X4: FOUNDATIONS, the long awaited sequel in the successful X series, brings our most sophisticated universe SIMULATION ever. Fly every ship, EXPLORE space or manage an empire; TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD and THINK carefully, while you embark on an epic journey.
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Nov 30, 2018

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May 28

X4: Foundations Update 2.50 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of 2.50, which introduces some new features to X4: Foundations as well as fixing a number of issues with the game. We have added a whole new class of Auxiliary ships, and associated resupply orders, to help you support your fleet. We have also added a blacklist feature to enable your ships to avoid dangerous areas, and new inventory management functionality so that items collected by your pilots can be transferred to you or to a safe location. Also with this release, the Linux version of the game is now available to all players, and Tobii eye-tracking is supported for those of you playing on Windows.

Rest assured that this release is just part of our ongoing program of fixes and features, and that the focus of our next update will be on improvements to the in-game economy.

Changelog of Update 2.50:
  • New Feature: Resupply ships are now available and carriers can also resupply their fighters.
  • New Feature: Sector blacklist settings to prevent ships entering certain areas.
  • New Feature: Inventory management with lockboxes in space and inventory storage at player HQ.
  • New Feature: Tobii eye-tracking support (Windows only).
  • Added information about missing licence for buying blueprints.
  • Added basic set of blueprints to Hatikvah and Scaleplate faction representatives.
  • Added wanted ware amounts to trade context menu.
  • Added images and background information relating to star systems and planets in encyclopedia.
  • Added logbook entries for NPC ships being built, restocked or repaired at player shipyards.
  • Added note/hint while mouse direct steering mode is active.
  • Added more variations for Build Station, Rescue Ship and Scan missions.
  • Added new global orders section in player information menu.
  • Added options for ware transfer and trade with build storage to docked menu.
  • Added inventory information to player-owned ships.
  • Added categories to object list and property owned in the map.
  • Added options to sort the object list and property owned menus by name, size or hull.
  • Added warning in trade menu if a ship cannot transport a ware.
  • Added possibility to cancel builder ship assignments before ship deploys at station.
  • Added current build progress information to the module type summary lines of station entries in the map.
  • Added option to configure autosave interval (and prevented autosave immediately after a manual save).
  • Added information about hacked research module to research menu.
  • Added information about hacked production modules to info menu and Logical Station Overview.
  • Added ability to configure Logical Station Overview graph data for each station individually.
  • Added wreck filter option to map.
  • Added interior sounds to rooms, shops and ship bridges.
  • Added mining and resupply tutorials.
  • Improved cockpit glass transparency.
  • Improved fight-or-flight decision-making to only call for help if help is to be expected.
  • Improved behaviour of ships docking at busy locations.
  • Improved guidance for the find crate missions.
  • Improved station mining subordinate behaviour when station resource requirements increase.
  • Improved storage capacity of carriers to help them fulfil their supply function.
  • Improved faction logic to attempt to rebuild shipyards after their destruction.
  • Improved information menu presentation of cargo storage on ships.
  • Improved collision avoidance in specific situations.
  • Improved CollectLockbox order behaviour.
  • Improved selection of multiple wares for behaviours and map filters.
  • Improved out-of-sector firepower calculations.
  • Improved resource preview in the ship build/upgrade menu.
  • Improved satellite deployment tutorial.
  • Improved performance of loading and saving.
  • Improved interface for dropping player inventory.
  • Improved map object list performance when looking at many player stations.
  • Improved faction behaviour when dealing with ware shortages.
  • Improved ship formation behaviour when flying in travel mode.
  • Improved controller support for initial ship type selection in ship build menu.
  • Improved ship docking and undocking movement in certain cases.
  • Improved behaviour of free-flying police.
  • Improved defence drone handling by capital ships in combat.
  • Improved mission reward text for paint mods.
  • Improved updating of wares to be traded or harvested by station-based trading ships and mining ships.
  • Improved Logical Station Overview graph data selection.
  • Improved AI station generation logic to make selection of large habitation modules more likely where appropriate.
  • Updated external links to wiki and manual.
  • Changed faction representative menu to still show owned blueprints.
  • Removed Fly To objective from Build Station missions.
  • Removed ability to load construction plans that contain more venture modules than the player has available.
  • Removed ability to move an empty station plot after paying a cheap licence to a location with an expensive licence without repercussions.
