Construct and manage your own space station and ships either by yourself in singleplayer or with friends online! Fully functioning atmospherics, science, power, engineering, medical, and agricultural systems. Explore to find asteroids and construct elaborate factories to harvest your resources!
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Dec 12, 2017

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Stationeers is an exceptionally complex game. By releasing the game to the community we're able to test our assumptions so far and ensure the focus of the game and our design decisions are in the right direction. This allows us to gain perspective on the game directly from our players, and factor this in as we develop new features, systems, and content.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The game has been a very long time coming, developed after attempts at other games of a roughly similar nature. Basically - we're not in a rush! We have prepared a detailed roadmap of what we have planned so far but after feedback (and a dose of reality!) from our community we will announce a second phase roadmap. This means we're talking at least a year of development in Early Access. If a year seems long, consider that the longer the game is in live development, the bigger the scope of the game can grow, and the more input the community can have.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“During development of Stationeers so far we have deliberately kept the scope quite limited, both in general features, design features, content, and usability. Working with the community we expect to extend both how you play the game (such as dedicated servers, rather than directly hosting), the way you play the game (control revisions, new mechanics and features) and why you play the game (new game loops and content).”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“We've had a great deal of fun at the studio in the development of Stationeers. It's fully playable, and quite well optimized, for you in singleplayer or with a small group of friends in multiplayer. We consider what has been done so far as an entirely complete game loop and experience, and our work from here is about giving the game more depth. Significant work has already been done making the game robust, so even when there are bugs the game should recover reasonably gracefully.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Our current plan is to increase the price, probably substantially, when the game is fully released. However no firm decisions have been made on pricing, and none will be made without publicly discussing with the community. If you have thoughts on pricing, please get involved here or on social media!”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The community engagement is an integral component of our development. We only want you to buy the game if you're prepared to roll up your sleeves and give us your feedback! We are experimenting with live development through twitch live-streams. You can watch previous broadcasts on the Rocketwerkz Youtube Channel. If you want to discuss the games development directly you can join our Official Discord. Use all these methods to give suggestions, watch the game grow, and find out how we're making the game even better!”
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Recent updates View all (50)

November 12

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.2.1814.8357

Mostly odds-and-ends this week, with a few new quality-of-life features and fixes but mostly just building on the foundation of the game. Things like the military gear may not obviously fit into most of the game as it stands, but the less obvious things like the new character rig will greatly improve our workflow for working with characters down the line. Audio work continues, with the newest member of our team taking the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the basics of the UI and Audio system in game before moving onto some of the more challenging development areas.

Additionally, we're rapidly approaching the end of our first year in Early Access. We'll be putting together a brief video looking at what has been achieved throughout the year and what the future will bring for Stationeers. You can expect to see this in the next few weeks.

New Character Rig & Marine Gear

Later in development we're going to want to add more variance to characters with gear options and role-based outfits. In order to prepare for that, we've fixed a long-standing issue with the character rig, which should resolve several outstanding animation/appearance bugs, mostly affecting female characters.

Audio Improvements Cont.
We're continuing to fill the void that some players may have noticed, with the addition of interface audio to the settings screen. This work will continue over the following weeks with the mission/task UI and inventory receving some long overdue audio feedback. After that's out of the way we'll move onto some of the more technically challenging sound implementations to round out this so-far neglected aspect of Stationeers.

Hotfix Version 0.2.1814.8357
  • Fixed Null Errors that could be encountered on load due to issues getting an invalid game install path from Steam.

Version 0.2.1812.8352
  • Added Wall Light Battery variant. This has only a data port, but takes a battery as a power source so is useful as an emergency or temporary source of power.
  • Added Suit Storage will now recharge batteries that are put in it, including batteries inside head torches and marine helmets.
  • Added new character rig and models. This is a visual improvement to provide a better and more consistent visual result for characters, while still using the same rig for both male and female.
  • Added Marine Helmet, Armor, and Uniform. Constructed on the Tool Manufactory. Helmet has a battery slot, and a lamp. Armor has four internal slots for storage. Currently does nothing special this is the first pass and will be extended later.
  • Added first pass of controller support. Currently no defaults, so you have to set your own axis definitions. Added button images for Xbox One Controller (other controller image support to come later).
  • Added Major refresh of Localized text files. Untranslated keys are no longer included in every XML file, as missing keys now default back to english. See the #localization channel in Discord for more details.
  • Added branches and ternary operators to the IC to complete the missing ones.
  • Added interface audio to the settings menu.

