Serious Sam: Tormental is a 3D rogue-lite top-down shooter where you blast your way through the tormented mind of demigod of destruction Mental, as he imagines worlds and monsters that stand on your path towards his inner ego. Let the showdown begin!
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Apr 2, 2019

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Serious Sam: Tormental (SST) is already fully playable and good enough to enjoy. We want to use Early Access to make it bigger and better, so there will be much more content in the final version and we will also balance the game with every update. We will work very closely with the community to improve the game and release regular updates with new content, fixes and community suggestions.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“SST is planned to be in Early Access for around 2-3 months to add what we have planned. Depending on how we hit our internal milestones, the EA sales results and requested features from community, we could go up to 12 months.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The full version will have lots of additional and improved content, including new areas, characters, weapons and boss fights.
Improved leaderboards, daily runs, localizations and other social features are also planned to be incorporated as the community grows.
We will be directly looking to the community to determine how and when new features and content gets added.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

  • 3 areas to explore
  • 4 boss fights to survive
  • 4 playable characters to master
  • 20 weapons to shoot with
  • 20 upgrades to mix and match

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price will start at a lower point as a thank you to all the people who supported us in this stage of development and will increase gradually as more content will be added to the game and we get closer to full release.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We will communicate directly with our community primary through the SST Discord Server ( and SST’s Steam Community Forum.

We are looking for different types of feedback:

Game balancing:
We want challenging, but fair and enjoyable experience. If you find some challenges that are too hard and unfair to players, please report them so we can fix them. We are aiming for that sweet spot between challenging game and broken controller and we’re counting on the community helping out with this.

Suggestions and ideas:
We actively encourage members of the community to contribute their ideas on how to improve the game with new content or design ideas. We have a pretty clear vision of what we want to create, but we'd like to be able to incorporate any awesome ideas we receive from you where possible.

We already worked so hard to provide bug-free experience in the current state of the game. However with new content we expect new bugs to pop out, which will be dealt promptly.”
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Available: April 2

This game will unlock in approximately 9 days


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March 22

Tormental - Play Early Prototype on

Hi everyone

First of all, thanks to everyone who already downloaded the early prototype version on
For those who didn’t, early prototype build of Serious Sam: Tormental is available completely free via right now. So jump in and get a taste of what's to come.

That early prototype is very different from this Steam Early Access version so we will try to explain everything that's newer or better in Serious Sam: Tormental in comparison to early prototype since we had several questions about that on our social networks. :)

We hope you will have fun playing early prototype, and properly warm up for Early Access version that is coming this April 2nd.



First, we have made some improvements in the combat system, like there being more places to take cover in. And we’ve made the enemies more aggressive, so this will definitely come in handy. Altogether, it’s a more exciting combat experience!

Destructibility is definitely a fun part of any game, so we also added destructible walls. Wreck even more havoc with your weapons. By destroying walls, it’s also possible to find pickups and the good ol’ secrets, but finding them depends on chance - so use your ammo wisely!

Brutal kills, where you can kill the dying (flashing) enemy by rolling into it, has become more important than ever. Every enemy is different, and successful brutal kills will require some training. The rewards are various pickups and a huge thrilling satisfaction!

LEVELS AND AREAS (Tomb, Forest, Caves)

We’ve made a great deal of progress on the Nightmare Cavesarea, where you can find Mental’s nightmares lurking around. Nightmare enemies (the ones that look like green ghosts) cannot be killed with normal bullets - they only die from explosions, or when all other enemies in the are are killed. So Sam will need to keep on the move and focus on other enemies!




Levels and hallways are now procedurally generated and populated with random objects like traps, chests, locked doors etc. which enables a lot more replayability, making that one of the biggest changes in comparison to early prototype version which had predefined areas that could become boring after a while, which is not the case with Steam version of Serious Sam: Tormental.


Ever since we first started development on Tormental, we have constantly been changing how the shop works. In this update, we finally have a version we’re satisfied with! Killed implings drop FIGs (FIGments of Mental’s imagination), which can be traded for powers and items with the moody shopkeeper. Hey, why does Sam need to have all the fun, anyway?

We also added :

Weapon Shop - buy and upgrade serious weapons.

Vending Machine - buy various consumable items, including consumable weapons which are consumed after use - eg. Serious Bomb and Boomerang.

Energy Converter - special device that converts part of Sam into upgrade.


Chests come in various types - common, gold, health, and weapon, which determines the type of drop that you can find inside of them.

They can be also unlocked and locked. While content in unlocked will never create a surprise, content in locked ones is not so certain. Depending on your luck, you will find less or more goodies hidden inside of them.

There also mimic chests which needs to be opened at the right time if you want to avoid being hurt by their sharp spikes!


There are various traps now randomly spawning around the world of Mental, including spikes, minefields, turrets, bombs, and flames.


Along with changing the abilities of Sam and Netricsa, we also added two new characters - Bomb and Bulb.

Bomb likes to blow everything up. Destroyed enemies drop bombs which can be pushed around, but also activated from the safe distance with your own remote detonator.

Netricsa can create portals which suck in enemies. Gather them in one place, and unleash cannons, flamethrowers, and electrical shockers for maximum area damage.

With Bulb, you will need to rush - because Bulb needs electricity, making his health drop over time. Fry enemies with short-range electricity while collecting their life energy to refill yours.

