Northgard — стратегия, вдохновленная скандинавской мифологией. Возглавьте клан викингов и покорите неизведанные земли, полные тайн.
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7 мар. 2018

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26 октября

AMA Transcript - What's Happening in Northgard

Here's the transcript of what was said during the last AMA, hosted on Northgard TV by the very dedicated and talented Weihn8smann!


Question: Special victory conditions in Ragnarok Maps?
Shiro Games: Something that will be coming in the future. More info at a later date.

Question: Why are there 2 special objective tiles on the Volcano?
Shiro Games: This is a bug and we are working on fixing it.

Question: Why did we decide to use Ragnarok as the update theme since Ragnarok is meant to be the ‘final event’?
Shiro Games: During the development process Ragnarok always seemed like the theme we could really bring to life. It is also one of the better known events in Norse mythology.


Question: Are there plans to make military more appealing for the more Neutral factions like Goat and Boar?
Shiro Games: We don’t want every clan to be focused around military. We like to have some clans that are better at other things. We have updates coming that will improve how these clans play.

Questions: Will you Buff Raven?
Shiro Games: We are always monitoring clan balance and will continue to adjust things as we feel necessary.

Question: Will there be certain animals in other clans like Kaija, armored bear, in bear clan?
Shiro Games: Yes for sure! More information coming soon!

Question: Will there be a clan based around befriending neutral factions?
Shiro Games: There will! More news on this at a later date!

Question: Can we have a defensive building where civilians can hide during an attack?
Shiro Games: We think this would be a great feature and has the potential to add another dimension to the gameplay, Trying to work out the best way of implementing a feature like this.

Question: Can you look at the sailors not getting sick while they are out sailing?
Shiro Games: We’re on it.

Question: Any advice on what to do against mercs from Raven?
Shiro Games: Upgrade your towers on the coast and have a few warriors to help out.

Question: There are some enemies in the campaign like fire/undead jotunn or the Giant Ice Worm, Do you plan to add them to the custom games?
Shiro Games: We don’t plan on it. We want to keep some of the enemies specific to the campaign to make them feel epic and special.

Question: Any chance of a LAN option?
Shiro Games: It’s not something that we are currently working on.

Question: Any plans to add barriers?
Shiro Games: Similar to the defensive buildings question. We like the idea but we need to make sure the implementation would bring something to the game.

Question: Will there be a way point from town hall so newly generated villagers would go where we want?
Shiro Games: This is something we are looking into.

Question: How are bonuses stacked? Is it multiplicative or additive?
Shiro Games: This depends on the bonus. Military bonuses are additive and generally the gathering bonuses are multiplicative.

Question: How are the numbers rounded in the game?
Shiro Games: Numbers will be either rounded up or down depending on the decimal. The rounding only affects the displayed number. The number after the decimal is the true value.

Question: Will there be more abilities?
Shiro Games: Yes we will be adding more abilities in the future.


Question: Is naval combat going to be a thing?
Shiro Games: Is not on the cards right now.

Question: Are any other micro related features planned? Build hotkeys, Ability to deselect individual units etc?
Shiro Games: We don’t want the game to become all about APM but we are planning improvements to the hotkey system and the unit selection.

Question: Will you consider adding more unique military units?
Shiro Games: We are! We’ll have more information very soon.

Question: Will you make combat units more complex?
Shiro Games: Everything is always evolving but we want to keep the core of what we feel makes Northgard feel unique.

Question: Will you introduce Siege units or buildings to break towers/tiles?
Shiro Games: This is not something we are currently working on but who knows what the future holds.


Question: Will you address the issues with the Ragnarok Kobolds?
Shiro Games: It’s something we are monitoring and we will make adjustments if we feel its needed.

Question: Will we see more natural factions/more animals?
Shiro Games: We’re working on it!

Question: Can we have the option to turn the tile back to neutral?
Shiro Games: It’s not something that we are currently working on but if we could see a reason/method for adding it then it’s something that could be possible in the future.


