Construct and manage your own space station and ships either by yourself in singleplayer or with friends online! Fully functioning atmospherics, science, power, engineering, medical, and agricultural systems. Explore to find asteroids and construct elaborate factories to harvest your resources!
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Dec 12, 2017

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Stationeers is an exceptionally complex game. By releasing the game to the community we're able to test our assumptions so far and ensure the focus of the game and our design decisions are in the right direction. This allows us to gain perspective on the game directly from our players, and factor this in as we develop new features, systems, and content.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The game has been a very long time coming, developed after attempts at other games of a roughly similar nature. Basically - we're not in a rush! We have prepared a detailed roadmap of what we have planned so far but after feedback (and a dose of reality!) from our community we will announce a second phase roadmap. This means we're talking at least a year of development in Early Access. If a year seems long, consider that the longer the game is in live development, the bigger the scope of the game can grow, and the more input the community can have.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“During development of Stationeers so far we have deliberately kept the scope quite limited, both in general features, design features, content, and usability. Working with the community we expect to extend both how you play the game (such as dedicated servers, rather than directly hosting), the way you play the game (control revisions, new mechanics and features) and why you play the game (new game loops and content).”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“We've had a great deal of fun at the studio in the development of Stationeers. It's fully playable, and quite well optimized, for you in singleplayer or with a small group of friends in multiplayer. We consider what has been done so far as an entirely complete game loop and experience, and our work from here is about giving the game more depth. Significant work has already been done making the game robust, so even when there are bugs the game should recover reasonably gracefully.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Our current plan is to increase the price, probably substantially, when the game is fully released. However no firm decisions have been made on pricing, and none will be made without publicly discussing with the community. If you have thoughts on pricing, please get involved here or on social media!”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The community engagement is an integral component of our development. We only want you to buy the game if you're prepared to roll up your sleeves and give us your feedback! We are experimenting with live development through twitch live-streams. You can watch previous broadcasts on the Rocketwerkz Youtube Channel. If you want to discuss the games development directly you can join our Official Discord. Use all these methods to give suggestions, watch the game grow, and find out how we're making the game even better!”
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Recent updates View all (47)

October 11

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.2.1746.8073

We've passed a big milestone! v0.1 to v0.2 this week, given our major engine upgrade. Performance and fixes are the key of this week.

Known Issue with IC's
While not a regular section in our patch notes, we've got a major issue with IC's that is still awaiting a fix. There is an issue with some IC programs that can cause the registers and aliases to get mixed up, which can have unreliable results depending on how your program is structured.
If you are having problems with an IC program, and are unable to wait for a fix - you can resolve these issues by not using aliases and addressing registers directly. We will try get this fixed ASAP in a hotfix.

Engine Upgrade to Unity 2018

This week marks the completion of the first stage of the engine upgrade. Any major bugs caused by the switch should now be resolved, so a big thanks to everyone who was playing on the experimental branch while it was up and reported any bugs. Things should now be more-or-less back to normal, so now is probably a good time to re-iterate our patch process for all the new players who have joined us recently.

Performance and Stuttering Improvements

This weeks update will have a pretty significant postive impact on the game. Many users will now notice substantial framerate improvements as well as reduced stuttering. Unity 2018 will now allow us more options in the coming weeks for additional optimization and stuttering improvements as well.

Game Branches Explained

Stable/Main Branch
This is the branch everyone is on by default. This is only ever updated manually, and any update on this branch will be accompanied by either a Consolidated Patch Notes post like this one. If an urgent bug shows up in the ~24 hours following a patch, we'll just update the patch note post with the details. If the fix takes longer than that we'll make a separate Hotfix Patch Notes announcement.

Beta Branch
This is where the magic happens! The build on the beta branch comes directly from our working source at the studio. If something has been committed, it'll be in the next beta branch build. An automated build happens every weekday at roughly 8AM NZST, but if we're fixing something live as we discuss it with people in Discord or in response to a Steam Community post we'll likely push an update right away. Sometimes there could be multiple updates on this branch in one day, luckily the way Steam batches changes they're pretty small.

When the beta branch does get updated, you'll see the public patch notes in the #beta-changelog channel on Discord. Some patches may not contain any public change notes though, so don't be surprised if you see a blank one! It probably just had some boring change or the addition of some new art/sounds that haven't been implemented yet.

Build States for more structures

We've slowly been increasing the "build states" for various structures in the game, to add more depth and complexity. In a sense, this helps with physical security as well in the future - removing some devices completely would require tools which you could restrict access too.