  • Improvement JumpTags can now be used as variables on the IC. The value of the variable is equal to the line number the tag is defined on.
  • Changed Plants no longer take damage from being in an atmosphere that doesn't contain what they need to breathe. They'll still take damage incorrect temperatures, presence of toxins or lack of water, however.
  • Updated Localization Files (Current to 10th November)

  • Fixed Disk Slot on Air Conditioner and Wall Cooler allowing any item to be inserted.
  • Fixed Re-scaled audio settings sliders to a max of 100, this being identical to what was previously the default setting of 80. If you had volumes below the previous default value they will have been scaled accordingly, so no volumes should be any different unless you were using settings above 80.
  • Fixed issue where IC housing dropdown list entries were not cleared when removing a ProgrammableChipMotherboard from a computer, leaving them visible in the world and attached to the motherboard.
  • Fixed slightly less shadow from helmet when looking at player shadow. Was caused by incorrect layer assignment on one of the scene directional lights.
  • Fixed skin color not changing to correct body when wearing uniform. Now skin correct color on hands and arms while wearing uniforms.
  • Fixed Headlamp not counted as a "light" for the purposes of the Light key and status indicator. Now all helmets with lights, and headlamp, will be togglable with this.
  • Fixed bug where powered item status indicator would stay on when dropping an item while it was turned to on.
  • Fixed Randomize button in Character Creation screen did not randomize all attributes. Also did some slight optimization on character creation screen. More to come with this.
  • Fixed StationContact buttons now more clearly display whether or not they're within contactable range.
  • Fixed issue dropping objects since yesterdays beta update introducing controller support due to it still using an old input system.
  • Fixed DynamicCrate missing Lock interactable, causing Debug.Log spam and lowering FPS when looking at crate.
  • Fixed a bug in which a graph with a line y=0 would prevent interaction with consoles on either side of it.
  • Fixed Jetpack animations for directional movement not working properly due to controls refactor.
  • Fixed Playing of interface audio, game sounds and voice notifications are now gated behind checks that your master volume and volume for that particular channel is above 0.
  • Fixed Tooltip Opacity slider values not rounding correctly.
  • Fixed a big frame counter running in duplicate and reduced more memory allocation.
  • Fixed Volume scale readjusted to now bottom out at -40db instead of -80db, making more of the slider range useful.
  • Fixed a item kit composite floor grating bug where the kit claimed there were five options rather than the actual four.
  • Fixed Game now more gracefully handles instances where Steam isn't running, displaying a prompt rather than just a wall of log error text.
  • Fixed invalid construction option entries on ItemKitBasket and ItemKitWallIron (Thanks supakadai & Sli in Discord).
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October 30

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.2.1791.8240

It's been a quiet week or so and with some of the team taking extended breaks we were fairly light on the ground - but we made some good progress on the trading mechanic and have a few other surprises.

Interstellar Communications
One thing we've been working towards through early access is a way to give the end-game further meaning. You've mined everything valuable around your starting area. You've built an impressive base with all the requirements for survival comfortably taken care of. You've built redundancy and automation using all the tools at your disposal - what is there to do next? We've got several ideas for expanding on late game life, and Interstellar Communication touches on several of them.

As described several updates ago, we're working towards what we've dubbed the 'Trader Mechanic', but the final implementation will actually support far more than that.

In creative mode you can now spawn in construction kits for Satellite Dishes and a Communications Motherboard. A Communications Computer will display all of the contacts that could be reached by all Satellite Dishes on its network, and the signal strength to each. You can adjust the angle of your Satellite Dish in order to improve the signal to available contacts or find new ones. In time, you'll be able to use logic to streamline this process like on all the other devices in the game.

The next steps we'll be implementing will allow you to, given a sufficiently strong signal, initiate contact. This may just be for information (ie. reports from weather satellites) or to accept trade offers or visitors assuming you have a powered, connected and accessible landing pad (also currently available in Creative Mode).

As with all our new features, portions of the complete feature may be accessible while it is still a work in progress. We encourage you to try it out, report bugs and let us know what you think on Discord!

Alien Mushrooms

To demonstrate some of the flexibility of how some of the systems in Stationeers interact, we'd like to introduce the newest member of the botanist/atmospherics engineer toolkit - the Alien Mushroom. This functions in much the same way as existing plants, however instead of breathing in Carbon Dioxide and exhaling Oxygen, these will inhale Nitrous Oxide and exhale Nitrogen and Oxygen. This serves as a proof of concept for allowing us to easily change the gas mixtures inhaled and exhaled by plants, for which the next step will be to expose these values to mods.

Stationpedia Expansion

As promised, Rocket has continued to expand the Stationpedia to now include information on Alloys, and applied a few usability improvements as well. The color scheme has been changed again to improve the readibility of some elements, but may still be subject to change based on peoples feedback. It will also now automatically appear when beginning the tutorial or your first game. For those who have been asking about how to translate this, once more of the guide is complete we'll be making it available through the localization system so you'll be able to help translate it into your preferred language.

Version 0.2.1791.8240
  • Added Alien Mushrooms. Alien Mushrooms breathes in Nitrous Oxide and breathes out Nitrogen and Oxygen. This is a first pass for plants breathing custom gas mixes.
  • Added Alloy information and list to Stationpedia.
  • Added Tutorial and new game Stationpedia will now popup with opacity set to none by default, to make it easiest to read it.
  • Added second pass on Satellite Dish. Vertical and Horizontal can be set, in a similar way to the Solar Panel.
  • Added first components of the systems supporting Interstellar Communication to creative mode.
  • Added RatioNitrousOxide LogicType to logic-enabled atmospheric devices.
  • Added Door Setting variable can now be set by Logic.

