Warning: This is an Early Access game! Welcome to an enigmatic world, where a new gaming experience in exploring, building and surviving is waiting just for you. Experience a sandbox world with survival elements, and join us in creating a full version of the game.
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Oct 5, 2015

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Novus Inceptio is our dream project and it is more like our baby. In order to continue working on it for 100 %, it is necessary that the game generates needed finance for development. We think that the time comes to engage you – players. To get to know what is wrong, where the flaws are, and get your comments and ideas. The game is developed by slowly expanding small team and because we would like to develop game for players, we need feedback from you, players. Therefore we have chosen early access instead of crowdfunding campaign – which wouldn´t have brought us such a valuable feedback. This is how, together, we can create a game which we are all going to really enjoy. We choose the stragegy of telling the truth and not to promise anything that is not possible to create – but at the same time we believe in the motto: “nothing is impossible”.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Everything depends on how we manage to tune all gaming elements to get performance without any collision. Due to demanding character of the development we can´t promise any terms.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The final version of the game may look different to its first version. Everything depends on the whole gaming community. The plans are ambitious but rather than promising great changes, we plan to issue new upgrades regularly.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Recently, everything that is in the game is not 100 % tuned and functional. It is possible to find small or even main flaws. Everything is being solved in detail but also in complexity with consideration of our entire plan and the game concept. Right now everything in the game is important and essential for the first tests and entertaining playing.
Optimalization of the game will be done according to players' feedback. So if you have difficulty to launch the game on your PC (pls. check minimum hardware requirements) do not condemn it. We really work hard and the required performance is probably going to change over some time.

Current status, you can watch here: Trello Road map/bugs.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“This is a very tricky question – it is not possible to answer it so simply. The actual price of early access is set as a contribution to the game development. The final price may or may not stay the same.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“During first days (could be months) optimalization and solution of the main bugs will be done. We try to listen to the game community and tune gaming elements with their participation. But it is not always possible to change everything according to demands of the game community – this is why every request will be properly judged not to ruin our entire plan and the game concept. The final full version of the game should be a work of cooperation of everyone who is willing to join us and help with finding essential flaws or new ideas. Even now a lot of gaming elements are tuned based on testers or fans' responses.”
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September 6

Update 0.52.023 - 024

Hello everyone,
so after a some break there is a new update.

This is the first update from the newly planed and prepared updates for this autumn and winter.
And this first update does not bring much at first glance, but the opposite is true.

We do not want to burden you with lots of edits and preparations in the background of the game. Which are not visible but are essential for further development of the game, and rather we look at the news you can now play.

So we have prepared a new anomaly - it is a procedural dungeon that is ready for gradual expansion and upgrading.
This dungeon is always a little different and you always find some reward at the end.
Part of this dungeon is the new raw material "Ergastulum" - it is basically the best material in the game (for current time) and we will still balance him.
Anyway, this material is only found in the new Dungeon.

There are some further preparations and modifications - see the slightly modified anomaly "Ruined City", ("Hostile A2-A" patrol around the City! )etc.
All this is in consistent of the upcoming things that are planned.

So now for the crucial one - why was there a pause so long?
The pause in the development was unplanned, but we are happy for this work break.
We needed a lot of rest - the burn-out effect was slowly comes, and it was better for us to take a pause. Before being we defeated by the final pressure and ending up badly (both on health and on the job side).
So we used the summer holidays and revitalized us. Finally, after a long time, we could spend time on our families too. After all, we did not stop for a long time and preferred to work (which is also not good).

