Create your own bosses to battle in this arcade action and adventure. Yep, there is a story as well as pure action modes for those who want to blast things. Explore worlds while you upgrade your tech and improve your base. Make new friends, adopt pets and even fly a kite.
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Nov 2, 2017

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July 7

2018.07.07 Boss 101 and our development future!

Hey all, this is Tim (one of the Boss 101 devs).

Want to help support the Boss 101 team and see Boss 102? YOU CAN!

Short version

Purchase it on Steam: (right here!)
Purchase it on Xbox One: Xbox One Store for Boss 101
Help with the Boss 101 translation project to bring Boss 101 to more regions: Boss 101 Translation Project
Already have Boss 101 or don’t have the money? Spread the word about our game!

Long version
Thanks for your purchase of Boss 101. Whether you bought the game during a sale, when we launched or somewhere in between WE THANK YOU! It's been a crazy, wild ride getting to this point and we are so grateful for your support.

As you may or may not know, Boss 101 didn't exactly set the sales world on fire and due to this we are having to take a VERY hard look at our situation for future games. There is no plan to roll up the tents and leave town just yet but we have to scale back the production on games like Boss 102 until our financial situation stabilizes a lot more. At the moment we are all either looking or have extra jobs to help pay the bills. Things like sales and giveaways, while increasing our visibility, don’t really add a lot to the bottom line.

In the end – it’s about funds. We simply cannot go forward at the rate we have been burning our capital. At this point we would need to sell many more copies of the game to stabilize. We’re sitting at well under 3000 shipped copies at the moment across all platforms.  Many, many of those were sold at a low or sale price (under $15/each) so even that number is deceiving.

When Boss 101 launched in November 2017 we sold the majority of ALL SALES TO DATE in the first three launch hours. This is exactly when we were on the front page of Steam. We were off the front page in about 3 hours and sales took a nosedive. In fact. If you total up all the money made after those first three hours (including console Boss 101 sales) we still haven’t matched that dollar amount. If a person had taken a job at Starbucks last November they would have made more money by today than all Boss 101’s sales. Take our profits and split it across three people over four years and you can imagine where we stand with our savings.

Boss 101 is the game we wanted to make and it was made with NO COMPROMISES. We made it as much for you as for us and we made it with our own money. Every time we felt there was something off, we adjusted it. Every time we thought something didn’t look good enough, we made it better. More animation, levels, weapons, hats, story. Everything serves one purpose, to entertain and give you the best value.

So here we are at the end of four years. Feeling great about the game itself but a sad we didn’t get the word out to more people. I know about one million ideas might be going through your head so let’s address a few of them. We want you on the same page as us after all.

What about a publisher? They could give you money and help with localization, translation, porting, marketing, etc!
We pitched Boss 101 to nearly every publisher that would listen. Letters, videos, gameplay, you name it. We offered as much as we reasonably could in terms of deals. Most publishers did a hard pass and a few did soft passes with “well, maybe next time”. We tried this route – believe us. Sure there might be more publishers out there but we did look long and hard!

What about YouTuber (insert name) or this awesome reviewer (insert other name) or what about (insert new name)!?!?! I just know they would love Boss 101!
We sent out nearly 1000 copies of Boss 101 to reviewers, YouTubers, media outlets and as many people as we could find. If they even looked like they might like Boss 101 they got a letter and a copy. In the end we had so few bites we didn’t even register on MetaCritic (you need four ‘verified’ reviewers to get a score). We even offered to partner with people to increase visibility by doing fun hats or promo things with them to promote Boss 101. Not one single returned mail on that idea.

What about Kickstarter? Crowdfunding? Etc
We never wanted to go this route. The goal was always to bring YOU the game FIRST and not ask for money until we had a solid product to deliver. We had seen so many failed crowd funded projects with bad time estimates and vast overpromising. We wanted to work at our own speed and unleash Boss 101 when the time was right. In the end that might have bitten us in the butt. At the same time we feel we did the right thing in MAKING the product before we SOLD the product.

