In a town where anything goes, you can’t rise to the top without taking a few others down. From dodgy deals to shifty tricks, do what you gotta do to go from small-time slumlord to filthy rich tycoon.
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Mostly Positive (334) - 71% of the 334 user reviews for this game are positive.
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May 26, 2017

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July 2

Companion Patch - Handing You The Keys!

Hello everyone. How are we all today?

We have pushed a quick update to supplement the main Handing You The Keys! Update. If you have not yet read the previous announcement you may find it via this handy link:

As this is a companion patch, its purpose is to supplement the changes that went live with the most recent update. This will generally range from fixing any issues that did not have time to be addressed, or pushing certain changes now rather than waiting for the next major update.

Supplementary Changes
• Added RMB functionality to all screens to allow easy exiting. Certain screens already have RMB functionality for moving characters in the world which means RMB will not exit the screen. • Added RMB to step backwards through certain lists such as Scenario/Map. • Tenants will now fetch gadgets when only one use left rather than waiting until they run out completely. • Fixed a conflict between tutorial and previous change which stopped missions overwriting current game settings. • Cooldown for undesirable abilities now has a maximum cap of 300 days. • Cooldown for undesirable abilities now increases at a rate of 50 days per use, down from 100 days per use. The first instance of the cooldown is still 100 days.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your week! :)

:lovekami_heart: System 3
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June 29

Constructor - Handing You The Keys! Update

Hello once more, wonderful fans of Constructor. BrightPaw here with another announcement. That's right, in approximately... now your game should be handily updating itself to the new Handing You The Keys! Update.

Oh, and how could I forget... How is everyone on this fine day?

As most of the update is self-explanatory, a lot of the information presented below will be in what I am hoping will be considered 'bite-sized' pieces. However, if any part is unclear please feel free to ask about whatever might be confusing you because as usual we're here to build walls of text. Literary!

Seriously, though, there is a lot of information to cover so strap yourselves in... and do not feed the tenants.

As with the last few patches we are continuing to add more quality of life improvements with how certain information is presented within the boundaries of the current systems.

This is currently an ongoing area of improvement. Three key changes to make it a little easier to keep track of a few things at a glance are highlighted in the three GIFs below.

Additional Summary Information (Remember that right-clicking buildings will bring up this information panel.)

The ability to right-click on a building and view more information about it is something that we like, and we believe that more people should use it if they aren't already! To improve this we have added the ability to see at a glance several more key bits of information:

  • If the Tenant is a Super Tenant.
  • The Profit (or Loss) made from selling the property in its current state.
  • The %Rent that you, as the player, force on your tenant.

Tweaks to Residential Manager

The purpose of the Residential Manager has always been to view your properties at a glance and, if you so desire, immediately jump inside them wherever you might be on the map.

The tweaks here add the %Rent as well as showing a handy icon if the property is automatically replacing tenants.

Auto-replacement of Internal Gadgets

Don't like micromanaging the replacement of internal gadgets? We have heard you loud and clear. As part of this update we are also introducing the newly implemented Internal Gadget Autoreplacer 3000™ available at your nearest Constructor update.

Be aware that as with Autoreplacement of tenants, this feature has its own associated cost. In this case, you will first need to install a computer into the home so that the tenants inside can keep track of their own gadget orders. Just be sure that once you have installed the computer that you mark each gadget you want to be automatically replaced! Each gadget replaced in this manner will also incur a small fee - tenants are a bit fussy about having to take care of themselves, you see...

The general purpose of this feature is to allow you to continue to micro-manage things early in the game when finances are an issue, but as you begin to build up a sizeable portfolio you will be able to automate the replacement of gadgets. Combined with the automatic replacement of tenants released last update, it should cut down on a lot of the late game micromanagement if you so desire.

Below is another handy little GIF that will walk you through some of the essential things to know about the feature. This also includes a look at the new stacking icons which will always be a constant reminder at a glance. Nifty!

As you have no doubt established from the title, and the pre-patch announcement that was posted previously, we are now happy to say that you can set up the shortcuts to keys that suit you. Want WASD camera control? You got it. Want to pause when you press space bar? Go ahead. Want to have absolutely no keybindings at all? Well, it is certainly not advised! Of course, such a configuration is possible.