But it was not all about only relaxing - we was do it a lot of work and planning.
We have other new anomalies (this still needs to be fine tuned before we can release it) and basic parts of the game code and logic for further content and tuning.
But the main thing is that we are back in full at work.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

Below is a list of this update:

New content
  • New Anomaly "Dungeon"
  • "Dungeon Anomaly" - This is a procedurally generated dungeon that is not always the same and will be further developed (in future updates).
  • "Dungeon Anomaly" - Each dungeon always contains the following parts in the specified sequence:
  • 1) Start
  • 2) Corridors or rooms
  • 3) Some Quest or location with raw materials
  • 4) Corridors or rooms
  • 5) Creatures
  • 6) Corridors or rooms
  • 7) Some Quest or location with raw materials
  • 8) Corridors or rooms
  • 9) Final Creatures (Boss :) - a selection of heavy ingame creatures (Bear, Basilisk, Skorpion)
  • 10) Corridors or rooms
  • 11) Room with a reward
  • 12) Exit
  • "Dungeon Anomaly" - New material for production - Ergastulum - is currently the best material in the game.
  • Ergastulum can only be obtained in the dungeon (predominantly as a final reward).
  • New Item Ergastulum Silk
  • New Item Ergastulum Branch
  • New Item Ergastulum Ore
  • New Item Ergastulum Ingot
  • New Item Ergastulum Pelt
  • New Item Ergastulum Stone
  • New Item Ergastulum Shaft
  • New Item Scroll to invoke Dungeon Anomaly (can be bought or obtained as a reward)
  • New Recipe Ergastulum Ingot
  • New Recipe Ergastulum Shaft

Gameplay changes
  • The feeling of cold is now beginning at -2.5 (Celsius), not +5 (Celsius)
  • The feeling of heat now begins at +39 (Celsius), not +35 (Celsius)
  • It is already possible to fill an empty bottles placed in the skill bar (only when you a while standing in the water).
  • The fracture can also be treated with bandages and healing covers - but with less chance of success.
  • "New players" - Aggressive monsters don't spawn in the world, if player do not have finished the basic tutorial.
  • "New players" - Anomalies are no longer generated, if player do not have finished the basic tutorial.
  • "New players" - Scrolls for anomaly invoke can not be used, if player do not have finished the basic tutorial.
  • "New players" - The reach of the safe zone was be reduced at the startup temple so that new players can place items on the ground around the start location.
  • The Blueprint icons in the inventory are now showing whether the blueprint is learned or not.
  • If you dig a planted tree, the quality of the seedlings is diminishing.
  • Obtaining seedlings after harvesting farm fields is again influenced by FARMING skill = greater chances of obtaining seedlings (up to 100%).
  • Improving Kits must have the same or higher Tier as the item to which they are used.
  • Custom player Trees after cutting already give the correct ql / tier.
  • Doe now has a better model size with respect to player size (smaller model).
  • Mitigated and modified interval of idle sounds for monsters.
  • Adjusted Anomaly "Ruined City" (preparation for additional content):
  • "Ruined City Anomaly" - New and better placed flora (trees, shrubs, rocks, etc.).
  • "Ruined City Anomaly" - Monsters now move more outside the city.
  • "Ruined City Anomaly" - New "Hostile A2-A" patrol around the City! Be careful it's not possible to kill them - if they find you they will throw you out of the anomaly.

Game background core changes
  • Edit several core scripts in the background of the game.
  • Troubleshooting minor deficiencies with regard to future content.
  • Modifying and debug some game assets.

Issue fixes
  • Beehive Chip can no longer be used for fiber or straw production.
  • Herbal tiling already correctly requires water as one of the ingredients.
  • Scrolls to invoke anomalies are no longer visible in the filter (in inventory) for the food.
  • Correction minor collisions with the uniqueness of each item (system error).
  • Correction of Czech translation.
  • Correction of the interaction script.

Hotfix 0.52.024
  • Fixed problem with tree cutting.
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April 25

Update 0.51.011 - 014

Hello everyone,
today we have prepared another update for you.
First of all, we would like to highlight the optimization of the game (it's still not perfect, but it's a big step forward), but it always depends on your PC - our game is more demanding and can not be played on lowend machines anyhow.
That's why we'll be glad if you can tell us when you finding that game is running better as before - thanks in advance!

And another crucial thing is to finishing another part of the world. Logically, we continue from the start zone to the next. That's why we recommend (not only for old players) seeing new locations. You'll be very surprised at the new building site (which is really huge) and we think will force many players to move the current home;)

In the new location, you'll also find new ruins and POI locations. And most of all, the new content elements (they will be gradually implemented into the world).
And we must not forget the new dungeon (hidden under a new building site;)).
We will also look for new treasure chests - which include (if you are lucky) valuable items such as house or land papers and statues!
These chests are mostly connected to new switches and levers - which are can be also connected to the ancient door in the ruins (so sometimes it will be necessary to involve a little more search and logic) with these switches we have great plans for the future.

