Control the heart of an alien girl and battle tough bosses in this Bullet-hell, Shoot-em-up with some rogue-lite elements. Love your way through randomly chosen boss battles leading up to a final battle. Each defeated monster will give her gifts that power up her heart. Don't let her heart break!
All Reviews:
Very Positive (62) - 100% of the 62 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date:
Feb 14, 2018

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“I need the help of the community to make sure the final version of this game is the absolute best it can be! Everything in this game is being made by a single developer who is incredibly motivated by feedback from players. Early access is the best way to ensure that people can give that feedback while I continue to work on this game.

At this point, almost all of the planned gameplay features are available to the player and all that's left is to fill each of those features with more content. I plan on updating the game frequently with more bosses, items, and stories. As new things are added, I will look to community feedback to make sure I didn't mess anything up.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The original goal was 12 months in early access, but so much has changed during development. The initially planned scope of the game has not changed by much, but many little things were added that took longer than expected to create. I really can't make a guess as to how much longer it will take to finish, but I am proud to say that development has been very consistent since release. There was an update to this game every 2 weeks for over a year. There was also last October where I actually updated the game with new content every single day! The updates have slowed down to once a month, but you can expect that until game is finished!”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“You can expect the core of the game to not change much. This game will stay as a boss battle bullet-hell. However, there will be much more content added to the game.

The amount of planned content
  • 36 unique monsters + at least one alternate form for most = about 72 boss battles!
  • about 200 total gifts to find
  • 5 characters to play as
  • More random story events
  • multiple endings for each character in story mode
  • tons of achievements to achieve

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“As of June 30th, 2019 - Early Access version 4.4b

  • 37 boss battles (including 2 final bosses)
  • 162 unique gifts to find
  • 3 characters to play as
  • 3 game modes
  • 248 achievements to achieve (about 70% unlock something)

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price of this game will slowly increase as more content is added.

The price will definitely increase when this game leaves early access.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“I will be looking at all the community feedback for many things.

Balance Suggestions

I'll be on the lookout for discussions involving how items and monsters are balanced. If a monster's level doesn't seem to match the skill required to beat it, I want to know about it. If a 1 star item seems to be way too good to be a 1 star, I want to hear about it.

Content Suggestions

I encourage everyone to give me their ideas for gifts or monsters. Every gift and monster in this game represents a fear, anxiety, or a coping mechanism for either. I've only had my own experiences to work from so far, but I welcome other perspectives on what is a "gift" or a "monster."


This is a game that talks about some very heavy topics such as anxiety, depression, and suicide. I want to be absolutely sure that these are treated in a respectful way. That means that if someone has an issue with the way I handle a topic in the story, I want to know about it! I will take every suggestion here very seriously.”
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Recent updates View all (36)

June 29

Cardiac Event Recorder - Update #30 - This artist was great, they could always draw a crowd

Heya Voids and Voidettes!

My deepest apologies for the delay in the update notes. I’ve been ill and under the (heatwave) weather. The good news however is that the update has been live for a few days now.

So let’s start this update blog: This week marked the beginning of the summer sale and we’ve entered with a huge whopping 40% discount on The Void Rains Upon Her Heart. If you have friends who are interested or if you’re on the fence about purchasing the game yourself, now is a great time to pick it up.

On top of that, our other title, Ravva and the Cyclops curse also has a meaty discount!

Today is also special as it marks the 30th update since launch, we are so proud of the progress we have made up until this point and look forward to continuing supporting the game for a long time to come.

In this update, we see a total of 90 gifts and icons revamped with art improvements. This was a lot of work for Veyerals but we believe the enhancements are way better now in the artwork. Thanks to your wonderful feedback we’ve also made a majority of changes to the gifts and monsters as well as adding more info and voices!

There’s quite a lot of new gifts and dreams added but the most important is that we’ve optimised the saving system. Please please do let us know if you experience problems with your save files or anything of the kind. That is the most precious and important to us.

As always though, we hope you’re enjoying this hot summer and we would like to thank you as always and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Full update log below.

As a reminder:

The next update will be due on 26th July 2019.