To ensure that you memorise each button we have created a handy dummy UI that displays the UI as you would see it in the game. This enables a simple interface where you can click the icon and rebind it - knowing full well what you have bound is always handy!

For certain functions not normally visible during gameplay we have placed those buttons in the middle of the screen so that you can rebind them.

Each button has a handy tool-tip to explain the purpose of the icon your cursor might currently be over.

It is important to note that when rebinding command card shortcuts, that each of those are universally used regardless of the character or building you might have selected.

Still confused? Here is a handy GIF.

The update also includes the most recent localisations for all of the text that has been put into the game over the last few updates. This, of course, includes the mission translations for each language in the game. We want to thank everyone for their patience whilst the translations were being worked on, and we hope that the game has become just that little bit more comfortable for you to play.

However, please be aware that text associated with this particular update for features such as the gadget auto-replacement have not yet been translated. Czech translations for key remapping are also not complete and will need to be added in at a later date.

As part of the latest update we have also improved the display scaling utilised by the game. The intended function is that regardless of your desktop's resolution, the game should now scale to it properly and look as good as it would if you viewed it at its native 1920x1080.

Part of this also includes a fix to the game sometimes failing to ALT + TAB back in which we know will be a welcome fix for those who love to charge high rent, terrorise estates, and watch a show or two in the background. :fhappy:

To all Constructor fans,

We have had enough of you blocking our construction sites, and we will begin to fight back against you if your men are detected blocking our construction sites.

We have also improved our efficiency routines and will no longer process one action per production cycle when multiple AIs are present in a single game. We are faster. We are [redacted]. We are AI.

What did the human say to the AI? Please do not destroy me!

Right, well that was a bit uncalled for... It's right, though. We have adjusted the routines for AIs so that when multiple AIs are present in a game they will process more actions per production cycle. This should lead to more consistent performance from multiple AIs. Previously, they might buy land, and then wait a very long time before placing a building on it. However, now when an AI buys land it will attempt to place a property on it shortly after.

Of course, the biggest impact on the speed of the AI setting up its towns will always be linked to the Build Speed located in Gameplay Options. Experiment a little and step outside of your comfort zone.

Okay, Blah Blah BrightPaw. Cut To The Change!