Rolling into the biggest group of enemies is risky, but it's also the best opportunity for a shocking connection!

And Sam. Well, he got serious upgrade as well! Since even a copy of Sam is inherently awesome, he is now just a bit more powerful than everyone else. He has more health, is faster, carries more ammo, and as before can jump in the air - which catches most of the enemies completely off-guard, since they're not used to this kind of three-dimensional strategic thinking.

You can’t have a Serious Sam game without including the voice of Serious Sam himself - John J. Dick!
Bomb, Netricsa, and Bulb are also casted by other actors.


We added bunch of completely new weapons to the usual Serious Sam rooster, and we currently have 38 weapons ready for the Early Access, with a plan to add more!

The weapons were completely rebalanced, and their mechanics tweaked with the idea that every weapon has unique advantages, and offers different ways to finish off the enemies.

Electric Shotgun: shoots quick bursts of electricity which shocks the enemies and spreads the electric joy to any other enemies that might happen to be nearby. Let’s connect!

Boomerang: this little puppy will follow you around the level, making it possible to guide it towards the enemies and hit them multiple times. If it manages to get back to you after it has done its job, it will return you all the ammo it consumed.

We also added weapon shop and weapon leveling up system. For example, Flamethrower can be upgraded to Flamethrower Twin, Boomerang can be upgraded to Boomerang Gun, and Machine gun can be upgraded to Triple Machine gun.


Throughout the game, the player will encounter various challenges and quests. By completing these, the player will earn keys. Up in the Vault is Mental’s last line of defense; a giant Vault door locked away by unbreakable mechanisms. All of Mental’s strengths and secrets locked away in these massive, strong chests that keep the mechanism in place are seemingly immutable.

As you’re defeating Mental’s hordes of enemies and overcoming all the challenges that Mental deemed you would never overcome, you earn these keys, you unlock his most sacred chests and you get secrets and powers to use against Mental. Key by key, you grow ever more powerful as you make the ancient Vault mechanism move and push its door closer and closer to finally yielding. This will go on until you become so powerful that the Vault can no longer contain you. At this point, when the heaviest and most important door of the game opens, there’s no going back - you may only carry on. And this is where Sam gets to hit Mental where it truly hurts.

We did tons of other stuff, including:
  • completely revamped tutorial which offers now various challenges, narrative, voice acting, and completely new area
  • we added new enemies, perks, weapons
  • Player inventory
  • starting location (HUB) where player can choose character, go to Vault or talk with other NPCs
  • optional challenges
  • mini-games
  • tons of new sound effects including every weapon perk (wall ricochet, piercing, homing, etc.) having an unique sound effect to distinguish every weapon build
  • Vortex
  • characters procedural animations...

...and in general we improved and polished everything!

As we’re looking forward for the release, we hope you will appreciate all this changes, and try the new version on Steam that is coming on April 2nd!

Lock and load soldier!

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March 13

Tormental - Early Access Release Announcement

Good news everyone!

Serious Sam: Tormental is coming to Early Access on April 2, 2019 so we hope you're ready! You will be able to choose between Sam Stone, Bulb, Netricsa and Bomb and help them survive the terrifying journey through Mental's twisted mind! It's very dark in there so don't forget to take a friend with you to co-op mode and confront Mental together.

This is just the beginning because we still have big plans for Tormental and plenty of content to implement in the game. We will share Early Access roadmap with you soon so you will be able to stay up to date with updates and share your feedback with us! You can wishlist the game now or join us on April 2, 2019 and help us make the game as best as possible for full release. :steamhappy:
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About This Game

Deep into an abandoned temple of Egypt lies a cursed artifact, an ancient device capable of the unthinkable; Could this be the key to enter the mind of the god of destruction: Mental?

This may be your only chance to delve deep into the twisted world of its mind, where [Sam]'s quest will lead him against reckless hordes of monsters product of Mental's wicked imagination. Blast your way through the most hideous corners of its mind, and prepare for a brain-melting showdown!


  • Fight against the wicked imaginations inside the mind of Mental, destructive god and Serious Sam's arch enemy, in an attempt to stop him once and for all.
  • Rich with content and replayability: procedurally generated dungeons, characters with unique abilities, randomized pools of powerful upgrades, tons of fun Serious Weapons ™.
  • The Vault ™: The final area contains many secrets and links to Mental’s identity, giving you more goals than just “defeat the final boss”. You will need to beat many challenges in order to stop Mental once and for all.
  • Mindmap: discover hidden ideas inside of Mental's mind - what enemies, weapons, and items is he imagining to use in the real world? Acquire those ideas, and use them by yourself. Can you discover all of them?
  • Every run, gather & combine random gun parts to construct unique powerful weapons.
  • Quests: beat various challenges to unlock new worlds, characters, Serious Weapons ™ and upgrades. Over time, you will discover new places hidden inside of Mental's mind.
  • Play together in local Co-op mode. Face stronger bosses, compete for (or share!) XP and revive each other with ankh pickups!
  • Tight mechanics & controls. Gamepad friendly. Precise visual collision similar to 2D games.
  • Created by fans of Geometry Wars, Nuclear Throne, Binding of Isaac, Serious Sam and Enter the Gungeon. <3

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
    • Processor: 2 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

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