Warriors: Rise to Glory! is a turn-based combat game with RPG elements. You are a fierce warrior in your path to glory. Fight epic battles against many different enemies and gain experience and loot to improve your skills, weapons, and armor to find revenge and freedom!
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Release Date:
Feb 2, 2018

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We want to develop "Warriors: Rise to Glory" alongside with our community. For us, our community goes first: we really want to make the best game for you, and the best way to achieve this is having you on board since the very beginning. Your feedback will help us to shape the game, improve its balance, develop new features and, overall, to be a much better game!”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We in Gavra Games believe in making well polished games. We plan that Warriors: Rise to Glory!" will be on Early Access for about 8 months, if there are no bumps down the road. During that time, we will regularly update the game with new content.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“What we have right now is the core mechanics of the game, the foundations of Warriors: Rise to Glory!. We will start building from there to make the game grow until we feel that the game has reached its full potential, fulfilling the original vision we had for the game. During this Early Access period, we plan to add more content, such as (but not limited to):
New bosses
New weapons & armors
Additional languages
Balance & Gameplay improvements

And finally, we plan to implement a full online multiplayer mode in the full version of the game, where you will be able to play against your friends or other players from all around the world.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“In this first Early Access version of Warriors: Rise to glory!, you can play until you reach level 10, fighting in 4 different tournaments where you will have to defeat a final boss in order to win. You can also customize your own warrior with special titles, appearance and attributes, and you can create your fighting style by building your own Skills set. You can fight different enemies in the arena, choosing between more than 20 weapons and various armor sets, with challenging modes and variety of Power-Ups & traps. If you win, you can choose the fate of your fallen opponents -- and with each decision you make, you define the heritage your Bloodline will receive. You can play "Battle Dice", a mini game where you can earn money and get stronger before combats. And finally, you will Encounter different quests where you will have to make decisions with different consequences.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“We want to reward those who trust in our game and its potential, so the price of Warriors: Rise to glory will be lower during this Early Access phase. Once all features are implemented and we transition to full release, the price will be increased.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The whole point of this Early Access phase is to reach out to the community. The close involvement and valuable feedback that the Steam community can provide is absolutely irreplaceable, and even though we know that we can develop a great game, we are convinced that it wouldn’t be as great as it will be thanks to your contributions. We are here for you, our gamers: we want to know everything you have to tell us about the game -- the good, the bad, and the buggy! Keep informing us in the community page about anything that comes to your mind, we will look very closely at every comment and suggestion!”
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Recent updates View all (22)

October 17

Patch 0.45 is on the way!

Greetings brave warriors!

We know you haven't heard from us since the release of patch 0.44 (which added controller support, shields and more).
We have been really busy working on patch 0.45. At first it was supposed to be a simple patch, but as the Gavra way - we just can't settle for small things :)

In patch 0.45, we are going to include cool new features we have been working on. The main features are:

New "Rally the crowd!" Action:

For sometime you, our players have been telling us that the crowd needs to be more involved and have heavier impact in combats.
So we listened, and added a cool new action - "Rally the crowd!"
In patch 0.45 you can command the crowd to "Boo" your opponent, throwing bananas at him and some other stuff (we don't want to spoil yet).

So how it works? when entertaining the crowd, you gain the normal crowd excitement, and with it, crowd bars. When you reach enough bars the action is unlocked. The more crowd bars you have, the higher the action level is.
  • level 1 - throw bananas, lightly drain your opponent crowd excitement and lightly damage him.
  • level 2 - throw bananas, medium drain your opponent crowd excitement, medium damage him and root him to his current grid for 2 turns.
  • level 3 - throw bananas, Heavy drain your opponent crowd excitement, Heavy damage him and stun him for 1 turn.
With this action, the crowd is more involved, and getting crowd excitement is becoming more vital. We hope you will like it!

Survival Leaderboard:

In patch 0.45 we are adding the "Survival Leaderboard" that will appear in the main menu. Whenever you finish a run in the Survival mode, your score will be uploaded to the global leaderboard. Letting you compete in global rankings! you can see the top 5 players and where you are standing against them.