Here’s the full list of changes we’ve made-

Early Access updated game version v4.3 -> v4.4a

Content Added -
  • 7 new blue gifts (Total: 121).
  • 7 new bonus gifts (Total: 40).
  • 11 new dreams (Total: 248).
  • Added a new song for "newborn" monster battles.
  • Improved the art for 90 gifts and many of the dream/achievement icons.
  • New info is shown about each radiated monster and gift card.
  • New voices for Scrambla and Boiler.
  • New Fortifying Gift category for gifts that only heal or increase defenses.
Updates and tweaks -
  • Story: you can now skip through certain event scene text that you couldn't before.
  • Story: Final boss on Heavy Rain will be a minimum of Lv7 (was accidentally set to Lv6).
  • Story: Final boss on Torrent Rain will be a minimum of Lv10 (was accidentally set to Lv9).
  • Endless: Loved monsters are taken out of the pool until there are none left, then the pool is reset.
  • Endless: some medal goals have been changed.
  • Quickplay: Scrambla and Split Veyeral's score goals have been increased slightly.
  • All Modes: you can now check gift and monster details before starting a battle.
  • Zesty Drink will not drop for Defect anymore unless her max health is over 30.
  • Charge Damage Bonus % modifier now stacks additively with the "All Damage" bonus instead of multiplically.
  • Slightly changed the behavior of Sine Wave on a single stream of bullets (Multishot effect was not changed).
  • Warping around the screen with Boundless will now play a sound and grant immunity for a short time.
  • Dividers in your health bar scale out to properly show a max health that is above 40
  • changed the Weakness/resistance formula giving faster diminishing returns after a defense of 3.0.
  • Endless Terror: Panic gifts can now drop during normal stages.
  • Endless Terror: All monsters will drop 3 bonus gifts on special stages and one is guaranteed to be the new "Sunlight" gift if it has been radiated.
Bug Fixes -
  • Saving system has been optimized (PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU SEE ANY ISSUES WITH YOUR SAVE FILE!)
Coming soon -
  • d̴̡͔͙͎̲͔͕̗̞̓ͅa̶̩͙͚̝̗̜̪̻̬̰̮̻̯̐ͅt̴̢̺̖̬̮̼̹͓̖͋̅̈́̊͋̍̉͠ǎ̵͖̖̗͖̙̺̈̓͛̐͗̓̆̔̍̕ ̵͚̖̩̩̳͇̫̭͙̤̘̰͇̺̻̈́́̿̉́̎͘c̷̣̦̗̖̞̮͇͕̫͚͋͌̀̓̿͑͊͆͆̕͝͝ǫ̴̛̩̟̠̤̩̦̱͔͂̇̋͊̈́̅̈͠͠r̸̡̧̡͖̳̲̖̟͖̘̜̊ŗ̵͙͙̤̈́ư̷͎̪̈͑p̴̛̥̤̘̄̈́̓̋͂̆̀͒̇̑͘̕̚͜͠t̷̤̺̖̖̤̱͔͖͂̎̉̐̽̏͒͊̀̈́͋̕͜ê̵̛̘̰͕̱̠̣̒͛̓̎̚d̶̢̼̫͈̲͚̫̙̫̱̦͕͂͌̀͗̂͂̈́̍

Coldest Wishes,
The Void

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May 23

Cardiac Event Recorder - Update #29 - Too hot? Too spicy? HOT! HOT!

Heya Voids and Voidettes!

It’s that time of the we- month again where we the Void update arrives! In this update we see a total of 4 new monsters enter the fray! Yes -- Four!! :) From the hot and saucy Rage Boiler to Shamra there are some really cool additions.
Here's one for the people who learned Algebra: what’s 4x - 4? While I won’t give the answer, I’ll instead post this gif:

A big majority of this update was yet again also making lots of changes and of course fixing the “locked” bug. Fortunately only Veyerals found it and it was a little tricky to activate… but we are sorry, you now have to unlock the characters to play them in quick mode! ;-)

With 51 reviews, we’ve now reached the “Very Positive” review status and we cannot thank you enough for that. We really are enjoying that people are enjoying the game. (Enjoyception) - Veyerals has poured his heart and soul into this title and it’s really nice to see the rewards showing. All we can say is a massive thank you yet again, we hope more people get their paws on this title. :)

We would like to thank you as always and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Full update log below.