Additionally a new resource, plastic sheets, has replaced Steel and Iron sheets in some cases. These are produced from Silicon Ingots. This should ease dependency on Steel in some cases, particulary for walls. But it's going to make finding Silicon quite important.

Other balancing is occuring as well, changing the reagent quantities to create things and also how many sheets are consumed in the build state process.

Hotfix 0.2.1763.8120
  • Fixed issue causing terrain to become corrupted if you left one world and created another without relaunching the game due to terrain chunk pooling (added to reduce garbage collection) not being cleared properly when you leave a world.
  • Fixed world saves would sometimes get to a point where you could no longer place doors. This was caused by Cursor objects never correctly calculating their center position (only occurred once registered). This meant that when we fixed another bug regarding placement, this old one was exposed. This meant a final check was always occurring against one grid square in the world.
  • Improvement chunk pooling manager for garbage collection.
  • Fixed problem with dragging objects not displaying their icon properly.
  • Fixed unable to deconstruct damaged pieces. This was because the new extended tooltip was failing for destroyed structures that were not correctly registering themselves as destroyed. Credit: Su-pa-Kitsune.
  • Fixed Canisters exploding from being overpressurised had been accidentally disabled. It has been re-enabled.
  • Fixed CircuitHousing's IsValidIndex function bounds check was incorrect. [Credit: Risu]
  • Fixed Index lookup in IC's always returning 0 for aliases. [Credit: Risu]
  • Added Stationpedia, an in-game help system. Default key to access is F1 (in game only). Framework has been added along with some data, note this is subject to significant change and does not contain all the information that is planned.
  • Fixed null reference caused by player brain not being created in time for terrain generation to use it for positioning.
  • Fixed null reference caused by failure to create global atmosphere on client in time to begin atmospheric processing. Credit: TakoMT via Steam Forums.

Hotfix 0.2.1758.8095
  • Fixed NRE when stop server on dedicated server
  • Fixed NRE on dedicated server
  • Fixed Password server could become stuck in the top right of the screen when trying to drag it.
  • Fixed ladder blueprint shows incorrect bounds.
  • Fixed cannot connect to password protected servers. Now password window correctly passes in values, and allows connection to server. Issue was caused by a failed input box conversion between old unity version and new, which also didn't generate any errors.

Hotfix 0.2.1748.8080
  • Fixed Control Chairs unable to fire engines. A Control Chair connected to engines should now be able to fire up engines again when driven. Clients will not be able to see the engine particles for the moment.
  • Fixed Tutorial not able to complete due to Autolathe not having materials.
  • Fixed Jetpack in tutorial did not start with stabilization turned on.
  • Improvement garbage collection with terrain generation.
  • Fixed could access buttons on simple manufacturing machines while still building them.

Version 0.2.1746.8073
  • Added some more error messages for the IC chip, mostly that will throw during runtime
  • Added basic telemetry variables to Control Chair and Hardsuit. Now reports PositionX, PositionY, PositionZ (worldspace positions), VelocityRelativeX, VelocityRelativeY, VelocityRelativeZ (relative velocity to forward), and VelocityMagnitude.
  • Added first pass of satellite dish for communicating with AI ships for missions and trading. Currently just placable, not functioning. Included support for complex multigrid blocks with different smallgrid dimensions.
  • Added first pass of Shuttle Landing Pad. Currently just placable but does not do anything.
  • Added build states for Tool Manufactory.
  • Added build states for Autolathe.
  • Added build states to Electronics Printer.
  • Added build states to Security Printer.
  • Added build states to Security Printer.
  • Added build states to Hydraulic Pipe Bender.
  • Added Logic Hash Generator. Buildable off the Logic Memory Item as a variant, when using a screwdriver on the button you get a combo that contains all dynamic things in the game. When you select it, that object will show as the current hash. This can then be used by anything that needs to use Hashes, such as the Circuitboard (Hash Display), IC's, Logic units, and Logic Motherboards. The output is recorded on the "setting", which is read only.
  • Added UPNPEnabled option to Multiplayer options screen, so you can now disable UPNP if you don't want it or if it's causing problems.

  • Updated wording on UPNP note on the Multiplayer settings page to clarify that both the setting AND UPNP on your router had to be enabled to make it work.
  • Removed "launch" mode from Jetpack for now.

