Garenburg Woods, a happy RPG where you must stay on trail. Everybody is sure to have a great time...
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December 25, 2018

Garenburg Novellas


I'm pleased to announce the creation of, a website that will contain information about the world this game takes place in. Feel free to read through the novellas as there will be multiple updates over time and there are no spoilers for this game. They are meant to provide insight and translate some small stories that are part of Garenburg into text form. Enjoy, and happy holidays!
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November 29, 2018

Development Update


Sorry for the large delay in the release. The game development has gone well but I'd like to polish things and make it much better before release. There currently isn't a 100% planned release date, but I should finish sometime before July 4th, 2019. The game will have a lot of content and things to do luckily, and you'll be able to obtain multiple endings on the same save file.

Something I may do before the release of the game is make a small project with a lot of assets from the main project and have the side game be available for free and be kind of like a demo. It would be a very short prequel, and not be very polished but it would be a nice addition.

The soundtrack will be released with a separate purchase from the main game and include artwork for the game along with a trivia document and some more stuff. The soundtrack currently is over two hours long, so it'll be pretty nice. Extra tracks that were not used in the game will be included with the soundtrack. Most of the tracks will be an m4a file, otherwise they will be mp3.

There is additional information about Garenburg and the history of the island, and you can find some information about the place here. It contains extra insight on events prior to this game, during, and afterwards. It will be continually updated with new content.

Lastly, Garenburg Woods will have updates after completion to fix bugs, add some extra content, and be better overall. The game will be released completed so don't worry about it missing anything. After all updates are released for Garenburg Woods, there will be a definitive version that is released as free DLC as it may break save files. I'll do my best to prevent save file issues, though.

Thanks for reading and hopefully everything will be done soon! Stay on trail...
~Merso Aweheo
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About This Game

Garenburg Woods is a happy RPG game made in RPG Maker 2000 by Merso Aweheo.

Welcome to Garenburg Woods!

Egly is going on a trip with his friends, Elfy, Carib, Yhien, and Malik. The friends are heading over to the Garenburg Cliffs, a wonderful place that is said to have a beautiful sight. Everybody is sure to have a great time...


  • An original soundtrack By Merso Aweheo
  • Quite a bit of story. Very story, Much Tears
  • Over 10 different bosses to fight
  • Three main ending routes
  • RISK Mode: limited saves, harder boss fights, more secrets, and risky items only that will decrease stats or improve your strength
  • Happy Mode: extremely overpowered and for those who want to play purely for plot
  • Plenty of secrets
  • Stay on trail
  • Consequences for your actions
  • A cow combined with a shell combined with a rock. The name is Cosherock. Completely genius. This should convince you to purchase the game RIGHT THIS MOMENT. You know you want to.
  • Post-game special challenge, featuring 100 floors and a bonus fourth ending
  • Dolls and puppets
  • Nine different party members, not including yourself
  • Achievements, however due to RPG Maker 2000 limits they are part of your save file
  • Custom textboxes UIs that can be chosen if you don't like the default one, including some references to other games

    Please be warned that this game has some inappropriate content that may be unsettling and disturbing for some people.

    The average length of the game for each route (singular playthrough):
    • Ignoring things and just trying to get by as quickly as possible - 30 minutes to 2 hours
    • Exploring and finding around half of the content - 1-3 hours
    • Getting the true ending and main content events 2-5 hours
    • Post-game - 30 minutes to 1 hour
    • Happy Mode, any ending: 30 minutes to 2 hours
    • RISK Mode, true ending: 2-5 hours

    Stay on trail~

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
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