Battle Royale is back! In a remote island paradise, 16 contestants have 25 minutes to explore, scavenge items, craft weapons, build traps, hunt and kill each other. Only one will be crowned the winner, do you have the guts to survive?
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Oct 5, 2017

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October 24, 2018

Patch Notes: Bot Stuff

Greetings contestants!

Last time we spoke we were beginning what we thought was a short road to Xbox Certification. A few weeks later, it appears that road might’ve been a bit longer than our GPS led us to believe. In retrospect, using Mapquest in 2018 was probably not the best choice.

Jokes aside, we’re still in the midst of the certification tornado. Standing squarely in the center, it’s difficult to say exactly when the Xbox One version will be given the green light, but we’re hopeful that it’ll be sooner than later. Though this process can be somewhat nebulous, we’ll continue to keep you updated whenever anything of note changes or if any setbacks occur.

While the Xbox One version is still our priority, we know that the current patch on PC has gotten a little long in the teeth. Even though it’s almost Halloween, it’s time to file those fangs down. Tomorrow a brand new patch will be delivered that reaches from gameplay to matchmaking and beyond.

Servers will be down to deliver the patch tomorrow, October 25th, at 8AM Eastern Time for up to 4 hours.

We know that many aspects of tomorrow’s update touch upon key issues within the community, and will usher in sever quality of life changes to improve the overall matchmaking experience. We want to thank you not only for your feedback but also for your patience as we work as hard as we can to bring Origins to everyone.

Until next time,

See you on the island

Patch notes:
  • For consistency, all items now apply a brief interrupt when they are thrown.
  • Bots are used to fill open slots in online matches
    - Bot kills count towards XP and stats (including leaderboard kills)
    - Bots do not provide score bonuses for leaderboard score
    - Various improvements to bot behavior
    - Bots have been assigned customized names and outfits
  • All hair cosmetics are now available to equip on male and female contestants
  • Your most recently applied weapon skin is now previewed in your character’s hands on the main menu
  • Your character can now be rotated on the main menu
  • Chemist Perk now applies exclusively to MuscleMan Milk, X-plosive Runs, and Iron-4-Skin stims
  • Fixed a bug where melee damage would not scale appropriately based on charge percentage, which resulted in partially charged hits dealing jab damage
  • Fixed a bug where Weakness wound was not applying its status effect, set its duration to 12s to match other weapon wounds
  • The hit reaction that plays when you are struck with a shove, jab, or charged attack (assuming this action does not result in a full stagger) no longer roots you in place, eliminating the ‘mini-stagger’ effect
  • Store preview screen now displays a list of outfit contents
  • Fixed a bug where region names were not consistent
  • Fixed end of match scoreboard to allow all contestants’ names to fit
  • Matchmaking system will now enforce bands - players will not be matchmade against other players with significantly different matchmaker skill rating
  • Fixed a bug where armor would not disappear after being destroyed
  • Made a handful of performance optimizations
    Increased stamina regeneration rate while walking or standing still
  • Reduced the stamina cost of bow shots
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect attack animation would sometimes play, depending on how far the attack had been charged
  • Fixed a bug where headshots would bypass armor but still apply damage to it
  • Improved input queuing behavior when transitioning out of a block
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Deuce achievement from unlocking
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Trapper airdrop from being included in the random list
  • Fixed a bug where the Weakness wound would not be applied properly, correctly set duration to 12 seconds
    re thrown and hit a target’s back
  • Restored full controller support (was missing from recently added store screens)
  • Players are no longer staggered when they are hit with pepper spray
    Armor no longer protects against alarm gun wound
  • Fixed issues with certain keyboard keys not being mappable
  • Bow velocity is no longer reduced when player’s stamina is empty
  • Fixed a bug where Blue Crates would not spawn in all available locations
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October 3, 2018

Dev Diary: Mapquest

Greetings contestants!

The air is crisp, the leaves are beginning to change, pumpkin spice is in our lattes, fall is officially upon us.Though the clocks are soon to be moving back, this change in season has us looking at the road ahead.

Origins has been a passion project for us here at Xaviant and we’ve been moved by the kind words, well wishes and messages of support you’ve given us since its release. We know that The Culling is as special for many of you as it is for us and we’re thrilled to return to the island once again.

As exciting as Origins is, it is just the first big step in what we hope is a much longer journey. As we enter a new season, today feels like as good a day as any to share some of our far-reaching plans, as well as deliver a state of the union as to what’s currently cooking at L’Studio Xaviant.


Xbox One: Our focus is to launch The Culling: Origins on Xbox One. We’re currently in the thrall of the Xbox certification process which makes it difficult to pinpoint an exact date, but we think we are down to a matter of days, not weeks. We’re committed to delivering on our promise and bringing free-to-play to all contestants as quickly as possible.