This feature lays the first stone towards multiplayer and online components!

Hall of Fame:

We added a new Hall of Screen in which you can see every player who finished the final boss (Currently Azar - Molded by fire).
So when the patch is out - look for your name!

And of course, we are adding many more improvements (warriors can have a different color for the hair and beard), balance changes and bug fixes.

Patch 0.45 is going to be released next week, so stay tuned for news!

Until then - have fun and try to keep your nuts safe.
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August 9

Patch 0.44 Is HERE!

Greetings barve warriors!
As we announced a couple of weeks ago, we at Gavra Games were hard at work preparing the next update, Patch 0.44, with some exciting new features and content for you. The most important one is gamepad controls: from now on, Warriors: Rise to Glory! fully supports gamepads. Local couch multiplayer has a whole new meaning when you can actually sit on your couch with a friend, a gamepad, and the intention of kicking some asses to please the crowd.

We’re adding some new shields to the game (spiked, dark elf, Roman, Samurai, and Homeless shields), as well as a 3rd level tier for a lot of skills. That on top of many fixes, changes, customization, and quality-of-life additions. Check out the full patch notes below. We hope you like this new update; don’t hesitate to join as on our Discord server to comment all the new content and tell us about your experience playing with a gamepad, and remember that we’re open to receiving feedback for future updates. Good luck in the arena!

As usual, we invite you to talk with us on our various community channels.
Official Discord server
Steam forums

Patch 0.44 Notes:

New Features:
  • Controller support.
  • 5 new Shields are now available:
    • “Homeless Shield” – Provides 8 Armor.
    • “Spiked Shield” – Provides 14 Armor.
    • “Roman Shield” – Provides 24 Armor.
    • “Samurai Shield” – Provides 42 Armor.
    • “Dark Elf Shield” – Provides 72 Armor.
  • Music & Sound volume can now be changed while in battles.
  • 3 New hair types now available.
  • 5 New eye types now available.
  • Added Spanish language to the game.
  • Changed begging screen algorithm and design to be presented with “Surviving Chance”:
    • “Dead Man Begging” Surviving Chances are 0% to 20%
    • “Barely Enough!” Surviving Chances are 20% to 50%
    • “There is Hope” Surviving Chances are 50% to 90%
    • “[Your warrior’s name] FOREVER!” Surviving Chances are 90% to 100%

