like tree barks, rough fiber, thatch etc. Cut coconut shells or Plait four small leaves on a workbench can also give you tinders.

Tinders made from different plants got different burn point, normally herbal plants have lower burn point.
The hardness of the drill stick will also affect the max temperature added to the tinder while drilling, softer sticks can provide more temperature.
Environment temperature can also affect fire making drastically, start fire in an enclosed shelter or before sunset.
Wind is another factor that will affect fire making, hide behind a huge rock may avoid strong winds (depending on the wind direction and your relative position to the rock)
If it rains, you’ll also need a cover overhead to keep the fireplace dry.

Start the Action:
Take drill stick and drill board in hands (doesn’t matter which hand takes which)
Tinders should be dropped near the target fireplace
Use the “Fire” icon on the target fireplace to start the action

Making Fire: Drilling
Roll the mouse wheel to drill, and added temperature to the tinder
Switch the rolling direction can add drilling speed, but too frequent switching is not helpful.
Hold S key to create pressure on the drill board, this will add extra temperature to the tinder.
When the tinder’s temperature is 10% higher than its smoking temperature, will enter the next step.

Making Fire: Smoking Tinder
Click left mouse button to blow air to the tinder, this will add oxygen to raise the temperature further more.
Keep the oxygen amount as high as possible until the tinder start to burn.

Making Fire: Burning Tinder
Burning tinder will raise the temperature of the target fireplace (or torch)
Keep blowing air into the tinder until the temperature reaches target item’s burn point (wood from different plants has different burn point)
2. Link the fire:
When holding a burning item and look at an un-burning combustible item or vice versa, the link fire icon will show up.
When the conditions are met, you can use the link fire icon to light up the un-burning one.

3. Water Collector:
Max Collecting Amount:
Determined by the volume of the collector and its angle to horizontal plane, a steep angle will greatly reduce the maximum water it can collect
The collector must facing up and placed on an uncovered area.
Collecting Water:
When it rains, the collectors that met the conditions will add water to itself each second
Drink water:
Now picking up a collector will spill all the water in it, but you can use the Drink icon shown on collector to drink the water directly, we’ll add new animations to let the character pick up water collectors and drink from hand.

4. Crafting Helper UI: Now in Creative Mode a crafting helper UI will show up when you enter crafting mode.
Nearby Tools:
This section is on the left part of the screen, it shows all items with crafting techniques in 3 meters around the character. It shows all techniques of items.
Available Techniques:
This section is on the left bottom part of the screen, it shows all the available crafting techniques according the items in your hands. But when you look at a crafting node, only the ones required by its recipe will be shown.
Crafting Recipes:
This section is on the right part of the screen. It shows all recipes of current focused item.

1. Character will drop carried item when all stamina depleted when overloaded.
2. Redesigned the screen resolution detection methods to avoid some detecting issues.
3. Changed some variables for crouching animations to make them blend smoother
4. Changed the size of Broad Leaf to 1x1
5. Reduced burning area for wood pile and campfire
6. Reduced all fiber’s burning time slightly
7. Increased thunder sound effect’s volume slightly
8. Banana leaves now can be stacked together
9. Fan palm leaves now can be stacked together
10. Lowered the height requirement for sleeping on fiber mattress
11. Rearranged the control tips and added icons to indicate keys
12. Upgrading icons will only show up when you have the required items in hands.
13. Deployed torches now can keep their burning state after been recollected
14. Made the wood wall more dense

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed the UI error when use right click to quick transfer two-handed items to hands
2. Fixed the storage grids not updating after equipment changes
3. Fixed the issue where time stuck and muscle rapid reduce when exploring
4. Fixed the issue where items put on workbench can disappear after sleeping
5. Fixed the issue where save data can pollute a new save file with the same name
6. Fixed the issue where the player’s status does not update when swimming in river
7. Removed some duplicated LOD groups for some items, this used to cause huge amount of debug log into the log output file
8. Fixed re-spawning huge rocks issue
9. Fixed the name of braided plate from “braded plate”
10. Fixed the issue where time will not slow down if the character got interrupted while sleeping on ground
11. Fixed the extruded length of 45 degrees wood pillar
12. Fixed a loop hole where the surface mark can be placed on unsuitable place after switching side
13. Interactible icons now will disappear after you get too far from it
14. Fixed the issue where attacking on a combined item can cost durability on the wrong part
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About This Game

Here are the mechanics we have finished with current version. The game is still evolving, more elements will be added and all the current mechanics can be upgraded, changed or even overhauled according to your suggestions!