We also removed the fitness bar (which is still needed in the background of the game, but for the player did not have the importance of watching it). Instead, we've added a temperature indication that is more important, and will better tell you that you are in a location where there is a risk of cold or heat.

Last but not least, if you really like our game, do not hesitate to write here on Steam your game review for our game. Few people realize how important is your reviews for our game and also complement our energy. We thank you much in advance!

Below are some pictures and a complete list of changes and news:

New content
  • Another part of the world is finished.
  • New building locations - really bigger and very interesting;)
  • A new dungeon (rather as an underground tropical temple) that you find under a new building location.
  • New great ruins - an old temple.
  • New Interactive World Objects:
  • - Redwood tree - this is a huge tree / forest that can not be cut off.
  • - Neutral deciduous shrub.
  • - Rock salt deposits - similar to ore or stone deposits (very rare and updated only in finished world areas or in old cave dungeon).
  • - Barrels, Baskets, Containers, Solo Potions and Solo Blueprints - that are deployed in some POIs.
  • - Special switches and levers that open / close doors in ruins (temples), open chests or trigger other events.
  • - New special treasure chests - these chests can be locked and require POI quest completion or activation by a switch.
  • - These special chests include as a rewards (among other things) to a small percentage items as Cottage House, Villa House, Claim Land Paper or Anniversary statues.

Gameplay changes
  • The production queues are now divided according to the production section (Woodworking, Cooking, Alchemy, etc.) and no longer according to the production station (Forge, A2-Craft, Kitchen etc.) - which indirectly accelerates production.
  • It is already possible to manually enter the number of pieces - the number of pieces works as an input field.
  • Production through the workbench now shows only the appropriate recipes for the given workbench (but it is possible to search (using the search input field) any other recipes - if you need).
  • Recipe for goulash no longer requires raw meat, but only cooked meat.
  • Correction of computation logic for offline production.

  • Life is no longer regenerated if the character is subject to untreated disease.
  • Adjusted (increased) meal values - replenishing the state of hunger.
  • Adjusted (increased) total drop rate of Rock salt.
  • Rock salt can now be obtained at a 20% from the rock (the calculation is adjusted so that it is not affected by other values that could cause drop under 20%).
  • Character window - It is now possible to get a information via the on mouse on the icons of the medical items in the "Health" section.

  • The fill bar for fitness has been removed, these fill bar is replaced the new indication bar to indicate the ambient temperature and resistance of the character against cold or heat.
  • Bar function:
  • - The orange line shows the current ambient temperature.
  • - The blue and red cells are the current critical temperatue for cold and hot area.
  • - These cells change with respect to your current cold and heat resistance.
  • - If the current ambient temperature is out of your comfort zone (black cell), your character may become to ill, and the currently equiped armor starts a little but constantly damaged.
  • Changes:
  • - Resistance to cold or heat is already correctly calculated and corresponds to % bonus values.
  • - Resistance to cold or heat from clothing / armor is always up to 80% as max.
  • - The only 100% cold and heat protection comes from food bonuses.
  • - Adjusted values for cold and heat and their resistance obtained from clothing.
  • - Diseases as a result of cold or heat have a higher coefficient of allocation.
  • - If the character is a person suffering from a cold or heat injury, then the armor (if dressed) is damaged.
  • - Wind location (cold) starts at lower altitude than before.
  • - Do not forget that you can always hide in a cave, under the roof, etc., giving you extra next 25% cold and heat resistance.

  • A significant increase in performance (in our case, an average about 10-15 FPS plus).
  • Optimized next part of the game code.
  • Smoother motion of the camera (no more frequent jamming or delay of rendering of graphics) - does not affect the collision model of the camera with the terrain...
  • There is no longer a major drop of FPS when opening the inventory (which occurred at certain time intervals for inventory with lots of items).
  • Loading items from the bank is faster.
  • Integrated detection when the game runs under integrated graphics instead of the primary GPU (the player gets a warning to set the correct GPU correctly). This is not a 100% functional solution, but we hope to help us minimize this problem.

