The dead stir and terror stalks the skies! The Bones & Bravery Update is here, featuring brand-new faction mechanics and the largest Minion to date. Summon your very own undead dragon!
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May 24, 2019

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June 28

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

We've got more of a look at the upcoming features in Version 1.3 as well as the new Tri-Team Tourney that lets you vote for a card we'll be making in a future update.

Tri-Team Tourney

The return of our card voting format is here! Similarly to the way our Card-House Contests have worked, the Tri-Team Tourney has you collecting keys for your favoured house and receiving a Legendary card from the first team you open the chest for. We've got Mal'Shar and Taurus making their return appearances from the previous tournaments, and with a new contender Ghost Storm picking up the flag for House Valor. Here's the teams and their respective cards:

  • House Valor: Stormbringer, Volco, Ratbo - Ghost Storm
  • House Triumph: Apep, Morellia, Mordar - Mal'Shar
  • House Glory: Milloween, Ravager, King Puff - Taurus

Your prize for voting for your card of choice will be a random Legendary card. Remember, you can only vote for one of the three teams! Look forward to the contest in Version 1.3.

Version 1.3 Feature List

We've decided to mix things up a little and give a full overview of what can be expected in Version 1.3 - These are the features we're aiming to include, though note that some of these may end up being delayed. Here's what we're planning for the next update:

  • Conquest Season 4
  • Tri-Team Tourney
  • Conquest Retry & general Improvements
  • Balance Changes
  • Player Reporting System
  • Bug Report System

Most of these are fairly self explanatory, but expect to hear more about them in the coming weeks!

King Puff Cup Season 5

The Fifth King Puff Cup Season is just around the corner, with King Puff Cup 34 just recently being announced with a date of July 6th, 2019! We can expect to see the familiar faces that ran a fantastic circuit in the fourth season reprise their roles with the new Sideboard format tested in the Prince Puff Cup series! The sideboard format allows players to submit 8 additional cards that can be swapped into their decks as they wish to adapt to strategies or pull surprises out of the bag, and has already proven to be quite popular with the high-level Minion Masters players. The prize pool hasn't been announced yet, but there is a promise from Julaiwnl that it'll be coming "really soon", so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Interested in signing up? Check out the Toornament page for KPC 34 here, and follow the KPC Twitch channel!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!
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June 19

Version 1.2 - Morellia the Lich Queen

Minion Masters!

We're so excited about this patch we don't want to delay any further, let's get into it:

New Master - Morellia the Lich Queen
Morellia the Lich Queen, Ruler of the Cursed lands, Queen of Souls, and Dragon Binder. Her magical power is rivaled only by her sister Milloween, but unlike her sister, Morellia uses her powers mercilessly in pursuit of her own ambitions. Wielding the Book of the Dead, she can call upon a host of powerful Death Magic to decimate her foes. However, the ancient soul trapped within the book is forever plotting its release.

In the end all will serve the Lich Queen.

Morellia will be available for 1500 Shards, or 775 Rubies.

Learn more about Morellia here, or check her out in-game!

  • Commander Azali
    • No longer affects Flying Minions
  • Developer Comments
  • Azali’s ability to protect flying swarm minions, in particular Nether Bats produced by Bats Bats Bats, was a frustrating mechanic to play against due to their unpredictability and “backstabbing” of units played to counter the combination.

    One of the things Azali does well is providing a dream scenario you can build your deck around, but when you combine the shield mechanic with flying swarms, you get distinctly frustrating decks to play against. We wanted to maintain the dream, but make sure the opponent had a greater chance of being able to deal with the strategy without requiring an extremely specific deck counter.

  • Guardian
    • Now only shields Crystal Elves
    • Mana Cost 6 > 5
    • Damage 60 > 80
    • Damage change also affects Crystal Construct
  • Developer Comments
  • Guardian is a card that has proven particularly problematic as the card collection developed due to its high potential to protect otherwise vulnerable, but powerful Minion combos from removal effects or general damage, creating strategies that often felt unfair to play against. We opted to have Guardian fit more of a faction-based niche to fit thematically with the theme of the Crystal Elf Constructs. Like the Azali change, this greatly reduces the potential for abusive combinations with the card, but still retains its core identity.

  • Nyrvir the Fallen
    • Nyrvir Slumbers now does 80 damage over 4 seconds via 20 damage ticks once per second.
    • Health 1800 > 2200
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Nyrvir’s damage was significantly lower than intended during her first attack.
  • Developer Comments
  • Nyrvir Slumbers was a bit harder to pull off than we’d have liked, with effects such as Shield providing a hard counter to your ability to collect Spectral Essence from the card, as well as the small damage range not being effective enough to kill some desirable targets. Additionally, Nyrvir herself felt too easy to remove once you had managed to play her, so we felt a health boost was in order.