Can’t you just port it to Switch, PS4, Ouya, Atari Jaguar? You would sell a TON OF COPIES!
Well, that is really about time and money and we just don’t have those resources at the moment. The game was always intended to go to console and if the fine folks and Microsoft hadn’t placed us in their great Indie Development program we might never had been on any console. Porting is not a press button affair and each iteration of the game on every system takes time and bug testing. We are three people (only one of us is a programmer). Boss 101 took nearly five months of work to bring to Xbox. We got those dev kits via the ID Xbox program. If we had to lease Switch Dev kits or PS4 or any other console we couldn’t do it easily.

Can’t you just translate it to Japanese, German or (insert language)? I bet it would sell a ton in (insert country)?
Same problem as above and maybe worse. Boss 101 has a TON of idiomatic expressions. It’s way more than a Google Translate away. It would take a lot of time (there is more dialog than you might guess). To top it off all the characters speak in particular ways that would best be handled by a pro. Again – this is time and money. Of course – that would also mean the insertion of all the new language text into the game via a system we don’t really have at the moment since Boss 101 is an English based game made primarily by English speaking people.

We DO have an option to bring the game to various regions and languages though! See the Boss 101 translation project here: Boss 101 Translation Project

What can I do to help!?! I want to see Boss 102!
Simply put – we need to sell many more copies.

First – if you have bought the game – THANK YOU. You have done so much already. If you have not bought the game we would ask you continue to support us with recommendations on anywhere and everywhere. It means a lot to have a good rating or “Thumbs Up”. If you really don’t like the game or feel it’s not your thing fair enough. Sadly some of the negative reviews seem to amount to little more than “Good game but not my thing – THUMBS DOWN”. Haha. We always hope we are rated for the goals we set as much as the fun you had. Still – you opinions are you own.

If you bought the game on sale or won it in a contest – THANK YOU AGAIN. We are so glad to have you here and thank you so much for playing Boss 101. If you could recommend us or point a friend our way that would be awesome. Heck, if you want to gift Boss 101 to a buddy – please do! If you want to help with some Boss 101 Store translations then please check out the Boss 101 Translation Project .

Streaming, posting, blogging, V-Logging, reviews and everything in-between all help us raise awareness and ideally bring in people to see and purchase Boss 101.

We’re hoping to continue to make more games and Boss 102 is at the top of that list. To do that we will need not only your support but the support from as many friends and fans as possible. We think the game is great and we want to see it succeed. We know it’s not for everybody yet we feel there is a player base out there. If you can help us – we would greatly appreciate it. Regardless, we’re hanging in there and bringing you our best!

Thank you and always remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


Boss 101 - Out Now
Xbox One:
Please check it out if you would be so kind!

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“Boss 101 couldn’t have come at a better time.... with its simple gameplay and great style, Boss 101 would have been a perfectly serviceable ‘light’ bullet hell shooter. The fact that it has endlessly diverse bosses and a huge wealth of bonus content is just gravy. I’m always happy to see developers attempting to revitalize genres and bring them to new audiences, and this is a perfect example of devs going above and beyond to deliver far more game than they needed to, aimed at a larger audience than I would have thought possible. Ra”
Daniel Weissenberger, Game Critics

“It can’t be said that Boss 101 is another me-too shmup in the vast ocean of them. It has an identity, and that identity is likable, and in a genre of samey entries, that distinction, when paired as it is here with competent gameplay, is worth the price of admission.”
Marc Golding, Honest Gamers

“It will be up to the player whether they feel up to fighting the particular boss they’ve created, as they can keep trying to make new ones until they find something they like, but players are given better rewards for beating especially challenging creations.”
Joel Couture, Silicon Era

Controller Support

Though we do support keyboard play we recommended using a controller for the best Boss 101 experience. We have tested Boss 101 with XBox style, PS4 and Steam controllers.

About This Game

Boss 101 starts with your brother's request for an action packed birthday. Unfortunately he's in the hospital so it's up to you to bring him an unforgettable home movie.

From there you're off across the globe and galaxy looking to save the day and bring back awesome movie footage to your brother. As you travel you will be returning to your command center for rest, weapon upgrades, and research. Heck, you can even play arcade games and fly a kite if you like!

During your journey you will battle bosses you created with the Make-A-Boss generator. You engage in combat, chase and missions to recue baby robo-AI's from the clutches of the biggest baddie of all, the dreaded Boss 101. Game rounds reward the player with cash for upgrades, guns and hats, all of which help you fight tougher bosses.