As a reminder:

The next update will be due on 27th June 2019.

Here’s the full list of changes we’ve made-

Early Access updated game version v4.2 -> v4.3

Content Added -
  • 4 new monsters to love! (Total: 37)
  • 2 new Dreams to fulfill! (Total: 237)
Updates and tweaks -
  • Rebalance to all character's starting damage and monster health.
  • All monsters have 33.3% more health.
  • All characters and helpers have 25% - 33.3% more starting damage.
  • These changes reduce the effectiveness of flat damage upgrades, while all other types of upgrades stay functionally identical.
  • Changes to the charge attack dmg formula that cause DPS increases to diminish the higher it gets.
  • Monster Level cap for Endless Nightmare has been raised to 999.
  • Karma cost for Solara's gifts rises faster after every 10 gifts purchased starting at 20.
  • Score multipliers for monsters that are Level 16+ has been reduced significantly.
    (Due to this scoring change, highest scores for endless rain have been reset if any level 16+ monster was defeated.)
  • The dream requirements to unlock monsters are now shown in the details section of locked monster cards.
  • The detail section of unloved special monsters will now show a hint on how to encounter that monster.
  • The dream requirements to unlock gifts are now shown in the details section of locked gift cards.
  • The dream requirements to unlock songs are now shown in the description section of locked songs.
  • Attributes screen has been changed to "Check Heart" with new sub-menus. (In this menu, the full list of gift effects can be seen during a run provided the gift has been radiated).
  • Added a new "Check Monster" option in the pause menu can be used to review the gift rewards and challenges for the current battle.
  • Added a way to access the options menu from the main hub.
  • You can now see all the medal goals from Endless Nightmare before starting a run.
  • You can now wrap the selector to the other end in all list menus. (EX: press up to instanly get to the bottom.)
  • Changed look of Blot's paint bullets.
  • Veyeral Rain's upside down rain starts at level 10 instead of level 9.
  • Veyeral Rain's spike attacks have been changed from void to zap spikes.
  • Hadesoh now holds the combo while warping around like the other Glyph monsters.
Bug Fixes -
  • fixed a bug where you could play as a character that was still locked in Quickplay mode.
Coming soon -
  • More Monsters!!!!

Coldest Wishes,
The Void

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“The Void Rains Upon Her Heart was a fantastic surprise that I honestly enjoyed far more than probably should have.”
The Indie Toaster

“The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is utter bullet-hell brilliance.”
8/10 – Finger Guns

“This is a must have for any arcade style, 2D loving gamer out there. Seriously, if that’s your jam, buy this game.”
8/10 – GotGame

About This Game

An alien girl is trapped in a cave and surrounded by bizarre monsters. She cannot fight those creatures, but she can befriend them with the power of love! Every monster will react in its own violent way, but even the most powerful can be swayed by this ultimate power. Every defeated monster will give her gifts that make her love even stronger. Can her love grow strong enough to fend off The Void itself? Or will her heart be broken once again?

Every Battle is a Boss Battle!

This is primarily a boss-rush bullet-hell game. Each stage will present you with a random set of bosses at various difficulty levels. You must choose which battles to face along the way to the Final Boss!

Each boss has its own range of difficulty levels with different possible attacks at each level. A level 1 boss can have a completely different set of attack patterns than a level 9 version of the same boss!

They Will Give You Gifts!

After a monster has been defeated by love, it will thank you with a set of random gifts! Each gift will grant her heart an upgrade that lasts for the rest of the run. There are over 100 gifts to find!

You may not have full control over the gifts you receive, but there are ways to influence the odds in your favor.

Fulfill Your Dreams and Collect Everything!

The achievements in this game are not just for bragging rights. Earning them will unlock new features to the game! New monsters, gifts, game modes, and even playable characters are waiting to be unlocked.

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

- Content Warning -
This game explores some very heavy topics such as anxiety, depression, and suicide. This game also contains scenes of non-sexual nudity.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 64bit compatible Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX11 compliant graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 200 MB available space

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