  • Changed approximate checks on programmable chip from using |a - b| < e*max(|a|,|b|) to |a - b| < max(e*max(|a|,|b|), float.epsilon * 8) to avoid it wigging out when a or b are near 0.
  • Changed GraphDisplay so that graph runs from left to right, and reduced wasted space on the plot by removing above/below the x-axis if no line is plotted there
  • Tweaked and adjusted the layouts of the Settings screens so they're easier to read.
  • Updated text input fields to now animate while hovering over them.
  • Improved server messages. Server messages (shutdown notifications, server notices etc) now show up in the chat window as well.

  • Fixed Doors not reset Setting to new Open state, so it assumed actions must be taken (Credit: Risu)
  • Fixed Player State Window (top right) now displays temperature as "not a number"(NaN) when in a vacuum.
  • Fixed Player State Window color values not being initialized, and only updating correctly on first change.
  • Fixed Aliases being cleared on reset for IC Chips (Credit: Risu)
  • Fixed Beta bug where NaN was displayed when below 0 celcius, not invalid temperature. Now displays Nil (localizable) correctly for invalid temperature, instead of 0 which it displayed previously.
  • Fixed syntax highlighting bug in programmable chip editor that would cause things like `# O=k` to display tags, and `# 0=kelvin` to not be coloured correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where players could use RTF markup to highlight their own code.
  • Fixed the incorrect display on the computer monitor of IC source code.
  • Fixed Rotated filter slots on the large gas filter so their label is visible.
  • Fixed NullReference on generating terrain while flying faster than it could generate.
  • Fixed a couple of null reference exceptions caused by the interim commit of the trading mechanics.
  • Fixed Stationpedia window was not correctly initializing centered.
  • Fixed an animation delay when hovering certain buttons in menus.
  • Fixed occasional error for some players when populating Stationpedia data resulting in none of the text being loaded for any language. Will now display an error and continue loading normally.
  • Fixed reagent coloring in help system was a dark purple that was nearly always hard to read. Has been replaced with magenta to help with reading.
  • Fixed two matching filters show up as a warning (Credit: Risu).
  • Fixed visual blueprint missing for Portable Solar.
  • Fixed NitrousOxide filters were removing Nitrous Oxide from the input pipe correctly, but would add Water to the output instead of Nitrous Oxide.
  • Fixed tutorial required player to keep Stationpedia window open at all times during microwave task. Now player only needs to open it, and if they want to have it closed during the rest of the task they can.
  • Fixed WallCooler being an amazing heater in Europa. WallCooler efficiency drops as the temperature difference becomes too large. If the waste network becomes 100 degrees warmer than input, efficiency begins to drop until zero at 200 degrees.
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About This Game

Stationeers puts you in control of the construction and management of a space station either by yourself in single player, or online multiplayer with your friends. Inspired by the beloved Space Station 13, complex atmospheric, electrical, manufacturing, medical, agriculture, and gravitational systems require your thought and management at all times.


  • Detailed construction system rewards well-designed architectural, atmospheric, and electrical plans.
  • Atmospherics system includes: temperature, pressure, combustion, gas mixtures, water, and fire.
  • Full physics on dynamic items in the world, including atmospheric effects such as wall fatigue, and explosive decompression.
  • Various dangerous environments to explore and develop including exotic planets, and asteroid belts.
  • Fully deformable voxel terrain on worlds and asteroids enhances mining and exploration.
  • Build flyable motherships to assist your exploration and resource gathering efforts.
  • Farm livestock and grow plants, not only for food, but also as a integral part of the station’s atmospherics.
  • Construct complex factories in space using machines, conveyors, and computers.
  • Use the medical system to cure ailments faced by other Stationeers.
  • Designed from the ground up for multithreading to ensure great multiplayer performance and scalability.

Stationeers is designed for hardcore players who want a game that is systems oriented. Full utilization and optimization of these complex systems will only come from great knowledge and practice. The game presents a variety of science-based survival problems that you must address. Resource and time pressures will drive your initial designs, but the demands of a thriving station will guide you later.

Space is empty and the planets are unforgiving to human life. You and your friends initially must decide how to meet your basic needs. Longer term, you will need to engineer solutions to power, heat, resource, and atmospheric problems. Build the most efficient systems you can by utilizing machines and programmable computers to develop automated systems.

Whether on a distant lonely planet, or deep inside an asteroid field, you control every aspect of building & running your station or mothership. Harvest nearby resources and use a wide range of tools to construct the ultimate station. Everything your station requires will be built and managed by you and your friends.

What do you do with all that ore you mine? Process it through machines and turn it into goods for more construction of course! There are lots of specialist machines to build and configure such as smelters, sorters, centrifuges, stackers, conveyors, fabricators and more.

Stations are generally safe locations, but motherships are flyable stations which allow you to leave that safety behind. These are excellent platforms for your exploration and resource gathering efforts. They are constructed in the same way as stations, but require complex machinery to manage their engines, life support, and combat systems.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 7+
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB dedicated video RAM, Shader Model 4.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Voice control requires Windows 10
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 8 or 10
    • Processor: Intel i7
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 980
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

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