  • Ratbo
    • Damage 5 > 6
  • Developer Comments
  • One of Ratbo’s weaknesses was his basic attack, with its total DPS being among the lowest in the game, often leaving him defenseless against medium or larger sized units if he wasn’t able to flood the board with his scrats.

  • Snake Druid
    • Health 60 > 80
    • Root Duration 2 > 6 seconds
  • Developer Comments
  • Snake Druid, while a much beloved card of a small audience, suffered from how easily it could be picked off from small units, meaning that it often failed to get much value after its initial play. By increasing the HP he remains a bit more survivable, though easy to deal with on his own. More significant, however, is the increase of the Root Duration that will primarily apply once Snake Druid has been removed or forced to stop attacking, ensuring that the card will gain value.

  • Stormy
    • No longer stuns himself
    • Range 8 > 6
    • Speed 3 > 5
  • Developer Comments
  • Stormy was particularly safe for how frustrating it could be to play against. By removing the self-stun (but not the self damage) it will no longer continuously retarget to the closest minion, while the range and speed nerfs aim to put him in harm’s way faster and make him easier to deal with by reducing the effective time he can stay in the radius of cards such as Priestess and Healing Shrine.

  • Undying Skeleton/Cursebearer
    • Damage 50 > 60
  • Developer Comments
  • This change is mainly directed towards Undying Skeleton as we felt it has been underperforming, particularly in the new Toll of the Dead. Hopefully a small buff in damage will help give it the impact it needs.

  • Xiao Long
    • Damage 25 > 20
  • Developer Comments
  • Xiao was a bit too effective at his job - Being an annoying ranged minion that could discourage the usage of spells and support a push effectively. This damage nerf aims to retain that discouragement while making him less effective in more general cases.

  • Made resummoning minions more consistent. Minions with buffs, such as Shielded Crossbow Dudes or Divine warrior, do not resurrect with their buff effects anymore. Additionally, on play effects such as Lord-Sentinel Thelec or Empowered Souls Stealers rage-trigger are no longer triggered when the Minion is resummoned.
  • Changed the name of “Recruit” to “Craft”.
  • Added a tip to the “Trophy Up” tutorial quest to indicate where achievements can be claimed.
  • Added highlights to buttons in the tutorial when a player is asked to click on them.
  • Claimable Quests will now show up first in the Quest Carousel.
  • Reworded the Season Crafting Discount to prevent confusion.
  • Clarified that the +2 from Stormbringer’s second perk is from Marksmanship.

  • Fixed Lycanthropy transformations triggering Mordar’s Tombstones - Thanks TomatoMato!
  • Fixed Haunting Hugger being killed when possessing Defenso Chopper - Thanks SoSiskodemon!
  • Fixed Jolo the Hero Scrat blocking healing and HP increases - Thanks Goatfan146!
  • Fixed Jolo the Hero Scrat not having any indication that his condition was fulfilled.
  • Fixed some range issues with Nyrvir regarding units that were close to her.
  • Fixed a bug where Succubus’ ability would be activated by Stun Lancers.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Re-Boomer would not revert to Egg form if killed by Stormy.
  • Fixed an issue where some Discord Users sent empty tokens to the server, causing their DLCs to not active correctly.
  • Fixed the tutorial Power Token referring to itself as “spin token”.
  • Fixed ragdolls freezing mid-air.
  • Fixed an alignment issue with Treasure Vault’s flames.
  • Fixed unusual text formatting on Gambler’s Ball.
  • Fixed the Season Gold Star flashing constantly.
  • Fixed multiple copies of Spawn of Fury causing the VFX to not end until the second clone died.

Bugs - Xbox Specific
  • Fixed some lag issues while idling on the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Rubies bought from the Microsoft store were not visually claimed when opening the game.
  • Further fixes to DLC issues on Xbox.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!
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“Is this by those Forced Showdown guys?! Is this the greatest game of all time?”
Penny Arcade

“It's really slick. It plays really really well.”
Total Biscuit

“Better than any other game of its kind that I have ever seen.”

Living Roadmap

About This Game

Engage in epic 1v1 or 2v2 battles, in this fast-paced strategic minion brawler that's easy to pick-up but hard to master.
In Minion Masters there are many different Masters with unique hero abilities and you collect awesome minions like fierce demons, cute creatures, devastating spells and much more.
Utilize your minions to destroy the enemy Master! When a minion has been summoned they can no longer be controlled, so place them wisely to win!