  • Fixed mouse-over text not being updated in certain cases when scrolling a table.
  • Fixed resource display showing amounts up to 100x too high when removing station modules.
  • Fixed moving of station plots potentially resulting in incorrectly placed build storage.
  • Fixed faction representatives selling ship blueprints of other factions of the same race.
  • Fixed ware exchange between capital ships getting stuck.
  • Fixed shield generator obscuring space suit docking bay on Behemoth for existing ships (was fixed for new ships in 2.20).
  • Fixed deployables launching from ship getting stuck when boarding operation against that ship succeeds.
  • Fixed doors on docked ships sometimes not opening when the player is nearby.
  • Fixed getting stuck in elevators that are going up.
  • Fixed ships getting stuck during flight in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Kha'ak stations offering missions.
  • Fixed Hatikvah and Scaleplate ships being unavailable from their shipyards.
  • Fixed Xenon being unable to repair or build certain station modules.
  • Fixed supply information in Logical Station Overview not updating.
  • Fixed research menu not showing completed research if it finished while menu was not displayed.
  • Fixed capital ships undocking from each other potentially failing without recovery.
  • Fixed being able to Board abandoned ships.
  • Fixed being able to Claim ships that are currently being boarded.
  • Fixed lasertowers being allowed to receive orders that they cannot complete.
  • Fixed station drone removal when target amount is zero.
  • Fixed wrong interact menu options for lasertowers.
  • Fixed inability to Comm carriers and resupply ships from map.
  • Fixed interactions on docking bays of capital ships that are themselves docked.
  • Fixed certain research activities being cancelled when loading a savegame.
  • Fixed missing resources for station module loadouts sometimes not being listed in menus.
  • Fixed build storage not correctly taking future module and loadout resources into account while a module is being recycled.
  • Fixed incorrect requirement to own at least one ship blueprint of a certain ship size before this ship size can be upgraded at player-owned shipyards.
  • Fixed ships not upgrading/repairing if piloted by player with unrelated orders on order queue.
  • Fixed trade/equip orders being ignored if assuming direct control of a ship with such orders.
  • Fixed sending ship to repair multiple components only repairing the first queued component.
  • Fixed planned loadout changes on station modules marking all following modules as changed.
  • Fixed repair menu showing completely wrecked surface elements on ships as having no damage.
  • Fixed stations with workforce of multiple races not ordering all resources to feed them.
  • Fixed trade context menu not working if no player ship is available.
  • Fixed ship being teleported when disabling Flight Assist from the quick menu while near a station.
  • Fixed traders that are subordinates of stations sometimes purchasing wares that are not required by their commander.
  • Fixed newly constructed shipyards and defence stations not being named correctly.
  • Fixed ammo/units not being added to Encyclopedia when included in loadout on player-owned ship.
  • Fixed wrong text displayed for police faction in encyclopedia.
  • Fixed station modules sometimes being constructed and recycled in a loop.
  • Fixed stations potentially building turrets and shields on modules being recycled.
  • Fixed station modules which were destroyed appearing as operational while recycling.
  • Fixed Teladi Trading Station not being able to repair its modules.
  • Fixed XS deployables launched from some capital ships getting spawned away from ship that launched them.
  • Fixed some capital ships having too much S ship storage.
  • Fixed some capital ships being unable to store docked M ships in internal storage.
  • Fixed player being stuck in wrong position when getting up while external view is active.
  • Fixed bullets not hitting when viewing a remote battle in external view.
  • Fixed ships launched from launch tubes not immediately folding up their landing gear.
  • Fixed ships sometimes getting stuck while docking.
  • Fixed several cases of formation wingmen going through geometry.
  • Fixed ware exchange failing in some cases when involving one ship docked at another.
  • Fixed free traders preferring low-volume wares.
  • Fixed rare case of free traders choosing a now-disadvantageous trade over a trade that had improved over time.
  • Fixed station module search not being localized.
  • Fixed freeze when there is a police ship belonging to a faction that no longer controls any space.
  • Fixed non-factory stations gifted to other factions not updating their name correctly.
  • Fixed laser towers displaying a ship icon as their target element in the HUD.
  • Fixed weapon aim indicators being displayed when a menu is open.
  • Fixed interact menu not working in certain situations.
  • Fixed issues with moving station plots during Build Station missions.
  • Fixed Rescue Ship mission potentially creating unowned ships which don't get cleaned up.
  • Fixed Rescue Ship mission reward calculation in the variant where the ship must be delivered.
  • Fixed warping to a different sector when getting up during specific stage of HQ mission.
  • Fixed missile range calculation for dumbfire missiles.
  • Fixed very slow mission offer display if many offers are known.
