SOLOS is an immersive experience that goes beyond the screen. What’s real? What’s not? In the course of that night, you’ll have to find out what the house is all about. Will it be your last night?
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July 23

SOLOS »infinitum« (App Experience)

Our last post introduced you to the SOLOS Experience and gave you some previews on how the game looks. This week we want to look at The SOLOS »infinitum« App and how it is essential for experiencing the game.

What is SOLOS »infinitum«
The free iOS and Android app is a companion app for the game and is required for playing the main game. The app itself will feel and look like a familiar phone operating system.

At the beginning of the game you will have to sync your app to your game. From that point onwards the usage of the app will be integrated seamlessly into the game.

What can it do
Since you find yourself in an unknown situation and trapped the app will be one of your few sources of information.
You will have access to the messenger app, a photo gallery, flashlight and much more. Even some mobile games. So basically everything you can find on your mobile ;)

One of the most important function is the mentioned flashlight. Many rooms and corners may be too dark to see. But with the flashlight app you can illuminate your surroundings in the game. This will make it much more easy to find all the clues which will lead you to the truth of SOLOS.

The messenger and gallery app hold also much to discover. They hold information from the previous owner and their contacts.
Some information might be useless, but some will important and eye-opening. Many hints you will uncover will only make sense if you combine the knowledge you find in the game and the knowledge you find in the app.

We want the SOLOS Experience to go beyond the screen. Interacting with something real will also make the horror that much more real.

You will have to be smart, perceptive and resourceful to uncover everything that SOLOS has in store for you :)

Feel free to leave us a comment how you think about this feature or if you can imagine some functionalities we should integrate. Also feel free to join our Discord for further discussion:
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July 4

Welcome to the SOLOS experience!


until now our STEAM page was pretty empty and we think it is time to change that. So at first: Welcome to SOLOS! If you don't know what SOLOS is yet here is a short introduction for you:

SOLOS is a new psychological horror game.
You wake up in a bedroom without remembering anything. Everything seems familiar but at the same time strange.
What happened? Who are you? And what the hell is going on here? Can you discern the truth from madness and regain your memories?

The starting point of your journey is a smartphone which you find in the game. We intensify the immersion here by bringing the contents and functionalities to your real phone which will play a key role in SOLOS.

In this post we now want to report a bit about the current progress in SOLOS.

First chapter in play testing
SOLOS is split into four intense chapters. We just finished the first playable version of the first chapter which now is under internal play testing. The first chapter is all about diving into the SOLOS experience, solving the first riddles and starting the journey of finding out what is going on.

Having one chapter completed is a huge progress for us since it involved many system which needed to be programmed and tested. Those systems ones can now be reused for the creation of the next chapters.

Best time investment: Engine upgrade
Maybe this is a bit technical but still interesting. Initially we started development of SOLOS with the Unity engine version 2017. While development went on Unity 2018 got released. What we saw there was truly amazing - so many things that made a Unity game look like a Unity game are gone now. Especially shadows and lightning improved a lot which is quite crucial for horror games. After that we started playing around if we could upgrade the project to 2018 and the new rendering pipeline. To be honest: It was a pain in the a**. But we think it was really really worth it! Check the screenshots below - the upper ones are with Unity 2017 and the lower ones with Unity 2018. We also updated the steam page with new screenshots. What do you think?

Stay tuned

We hope you liked this announcement. If you want to learn more about SOLOS make sure to follow our STEAM page. Also feel free to comment bellow. We'd love to see your questions and feedback :)

Now we'll just leave you alone with a little teaser.

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About This Game

SOLOS is an immersive experience that goes beyond the screen.

You’ll wake up.

A terrible sound in your ear.

Where did this come from?

What are you doing here?

This place seems familiar to you.

But somehow not.

Do you live here?

What’s real?

What’s not?

In the course of that night, you’ll have to find out what the house is all about.
Will it be your last night?


  • atmospheric and immersive horror experience
  • exciting story
  • detailed graphics
  • Interactive game environment

You need a smartphone in order to play SOLOS (iOS or Android)!

Mature Content Description

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content

System Requirements

    • OS: tbd
    • Processor: tdb
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: tbd
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
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