Game Modes

  • 1v1 - Fight against other players and see how far your skills can take you. The rank of Grandmaster awaits if you become one of the best!
  • 2v2 - Join with your friend or queue up with strangers to take down other teams in this super intense 2v2 action. Twice the minions, twice the action!
  • 1v1 Draft - Build your deck from a random selection of cards each run. You gain better rewards if you defeat more opponents, but be careful, 3 losses and you're out!
  • Mayhem - New crazy rules to try out every week!
  • Expeditions - Rewarding and challenging journeys!
  • Solo challenges - Hone your skills by practicing against AI Masters!

Legendary Masters

Learning how to use your master’s abilities to their full potential and building your deck around them is crucial for victory! Each Master has their own unique personality and play-style, with opportunities for all kinds of strategies! Only the most determined players learn to use a Master to their greatest potential!

Unlock and Craft Mighty Minions and Spicy Spells!

Over 100 unique cards (minions, spells, buildings) with more being added all the time!

  • Like the peace-loving Mana Puff, that gives you extra mana when it's happy - which is always!
  • Or the Troubadour, who refuses to do anything but play his bagpipe, making all the other minions attack him regardless of what else is going on just to make it stop...
  • Of course, you could also get the Undying Skeleton who comes back to life after you kill it!

Free Expansions!

We are constantly adding new content to the game, it is a priority for us that you will always have new stuff to experience and master! A lot of our new content comes from our regular big expansion packs, they contain new cards, skins, avatars, emotes or even new Masters and are released roughly every two months.


New expeditions appear in the game all the time. Travel around the world of Minion Masters to explore new worlds, fight other players and defeat PvE challenges that lead to epic loot!


We believe in creating a forever fun and always engaging experience in Minion Masters, so we regularly spice things up with new events that last for a limited time. They range from challenges, friend events, tournaments, to new game modes, bonus quests and many more.


We have a thriving community in our steam forums and in-game where both developers and players answer questions, discuss and help you learn the game.
Come join us now!!


Customize your character with epic skins!

You can even change your side of the playing area to a look that suits you, by swapping your arena with a new one. Want to fight on a lava world? Maybe in a sunken temple? Or a graveyard? There are many options and the choice is yours.


Several community-driven tournaments have emerged around the game. Different tournaments happen every month, some for cash prizes, others for in-game currency or just bragging rights!
Are you the best? Prove it!

Participate in Minion Masters E-Sport:

You can read more about this and other amazing stuff on our blog:

Twitch Streamer Feature

With the Twitch feature you can link your Twitch account. By winning our special streamer events you can get rewards for you and your viewers. We also feature twitch streamers in the game so people can see who is streaming.

Feature List

  • 1v1 Ranked
  • 2v2 Ranked
  • 2v2 premade Ranked
  • Draft
  • PvE challenges
  • 9 Masters (More coming soon!)
  • 100+ cards/minions (More coming soon!)
  • Events
  • Active Community
  • E-Sports scene
  • Crafting system
  • Ingame chat and emotes.
  • Recurring stream event
  • Master skins (More coming soon!)
  • Custom arena skins. (More coming soon!)
  • Replays!
  • Expeditions!
  • Rapid game updates!
  • Collect your own Arenas!
  • Season rankings!
  • Gorgeous 3D visuals that we are always updating and working on!
  • Pick one of a bajillion strategies
  • Did we mention the Puffs? There’s even a King Puff!

Gameplay description

  • Each player has a pool of mana and a deck of 10 cards (minions/spells/buildings).
    A card can costs between 0-10 mana and your mana regenerates over time during the match.
  • There are 2 bridges in the middle that you need to capture and hold. They generate experience so your hero can level up his abilities before the enemy.
  • You place minions on your side of the arena and the goal is to have them destroy the enemy’s tower.
  • Minions have minds of their own and once you have summoned them, they can no longer be controlled, so place them wisely!
  • Most minions have unique abilities. A few examples of this are: AOE damage, healing, teleporting, mana regen, flying and many more.
  • Spells can be used to change the flow of the game in your favour. Spells such as healing, mind control or stuns can be devastating in the hands of a skilled player.
  • Each hero has unique abilities that change the game drastically as they become active.
  • Awareness, strategy and dedication is needed if you want to become great at the game.

Join in and have fun in our amazing world of Minion Masters!
- The Betadwarf team

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i3, 2.4 Ghz or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 240 or equivalent, minimum 512 MB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space

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