DEADBOLT is an extremely challenging stealth-action hybrid that allows you to take control of the reaper to quell the recent undead uprising.
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Contest Submission Time Extension!

Hey folks!

After giving it a bit of second thought and realising that we might've underestimated the hardships of real life, we've decided to prolong the contest until March 28th (same time, 12pm PST).

If you haven't started working on a map yet, then now's the time, and if you have - you can now spend more time on polishing.

Don't forget to submit your maps onto the Workshop with "DBMC" in the title/description or send .ncs into the #contest-submissions channel on the Discord server (preferably both!).
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3 Year Anniversary And A Mapping Contest!

Today marks three years since DEADBOLT’s release, and for a relatively unknown videogame, I'd say keeping its players for so long is a pretty good record.

Last time we hosted a Q&A, and while that was interesting, it felt like we could have done something that involves the community more, so we’ve decided to up our game with…

A mapping contest!

The difference between a regular MotW and this contest is that here you’ll get actual prizes as opposed to just a writeup about your map and a unique role in our Discord server


The contest’s submission period will last from March 14th, at this very moment, until March 21st, 12am PST. (or 12:00 by the 24 hour system)

Much like DEADBOLT was Hopoo's attempt at creating a very different experience to Risk of Rain, this contest is focused on creating a level that deviates from the usual standards of level design: turn the Reaper upside down, emphasize verticality in your design, create a devious puzzle – go weird, go wild, and unleash your inner chaos to create something that truly stands out from DEADBOLT’s usual gameplay style of shooting dudes in buildings.

The rules are as follows:
  • You are allowed to edit .nc files via text editors.
  • If you own the GOG version or cannot use the Steam workshop for whatever reason, you can join the Discord server and submit your level in the dedicated channel titled #contest-submissions.
  • If you’re uploading to the Steam Workshop, be sure to put "DBMC” (short for “DEADBOLT Mapping Contest”) either in the title or the description so that we could find your level among those that are not participating.
  • You may submit only one workshop item into the final pool. Creating multiple maps (not a series in a .zip) is allowed, but as we said, only one submission actually participates in this.
If there’s any confusion, be sure to contact JAG or Square_Rabbit on the Discord server to clear things up.


I’m sure you’re eager to hear why you should bother entering this contest, and you have good reason to, because the first place winner will receive a Risk of Rain 2 Steam Key!

We'd like to note that you'll only get the key on the release date, so you'll have to wait a bit after the contest ends.

We’ve also got 5 codes for the DEADBOLT Soundtrack, redeemable at for runners-up.

If you’ve reached the end here, you’re probably eyeing that Steam Key, huh? Either that or you just really like reading our posts, in which case, thanks! Whatever it may be, you now know that you’re one weird level away from nabbing a free game, so be sure to make us question your sanity with whatever you come up with.

May the weirdest win!
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DEADBOLT is an extremely challenging stealth-action hybrid that allows you to take control of the reaper to quell the recent undead uprising. Play and complete missions given to you by the mysterious fireplace as you become the avatar of death. While the reaper has an impressive arsenal and skillset to kill the undead, he has one flaw - he dies in one shot... leaving you with no room for error.

Key Features:

• Complete over 25 extremely challenging missions
Unlock and obtain over 30 weapons, ranging from a reaper's scythe to an automatic grenade launcher
• Fight over 35 enemy types, from zombies to vampires to bosses and more
Choose your playstyle: quiet assassin, loud one-man army, or anything in between
Gib them all! DEADBOLT's dynamic gore system guarantees that all evisceration leads to satisfaction
• Choose your own way to complete a mission - no mission has to be completed in one way
Accomplish a variety of objectives, like assassinating gang leaders and investigating mysteries
Multi-genre soundtrack created by the talented Chris Christodoulou of the Risk of Rain OST
Create and play custom maps with the DEADBOLT Map Editor (Windows only)


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10
    • プロセッサー: 2.5 GHz
    • メモリー: 1 GB RAM
    • グラフィック: Direct X9.0c Compatible Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • ストレージ: 130 MB 利用可能
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6+
    • プロセッサー: 2.5 GHz
    • メモリー: 1 GB RAM
    • グラフィック: OpenGL 2.1+ Support, and recommended dedicated graphics card with 128 MB of RAM
    • ストレージ: 145 MB 利用可能
    • OS: Any Linux Distribution 2012+
    • プロセッサー: 2.5 GHz
    • メモリー: 1 GB RAM
    • グラフィック: OpenGL 2.1+ Support, and recommended dedicated graphics card with 128 MB of RAM
    • ストレージ: 135 MB 利用可能


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