"Superscout" is a live-action interactive movie game where you will unravel the secrets of the girls you meet. The love beyond lifetimes, never let it go; the kindness in this life, engraved in your soul. Your choices will change your loved ones’ fate; those who love you will change yours...
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Jul 18, 2024

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We're back with a new FMV interactive dating sim game!

Hello, this is Mountain&Sea Studio. We are a studio dedicated to developing FMV games. Superscout is a new title that we've been working on for over a year. We hope you'll enjoy the story.
The game's demo is now available for testing. It is obviously not perfect at the moment, and you are more than welcome to email us if you have encountered any bug, would like to send us any feedback, or want to inquire about cooperation. Our contact email is, shanyuhai@shanhaixingchen.com .
Finally, please help us promote the game if you like the demo. Thank you so much! ;D

About This Game

"Superscout" is a live-action interactive movie game where you will play as the protagonist, Shuai Ge. You will experience a fantastical life, unraveling the secrets harbored in the hearts of the girls you meet, the secrets intricately tied to your own destiny. The love that transcends lifetimes, urges you to never let it go; the kindness encountered in this life, is deeply engraved in your soul. Your choices will determine the fate of your loved ones; and your world-line is quietly being changed by those who love you......
Before delving into more details, let's first glimpse through some pictures.

Zhou Yang: The promise from sandbox love turned empty as the air, all the beauty and prosperity is always cold as ice.
She is a star, your first love, the one you love, the one awaiting for you, the beginning of your star scout career, and perhaps its end?

Duo Duo: How naive this girl is, her innocence is like the fragrance of peach blossoms. Nothing haunts her mind, her laughter can linger through time itself.
She is a game streamer and the daughter of a philosophy professor. Is she wide-eyed pure, or dose she return to innocence because of her seeing through everything?

Lin Qian'er: So lithe and slender a fair maiden she is, So noble and upright who else can be; So clear and bright the mind of hers is, valiant and wild that is the way she is.
Once she was the center of attention as a girl group idol, abandoned and despised by her parents. She preaches the principle of equivalent exchange from FA, but lives by the code of chivalry and bravery from Chinese culture.

Xu Qingfeng: The breeze troubles no one, only the dust troubles it. She is simple and a high achiever, a nanny's child and the pride of her village.
She works in modern physics, with a hobby in ancient style han clothing.

Tang Xiaolan: Cannot help falling for her, yet her sorrow is only for the wind; All words become silent, who knows the fate of past life ties so tight.
She comes from money once depressed, now fully recovered. As for the specific reason, of course thanks to "you".

Lin Jia: So intelligent and romantic she is, to change the fate she steps into this.
She is your matchmaker, poverty alleviation officer, the neighbor you grew up with, your tutor, your protector from the outside world, the family committee's designated punisher, the rejecter of your unwanted admirers, a stand-in for your mom, and your own sister of no same parents, simply put, your "godfather".

Ye Shu: She was the lofty moon above the high ranges, the smile hidden on her face, freezes thousands of springs to come. The young boss, and a single mother. (I can't make this up anymore, there's a reason she's the final character to mention.)

With the pictures presented, let's continue this nonse... or rather, to introduce this game. Essentially, for your first love, Zhou Yang, "you" (the protagonist) struck a deal with the so-called god of entertainment, Xiubi, trading your future wealth for the ability of a superscout.
Following this deal, Zhou Yang became a super star, and "you" became penniless. Obviously, since "you" traded your future wealth for the superscout ability, "you" can't abuse this ability as a bug to make money without consequence. Each penny "you" earn through this ability spells a hundredfold loss.
Yet fret not about poverty, as the girls won't mind. After all, this is the logic of a romance drama, where money is nothing but a trivial prop.
Speaking of which, "intimacy" isn't the pivot of the storyline but serves for direct feedback on choices, then "Public Distribute Affection" or "Hand Out Clues" based on this value. The more significant value for influencing the storyline is "Yuan". Intimacy is the surface value, while Yuan is the core value. The logic behind this value design is akin to our first live-action interactive movie game, "Underworld Island", where intimacy is the surface value, and obsessiveness is the core value.
This time we made some progress, but overall, we're not entirely satisfied with the design of the value influence system. Our next project, "The High-Tech Guide to Yao Hunt", promises further refinement, stepping forward with each endeavor.

Product Character

This product isn't exactly characteristic, but it does have a bit erotic character, hahahaha.
The allure begins with the scouting gameplay. "You" can wield your superscout ability to delve into others' potentials. If her star potential index meets the criteria, "you" can choose to initiate a fortune-awakening ritual to help her "activate her fortune". As long as the rules are followed, her path to stardom shines bright. Everyone's fortune-awaken and fortune-operation are unique.
Next up, the fantasy gameplay. Sometimes, being moved by a scene, fantasizing is inevitable. Successfully navigating a Quick Time Event (QTE) allows the "fantasy" to roll on, though you're free to opt-out if it veers off your comfort zone.
The third layer is interactive action gameplay. "You" can engage in some interactive actions with them. (This part was not quite perfect and might be removed from the official content, instead released as an easter egg at the end of a chapter.)
In the final chapter, the heart scout gameplay will be unlocked. "You" can use the heart scout ability to discover secrets hidden within the girls' hearts that are related to you. The longer "you" spend time with her and the higher the intimacy, the more secrets you can uncover.
Everyone hides their secrets deep within their hearts, fearing of them being discovered by others, yet longing for the right one to unveil them.
Waiting for the right "you" to uncover the secrets hidden deep within the girls' hearts.

About Us

We are Mountain & Sea Studio, dedicated to crafting live-action interactive movie games. Our representative work is "Underworld Island".
Telling good stories with heart and soul, making great games with dedication, is our original aspiration.
Here, we won't make up any more stories. We hope everyone likes this pure love story in our game.
Please believe that, somewhere in the world,, there is someone who loves you and is making sacrifices for you without a word...

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Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

Some of the game's video content and lines may contain: "partial nudity", "sexual references", "alcohol abuse", etc. and may not be suitable for all ages.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Inter Core i3
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 独立显卡或集成显卡
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 60 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 最好能支持10bit播放,不然会降低画面质量
    • OS: Windows 10/Windows 11
    • Processor: Inter Core i5或AMD equivalent 或以上
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 独立显卡
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 60 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 最好能支持10bit播放,不然会降低画面质量

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