  • New POI locations in completed parts of the world.
  • Some older POIs received new rewards in the form of new treasures.

  • If a character is overloaded player will get a new notification as a float text.
  • Villa house contains newly a bank as a part of the equipment (already built buildings automatically acquire it).

  • The version of the game has changed.
  • The shape of the base marking is the same as before and is: A.XX.YYY
  • Where:
  • - A = 0 (since the game is still in early access).
  • - XX = this is the numerical designation of a main update.
  • - YYY = internal numeric designation of a development builds that can includes public hotfixes or minor updates.
  • The current version of the game is 0.51.011 - which means 51 (update number) 011 (eleven internal game versions which were created before was release to the public).

Issue fixes
  • Fixed issue with visual values for "Age" and "Generation" points in character window.
  • The Hunter Chest (as a reward for the quest) no longer makes an error if it is a Crude Sword as a reward.
  • When you are inside the anomaly, there are no longer showing confusing notification icons that you are near the obelisk, the safe zone etc.
  • It is no longer possible to pull / hide weapons when you are in the construction mode.
  • It is no longer possible to pull / hide weapons when you have open map.
  • If the character is in a battle stance, they will automatically swap to normal stance when the building mode or map is activated.
  • Building mode - You can already click on filtering if you are holding a any building element.
  • Fixed bug with stamina supplement when ingesting some food / drink.
  • The deer is no longer stay on the same place during the fight, but it pursues you like other aggressive animals.
  • You no longer have an interaction bug if you dropped the item into the trash can (a small recycling icon in the inventory UI).
  • When opening a map or building menu, there is no longer a focus on the previous object in the world (bushes, trees, etc.) - which caused the information/interaction UI to be displayed for this object.
  • The tutorial images are no longer overlapping the tutorial text.
  • Tutorial - a waypoint that leads the character to the water, is already correctly placed in the water and not just on the shore.

0.51.012 - Hotfix
  • The icon of the starting temple (including, bank, trade terminal etc.) is already correct on the world map.
  • It is already possible to loot monsters (bat and scorpion) in the cave dungeon.
  • Corrected bad detection of the current biome if the character died in the dungeon.
  • Other smaller minor cosmetic fixes.
  • Two new icons will be added to the map for the mining sites around the new building site.

  • Changing the visual display of durability in the item tooltip.
  • - This change applies only to items that have durability (weapons, tools and armor).
  • - New the durability is no longer showing as increase from 0% to 100% .
  • - But newly as a decrease, from 100% to 0%, including the fillbar color according to the size of the damage.
  • New slash command to the chat "/pos" that displays your current position - suitable for situations where the map is not allowed to open and you need to report your bug and character position.
  • Other some performance tuning.
  • It is now possible to perform interaction (finishing / upgrading) on building components as well in building mode. (This option was operational earlier, but according the changes were inadvertently restricted.)
  • The logic of felled trees has been altered - this action was necessary for future world updates.
    So it is possible that some trees that have been cutted before will not appear in the world (they will still grow and it will be necessary to cutted again them in order to register a new logic).

0.51.014 - Hotfix
  • Minor fix when loading some items from DB (which had older game logic behavior).
  • System name correction for "Amanita muscaria".
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“Check the first preview of the game on KeenGamer site!”
Preview – KeenGamer


New character UI and passive bonuses

A brand new character window where you will find lots of information and especially passive bonuses!

These passive bonuses essentially influence the behavior of the game - and they can help you them a lot (reducing production time, getting better items, etc.).
Passive bonuses values is multiples, so the more bonuses you have are they stronger.

New character window
  • Totally new character UI.
  • The ability to better see your stats and attributes (more information will be added later).
  • The ability to see your character and rotate with her + zooming.
  • Comprehensive Skill Information + Information what stats is increased.
  • Easier activation of active skill for the skill bar.
  • Special passive bonuses.