  • Fixed menu errors when opening information menu for ship under construction.
  • Fixed huge player-owned stations not displaying all stored wares in information menu.
  • Fixed encyclopedia links to ships not working correctly.
  • Fixed NPC buy/sell orders not honouring minimum amounts.
  • Fixed ships stuck waiting for upgrades.
  • Fixed error messages when attempting to unlock EMP-induced data leaks on ships.
  • Fixed dock speed limits being applied when travel mode is active.
  • Fixed ships docking at moving objects appearing to strafe very quickly at certain times.
  • Fixed police ships remaining in space where they no longer have police authority.
  • Fixed some factions' police ships not being named as police.
  • Fixed defence drones belonging to Teladi Trading Stations not docking after completing their tasks.
  • Fixed stations potentially trying to trade with other stations when they no longer have any available cargo drones.
  • Fixed ships built for invasions sometimes not performing their intended orders.
  • Fixed subordinates not responding to attacks in some cases.
  • Fixed ships attacking targets outside their engagement area when on their way to their engagement area.
  • Fixed squadron subordinates getting distracted by hostile targets encountered while on their way to join their commander.
  • Fixed subordinates of carriers waiting for the player's permission before undocking to attack if player is on board the carrier.
  • Fixed station-based miners and traders not updating their range when they or their manager improve in skill.
  • Fixed construction vessels not always being unassigned when a station is destroyed.
  • Fixed NPC ships not firing their weapons when attacking under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed turrets set to Fire on my current target only firing sporadically when current target is a station.
  • Fixed turrets set to Attack my current target periodically stopping firing.
  • Fixed player-flown ships with turrets set to mining mode only acquiring asteroids 3km away regardless of mining turret range.
  • Fixed mass traffic sometimes using the wrong ships directly after loading a savegame.
  • Fixed asteroids in certain regions sometimes ending up with negative mineral yields.
  • Fixed incorrectly-scaled rendering of paint mods when redesigning certain ships.
  • Fixed promotion of crew to pilots removing existing pilot from ship.
  • Fixed object selection failing in the map when switching between tabs.
  • Fixed cases where map continued panning/rotating even after having released all mouse buttons.
  • Fixed station building menu asking to confirm loss of changes if nothing was changed.
  • Fixed station building menu not updating when a module build finishes.
  • Fixed returning venture ships sometimes being displayed in an incorrect location on the map.
  • Fixed map object list not showing the correct player logo for player-owned sectors.
  • Fixed supply settings for Drones and Missiles in Logical Station Overview.
  • Fixed workforce information in Logical Station Overview being greyed-out
  • Fixed player map icon being very large in certain situations.
  • Fixed external view on surface elements.
  • Fixed targeting while in spacesuit.
  • Fixed loot-magnet sound stuck after auto-save.
  • Fixed tooltip text getting stuck in the station build menu when using the controller mouse emulation.
  • Fixed various NPC pathing issues on platforms.
  • Fixed NPC rubber-banding when talked to while walking.
  • Fixed detached habitation modules during AI station construction (existing station layouts are not affected).
  • Fixed factions building more defence stations than they should.
  • Fixed situation where ships could appear stuck in internal storage.
  • Fixed missing localisation of several texts in menus.
  • Fixed several localisation issues in mission texts.
  • Fixed being able to fly into planets.
  • Fixed NPCs walking in front of pilot in Demeter and Hermes.
  • Fixed Pulsar's right weapon being visually disconnected from hull.
  • Fixed Nodan lights not turning on.
  • Fixed missing mode visualisation in Nodan cockpit.
  • Fixed Xenon capital ship engines not having animated exhaust flames.
  • Fixed duplicate display on panel in Kestrel cockpit.
  • Fixed missing geometry on side of Discoverer Vanguard.
  • Fixed missing external geometry when standing on Incarcatura bridge.
  • Fixed Incarcatura bridge location.
  • Fixed missing ID code panel on Odysseus.
  • Fixed being able to walk through desks in engineering section.
  • Fixed menu crash when opening the map legend in certain cases.
  • Fixed menu crash when upgrading a damaged ship and then trying to select a different ship.
  • Fixed Empire Menu breaking if menu attempts to display other menus.
  • Fixed game freeze in certain situations.
  • Fixed case of player falling through floor of flying ships.
  • Fixed not being able to use the joystick POV for cockpit camera movement.
  • Fixed some Teladi NPCs not moving their mouths when speaking.
  • Fixed Split female eye blink animation.
  • Fixed inability to remap some camera controls.
  • Fixed incorrect carriage return in version number in start/options menu (Linux only).
  • Fixed possible system memory leak when low on graphics memory.
  • Fixed several causes of crashes.
2.50 Hotfix 1 released on 2019-06-04:
  • Fixed aim ahead indicator no longer being displayed and some other minor targeting glitches (problem introduced in 2.50).
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March 18