Server Stability: We’re strengthening our online infrastructure to be faster and more reliable. We’ve rolled out several fixes and improvements already and we will continue to implement new upgrades on a regular basis.


In addition to launching Xbox One version of Origins, we are also hard at work on a new update that includes quality of life changes and improvements for all users.

[These changes are planned to go live following The Culling: Origins on Xbox One]
  • Mini-Stagger: You’ve made yourselves clear, it’s time for mini-stagger to go, and go, it shall. The removal of mini-stagger is in its final stages of internal testing and will be included (or is that excluded?) in the next update.

  • Showdown: You made it clear that you’d like to see Showdown return. We intend to make some improvements to ensure that it communicates clearly and traps as many no-good teamers as possible.

  • Enhanced Matchmaking: The Culling is a lot of fun when everyone in the match has a chance at a win. Our existing matchmaker prioritizes queue times and full matches over making sure you’re matched with players of a similar skill. Our new formula will be unwilling to match new players with veterans.

    - To bolster this system, bots will be used to fill out online matches in low-population situations. As such, bots are receiving a round of cosmetic and behavior improvements to ensure that they enhance, rather than hinder matches where they appear.

  • Early Closure: In case a match is full of highly aggro contestants, you’ve asked that we keep the action moving quickly and shut the match down early. We’re working on a simple method to shave a few minutes when the conditions are right.
This is it. The grand kahuna.The big potato. The spiciest chicken wing. This is The Culling 2018/2019 Roadmap.

Below you will find a nifty graphic that highlighting our vision for the future. Though not all-encompassing, each milestone on the roadmap represents key, tentpole changes coming to The Culling. Along the way we will continue to optimize, fix bugs, and address any pressing balance issues that arise.

Also note that these milestones will be achieved incrementally, not in one fell swoop. So you can expect to receive juicy updates at regular intervals along the way.


Milestone 1

For too long Duo play has played second fiddle to Solo. It’s time for Duos to play first fiddle, or at least equal fiddle. A mutually successful fiddle. Double Trouble puts the emphasis on team play in the wild and in custom matches. Perk up, partner up and take on on other teams in expanded matches with more contestants than ever before.There may be no I in team, but there is a U in Duos.

Milestone 2

What is a game show without bonus prizes?Challenge Accepted ups the ante and weaves in new layers of achievement during each match. There can only be one winner, but who says you can’t go home with some consolation prizes?

Milestone 3

We’re throwing a party and everyone is invited!With Private Party we’re offering you the producer hat and giving you the tools you need to create your very own Cullcast sponsored events.Choose the contestants. Customize the match options and showcase all the mayhem in a brand new spectator mode.

Milestone 4

By this point, The Culling will have emphasized Duo Play, debuted a new challenge system and overhauled custom matches to be more customizable than ever before.It’s time to think big and play big. It’s time to Bring the Whole Squad.More friends. More enemies. More match events. More island. More Culling.

The future is bright and we’re chomping at the bit to bring all of the above, and more, to The Culling over the coming months. ——————————————————————————————————

We want to know what you think. Send us a message on Facebook and/or Twitter and let us know what you’re most excited for.

But that’s all of our time for today.

Until next time…
See you on the island!
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About This Game

Battle Royale is back! The game that took the world by storm in 2016 has returned to its roots and is better than ever, not to mention free-to-play. With a whole host of improvements and new features, The Culling: Origins takes you back to the island where it all began... and asks whether you have the guts, brains, and skill required to survive.

Welcome to The Culling. As a contestant on this deadly game show you must explore, scavenge items, craft weapons, and build traps that will enable you to slay your fellow contestants and emerge victorious before the end of the round. Only with cunning, skill, and a little luck will you be able to prevail and survive the match.

How we do free-to-play

All aspects of gameplay are available to all players and The Culling does not (and will never) include pay-to-win mechanics.

If you choose to spend real money, you can do so through paid DLC packs or premium currency in the form of Tokens. Tokens allow you to buy Cull Crates and exclusive Premium Items. You can earn Cull Crates, which award standard cosmetic items, by simply playing the game. All of these unlocks are cosmetic and have no impact on gameplay.

How we develop The Culling

We are committed to ongoing, community-focused development. Our goal is to provide a game that is as optimized, bug-free, and safe from cheaters as possible. Beyond that, we are balancing the game and adding new features based on input and requests directly from the community. If you'd like to get in on the action and share your ideas and opinions, please visit our website for more details.


Game Modes

The core of The Culling is an online 16-player battle royale, played solo or in teams of two. Matches last approximately 20 minutes, with deadly poison gas slowly constricting the arena in the final stages. The winning player (or team) is the last left alive.