Passive bonuses
  • Your character can now divide the points for aging and for the next generation.
  • For each character year you get one AGE POINTS (points is only gained from the age 18 to 75 years old).
  • For each generation, you get 5 GENERATION POINTS.
  • These points can be divided into passive bonuses.
  • Distributed points can be reset at any time.

Mining stations

Build your own mining stations that will work even if you are not in the game.

Steam Greenlight

About This Game


This is an Early Access game, please read the game specification before purchasing it. Buy the game only if you understand and agree with the game specification and if you are willing to accept eventual flaws/bugs and all the changes that may occur as a result of the game development. This could also mean removing all user data. When purchasing the game you also agree to participate on tuning and testing it.
Information mentioned below does not have to be valid in the current version of the game. Specifications and HW requirements may vary during further game development.
Thank you for your understanding!


Novus Inceptio is a survival RPG set to our planet, but far in the future. Despite of the fact that the game is labeled as a survival game, it is not a typical survival challenge type of a game. This is mainly because survival elements create just the background of the game and the main aim is shifted to very complex craft system and building values in the game. Novus Inceptio is about calm playing experience which is similar to strategic and relaxing style of playing. The game contains a unique system of resources heredity and offers interaction with every game object. The objects serve not as just the background of the game.

Novus Inceptio unusually blends sci-fi and fantasy themes with a hint of post apocalyptical ideas. The story is set on the planet Earth in distant future, but not the Earth as we know it nowadays. And one of the most important topic during playing the game is to reveal the truth about those who stand at the background of everything from ancient times...


Do not expect a typical survival challenge game, because survival elements are slightly at the background. On one hand, it is necessary to cover basic needs to survive, but these activities are not to bother you a lot, they rather intensify the world atmosphere. On the other hand, it is not difficult to get killed or to die as a result of some kind of injury.

You can interact with nearly everything from the surface of the ground, bushes, trees, to your own buildings. In the game, no plant serves just as a decoration – would you like to pick up mushroom and eat it? Go ahead, nothing stops you. Even ordinary tree does not serve only as a source of wood, but offers other materials, too (bark, leaves, branches, resin etc.).

The game contains environment with natural time flow, following daily cycle and being affected by weather changes. If you stop for a moment and listen to the sounds of the nature you would recognize in which direction a wolf is hunting, you could feel the wind taking off, or you could just let yourself go while listening to atmospheric music and you could calmly relax listening to the whisper of leaves and the wind.

The game craft system is based on very difficult internal logic which requires individual production of every single part of the final product. As a reward for such game mechanics you get unique items, spiced with material bonuses, e.g. it is really important whether you craft from oak or pine wood. The game also offers an option of the craft system for those who don´t want to dive in tables and calculations.

The game contains a unique system of resources heredity which is used during crafting. Therefore it is possible to craft unique items with specific characteristics which happens because of the craft complexity.

The game allows natural character development. Only personal attributes, which you use, are enhanced. You have free hands to create a mix of specialization which you truly enjoy. You don´t have to think even before the beginning of the game about choosing a proper race or profession – character attributes are automatically adjusted according to frequent character activities.

Yes, during playing your character gets older and can eventually die of age and therefore can move one generation further. The ageing system is our specific system of character level up. The age are experience points and a generation is a level. You dont´t have to be afraid of ageing, because it is natural way to level up, which brings you bonuses and even better attributes.

Thanks to modular system, while building your new home, the only limiting factor is your creativity (and if not, you can always use ready-made houses). The difference in our system is in the building process. First, you take your time and plan, only when you are ready, you start gathering material and finally build your dream house.

You can build a farm around your house and grow plants needed for cooking a good quality meal or plant your own wood and bring some exotic plants from different biomes to your home.

In the world, there are many portals to different dimensions or times. In anomalies you can come across some unique rewards, but primarily you can learn new craft recipes which are essential for any crafting. But it is vital to pay attention to any danger hidden in those portals.