  • Reset Attributes is still available even while changing tabs in the Character Customization screen.
  • Left click on equipped item in the Inventory Screen will make it the default “Starting Weapon”
  • Treasure chest scene now leads back to the Inventory screen instead of the main menu.
  • Fixed Quests price algorithm.
  • Pausing while in Timed battle will now stop the Timer countdown.
  • In case your poor ancestor did bad financial decisions and didn’t pass you on any items you will receive a shiv (courtesy of Gavra Games!)
  • Changed Armors values:
    • Homeless Set:
      • “Homeless Helmet” – Changed armor value from 7 to 6
      • “Homeless Armor” – Changed armor value from 5 to 5
      • “Homeless Gloves” – Changed armor value from 4 to 3
      • “Homeless Pants” – Changed armor value from 6 to 5
      • “Homeless Shoes” – Changed armor value from 4 to 3
    • Spiked Set:
      • "Spiked Helmet” – Changed armor value from 12 to 10
      • “Spiked Armor” – Changed armor value from 10 to 9
      • “Spiked Gauntlets” – Changed armor value from 9 to 8
      • “Spiked Pants” – Changed armor value from 13 to 12
      • “Spiked Shoes” – Changed armor value from 8 to 7
    • Roman Set:
      • “Roman Helmet” – Changed armor value from 21 to 19
      • “Roman Armor” – Changed armor value from 22 to 20
      • “Roman Gauntlets” – Changed armor value from 15 to 13
      • “Roman Skirt” – Changed armor value from 20 to 18
      • “Roman Shoes” – Changed armor value from 17 to 15
    • Samurai Set:
      • “Samurai Helmet” – Changed armor value from 36 to 32
      • “Samurai Armor” – Changed armor value from 38 to 34
      • “Samurai Gloves” – Changed armor value from 31 to 28
      • “Samurai Skirt” – Changed armor value from 33 to 29
      • “Samurai Shoes” – Changed armor value from 31 to 27
    • Dark Elf Set:
      • “Dark Elf Helmet” – Changed armor value from 68 to 62
      • “Dark Elf Armor” – Changed armor value from 70 to 63
      • “Dark Elf Gloves” – Changed armor value from 58 to 51
      • “Dark Elf Skirt” – Changed armor value from 66 to 60
      • “Dark Elf Shoes” – Changed armor value from 58 to 52
  • Skills changed to 3 Tiers:
    • Charging Rhino:
      • Level 1: +2% Damage per tile
      • Level 2: +4% Damage per tile
      • Level 3: +7% Damage per tile
    • Wounded Beast:
      • Level 1: 10% Bonus damage
      • Level 2: 20% Bonus damage
      • Level 3: 30% Bonus damage
    • Vampiric Strikes:
      • Level 1: 5% Lifesteal
      • Level 2: 10% Lifesteal
      • Level 3: 15% Lifesteal
    • Countinuous Assault:
      • Level 1: 10% Chance for extra turn
      • Level 2: 20% Chance for extra turn
      • Level 3: 30% Chance for extra turn
    • On Guard:
      • Level 1: 10% Chance for extra turn
      • Level 2: 20% Chance for extra turn
      • Level 3: 35% Chance for extra turn
    • Rapid Shooter:
      • Level 1: 10% Chance for extra arrow
      • Level 2: 20% Chance for extra arrow
      • Level 3: 35% Chance for extra arrow
    • Take it Easy Man:
      • Level 1: 10% Mana reduction
      • Level 2: 20% Mana reduction
      • Level 3: 35% Mana reduction
    • Spiked Defence:
      • Level 1: 5% Damage reflect
      • Level 2: 10% Damage reflect
      • Level 3: 20% Damage reflect
    • Baffling Performer:
      • Level 1: 10% Chance to confuse enemy
      • Level 2: 20% Chance to confuse enemy
      • Level 3: 40% Chance to confuse enemy
    • Battle Rush:
      • Level 1: 2% Melee damage taken converted to Stamina
      • Level 2: 5% Melee damage taken converted to Stamina
      • Level 3: 10% Melee damage taken converted to Stamina
    • Charmer:
      • Level 1: 10% Crowd excitement at the start of battles
      • Level 2: 20% Crowd excitement at the start of battles
      • Level 3: 40% Crowd excitement at the start of battles

