A dynamic hack’n’slash with no class restrictions. Choose your path as you level-up and play your character the way you want! Explore this shattered and corrupted world to uncover its ancient secrets and hidden truths.
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Release Date:
Mar 24, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We want the game to be properly tested in the field while we implement the core features. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an ambitious project and we want to share its evolution with the Community, gather feedback, and improve the game accordingly. The game has a lot of replayable mechanics to test as well and we want to make sure that these mechanics are appreciated and polished.
An Early access is a perfect way to achieve these goals.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“It is important to us that Wolcen is properly polished before its release. We hope to move to Beta during 2018. We will keep the Community informed on important future dates for Wolcen with news on Steam, the Official website, and on the Social medias.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The Early Access version of the game will include the major gameplay features. The storyline, main quests, side quests, and other contents will only be available once the game is released.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game presently allows you to visit an alpha quest zone for 3-5 hours, leading you to level 13-14.
You can then reach level 20 and explore the world, farm for equipment in the bounty’s infinite dungeon, make PVE challenges in the arena for exceptional rewards, or participate to the daily dungeon and compete with other players for the best time.
You can access around 400 skills in the Passive Skill Tree split in 11 archetypes so far (on 20 planned). Wolcen doesn’t force you to choose any class, so feel free to mix these archetypes for a customized experience of the game!
Around 20 spells are implemented (signature skills excluded) and more are coming. These spells can be improved as you use them and have various cool effects to increase their power and efficiency.
The environment will react to your actions and you can perform elemental combos to affect your enemies.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Yes. As the content gets implemented, the price of the game will increase progressively.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The community has various ways to communicate and share with us, on these last 2 years we have been able to improve the game a lot thanks to the community feedback and reports.
Official forums and Steam forums can be used to express issues, ideas, feedback in general, or even report bugs.
Trello is used for the Roadmap, Suggestions and the Bug tracker.
We also gather your reactions from various social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, streamers in general). If we can, we participate to streaming and provide answers to some questions.
Finally, all developers are on Wolcen’s official server on Discord.
All the useful links to communicate with us are available here: https://wolcengame.com/forums/topic/usefull-links-for-wolcen/.
We have a dedicated Community Manager to take care of our Community and ensure that while we develop the game we all stay connected to your needs, your opinions, and what you expect from us so our great game will also be your great game.”
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September 21

Beta transition planning

[DE translation]
[RU translation]

Hello everyone!

We’re approaching the end of September, and it’s time to give you an update about the Beta transition.

These last 6 months, our teams have been working really hard to provide you with a brand new game:
  • All the architecture of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has been remade from scratch.
  • Environments, characters, items, creatures, animations, FX, design and art direction are all new and shiny.
  • We now have an enhanced code, which means fixing and optimizing will be easier for us, and hotfixes will come faster for you!

It also means that a lot of our old assets are outdated and don’t fit the actual architecture, so there is still work to do to have some features that were present during the Alpha phase.

We plan to deploy the Beta in several patches over time, starting with stress tests that we need, in order to check our servers’ stability and spot the most important issues related to Multiplayer implementation.

We did our best to achieve everything we promised you and release it for September, but the truth is: it’s not all done yet, and we need a little more time to make a clean and polished Beta release for everyone. For that, we’re once again calling for your help.

We came up with a plan to allow you to test the work we’ve already made in a controlled environment at first to ensure a satisfying release for everyone, matching our quality goals, and make you proud of supporting us.

So, how can you help? Simple! You just have to participate with your friends, and break everything 😊

Experimental Beta

The experimental part of the Beta will be in 2 technical phases of one week each. Between these phases, the servers will be closed to focus on bug fixing, then we'll re-open them for the next phase.

Note that you will still be able to play the Alpha during all the testing phases and in-between until the Beta is released for everyone.

Phase 1 starts on October 11 and will last untill October 17, and you will be able to play the Beta if you follow these steps:

1. Open Steam and go to your game library.
2. Right click on Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, and select "Properties"
3. Navigate to the "Beta" tab and select "experimental" from the combo box.
4. Close the properties window.
5. Play!

Once the experimental Beta is installed, you will be able to test the version, break it, stress it, and provide us with your crash files and bug reports on this dedicated forum.

Also, the Trello bug board is now purged and all known issues will be added on it too.

Although we will provide you with the list of available features once we approach the planned phases, we can already tell you now that you will be able to experiment Multiplayer with your friends during this Technical Beta!
The offline mode, however, will be deactivated on the technical Beta, so you won't be able to play Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem's Beta, without an internet access for the moment.

