Shortest Trip to Earth is a roguelike spaceship simulator focused on exploration, ship management and tactical battles. Embark on a perilous journey across the universe, while an intergalactic war is raging.
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Oct 9, 2018

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We've been working on Shortest Trip for 4+ years, and the game is coming together well, but we want to take it further. To provide you with a truly meaningful experience, we want to take time to polish and expand everything - and having meaningful dialogue with Early Access-adopters is an awesome support mechanism, helping to improve the game during the final stages of development. We’re very excited to hear what you have to say!”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Shortest Trip will remain in Early Access until Summer 2019.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“We plan to have 10 levels with side-quests, more spaceships, more crew types, drones, weapons, species and of course more random encounters with unique lifeforms. You can expect the game to be a bit more difficult during Early Access, as we continue to tweak and balance the difficulty.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game contains the majority of core features such as planetary exploration, ship management, ship-to-ship combat and on-board combat. The Early Access version allows you to play the first 5 levels of the game, experiencing the major features. We are still creating additional content for more levels, ships, weapons, crew, etc. Balancing won't be done until the final release.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price will increase during and at the end of the Early Access period. We’ll notify the community before any such changes take place.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We’ll talk with you - the community - about our design process and keep you informed of our decisions and improvements with regular updates. At certain moments, we might also pose some questions regarding specific design topics.”
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Recent updates View all (17)

June 20

Summer Update: Upgrades, Experience & Crew Assignments

Hello space survivors!

We are excited to share our latest summer update with all of you, the Shortest Trip to Earth community! Read below to find out about all the awesome improvements this patch includes.

Starting from this update, you can upgrade module slots on your ship - only for an exorbitant price, of course! But this is not all, for your crew will now also gain 1 skill point due to experience after each completed sector. And finally, controlling your crew will be easier than ever. The game has also been thoroughly re-balanced. We are really interested to hear your thoughts on the game's difficulty after this update!

  • Hybrid slots that accept point-defences can be upgraded into weapon slots. (for the cost 1000 metal, 666 synthethics and 10 exotics)
  • Internal slots can be upgraded to internal core slots, giving the ship +1HP (for the cost 300 metal 100 synthethics and 1 exotics)
  • Improved slots can be downgraded to regain some of the upgrade cost.

One-Click Crew Assignments

You can now easily assign crew to various tasks/modules, and even toggle between allowing ship HP repair or not.
Click on "assignments" to send the entity with the best relevant skills to take care of it (+ sign), or unassign crew members (- sign).

If a drone and a living entity have the same skill level, a drone will be assigned first.
Crew can also be assigned to specialize on using a specific skill from their own crew info panel.
Drones & pets can be assigned to limited activities (because they have limited skills).
This permanently changes the crew logic and removes "roles" as such from the game.

Despite being occasionally a little inefficient, assignments will make the entire gameplay easier. It will never be consistently as efficient as issuing manual commands, because crew members can have good stats in multiple skills, and only the player can decide if a specific crew member needs to be a good gunner, a fair shield operator or if they should just work in the gardens or cryosleep.

New enemies

Smugglers that cheat can be now attacked in ship-to-ship combat, and there will be a few roaming hostile fleets with new ships for you to encounter.

For a detailed overview of the updated features, check out the latest changelog:

New features and content
  • Major new feature: the "Crew Assignments" allows you to assign crew to various tasks with a single click!
  • Major new feature: hybrid slots can be now upgraded to weapon slots, along with other slot upgrades
  • New feature: each non-drone crewmember gets an experience level at the start of a new sector (except the 1st)
  • New minor feature: cheating smuggler ships can be now attacked
  • New module type & feature: ships can now have laboratories that generates credits as you travel!
  • New minor feature: some pirates now fear nukes
  • New minor feature: variety of game over texts after ship destruction.
  • New enemy fleet types in levels 1, 2 and 4 (Life Tasters, Style Guardians, and others for you to discover)
  • New enemy ships (found encountering smugglers and Solipsists)
  • New crew skill: sensors (boosts range of all ship sensor operated by the crewmember)
  • Small content updates for 50+ events
  • New human crewtype: the scientist (starts with high science skill)
  • New modules, including: Tigerfish engine, Rats engine, Rats reactor, DIY rat shieldbattery, insectoid ECM,
  • New ship weapons: DIY raygun varieties (heatray & EMP)
  • Sector summary panel now shows how many perks have been unlocked and how many there are
  • "Rogue rat" some ship walls removed and 2 extra nuke slots added
  • rebalanced Bluestar & Atlas
  • Ships now start with 12 cargo slots
  • Cannons, missiles, shields and ECMs are better now. Many missile weapons have new missiles
  • Explosives are much cheaper now.
  • Good things in shops can now be more outrageously expensive, or a bit cheaper
  • more good but expensive things in some shops now
  • made universal expensibles shop module selection even better
  • Updated enemy crew & intruders in ships.
  • updated ships, weapons
  • DIY tanks and drones are now better
  • Shields and shieldbatteries are now slightly better
  • Updated drone fire resistances & desciptions
  • Increased fire resistance of player ships
  • Updated hitpoints of cannons, fire resistances of ships
  • Updated enemy ship deflections
  • Updated player and enemy crews
  • human crew stats rebalanced
  • updated nonhuman crew stats
  • spideraa ships are now stronger
  • Exotic cannon projectile can be seen by enemy point defences, but has 6hp
  • EMP weapon overloads now generally lasts 20 sec
  • Perk selection now shows the actual number of storage slots available in ship
  • almost all nukes have more hp now
  • reduced shield overload to 15 secs
  • module and shop price updates
  • updated pirate drones, smuggler ships, smuggler fleets