X4: Foundations Update 2.20 Released

  • New Feature (BETA): TrackIR support.
  • New Feature: Direct Mouse Steering mode (also known as Classic Mouse Steering or Boresight Steering).
  • New Feature: Mouse HUD mode option (changing this option to "Left Mouse Button Mode" enables any controls remapped to the right mouse button).
  • Added upgrade slot and dock information to ship encyclopedia entries.
  • Added resource amounts for construction to ship and equipment encyclopedia entries.
  • Added trade offer amount graphs to sector encyclopedia entries.
  • Added enforcement of formation skill requirement.
  • Added Radius to parameters for Protect Position.
  • Added Attack Targets in Range order.
  • Added player-owned shipyard tutorial.
  • Improved carriers launching fighters against targets.
  • Improved behaviour of station subordinate traders.
  • Improved time taken to generate mass traffic for extremely complex stations when loading savegames.
  • Improved subordinate handling in long distance movement.
  • Improved ship behaviour when docking at other moving ships.
  • Fixed player-owned ships sometimes pursuing targets outside their designated area when ordered to protect a position or a station.
  • Fixed yet another case involving ships moving long distances pursuing targets they attack to other sectors.
  • Fixed too many empty shield/turret groups on L/XL ships (not retroactive, only affects newly fitted ships).
  • Fixed Paranid and Teladi stations using Argon piers (not retroactive, only affects newly built stations).
  • Fixed Shipyards, Wharfs and Equipment Docks sometimes offering maximum price for resources they don't desperately need.
  • Fixed newly-built stations sometimes not respecting nearby station plots.
  • Fixed several instances of NPCs teleporting to their destinations instead of walking.
  • Fixed NPCs not paying for subordinate ships ordered at player-owned shipyards.
  • Fixed NPCs potentially vanishing if reassigned while moving to certain locations.
  • Fixed NPCs sometimes not getting out of chairs when requested.
  • Fixed player gliding around after getting up under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed never-ending conversations with NPCs via the target monitor.
  • Fixed credits not being returned when cancelling an order to upgrade a ship.
  • Fixed shipyards potentially building ships which they should not be able to build.
  • Fixed NPC ships potentially waiting forever to restock at equipment docks.
  • Fixed ships in flight immediately coming to a standstill when their orders are cancelled.
  • Fixed case causing ships to stand still incorrectly.
  • Fixed case that resulted in ships not going where they wanted to.
  • Fixed flight behaviour of marines on boarding pods when doing Claim and Boarding operations.
  • Fixed carrier-based fighters not launching to engage hostile targets.
  • Fixed direct subordinates of carriers that could not dock once never trying to dock again.
  • Fixed player-owned ships telling player that they are awaiting orders if they have further orders or are subordinate to anyone other than the player.
  • Fixed player-owned free traders not selling cargo that is in their cargo hold that is also in the player-defined list of wares to trade in.
  • Fixed ships attacking wrecks.
  • Fixed ships stopping to attack build storage while travelling long distances.
  • Fixed ships getting distracted by hostile targets in highways.