Phase 1 content

For this phase, you will be experiencing the new dungeon generation system and a few skills/weapons in solo and multiplayer. For that first test, we’re mostly interested in making a stress test for our servers to see how it interacts with our code in real conditions of use, and how the new dungeon generation system is fitting in this environment.

You will be able to discover a few revamped skills, a new character model, new animations and FX so you can have a glimpse of the gameplay we’ve worked on for you. The balancing will not be final for this version.

Phase 2 content

We will make several additions for this phases so you can continue testing the new Gameplay in a controlled environment, but we will tell you more about the phase 2 content as we approach the date of its release.

Beta release for everyone

We want to make sure that we can provide you with the best experience possible for Wolcen. We hope these tests will be enough for us to spot the most important issues, fix them to release the Beta for everyone, and finally shut down the Alpha quickly after Phase 2.

Of course, we will keep you updated on our progress, and tell you as soon as possible if we consider that additional time is required for testing. Although we're a much bigger team now, we're still smaller than ideal, and we hope that you can help us with these tests. Depending on your feedback and how many critical issues we have in the Beta, the final release date might be postponed. Like you, we strongly hope that it will not be needed, but we can’t shut this possibility if we want to be realistic and honest.

Beta future updates

We don’t plan to leave you without any updates once the Beta is out.

We will tell you more about the future Beta patches later, but some features will not be in the primary Beta launch and will be added through time, so we can polish them and give you something new to test while we continue working on the other Acts of the game for the Final Release.

We're all eager to have your feedback about the new content you will be experiencing, we've put a lot of heart into it and we're confident that you will appreciate it a lot.

As always, thank you for your support, for your patience, and see you very soon for more news on the first Beta phase!

Useful links :
Wolcen's Global Roadmap: 2018 Edition
Wolcen's Bug tracker
Wolcen's Community Suggestions
Wolcen's Official Website
Wolcen's Official Facebook Page
Wolcen's Twitter page
Wolcen's Instagram Page
Wolcen's Official Discord server
Wolcen's FAQ
Help us fix crashes here

Community websites:
German Fan Site : http://www.wolcen-game.de/
French Fan Site : Wolcen France
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August 24

Fail states modification for the Beta

[DE translation]
[RU translation]
[FR translation]

Hello everyone!

September and our Beta transition are approaching really fast! Today, we would like to share a little more about some changes planned.

Let’s talk about the fail state in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem!

"Down But Not Out" (DBNO) system

Following your feedback regarding character respawn, we have come up with a system that allows you to respawn at the same spot where your character was defeated, but also keeps character death penalizing in case this happens.

Let’s be a little more specific:

System bases

When a character reaches 0 health, he enters the Down But Not Out state. He’s able to slowly crawl, but cannot perform any other action.
While in DBNO state, the player is ignored by enemies, temporary positive and negative status effects are removed, and he cannot take any damage.

So, how can you recover from that state?

"Revive tokens"

When a player joins the game in single-player mode, he is granted a limited amount of revive tokens, determined by the difficulty chosen.

When reaching the DBNO state, players will have the possibility to use one of their revive tokens to get back on their feet and return to combat. Upon using that token, all nearby enemies are knocked-down, and during a short time of recovery, the character is invulnerable. This protection is removed when the player performs any kind of action or movement.

The number of revive tokens is limited, and when the player runs out of it, the character dies if he reaches 0 health again.

The game will offer the possibility to gain temporary revive tokens by performing different special actions or getting different bonuses.

Revive tokens are only available in single-player mode.

DBNO in Multiplayer

There are no revive tokens in Multiplayer, you rely on your friends and they have to bring you back when your character reaches the DBNO state. During the “resurrection” sequence, both players are locked-in, unless the reviving player cancels it by moving or casting a skill.

Depending on the difficulty settings, the revived character comes back with more or less health, and the sequence can or cannot be interrupted by creatures surrounding the characters.

There will be other variations to this DBNO system in Multiplayer, including high-risk situations that will push cooperation in ways you’ve never experienced in a hack and slash game before. We will have more to share about this in future updates.

Game Over

Game Over occurs when your character dies, or when all the characters of your party are dead. When this happens, you respawn in the last visited town, and all creatures respawn as well.
This gives waypoints an additional value that we appreciate a lot.

In single-player, all your revive tokens are restored when your character dies.

We wanted this system to allow a good balance between players looking for a hardcore gaming experience with punishing death, and a more casual approach of character defeat. It’s also setting a natural difficulty progression and allows players to master the game a bit before getting into real trouble.