  • Fixed buttons could not be used on Autolathe (experimental/beta only).
  • Fixed game unable to run if workshop folder does not exist for stationeers. Normally, a workshop folder would be created - but if this didn't occur the game would not be able to be run. Now the folder will be created and even if it can't the game will still run. Credit: Zaneo, DirtyRat, and 4o (via discord).
  • Fixed Slot Quantity text was not always aligned correctly in Unity 2018.
  • Fixed lighting problem caused by the planet lighting layermask being reset after 2018 update to include everything
  • Fixed human material specular settings
  • Fixed Dual Registration objects were never running the large grid validation code.
  • Fixed bounding box not supporting grid mode. Fallback had been using bounds, but this provided poor visual indication of blocking off grid areas for multi-grid large grid objects (such as the stairs, and the future landing pad). Now Grid mode for bounds now supports large grid correctly.
  • First pass on clouds (turned off by default as they are causing significant frame time increases)
  • Fixed Some tablet cartridge text not displaying correctly due to fonts missing after the Unity 2018 Migration.
  • Fixed Multiplayer and Misc settings pages not properly resetting to defaults when the button was clicked.
  • Fixed error spam when attempting to scroll the menu patch note box due to disabled components.
  • Fixed bug that prevented setting TooltipOpacity.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed an unpowered arc furnace and logic trickery to create duplicate ingots.
  • Fixed a bug where devices sometimes couldn't be accessed by the IC (credit to Risu)
  • Fixed incorrect error message when joining with incorrect version. Now displays Version Mismatch rather than Player Count Exceeded when joining via IP to a server with a different version.
  • Fixed bug in which structures which required items in off hand wouldn't use the correct amount.
  • Fixed a bug in which writing an incorrect value to DaylightSensor's Mode would brick the device
  • Fixed unable to use worldspace UI in the new unity 2018 version.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing IC using float constants.
  • Fixed bug in which IC errors that occurred at run time wouldn't be reported.
  • Fixed bug where exporting code to the IC chip didn't reset stack pointer to base of stack.
  • Fixed multiplayer game bug in which client wasn't able to put IC in housing (the credit for finding the problem goes to Kevin!)
  • Fixed Jetpack stuck with on sounds from clients. Now jetpacks will be turned completely off on load, until the root cause of the issue can be found.
  • Fixed Mouse not locking to screen in Unity 2018 version.
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October 4

Progress: Engine Upgrade, Trading, Surgery

For the first time in many months, we're not doing a weekly update! Before anyone posts about the project being abandoned, let's talk though the good news about why that is!

Upgrading our Engine to latest version

Most importantly, and most significantly, we are making a major upgrade in the engine. We have made the game using Unity. We locked the unity version a month or so out from our initial launch which means we haven't continued to upgrade the engine since then. Why is this? Well, engine version changes can cause a lot of headaches. While they do contain lots of bugfixes (good!) they often necessitate changes in how things work (bad!).

There was also a significant change in pricing for Unity which was going to have some pretty huge ramification for the cost of our project. This is a very niche title, that's likely to run very close to only break even. We have to buy licenses for not only the people developing the game, but even our build servers! So it adds up pretty quick.

In the end, the benefits of this project being like others in our studio (which had moved to Unity 2018), and the fixes and new features of 2018, meant that we needed to upgrade. And so we have. Heightmare did the initial test, porting over and changing what was needed. Then we started migrating all the team, and our build servers. We've got all the hard parts of that working to the point some in the community are actually testing versions of the game running in the updated engine. Now we're just finishing the upgrades to our automated build and deployment system so it works with the new Unity version.

What are the results? Well, quite staggering really. Load times for a community provided large map were reduced from 5-10 minutes to seconds. There are other areas we'll have significant improvements in that will be more appreciable over time.

Trading and AI missions

If you've played RimWorld, you know how well trading can factor into to these kinds of game. So we wanted to start looking at what trading could look like in Stationeers. A form of trading is also key in our inspiration, SS13, so we felt it was a necessary component before we could replicate round-based play of Stationeers as well.

The initial groundwork has been done, the models have been made, which means we can begin the implementation in the coming weeks. It will involve placing down a landing pad. Placing landing "beacons" which would guide AI aircraft in, and then placing a communications relay which allows you to talk to these traders. You need to make sure the path you set is clear, or the AI craft will crash and not want to trade.

Initially it will just be trading, once that works out, we'll look at how the mission system (already implemented) can be extended to include people coming in via these ships. Perhaps you need to escort a scientist out to a remote area, or find someone lost and then recover them to a rescue ship, and so on.

Surgery and Medical

The medical system seems very basic. You get hurt, you take a pill. The reality is the system behind it is actually well fleshed out - it's just the "healing" that is simplified. You have organs, they take damage. So we want to expand this and surgery is seen as a key component.