Sounds and Music:
  • Added new mini-melodies for quests events.
  • “Azar - Molded by Fire” ultimate improved sound.
  • Added SFX for “Dead Ned - King in the North” boss:
    • Getting hit sound.
    • Heavy Attack sound.
    • Medium Attack sound.
    • Light Attack sound.
    • Bones breaking in slow-motion sound.
    • Resting sound.
  • Added coins sound effect while begging for mercy.
  • Added resting sound for “The Cliff - Head Smasher” boss.
  • Fixed volume for “Dead Ned - King in the North” burning sound.
  • Fixed volume for “Dead Ned - King in the North” reassembling sound.
  • Fixed volume for “Wearing Item” sound.
  • Entertain music is now being controlled by the sound volume instead of the music volume.
  • Warriors opening sentences now appear at the start of battles, before warriors make their first movement.
  • Changed battle tooltip Icons
  • Improved "Samurai Helmet" shader.
  • Changed stats colors and timing rising from warriors in battle.
  • Warriors battle stats in battle now appear with animation.
  • Camera now follows your warrior upper body to prevent trimming his head if you increase Strength.
  • Fixed lightning in the Tournament screen.
  • Improved visuals for error text in the Main Menu.
  • Improved visuals for error text in the Arena.
  • Changed quests result screen.
  • Fixed issue where warriors battle stats were shown behind HP & Stamina bars.
  • Fixed lightning in the Inventory screen.
  • Added icon for "Continuous Assault" skill when activated in battle.
  • New smart automatic scroll in the warrior Customization Screen.
  • Improved 3d models for arena gates in “The Crucible” arena.
  • Improved items tooltip positions in the shops.
  • Heritage screen has been revamped, showing the Item which has been passed to your new warrior.
  • Added new Beta sign (now everyone will know this game is still under development!).
  • Improved white hairs shader.
  • New icons for Hairs & Scars in the Customization Screen.
  • Fixed “Agility” text in the Inventory screen.
  • Fixed issue where the Reset button would not reset the warrior’s scars.
  • Fixed “Repick Warrior” text in HotSeat mode.
  • Slowed down warrior’s breath animation in the ending screen.
  • Slowed down “warrior falling to lava” death animation.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue where “Dead Ned – King in The North” couldn’t be pushed to the last grid.
  • Fixed issue where the “Mute” sound button would not completely mute.
  • Fixed issue where coming back from HotSeat mode to normal battle would result in loading an enemy without a weapon which caused the game to get stuck.
  • Fixed issue where winning the final tournament would show you received over 30 gold.
  • Fixed rare issue where going into battle would result in game freeze.[/list
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About This Game

You are a fierce warrior, summoned to a strange realm to fight for the amusement of a crazy tyrant. You must rise above all other fighters to win your freedom back – and get your revenge against the lunatic emperor Ayziz! Warriors: Rise to Glory is a turn-based combat game with RPG elements. Create your custom warrior and level up your skills, weapons and armors, so you can go from being an almost-naked, hopeless fighter, to become the best warrior in Indiekingdom!

Key Features

  • Fight intense turn-based battles in spectacular arenas
  • Play against your friends in local multiplayer
  • Think fast: some battles are time-limited!
  • Fight crazy bosses with unique powers that will test your tactical skills
  • Gain experience and level up your warrior with new combat skills
  • Loot cool weapons, legendary armors and hilarious honorific titles
  • Customize your warrior until he is as handsome as you!
  • Decide the fate of your defeated opponents and earn rewards based on your decisions


The mad emperor Ayziz reigns in terror over the realm of Indiekingdom with an iron fist! Searching for the strongest warriors for his wicked amusement, Ayziz uses his dark powers to open a portal and teleport millions of warriors from different timelines and places around the multiverse. Arriving near butt-naked through the portal, with only a crusty cloth to cover their shame, these warriors are manipulated to believe that they must pay with blood, guts and glory their way back to their homeland.
You were a great chieftain not so long ago. You ruled with honor and justice. All that ended when the dark portal appeared in the sky and sucked you into Indiekingdom. Now, you must rise above every warrior to win your freedom back!
What will be of your home without you? Will you be able to get back? Will you be merciful or vengeful in your journey? Can Ayziz ever be stopped? Will you be able to wash this disgusting loincloth at some point? And why is this silly narrator asking you so many questions?
Find out in Warriors: Rise to Glory!

    Mature Content Description

    This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: General Mature Content

    System Requirements

      • OS: Windows 7+
      • Processor: Intel i3 3rd generation or AMD A4 5300
      • Memory: 1500 MB RAM
      • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX480+ or Radeon HD 5850
      • DirectX: Version 9.0c
      • Storage: 2 GB available space
      • Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible
      • Additional Notes: In case your PC is made of wood you cannot play this game! buy a new one!!!
      • OS: Windows 7+
      • Processor: Intel i5 3rd generation or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
      • Memory: 2500 MB RAM
      • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX960+ or AMD Radeon HD 7950
      • DirectX: Version 9.0c
      • Storage: 2 GB available space
      • Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible
      • Additional Notes: In case your PC is made of wood you cannot play this game! buy a new one!!!

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