Magical Changelog of Change.
New Features and Quality of Life Changes
• Players may now remap the various shortcuts to a key of their choice. • Implementation of localised text for various tooltips and options. • The volume of various annoying sound effects has been rebalanced. • Certain sound effects of the same type will play each subsequent one at a quieter volume if they occur simultaneously. • Conversion numbers are also displayed within the HQ datascreen rather than as part of a tool-tip. If not enough men exist for a conversion, the number will flash. • You can now flag gadgets to be automatically replaced by the tenant if they run out but this will cost you more. A computer will also need to be installed in the home. • Icons above houses now stack so that you can see complaints, room upgrades in progress, gadgets on backorder as well as the production type of the house. • The gadget factory now also indicates if there is a backorder on gadgets which tenants want to auto collect. • House info display now shows a Profit/Loss summary based on how the amount of profit you would make from selling the home, or the loss you incur as a result of the sale. • House info display now includes (if relevant) information on the type of super tenant inside the property. • House info display includes the %rent uplift so that you can see at a glance how much additional rent is being paid. • Tenant summary screen now displays the %rent uplift. • Tenant summary screen now displays whether or not the home has auto-replacement of tenants enabled. • Leaderboard can now be toggled between All and Friends. • All voiceovers are now linked to the Voices master volume. • You now receive between $50 and $100 for each Zombie or Cockroach that you kill. These are rounded to the nearest whole $10. Thrifty!
AI Changes
• Multiple AI teams can carry out multiple actions in a given production cycle. Previously, they would wait until the new cycle which slowed them down a lot. • AI teams now attack, after a duration, intruders that are blocking their building sites. This is linked to difficulty, so easier difficulties will require more of their men to be present on-site before they will attack. • Corrected AI routine causing knocked out/dead repairmen to be reassigned to a new estate if the estate they were on had none left.
Fixes and Improvements
• Improved display scaling so that the game should now correctly scale to your display resolution. • AI route finding has been improved and characters should no longer get stuck, especially noticeable for the jungle levels. • Fixed an issue with auto-replacement of tenants where the birth rate was not resetting. • Fixed an issue where a rampaging Psycho that shut down a building site would disrupt knocked out/dead characters on the site, causing them to walk on the spot. • Gangsters are no longer released early and able to be controlled if you run out of Mob favours. • Gangsters that are released from Prison whilst you are out of favours with the Mob will no longer allow you to control them until you have regained favour. • Fixed a crash related to Thug Street Fight ability targeting Thugs which were either arrested, or in the process of being arrested. • Fixed an issue with Mr Fixit being arrested just as his ladder deployed causing him to become unresponsive. • Corrected Radar not reappearing if leaving an enemy building site with your last character. • Leaderboards can now be navigated with the cursor keys or page up/page down. • Loading missions no longer changes classic mode settings. • Allow resetting of DirectX if screen is reset to correct instances where the game would no longer display when alt-tabbed.
Miscellaneous Changes
• The maximum Mob Loan has been adjusted for each difficulty. - Easy = $200,000 (up from $50,000) - Normal = $160,000 (down from $200,000) - Difficult = $120,000 (down from $200,000) - Original = $80,000 (up from $50,000) • Cows, sheep, and even spooky ghosts have been added to every level similar to Greenfields. This does not affect saves. • Background music will fade out if Movie volume slider is set to 0. Handy if you prefer to just listen to the music, and do not care for the audio that plays inside buildings. • Corrected missing road tile on Riverside. • Zombies have been switched to use player colours, and have been given their own names. Bow down to Nom Nom Nom the Zombie.
Mission Changes
• Localised text for each mission has now been implemented. • Drowning In Debt Stage 4 now only checks for the absence of yellow team buildings on the assigned estates to better match the text. • Added flavour audio which sometimes plays when revisiting the briefing of a mission.

Russian Changelog - Thanks to the wonderful Setverg!