With no respawning on death, you have to make every action count. Play too cautiously and you won’t be prepared for the final clash at the end of the match, too aggressively and you might not make it past the first few minutes. It takes the right mix of skill and strategy to survive.

Custom Matches

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer as you orchestrate your own private matches of up to 16 players. Your competition, your rules, your Culling.

Weapons and Combat

The Culling focuses heavily on melee combat. Use jabs, charged swings, blocks, and shoves in a system that’s simple learn, but requires practice to truly master.

There are dozens of melee weapons in the form of blades, axes, bludgeons, and spears. Weapons are divided into tiers based on damage, from the lowly crafted stone knife to the mighty Sledgehammer. Different weapons types also apply different wounds, which factor into combat strategy. All melee weapons can be thrown, adding the potential for ranged combat in any encounter.

There are a variety of ranged weapons, including bows, blowguns, and even firearms. A gun isn’t a guaranteed kill, however, as ammunition is in short supply and ranged players can be disarmed by melee strikes if they don’t keep their distance.


Players who thrive on outwitting their enemies can sample from a collection of traps in the form of snares, mines, remote-detonated explosives, caltrops, and punji sticks. Matches are fast-paced, so sneaky players must lay their traps in hot spots (such as near an airdrop landing pad) or use themselves as bait to lure opponents in.


A wide range of utility items are at your disposal, with everything from backpacks to smoke bombs, run speed stims to stun guns, player tracking devices to bandages. You start each match empty-handed, so you must explore to survive. Inventory space is extremely limited, forcing you to think carefully about how you intend to play and what you want to carry.


The Culling utilizes a unique crafting system that is very simple to use (no bulky UI-heavy inventory management) but still offers a wide range of recipes. Players can craft rudimentary weapons, a wide range of traps, and a handful of useful items, including bandages, satchels, and even body armor.


Each contestant chooses 3 perks before the start of a match. There are dozens of perks available, and they range from combat bonuses (increase the backstab potential of your blades) to crafting skills (reduce your trap placement time), to general utility (begin the match with a tracking device in your inventory).

All of the perks are available to all players from the start with no unlocking required. You can use perks to define and enhance your personal play style, whether it be focused on ranged, melee, or trap-based strategy. Advanced players will find helpful synergies between their perk load-out and their airdrop selection.


Players select a personal airdrop to call in during the match. Air drops are deadly care packages containing a predefined variety of weapons, traps and items. Be careful, because calling in an airdrop draws attention to you and can be stolen by other players.

Game Show Events

The Culling is the most popular game show in the history of the world, and for good reason. The show’s producers have devised events that take place at random during the match. If you choose to participate in these events, the rewards can improve your chances of winning, but don’t be surprised when other players arrive to challenge you.


Flexible Universal Nano-Compound, or FUNC, serves as the primary in-game currency. You spend FUNC to craft, call in personal airdrops, and open certain types of item chests. FUNC is gained through combat and exploration.

Character Customization

Players can customize every aspect of their appearance: Hair, Clothing, Skin Tone, and Gender. There are hundreds of unlockable items.

The Culling also features customizable Taunts, Victory Celebrations, Culling Cards, and Weapon Skins.
In all, there are over 1,500 cosmetics to unlock.


The Culling places a heavy gameplay emphasis on audio. Making noise by sprinting through the jungle crafting items, slamming doors, and engaging in combat will draw the attention of nearby contestants.

Using audio cues to locate opponents and using the crouch mode to conceal your movements add tremendously to the game’s suspense and immersion.

Tutorials and Offline Training Mode

The Culling can be intimidating for new players, so we’ve included a basic tutorial and a training range to help you get your feet wet.

If you’re still not ready to face players online, there is an offline practice mode against basic AI-controlled bots that will allow you to practice in a low-pressure situation.

Player XP and Leveling

As you compete online in The Culling, you earn XP, which levels up your character and awards you Cull Crates full of new cosmetics. The better your performance, the faster you progress.


The Culling features seasonal leaderboards, which showcase players with the most wins, most kills, and best ranking. Ranking is determined by an aggregate of your 10 best match scores for the season. Leaderboards are regional and split between Solo and Duo modes.

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

The Culling contains Intense Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes, and Drug Reference.

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: 64-Bit OS Required: Win7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 560 / AMD Phenom2 X4 945
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX11 GPU with 1GB VRAM: NVidia GTX 460/ AMD Radeon 5850
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • OS: 2.7 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 4th Gen (4xxx)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX11 GPU with 1GB VRAM: NVidia GTX 460/ AMD Radeon 5850
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: SteamOS is supported, other Linux distributions will have minimal tech support

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