Infinite Open World

The game world of Survisland is procedurally generated. It’s infinite, ever-changing and beautiful. The area of an island is usually vast, but you can also find groups of small islands scattered across shallows.
We have designed three different biomes in current version: The Shallows, Mangrove Forest and The Swamp. Each has its own unique landscape, vegetation, resources and sub-biomes. You’ll have to alter your strategy to survive in different biomes.

A Living Nature

Sunrise, sunset, changing of clouds and raining, the weather and nature cycling is not only for visual satisfactions. They actually affects you, just like real life surviving, the nature is always the most formidable foe.
The nature has its inner patterns to control the weather; you can learn and use it to benefit yourself. You can stand in shadows or in water to avoid the heat of a summer’s afternoon, start a campfire to keep warm in cold night, detect the direction of the wind from your campfire smoke, hide from strong winds behind a rock, avoiding rain under a tree.
The plants in Survisland also will bear fruits overtime in the right seasons; you can directly pick them up or hit a fruiting tree with a rock to shake some off. Cutting the whole tree down can get all the fruits immediately, but you also will lose a fruit source in long terms.

Fully Detailed Metabolism System

We made a very detailed metabolism system to simulate real life human beings.
Your body is built up with muscles, fat, bones, blood and water. All your actions will cost calories, and the stuff you eat can only be useful after you digested them!
Surviving is not only about keeping hungry and thirsty levels at bay, but to keep nutrition in balance, you’ll have to find various foods to achieve this. Once your body is unbalanced, there will be a symptom as corresponding to it. Some symptoms are harmless, only act as a notification, such like Empty Stomach. Some will reduce your body functions: getting Cold will reduce the stamina regenerate speed and cost more calories. The worst symptoms will reduce your health: Starving, Dehydration, Freeze, Suffocating…
Wearing clothes can always provide warmth and also some protections from environment. Some prevents you to get wet when raining; some keep you warm in strong winds. You should wear the suitable gears; eat various foods to keep your stats balanced!

Realistic Items

We made a very deep and complex item system: each item has its own size, weight, species, hardness, toughness, quality, portability and functions. These properties determine the size an item will occupy when you put it into a storage; is the item too heavy for you to carry; how will this item perform in a combat; how can I carry it, with one hand or two; where can I equip this item, as a shirt or belt etc.
Item system is the heart of our simulation of real life, anything you can think of can be made into an item and you can see it acts in our game with the functions you’d expect in real life!
Now there are more than fifteen functions we have made in the system, more will added along the way to bring you a more realistic game world.

Unique Crafting System

Survisland has a unique crafting system. Some items have one or several Crafting Nodes, it indicates different parts of an item that can be crafted. You’ll need to use various Crafting Techniques to process these parts.
Which Crafting Techniques you can use is determined by the items on your hands, certain techniques require specific tools in hands.
This Node Based Crafting system will cover all the common crafting in the field. But you can also find use workbenches to combine items. Workbenches can be found in wild as a wide tree stump or a flat rock.

Build Whatever You Want

From a simple leaf tent to a huge stone fortress, you can build anything you want with our flexible Building System.
You’ll have to craft three types of building marks: Foundation mark, Support mark and Surface mark, to start building. Each mark represents a specific building part and you can upgrade these marks to actual buildings.
Buildings can protect you from the most violent weather but cost a lot of efforts, choose a fine place to settle down!

Up Coming Features

Here are some planned mechanics we will add into the game in future updates.
  • More biomes and more resources. We currently only have about one hundred items and three biomes for you to explore and the technology level is still in stone-age. All the fun that metals can give us is coming in future updates. And more biomes will be created as planned: Hills, Rainforest, Mountains, Grassland, etc.
  • AI Animals, currently we don’t have animals on the islands, but of course we are going to add them into the game, actually it’s the most prior function we are working right now. There will be fishes, birds and land animals. They will have their own schedule of life and unique reactions to the environment.
  • Mental Health, this is another important part of our surviving simulation. Many lone survivors didn’t die from the lack of resources, but mental illness: loneliness, despair, fear. There will be some mental properties added as basic stats, like sadness, excitement, stress or loneliness. New symptoms will also be added to reflect the states of these properties and they can affect the overall mental health, when the mental health is drained out, you may lose your mind and gone crazy.


Survisland should evolve in the way you players prefer to. So we’ll take suggestions and advises from you right here on steam, we’ll open topics focus on certain aspects of the game for you guys to comment.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 7500 / AMD Ryzen 5 2600
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 960 / AMD RX 470
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 / 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i7 7700K / AMD Ryzen 7 1700
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1060-6G/ AMD RX 580
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 3 GB available space

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