Question: Will we get new world events on the standard Northgard map?
Shiro Games: Yes! We have a few cool new ideas. More information at a later date.


Question: Any plans on further tweaking the victory conditions (Particularly trade)
Shiro Games: A future update will completely change the way trading and the trade victory work!

Question: Any plans on some new special victory conditions? Do you already have some ideas?
Shiro Games: We are working on some new victory conditions and we have some really awesome ideas for the future!


Question: Are we going to look into the ranked system and the problem right now with abusing win trading etc?
Shiro Games: We are looking into this and trying to find a good solution to the problem.

Question: Can we get a matchmaking system that takes into account the rank of both opponents and determines the glory point loss or gain based on that?
Shiro Games: This is something that we are looking into.

Question: Is it possible to not count GP when a game stops after a few minutes due to an AFK or a Leaver?
Shiro Games: We are looking to see what we can do about this issue.


Question: Will you please improve performance of the snake clans fire/burn ability?
Shiro Games: We’re working on a fix for this issue.

Question: Can you please fix the chat filter?
Shiro Games: We are working on improvements to the chat filter itself and we are planning to offer a function to completely disable the filter.


Question: Will we get more colours for the clans?
Shiro Games: This is not something we are currently working on.

Question: Will we ever get a map editor?
Shiro Games: It’s something we have been looking into but we can’t make any promises on it right now.

Question: What about using Fjords instead of cliff to divide the tiles?
Shiro Games: It’s a nice suggestion and something we can totally look into.

Question: Are you going to introduce a cosmetic based ingame shop to purchase aesthetic items?
Shiro Games: We currently have no plans to change the monetization of the game or add an ingame store.

Question: Will the Draugr ever become a playable faction? Will we ever get anything other than Vikings?
Shiro Games: It is something that we would like to introduce in the future but we need to make sure that it fits in with the rest of the game.

Question: Do you plan on adding the option to save a multiplayer game?
Shiro Games: This is not something that we are working on.


Question: Are you working on a more in depth diplomacy system?
Shiro Games: It is being worked on and we plan to include it in a future update.

Question: When is the next clan going to be available?
Shiro Games: It’s currently in development! We’ll have more news for you soon.

Question: Will you make new gamemodes with more challenging PVE functions?
Shiro Games: We like the idea and it’s something that we are looking into.

Question: Will Northgard ever support Steam Workshop mods?
Shiro Games: It’s something we are currently looking into.

Question: Are you ever going to add more god related tiles or events to the game?
Shiro Games: We’re looking into it.

Question: What’s going to be the focus of your next big content patch?
Shiro Games: We’ll have more news on the next big content patch at a later date! For now we just want everyone to continue to enjoy Ragnarok.

Question: Any sort of API planned?
Shiro Games: This is not something that we are planning.

Question: Will there be more DLC?
Shiro Games: Yes. We’ll have more news very soon.

Question: Are you planning on making even bigger maps?
Shiro Games: No. We are happy with the sizes currently available.

Question: Will we get a continuation of the campaign? Will you ever introduce coop missions?
Shiro Games: Right now we are not planning on continuing the campaign any further. We are looking into some kind of co-op options.

Question: Will we get a replay system or post-game statistics screen?
Shiro Games: This is not something that we are currently working on.

Question: Can you talk about the future of the monetization system of the game?
Shiro Games: We have no intention of changing the games current monetization system. We plan to continue to release frequent free updates and some paid DLC.

Question: How many developers are still working on Northgard? How long until development stops?
Shiro Games: All of the core Northgard team are still working on the game. There are still 10 developers working on Northgard. Any new projects Shiro take on are handled by new teams. We have no intention of stopping development on Northgard anytime soon.

Question: Are there plans for new maps?
Shiro Games: Yes for sure! We have a lot of great ideas for new maps.

Question: How long should a Northgard game last?
Shiro Games: As long as it takes!