This system will be implemented for the Beta, we hope that you will like it, we’re looking forward to your feedback about it!

Know that we have additional features planned for Multiplayer situations, such as being able to spectate a friend, and revive directly on him once every member of the party goes out of combat, which avoids respawning in town and using the teleportation on your friends.
But it might not be available for the Beta, so we will talk about that again later.

That's all for today :) Remember you can see some Beta preview on our Trello Beta Roadmap board, each week a picture is posted, based on your votes, so you can get a glimpse of what's to come. Some lore elements are sometimes added as well for those of you who would like to know more about the Wolcen universe.

Thank you very much for your patience during this big transition, and for your support. We can't wait for you to play the new game we have made with love for you!

Useful links :
Wolcen's Global Roadmap: 2018 Edition
Wolcen's Bug tracker
Wolcen's Community Suggestions
Wolcen's Official Website
Wolcen's Official Facebook Page
Wolcen's Twitter page
Wolcen's Instagram Page
Wolcen's Official Discord server
Wolcen's FAQ
Help us fix crashes here

Community websites:
German Fan Site : http://www.wolcen-game.de/
French Fan Site : Wolcen France
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About This Game

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a beautifully rendered ARPG thanks to the CryEngine technology. Join this dynamic hack’n’slash and its fast-paced combat based on weapon combos. There are no class restrictions, you can choose your path as you level-up and play your character the way you want. Thanks to our resource opposition system, you can adapt to any kind of situation!

The environment will react to your actions and the elemental based spells you might use to vanquish your enemies. Soon, co-op will be added, and players will be able to combine spells to create chain reactions, in order to overcome greater challenges.

There will also be a unique mechanic called Apocalyptic Form that allows players to shapeshift into a devastating form, adapted to your play-style.
Dodge, dash, hack, slash, and unleash fury on your foes!

You’re a former officer of the Human Republic forced to flee because of your unwillingly developed powers. Your path will lead you on an epic and unexpected adventure with your companions, as you uncover ancient secrets and truths hidden in this shattered world.

Key features:

* Still under development. Will be implemented during the early access.

  • Dynamic combat system: fast-paced combat system with weapon-based combos and charged attacks. Dodge, Dash, Hack, Slash and unleash devastating spells on your enemies!
  • Tons of Loot: Weapons, Armor, Potions and randomly generated magic effects for more gameplay diversity.
  • Complex AI: All the enemies have various skills and patterns. Defeating a Boss is a real phased challenge you will only defeat with strategy.
  • Active skill tree: Skills gain experience with your character and you can combine modifiers as you level up, so your skill is always unique.
  • Weapon combo system : each weapon has its own game style, including various gameplay effects and animations.
  • Free character development: No class limitation. You have three resources: Rage and Umbra interact with each other, using Resource Opposition System. Stamina allows you to dodge-roll.
  • Rotating Passive Skills Tree: A deep and innovative way to customize your play style!
  • Custom player: choose your gender and customize your character, skin color, hair, beard, eyes etc.
  • [Not yet implemented]Mature story full of secrets to discover exploring the world.
  • Randomly Generated Dungeons for infinite replayability.
  • Element-based spells will react to the environment and to other active elements in the area. For example, lightning will spread in water and stun targets; Fire will spread unless water or frost gets in the way, etc.
  • [Not yet implemented]Multiplayer mode*: Co-Op/Multiplayer.
  • [Not yet implemented]Apocalyptic Form*: According to your play style, you will develop special powers for your character, changing their abilities and look. A fire caster will have their skin turn into lava and heal from fire. Even wings and horns might appear depending on your talents!
  • Housing: Create your own house and proudly showcase your special gear!
  • Asymmetric Armor System: We love asymmetric armor, and we want you to be able to customize your gear down to the finest details! You will be able to equip different shoulders and arm protection on the left and right side of your character, bringing a great number of personalization options!
  • [Not yet implemented]Pets*: Have your own special companion to gather loots and golds, with the possibility to use a loot filter so your pet will only take what you want.
  • Gear customization*: You will be able to customize your gear to look the way you want.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit SP1, Windows 8.1 64-Bit, Windows 10 64-Bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-4570T 2.9 GHz / AMD FX-6100 3.3 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 6850
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit SP1, Windows 8.1 64-Bit, Windows 10 64-Bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-4770S 3.1 GHz / AMD FX-8320 3.5 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 / AMD Radeon HD 7970
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6 GB available space

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