Visuals & misc
  • Selecting crew from multiple crew panel now gives an indication of who was selected
  • Giving a move command override recipient crew role to Unoccupied when that crew was Firefighter, Repairer or SecOfficer
  • Expanded help page for ship weapon types
  • Module data subpanel now combines shield, ship and module damage. (Module hover, weapon target hover and grouped dmg hover need work)
  • Replaced "drone" with "bot" in most events to differenciate them from player's internal drones
  • New help page for crew & skills
  • 3 new ship looks: decoy variants of existing ships
  • Menu background image changes now only when game is restarted.
  • Removed numbers from module descriptions, to allow later rebalancing without retranslation
  • Made intview camera pan area a bit wider (but not in shop)
  • Ratcruiser red floor softened
  • Some perk images changed
  • Disabled crew commemorate button now has a different hover text
  • Module actions panel buttons re-align/restructure
  • Warping can now be cancelled from selected warp module UI. Module hotkeys won't work any more while module is overloaded.
  • Shop UI visual tuning
  • Weapon effects now also shows if the weapon deals normal anti-crew damage
  • Crew commemorate button is now disabled instead of being hidden if the time is not right for the commemoration
  • Crew panel now closes too when E is pressed. Help panel now closes too when F1 is pressed.
  • Remapped ship exterior toggling from numpad+ to F11
  • Menu changes background image now only when game is restarted.

  • Warping flash intensity slighltly reduced
  • Armored rat cryosleep module navmesh fix
  • A large number of rare or less evident issues fixed
  • Rogue Rat ship small fixes, removed old doors, slot numbering fixed.
  • Insectoid bossweapon now looks different on player ship
  • Crew names can now contain "e" again (was broken when hotkey e started closing crew panel)

Once again, we want to thank you for your constant feedback and support throughout Early Access. We hope you enjoy our latest improvements!

Join the Shortest Trip to Earth community!
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May 23

New Levels and Opportunities in the 'Enter the Spideraa' Update!

Prepare yourself for your trip back to Earth, and let this update make your journey even more challenging than before. Check out the gameplay video below to see the awesome new sectors and features that this update brings!
‘Enter the Spideraa’ is the 8th Early Access update of the game and it features two brand new levels: Sector 7 and 8.

The update also includes:
  • A new ship: be the commander of the brand-new Warpshell ship.
  • Exotic new species: battle the new hostile species Spideraa and witness a completely new ending to the game.
  • Enhanced crew skills: improve your crew’s skills with the warp-drive operation skill, the bridge operating skill, the research skill, the firefighting skill and the shield operation skill.
  • Visual updates to certain space stations.
  • UI/UX improvements and significant bug fixes.

This new update is important not only because it introduces two fresh sectors and the Spideraa faction, but also because of changes to economy mechanics and related UI/UX improvements. The introduction of long-awaited skills and a new spaceship (it's partially made of cloned warp animal tissue!) will increase the range of strategies one can adopt to maximize one’s survival chances.

We hope you love it as much as we do. And we will of course keep expanding all of it!

Join the Shortest Trip to Earth community!

    New content
  • Sector 7 & 8 now implemented
  • New playable ship (the Warpshell)
  • New main menu backgrounds
  • New game ending
  • New shop types (Insectoid merchandise)
  • New or modified visuals for some stations
  • New crew skill: research (generates extra xenodata during research operations)
  • Split "operating" skill into three separate skills: Bridge, Shield, Warpdrive
  • New crew skill: bridge (gives +1% ship evasion per skill point)
  • New crew skill: shield (boosts shield recharge speed)
  • New crew skill: warpdrive (boosts warpdrive recharge speed)
  • Minor new skill: firefighting (it increases firefighting effectivity and will be the same for most of the crew)
  • New feature: fires can now damage ship HP
  • New feature: module power on/off settings are now saved together with crew positions
  • New species in the game world: the Spideraa