Question: The last update was incredible! What can we expect in the future?
Shiro Games: We have a lot of really awesome things planned for the future of Northgard and we can’t wait to start sharing some of them with you!


Question: Will Warcry be changed?
Shiro Games: We monitor all feedback regarding specific abilities and will make changes if we feel it’s needed. We are currently looking into Warcry and may make changes in the future.

Question: How often can we expect ‘big’ updates?
Shiro Games: We try to have a bigger update every 3-4 months depending on a number of different factors.

Question: Where can i buy Northgard Merchandise?
Shiro Games: You can find Northgard merchandise here:

Thanks for reading this :)! You can also find the VOD on our Twitch channel Northgard_TV. If you have any questions about Northgard and its development, I strongly advise you join our Official Discord [/b]
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19 октября

Small Balance and Bug Fix Patch - 1.4.10836

Hey Northgardians!

We’ve fixed a few bugs and made a small balance change, please update your game to get the latest patch ;-)

Clan of the Snake Balance
  • Under Pressure lore change.

    With Under Pressure:
    Skirmishers will have their attack power decreased depending on the distance they are from allied territory:
    1 Tile: -0%
    2 Tiles: -5%
    3 Tiles: -10%
    4 Tiles and more: -20%

Bug Fixes
  • The Kobold campfire will no longer prevent you from being able to build improvements on that land.
  • The lobby screen now shows if the game you are joining is a Ragnarok or Base Northgard map.
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“«Если бы Один играл в стратегии в раннем доступе, он остался бы доволен».”
PC Gamer

“«Исключительно качественный продукт, мастерски проработанная стратегия в реальном времени, в которой все на своем месте».”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“«Уже сейчас Northgard явно заслуживает внимания, а в будущем запросто может стать одной из главных игр в этом жанре, если Shiro Games продолжит развивать и улучшать игру после такого многообещающего начала».”
Tech Raptor

Об этой игре

Спустя годы неутомимых поисков отважные викинги обнаружили Нордгард – новую землю, полную тайн, опасностей и богатств.
Храбрейшие из северян подняли паруса и отправились покорять чужие берега в надежде прославить свой клан и войти в историю благодаря своим завоеваниям, торговле и ревностному служению богам.
Но для этого им придется отбиваться от диких зверей и мертвецов, рыщущих в этих местах, налаживать отношения с йотунами или сражаться с ними и пережить зимы такие суровые, каких север еще не видел.

  • Постройте свое поселение на открытом викингами континенте — Нордгарде.
  • Обучите своих викингов различным ремеслам, чтобы они стали крестьянами, воинами, моряками и мудрецами.
  • Распоряжайтесь ресурсами с умом и постарайтесь пережить суровые зимы и вражеские атаки.
  • Расширяйте свою территорию и открывайте новые земли, используя уникальные стратегические возможности.
  • Добивайтесь победы, вступив на путь завоеваний, славы, мудрости или торговли.
  • Соревнуйтесь с друзьями или с ИИ на картах с разным уровнем сложности и своими особенностями.

Системные требования

Mac OS X
    • ОС: Windows Vista or better
    • Процессор: Intel 2.0ghz Core 2 Duo or equivalent
    • Оперативная память: 1 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: Nvidia 450 GTS / Radeon HD 5750 or better
    • DirectX: Версии 10
    • Место на диске: 1 GB
    • Дополнительно: Minimum display resolution: 1366x768
    • ОС: Windows 7 or better
    • Процессор: Intel i5 3.1 Ghz Quad core
    • Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: Nvidia GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7800 or better
    • DirectX: Версии 10
    • Место на диске: 1 GB
    • Дополнительно: Recommended display resolution: 1440x900
    • ОС: Mavericks 10.9 or later
    • Дополнительно: MacBook, MacBook Pro or iMac 2012 or later
    • Дополнительно: MacBook, MacBook Pro or iMac 2014 or later

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