No Man's Sky является научно-фантастической игрой об исследованиях и выживании в бесконечной, процедурно генерируемой вселенной.
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12 авг. 2016

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13 декабря

Development Update 10

More info available here

Hello Everyone!

It's already been a very busy month for us! Today we are releasing a new update for No Man's Sky, which includes a new Community Research mission, more customisable flora for your base, a terrarium, a striking new Gek-inspired helmet, and a number of minor gameplay fixes and improvements. More on that below.

You may also have heard that last week we announced The Last Campfire - an adventure about a search for meaning and a way home, developed by a tiny subset of our small team. We're yet to announce platforms, but the game is available to wishlist on Steam now.

Community Research Update

Earlier this month, many thousands of Specialist Polo's friends worked together, across multiple realities, to contribute floral discoveries to a mass data pool. Biological information about alien plants was funneled into the Space Anomaly, and ultimately into the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot, where the data was processed into generating additional items to reward dedicated researchers.

While Polo has concluded their current investigations into the changes rippling through the universe, this boundary-defying data has had another, unexpected result. Polo's synthetic companion, inhabiting the back room of the Space Anomaly, has autonomously tapped into the broadcast system. Independently of their Gek master, they are reaching out for explorers to carry on expanding the Anomaly's databanks with new research data, via a variety of means: participants may choose to collect rare materials, explore the universe, or eliminate threats.

As before, universal progress may be tracked from the Galactic Atlas website, and submitted data will power the synthesis of further collectable items.

From the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot

Tier 1 Items

Three customisable base plants will unlock at tier 1...

The large-leafed Sail Palm, native to hot climates and naturally impervious to intense sunlight.

The slender Globe Tree, so named for its spherical reservoir root bulb.

The Rock Garden features a neat arrangement of flora and minerals, both luminous and matte.

Tier 2 Item

The terrarium is a small observatory unit designed to house a small alien specimen for study and companionship. Specimen is included with domicile. To avoid undesirable specimen-to-specimen interactions, a limit of one terrarium per base is recommended.

Tier 3 Item

The Helmet of the First Spawn, inspired in form by the war helms of ancient Gek, lends a battle-hardened appearance to Anomaly explorers.

Development Update

The patch notes for Update 1.77 are below, with these fixes available on Steam now.

Thanks for reading all these updates - we hope you've been enjoying the increased communication and update frequency over the past six months. There is still so much more to come in the new year, with a large portion of our team working towards further major updates for No Man's Sky. We look forward to seeing you out there.

Thank you so much,

Patch 1.77
  • Fixed an issue where Big Ball would get stuck in the refiner output (any previously broken refiners will now be clear)
  • Fixed an issue where all crystals would be called 'Unknown'
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial mission would not advance if the player collected a Hermetic Seal too early
  • Fixed an issue where the mission flow would halt when instructed to build a base for Apollo's contact if the base already had an Overseer but no large-scale rooms
  • Fixed some crash issues in exocraft races
  • Fixed a hang issue when accessing a mission dialogue at the same time as the mission deadline
  • Fixed a hang issue when accessing the Starship Communicator at the same time as exiting the cockpit
  • Fixed an issue where ancient ruins and crashed freighters could sometimes spawn floating above the surface of planets
  • Adjusted the health of corrupted Sentinels to make them more tough than regular Sentinels
  • Fixed an issue where the advanced mining laser was not required to mine advanced substances
  • Fixed an issue where killing another player with melee attacks would result in an incorrect chat message
  • Addressed a number of photosensitivity issues around the Portal and the enter/exit ship effects
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain manipulator beam would not render on Multi-Tools with one pre-installed at purchase
  • Fixed an issue where resource names could appear multiple times on the planetary readout from space
  • Fixed an issue with collision on some medium-sized rocks
  • Fixed an issue with the Pocket Reality Generator not being buildable indoors
  • Disabled the Analysis Visor while on ladders
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29 ноября

Development Update 9

More info available here

Hello Everyone!

It's now been a week since we released Visions, and we're so happy to see players discovering and enjoying the new colour palettes, exotic landscapes, flora and fauna, and new rare items and curiosities to collect! We think we've succeeded in enhancing the sci-fi aesthetic of No Man's Sky, and making the universe a little bit stranger - something we hope to continue doing in the future.

Today, we are releasing a patch to address a few gameplay and stability issues. We also wanted to write a small development update to highlight some community activity and reflect on the status of the ongoing two-week research mission.