  • Fixed some missions treating inactive Jump Gates as active.
  • Fixed welder drones launching from destroyed construction vessels.
  • Fixed ship chassis construction resources not being displayed.
  • Fixed ships under construction being destroyed when they are put into storage.
  • Fixed ships under construction not moving down when being put into storage.
  • Fixed wrecks of certain objects (especially small Laser Towers) not being cleaned up properly and accumulating over time.
  • Fixed being able to accidentally disable your own station for several hours by hacking a control panel.
  • Fixed station build menu forgetting unconfirmed loadout changes after returning from the encyclopedia.
  • Fixed formation leader speed limit when formation wingmen are trying to catch up.
  • Fixed capital ships trying to avoid asteroids that they can just fly through without problems.
  • Fixed weapons on player ships sometimes following view direction even while not seated in ship.
  • Fixed estimated missing resources displayed at equipment docks and shipyards sometimes being incorrect.
  • Fixed orders to equip ships not being able to be cancelled when waiting for resources (does not affect existing orders).
  • Fixed issues with ship movement in multi-layer formations.
  • Fixed police ships sometimes patrolling the wrong sector.
  • Fixed Deploy Object mission allowing object to be placed further away than requested.
  • Fixed missing localisation of objective text in Build Station mission.
  • Fixed some mission briefing text errors.
  • Fixed war missions potentially building up over time.
  • Fixed war mission not treating contested sectors correctly.
  • Fixed notification "All trade operations completed" being displayed too often.
  • Fixed wrong reason given for penalising relations if the player attacks a ship that is currently being investigated by police.
  • Fixed wrong reason given for penalising relations if the player builds a station in policed space on a plot that hasn't been paid for.
  • Fixed station building mission not transferring ownership of corresponding build storage.
  • Fixed display for filled percentage of engine and turret groups being the same in the ship build menu.
  • Fixed missing hull/shield bar elements in the map menu if more than 50 objects are listed at once.
  • Fixed encyclopedia not showing 3D models when opened from another menu.
  • Fixed info menu inaccessible for some supported objects (e.g. nav beacons).
  • Fixed calculation of unread entries for faction licence entries in the encyclopedia.
  • Fixed position of an element in the docking UI when flying a capital ship.
  • Fixed inconsistent crew notification on completion of a mining order.
  • Fixed muzzle-flash and firing position for some turrets.
  • Fixed turrets and shield generators sometimes left floating when Construction Vessel changes activation state.
  • Fixed shield generator obscuring space suit docking bay on Behemoth.
  • Fixed inability to enter spacesuit from Sunder.
  • Fixed some Argon character body mismatches.
  • Fixed joystick hot-plug issues on Linux.
  • Fixed mouse look not working while sitting in a docked ship.
  • Fixed double clicks inadvertently closing menus.
  • Fixed menus slowing down over time (especially noticeable when keeping map open).
  • Fixed several causes of menu crashes in various menus.
  • Fixed several causes of crashes.