It's a good chance for to examine: how do we get key mechanics into the game? Well, simply put - we play games! For me, SS13 in particular Paradise Station has been a surgery system I really enjoy. I play on that server as a Surgeon often; so I'm very familiar with how fun it can be. We discuss those ideas in an open forum, and often break out to a whiteboard to discuss the implementation. Then it gets captured on an internal intranet, tasks get assigned, and the work begins in earnest.

When will we see this in? Good question! The answer is really "it depends". Really what affects it most is how stable the build is, how well the engine upgrade has gone, and how bad stuttering is in the game.

Some weeks, people complain about us having new content coming when there are still bugs - assuming this new content takes people away from fixing bugs. That's seldom the case, we prioritize bugfixing over new features. New features and content get implemented because: the programmer doing it needs a break (something fun), implementing it takes a very short amount of time (variations of existing things can take only 10-30mins to implement), others are working on core aspects of the game so the programmer isn't able to do bugfixes till they're finished.

So how are we doing?

We're pretty upbeat actually! The project is in a good place, it's fun for us to add new things because we've ended up refactoring most of the really troublesome things. We are left with a few hard ones: such as stuttering and whether we completely replace Unity's networking API with our own solution. We also have big design decisions to make, some community suggested such as how much more "science" we model with things like pressure and temperature.

What is most fun, at least for me, is going into the game and adding new stuff and then seeing people play with it. And with a good foundation, we're able to do that much easier. We got some rough feedback early in the project, and updates were a lot slower. But that's just because we took on the biggest tasks first. And that's a tough part of early access, consumers aren't really ever exposed to these realities and as a developer: you can be rewarded for having a short time "more content" focus rather than a long term "better architecture" approach.

Please consider leaving a review on the project! It's really good to get feedback and review score makes a tremendous difference. Whatever review you leave but especially if it is not recommended, please leave some constructive thoughts. There is, for example, a recent negative review saying that the game doesn't run on Linux for them. We think that's a bit unfair, as the game isn't listed as supporting Linux. We see significant drops in sales based on even a few negative reviews. Some people do change their reviews, if they listed specific things and we go in and address them


So that is a pretty good overview of where we are at, and where we are heading for the next few weeks and months. Please let us know your thoughts, and get involved on the forums and discord!

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About This Game

Stationeers puts you in control of the construction and management of a space station either by yourself in single player, or online multiplayer with your friends. Inspired by the beloved Space Station 13, complex atmospheric, electrical, manufacturing, medical, agriculture, and gravitational systems require your thought and management at all times.


  • Detailed construction system rewards well-designed architectural, atmospheric, and electrical plans.
  • Atmospherics system includes: temperature, pressure, combustion, gas mixtures, water, and fire.
  • Full physics on dynamic items in the world, including atmospheric effects such as wall fatigue, and explosive decompression.
  • Various dangerous environments to explore and develop including exotic planets, and asteroid belts.
  • Fully deformable voxel terrain on worlds and asteroids enhances mining and exploration.
  • Build flyable motherships to assist your exploration and resource gathering efforts.
  • Farm livestock and grow plants, not only for food, but also as a integral part of the station’s atmospherics.
  • Construct complex factories in space using machines, conveyors, and computers.
  • Use the medical system to cure ailments faced by other Stationeers.
  • Designed from the ground up for multithreading to ensure great multiplayer performance and scalability.

Stationeers is designed for hardcore players who want a game that is systems oriented. Full utilization and optimization of these complex systems will only come from great knowledge and practice. The game presents a variety of science-based survival problems that you must address. Resource and time pressures will drive your initial designs, but the demands of a thriving station will guide you later.

Space is empty and the planets are unforgiving to human life. You and your friends initially must decide how to meet your basic needs. Longer term, you will need to engineer solutions to power, heat, resource, and atmospheric problems. Build the most efficient systems you can by utilizing machines and programmable computers to develop automated systems.

Whether on a distant lonely planet, or deep inside an asteroid field, you control every aspect of building & running your station or mothership. Harvest nearby resources and use a wide range of tools to construct the ultimate station. Everything your station requires will be built and managed by you and your friends.

What do you do with all that ore you mine? Process it through machines and turn it into goods for more construction of course! There are lots of specialist machines to build and configure such as smelters, sorters, centrifuges, stackers, conveyors, fabricators and more.

Stations are generally safe locations, but motherships are flyable stations which allow you to leave that safety behind. These are excellent platforms for your exploration and resource gathering efforts. They are constructed in the same way as stations, but require complex machinery to manage their engines, life support, and combat systems.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 7+
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB dedicated video RAM, Shader Model 4.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Voice control requires Windows 10
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 8 or 10
    • Processor: Intel i7
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 980
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

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