    UI & UX
  • Updated Crew info panel
  • Updated Module info panel
  • Storage panel & Weapon quick selection & ship info panels are draggable now
  • New main UI panel: Economy (includes consumption, production, research)
  • New sector map close/toggle buttons
  • Log panel can now have a toggle to expand/shrink it. Fixed minor log scrolling issue.
  • Earth outpost now shows in quest panel how many metals are still needed
  • Crew move position and module power are now visualized when load preset button is hovered
  • Weapon modules now have Accuracy number, and crew Gunnery skill is added to it
  • Point defence cover radius now shown in UI
  • Multiple crew window now has a gentle animation reminding that skill sorting is possible

    Balance & Misc updates
  • Tigerfish now has more evasion, Nukerunner has 4 weapon slots, Pumpkin Hammer has better starting weapons
  • Sector 3 has 9 starsystems instead of 11
  • SOS warplife is now a bit less deadly
  • Shops now offer a higher price for exotics
  • Spideraa shuriken value rebalanced
  • Shops buy more organics now
  • Starting crew has better organics skill now
  • Fierce Sincerity stars with cryodream recorders now
  • Point defence reload time updated to use gunnery skill
  • Material convertors do not need operators any more
  • Rebalanced all passive ECMs (electronic counter measures systems)
  • Menu panel SFX and UI sliders now make sound when changed
  • Updated help pages
  • Crew resource consumptions should not have commas any more
  • Hunger now causes crew skill to always drop to 1 skill point.
  • Accuracies and evasions are now added together, not multiplied
  • Sector view warp now shows properly calculated seconds
  • Updated hovers and engine module now show resource consumption per 100ru (was per 1ru)
  • Player crew in tutorial is now immortal (won't lose last HP)
  • Sector map is now force to close whenever certain windows are opened.
  • Shop repair arm speed now 25% faster
  • Better shields are now a bit more expensive

  • Selected module stats in shop (that had same stat with same value) should now be displayed properly
  • Fixed pet perk for Fierce Sincerity
  • Game load fix that helps to recover from being stuck at sector 5 now works again
  • Enemy escape attempt commtip is now removed from queue when there are no more enemy ships in scene
  • Fixed an issue that empty module slots in player ship prevented getting modules/nukes from perks
  • Saving during item unlock panel is safer now (it had a game breaking main quest lockup in one specific situation)
  • Quick layering fix to kind-of solve the commchannel covering storage panel issue in minimum resolution.
  • Projectiles and nukes are now properly saved and loaded. Improved outside-ship crew saving
  • Starmap texts are now saved and loaded properly
  • Now whether the player was in internal view or not is part of savegame
  • Fix for player ship (sometimes) losing its navmesh walls
  • Numerous typos fixed
  • SOS events couldn't resume their FSM state when game was loaded. Now fixed. (it caused shop to appear during battle with SOS fleet)
  • Fixed a typo that caused ships destroyed to show a totally wrong number in sector summary
  • Restored player control over camera
  • Container modules are now emptied when they are packed (resources won't temporarily disappear and cause warnings when moving modules)
  • When crew finishes repair successfully, they now display the right speech bubble

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“A complex, exciting spin on FTL that's taken five years to make.”
PC Gamer

“A rich tapestry of exploration and survival – of the player creating their own story of desperation. It’s the kind of roguelike I can get behind.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“If you are a fan of the likes of FTL, there is no reason whatsoever not to pick up Shortest Trip to Earth.”
The Indie Toaster

About This Game

From the writer of “Teleglitch: Die More Edition” comes Shortest Trip to Earth, a roguelike spaceship simulator featuring exploration, ship management, game-influencing decision-making and real-time tactical battles.

Onboard combat against hostile intruders is a messy business

Explore a detailed and deadly universe

Embark on a perilous journey through a procedurally generated universe and explore massive space sectors crawling with exotic lifeforms. Engage in action-packed tactical combat against hostile ships, boarding parties and inter-dimensional space monsters.

Each ship comes with its own strengths and weaknesses

Master the art of survival by customising your ship with modular components and perks. Choose from a range of spaceships and manage life within your vessel - from crew, pets and drones to ship modules and weapons. Shape your journey through hundreds of multiple-choice events, featuring unique hand-drawn illustrations.

A selection of crew types

Shortest Trip to Earth features unforgiving permadeath, but you can unlock perks to increase the odds of survival on your next run.

Key Features

  • Master the art of survival in unexplored space!
  • Traverse a procedurally generated universe full of intrigue
  • Ship customisation & crew management
  • Epic real-time tactical space battles
  • Onboard combat, featuring hostile intruders, drones and battle-hardened pets
  • Hundreds of random events with unique outcomes
  • Uncover fascinating and exotic stories from across the universe

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 - 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD4400 or dedicated DX11 GPU (1280x720)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 10 - 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 1050 (1920x1080)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 500 MB available space

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