Update 2.21 (341463) released on 2019-04-01:
  • Improved GPU auto-selection.
  • Improved handling of new ship construction at shipyards and wharfs to not overload or block them.
  • Fixed wings assigned to use a formation that requires zero piloting skill arbitrarily changing their formation to some other formation.
  • Fixed stations built for NPCs as part of Build Station mission being unknown afterwards
  • Fixed subscription missions in progress being removed after a certain amount of time.
  • Fixed factions still placing orders for ships at player owned shipyards even when disallowed.
  • Fixed excessively loud venture mission completion sound.
  • Fixed gamepad/joystick mouse emulation under Linux.
  • Fixed cause of rare freeze.
  • Fixed several causes of crashes.
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About This Game

Freedom to personally fly all ships:

X4 will allow you to fly all ships personally. From small scouts over a wide range of ship classes up to the biggest carrier, everything can be piloted from the cockpit or an external view.

A big focus in the development of X4 has been to achieve a seamless and immersive experience when moving between ships. You can leave a ship, climb down a ladder, walk over the dock of a large space station into another ship you may have parked there and replace the pilot that was working for you just by clicking on his chair.

Modular stations and ship upgrades:

Building space stations and factories has always been a foundation of the X games. After gaining enough money through fighting or trading, most players want to establish their own economy and start influencing the universe on a larger scale. In X4, it is now possible to be completely free and creative. Stations can be constructed from a variety of modules, be it production modules, living sections, docks or many other types of parts. The powerful new map system allows you to drag and connect modules using a connection system to design your own unique creations.

Ships also offer a variety of upgrades. Engines, weapons and other equipment can be added in a graphical editor and actually seen on the ship.

Most dynamic X universe ever:

X4 will be the first X game to allow our races and factions to freely build and expand their empires; the same flexibility the player enjoys in creatively designing space stations from modular building blocks is also available to them. Races expand their empire based on supply and demand, which leads to an extremely dynamic universe where every action the player makes can influence the course of the entire universe.

Managing your empire with a powerful map:

Once you have more ships and many NPCs working for you as pilots, crew or station managers, the map will be your preferred method of managing it all. Ships can be ordered with simple clicks and through drag-and-drop operations to set their future path and commands.

Graphically plan your trade routes, coordinate attacks with your entire fleet, manage the hierarchy or send ships on remote exploration missions.

Most detailed X economy ever:

One of the key selling points of X games has always been the realistic, simulated economy. Wares produced by hundreds of stations and transported by thousands of ships are actually traded by NPCs and prices develop based on this simulated economy. This is the foundation of our living and breathing universe. Now with X4, we have taken another, massive step. For the first time in any X game, all parts of the NPC economy are manufactured from resources. Ships, weapons, upgrades, ammo and even stations. You name it. Everything comes out of the simulated economy.

Research and Teleportation:

The seamless change from ship to ship and from NPCs controlling your empire for you continues on a higher level. Once you own a larger fleet, you will be very interested in researching a technology from your HQ: Teleportation. Once you've unlocked teleportation, you can jump from ship to ship a lot quicker and experience all the critical situations your NPCs encounter first hand.

Every order you have given to a ship before turns into a mission objective when you pilot the ship yourself. The moment you leave again, your pilot takes the helm and continues with their previous orders.

Get into the game:

In X4, you can start your journey from a number of different gamestarts and as a number of different characters, each with their own role, set of relationships and different ships and technologies to start with. No matter how you start, you are always free to develop in any other direction. Focus on exploration, make money with illegal trading and theft, command large battle fleets or become the greatest entrepreneur ever. It's all up to you to decide.

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel i5-4590 3.3GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 780/970 or AMD equivalent (Vulkan support required)
    • Storage: 12 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1070 or AMD equivalent (Vulkan support required)
    • Storage: 12 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: SteamOS (64-bit) or Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel i5-4590 3.3GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 780/970 or AMD equivalent (Vulkan support required)
    • Storage: 12 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: SteamOS (64-bit) or Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1070 or AMD equivalent (Vulkan support required)
    • Storage: 12 GB available space

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