At the beginning of the game you find your character in the middle of wild nature. And your equipment? Only a knife and basic tools. Luckily, you're not alone! Your small personal robot A2-A is your valuable companion, but it is not there to do all the work instead of you. And because the nature does not give things for free you need to find sources of food, heat and prepare for danger, which hides in the deep wood. Disease, injury or death is your daily bread. Over some time, when you learn the laws of the world, you will be ready for your next trip.

Home is a foundation of survival and developing attributes. You can build your own house or farm and focus on one of many craft specializations. The building system works using modular elements where you can plan first, and then gather required resources for final construction (which, wouldn´t be an easy task to do). The only limiting factors are knowledge of recipes for components, your own creativity, sufficient resources and skills.
Also, you can learn to craft new components by finding specific blueprints which could be found in boxes all over the world or in the anomalies.

Do you like crafting stuff? Then you will love Novus Inceptio! Each and every item in the game is unique and created by the player himself. Crafting of any item is a complex process based on many attributes, from a level of skill to material used. Crafting system does not dictate to the player what exact material has to be used to craft something, instead it reveals what type of a resource is needed, e.g. if you use stone to create an axe you create a stone axe, but if you use iron you manufacture an iron axe. You can use different type of material for any component, e.g. when you craft with wood, the system takes in consideration hardness of the wood.
Novus Inceptio supports crafting items by players themselves. Therefore, item quality and technology are going to improve over time together with character attributes.

It is not only about settling the world, but also about surviving and creating prosperous economy. There is the whole new world of life, danger and mystery that awaits you. There are dense forests, dry deserts, tropical jungles or busy underwater life.
You can get on a long journey to discover valuable materials or to find out the truth and real purpose of the restored planet.


The dawn of gods
The Galaxy is a cold and hostile place and the creators are aware of this. They have spent billions of years searching for intelligent form of life but they have never succeeded. They started protecting several planets with more developed organisms by all means available. They say: "Life must not die out." But at the same time, they understand all the great risks awaiting for every civilization. Therefore, the creators try to prevent destructive genocides by discreet DNA manipulation and information adding.

Rebellious believers
From the dawn of human civilization the creators stood beside human race. As gods, they secretly influenced physical and technological evolution or even psychological maturing of the civilization. But nobody is perfect, not even gods. Instead of maintaining peace and prosperity, humans tended to worship war and they forgot everything about their gods.
The creators realized that their experiment failed and they no longer possess the powers to stop this fanatic madness among humans. When their last messenger died they returned through a portal to where they came from. To a different planet? Or to another reality? Nobody knows for sure. But what we do know is that they have never stopped collecting data through the portal.

The end of the world
The next important step of the human civilization took place nearly 2000 years later. During this era the nuclear fission was discovered and the whole planet became full of atomic blasts. The war was frightfully quick and effective. Those who could not hide into underground bunkers were hit by radiation and died. From billions of humans barely a few hundred thousand people survived. Without people knowing the creators received information about the end of human world, they became furious that people are so irresponsible and they returned to the Earth to wipe-out the entire human race of the planet.

Human 2.0
The desolated planet kept orbiting the sun. Slowly throughout millennia it was getting rid of the deadly radiation. Finally, the creators decided to launch a new experiment. With samples of human DNA and with the help of infinite information database they returned life back to the planet. Also, they created new humans - Homo Novus to inhabit the recovering planet. And in order not to make the same mistake as before, the creators decided to accompany each and every new human clone with a personal robot A2-A.

Discover worlds!
A2-A is something like a guardian angel. It helps and protects people and it gradually offers complicated knowledge to them. In addition to this, it monitors behavior of each clone to prevent aggressive behaviour which caused the collapse of the previous civilization.
And yet the monitoring and controling system is not reliable enough for the creators to trust it and that is why the creators installed some anomalies on the planet so the clones can travel back in time and learn from the mistakes of the past civilizations. And who knows? Maybe this would be the beginning of a new civilization which finally devotes its time to discover and learn, rather than kill and destroy.

And the Creators? This time they are not leaving. They are analyzing the data from thousands of A2-As and waiting for the right moment to introduce themselves to their children personally .

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required. Integrated graphics cards are not supported.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-Bit Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel I7-3770, AMD FX 8350 4.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 2 GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required. Integrated graphics cards are not supported.

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