That's not all because Max and STEVE aren't above commenting or outright sarcasm on their opponent's abilities. You will fight robot of all sorts - animals, samurai, aliens and DINOSAURS! You heard right!

Major Features:

  • Intergalactic Adventure across multiple worlds - In the main story mode you travel across the globe and into space as you battle your way to the final encounter with Boss 101.
  • Make Own Bosses, design YOUR battle - You, the player, get to roll your own boss to fight. Tougher bosses pay more bounty!
  • Cash and Upgrades - Beating levels and bosses earns you cash for one of five major upgrades in the game. Including the amazing Super Missile!
  • Guns, buffs and more - back in your Command Center you purchase from an array of weapons, buy equipment to augment your character for battle and even dress yourself up.
  • Customize your player with Hats - the player can outfit their character with nearly 300 hats, each of which grants one or more special powers like earning extra money per shot, doing more damage, health boost, damage reduction and resistance. Yes, some hats just make you look cool.
  • Pet Friends - Enjoy the company of your pet friends. These are your buddies who come to stay with you. As you play you can even get more exotic pets from all over the known universe.
  • Multiple weapons during the rounds - rocket launchers, laser rifles, lightning guns and the dreaded fist cannon are a few of the weapons you will use.
  • Choose your challenge - we offer three modes of Difficulty - Easy, Normal and Ultra - pick Ultra for the maximum test of your skills
  • Story and Dialog - each level features dialog between Max, STEVE and the boss of the level. Additionally, there are in game reactions to the combat as it evolves. If someone is throwing a train car – STEVE and Max are probably going to say something. Subsequent returns to your command center also feature dialog and story to help you understand what’s been happening.
  • Custom Soundtrack - each level and game screen has music to help drive home the awesome adventure the player is on.
  • Arcade Games - you got your own machine to play games in the Command Center - so play 'em. Maybe you will get something for your efforts.
  • Kite Flying - everyone needs a break - take one and chill on a hill with Max and STEVE.

Gameplay Modes:

  • Story - Base game with progression through 31 levels/rounds
  • Save the Robos - We also have missions where you will be taking Baby Robo’s safely into space.
  • Warp Chase - Follow the boss as he warps from level to level. While flying through innerspace you will have to knock him out of the warp tunnel before you can resume the fight.
  • Endless Boss Mode - this is you with one life seeing how far you can get against an endless array of bosses. Keep going against random bosses until you die.
  • Quest and Recover subgames - these are modes that will reward players for things like (but not limited to) completing rounds using certain weapons, rescuing allies, beating a round in under a certain time, knocking out specific enemies, protecting friends and more!
  • Classic Mode - the classic Boss 101 variation with powerups just like an old school arcade game. This is as a sub variation of the Endless boss or any of the other gameplay modes.
  • Iron Bot Mode - you have one hit point and that's it. This is as a sub variation of the Endless boss or any of the other gameplay modes.

Bringing You our Best

Boss 101 is a project that took three people nearly three and a half years to create. We self funded and worked on it full time to bring you the best game we could with as few restrictions as possible. We appreciate all your support during this period.

We set out to bring you our best and want you to feel GREAT about purchasing Boss 101. Ideally you get a ton of enjoyment with the base game and perhaps enjoy the arcade games too! We packed it as full as we could so look around and see what you can find!


We've been asked about the release of Boss 101 in different languages and the short answer is yes, we would love to release it in as many languages as requested. We're a small team so for the main release we are targeting English. From there we will be looking to translate to the most requested languages.

If you're interested in helping us or just want to put in a request for a specific language please contact us directly via our website your request or info.

Mac and Linux

We are concentrating on the PC version for ship but we will look into Linux and Mac after our initial release. Like languages, we want to bring this to as many platforms as we can!

Suggestions and Comments

These are always welcome and we will do what we can to answer each one directly. Check out the forums here, the comment section or mail us directly! We would love to hear from you. (see below)

Questions are welcome in the comments section or contact us directly.

Thank you again for checking out our page!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 (2*1866) or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 7600 GS (512 MB) or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 8.0
    • Storage: 350 MB available space

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