Новые фишки и изменение старых Новые фишки и изменение старых • Игроки теперь могут переназначать горячие клавиши. • Наконец-то перевели различные подсказки и опции. • Разобрались с бардаком в звуковых эффектах. • Ввели систему затухания звуковых эффектов, если они происходят одновременно и одинаковы. • Соотношения конвертации жителей, рабочих и прочих также отображаются в Основном окне Штаба, а не как часть подсказки. Если для конвертации недостаточно людей, число будет мигать. • Теперь Вы можете пометить гаджеты, которые будут автоматически заменены арендатору, если они закончатся, но это будет дороже, и в доме должен быть уже установлен компьютер. • Иконки над домами теперь складываются в стопку (как я понял - прим. стврг), что Вы можете видеть жалобы, модернизации комнат, гаджеты в ожидании, а также что производит дом - людей, рабочих и т.п. • Теперь фабрика гаджетов также указывает, есть ли оборудование в ожидании, которое арендаторы хотят автоматически установить себе в дом. • Отображение информации о доме теперь так же содержит соотношение прибыли / убытка, основанную на том, какую сумму прибыли или убытка вы получите продав этот дом. • Отображение информации о доме теперь включает (если необходимо) информацию о типе супер арендатора внутри дома • В информации дома так же показывается текущий процент арендной платы. • Сводный экран арендатора теперь отображает % арендной платы. • Сводный экран арендатора теперь показывает, включена ли в доме автоматическая замена арендаторов. • Теперь Leaderboard можно переключать между «Все» и «Друзья». • Все озвучки теперь связаны с показателем громкости Голоса. • Теперь вы получаете от 50 до 100 долларов за каждого зомби или таракана, которых вы убиваете. Они округлены до ближайшей 10ки баксов. "Передергивая винчестер" - Экономика должна быть экономной. Изменения AI • Несколько команд AI могут выполнять несколько действий в данном производственном цикле. Раньше они ждали нового цикла, который их сильно замедлял. (Походу ИИ теперь стал еще жестче - прим.стврг) • Команды ИИ теперь атакуют, по прошествии времени, злоумышленников, которые блокируют их стройки. Это зависит от выставленной сложности игры, поэтому на легкой сложности нужно будет загнать больше народу на участок перед тем как компьютер начнет атаку. • Исправлен ​​баг с нокаутированным/мертвым ремонтником, ИИ пытался назначить такого ремонтника на обслуживание дома, что приводило к отсутствию ремонтника на участке. Исправления и улучшения • Улучшено масштабирование дисплея, чтобы игра теперь корректно масштабировалась до текущего разрешения экрана. • Поиск маршрута AI улучшен, и персонажи больше не должны застревать, особенно заметно для уровней джунглей. • Исправлена ​​проблема с автоматической заменой арендаторов, где рождаемость не была сброшена. • Исправлена ​​проблема, когда Psycho, который нападал на строительную площадку, если на площадке есть нокаутированные\мертвые люди, и это заставляло Психо ходить на месте. • Гангстеры больше не освобождаются раньше и могут контролироваться, если у вас заканчивается поддержка Mob. • Гангстеры, которые освобождаются из тюрьмы, пока вы не в ладах с Mob, больше не позволят вам контролировать их, пока вы не обрели эту поддержку вновь. • Исправлен ​​краш, связанный со способностью Thug Street Fight, нацеленный на другогих Thugs, которые были либо арестованы, либо в процессе ареста. • Исправлена ​​проблема с арестом мистера Фиксита, если у него развернута лестница, стопорило персонажа. • Исправленный радар не появляется снова, если вы покинете участок противника со своим последним персонажем. • Лидерские панели теперь можно перемещать с помощью клавиш управления курсором или PgUp\PgDwn. • Загрузка задач больше не изменяет настройки классического режима. • Исправили глюк DirectX когда игра не загружалась и зависала на первом экране. Разное • Максимальный Mob кредит был скорректирован для каждой сложности. - Easy = 200 000 долларов США (по сравнению с 50 000 долларов США) - Нормальный = 160 000 долларов США (по сравнению с 200 000 долларов США) - Трудно = 120 000 долларов США (по сравнению с 200 000 долларов США) - Оригинал = 80 000 долларов США (по сравнению с 50 000 долларов США) • Коровы, овцы и даже призраки добавлены к каждому уровню, подобному Зеленополье. Это не влияет на сохранение. • Фоновая музыка будет исчезать, если ползунок уровня громкости фильма установлен на 0. Удобно, если вы предпочитаете просто слушать музыку и не заботитесь о звуке, который воспроизводится внутри зданий. • Исправлена ​​пропущенная дорожная плитка на Риверсайд. • Зомби были переключены на использование цветов игроков и получили собственные имена. Изменения миссии • Локализация для каждой миссии. (аллилуйя) • Drowning In Debt Stage 4 исправили цель миссии. Теперь нужно уничтожить только желтую команду противника • Добавлено звуковое сопровождение, которое иногда воспроизводится при переходе на брифинг миссии.

We hope that you enjoy the latest update. Thank you for your continued support!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

:lovekami_heart: System 3
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About This Game


In a town where anything goes, you can’t rise to the top without taking a few others down. From dodgy deals to shifty tricks, do what you gotta do to go from small-time slumlord to filthy rich tycoon.

In Constructor, you take on the role of a budding property tycoon who must do battle with your competitors to create a thriving and profitable ANY way you see fit!

Design and share city maps with online multiplayer battles against up to 3 of your mates.

Build houses and factories, cope with the incessant demands of your tenants as well as keeping a whole bunch of UNDESIRABLE characters under control! This ‘colourful’ group of degenerates can also be used against the competition with humorous and catastrophic effect! If all else fails, call in the Mob…

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.4GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible - Nvidia Geforce 6600 / ATI Radeon X1600 or faster with Shader Model 3 and 256 MB VRAM
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Quad Core CPU or Dual Core CPU (Intel Core 2.8 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ or faster)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible - Nvidia Geforce 8800GT / ATI Radeon 4850 or faster with Shader Model 3 and 512 MB VRAM
    • Storage: 10 GB available space

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