Community Research Update

Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada have detected another shift in the fabric of realities - an aftershock of the universal regeneration that occurred only a few months ago. Dead planets have awakened and twisted into strange new environments, and Polo invites their explorer friends to first discover the anomalous flora sprouting on one of these exotic biomes, then discover as much flora as possible across the entire universe.

Perhaps as another result of this aftershock, something has changed in how the Space Anomaly is receiving and processing data. The boundaries between realities are weaker than ever. The discoveries of all Traveller iterations now contribute to a cross-reality data pool, and universal progress will unlock additional items at the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot.

Progress may also be tracked from the Galactic Atlas website.

From the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot

Tier 0 Items

3 varieties of fireworks can be constructed outside to dazzle fellow explorers with colourful pyrotechnic displays in the skies. Not recommended for indoor use.

Tier 1 Items

3 new gestures to express disbelief or heroism, or to gaze stoically towards the horizon.

Tier 2 Item

A Pocket Reality Generator, to generate a universe at a miniature scale.

Tier 3 Item

Finally, the Eye of the Korvax helmet introduces a sleek new customisation option.

Development Update

The patch notes for Update 1.76 are below, with these fixes live on Steam now. Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much,

Patch 1.76
  • Fixed an issue where the Farmer would request that Coprite was planted without the player knowing the Coprite recipe.
  • Fixed an issue where the Farmer would teach the wrong Nip Nip recipe.
  • Fixed an issue where commas were missing from some large numbers in mission notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the new hazardous flora would not appear on certain planet types.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Big Ball to become permanently stuck in a refiner output (this fix prevents any new occurrences, existing blocked refiners continue to be blocked).
  • Fixed an issue that caused too few crates to spawn near buildings.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented grenades from firing while the Blaze Javelin is equipped.
  • Improved the appearance of the Bubble Cluster and Glitching Separator when displayed in your base.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the Portable Reality Generator.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the ceiling of the space station.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause debug strings to be visible when selling items at a trade terminal.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the placement of infinite fireworks.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Community Mission Tier progress to be incorrectly reported in the Log.
  • Fixed an issue that could allow players to hand in the maximum Community Mission contribution during the wrong dialogue, causing the "Continue" option in the final dialogue to be disabled.
  • Fixed a Community Mission exploit when the server couldn't be reached.
  • Fixed an issue where the Quicksilver Shop would only charge for one item when multiple items were purchased simultaneously.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when warping a freighter in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing Community Research progress in the Log.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in multiplayer when encountering anomalous creatures.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when encountering strange rocks.
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Об этой игре

Созданная по мотивам столь любимых нами приключений и идей из классической научной фантастики, игра No Man's Sky познакомит вас с галактикой, полной уникальных планет и форм жизни, а также постоянных угроз и экшена.

В No Man's Sky каждая звезда является светом далекого солнца, на орбите которого вращаются обитаемые планеты, к которым вы сможете отправиться, если сами того пожелаете. Беспрепятственно перемещайтесь между просторами дальнего космоса и поверхностями планет, без каких-либо экранов загрузки и ограничений. В этой бесконечной, процедурно генерируемой вселенной вы откроете для себя места и создания, которых вы не видели ранее и, вероятно, вряд ли увидите когда-нибудь еще.

Отправляйтесь в эпохальное путешествие

Центром галактики является чрезвычайно сильная пульсация, влекущая к себе каждого, кто хочет раскрыть истинную природу космоса. Однако, столкнувшись с враждебно настроенными созданиями и жестокими пиратами, вы увидите, что смерть обходится дорого, а выживание сводится к выбору вариантов улучшения вашего корабля, оружия и костюма.

Найдите собственную судьбу

Ваше путешествие по No Man's Sky зависит исключительно от вас. Возможно, вы станете бойцом, отнимающим богатства у слабаков либо награбленное у пиратов? Улучшая свой корабль для обеспечения максимальной скорости и огневой мощи, вы обретете истинную силу.

Или торговцем? Находите богатые ресурсами затерянные миры и извлекайте максимальную выгоду из их эксплуатации. Вкладывайте средства в увеличение грузового пространства, и вас ждет огромная награда.

Или, возможно, исследователем? Отправляйтесь за пределы разведанных территорий и открывайте то, что не удавалось прежде увидеть никому. Улучшайте свои двигатели для того, чтобы совершать прыжки еще дальше, и усиливайте свой костюм для выживания в условиях токсичной атмосферы, способной убить любого, кто не подозревает об опасности.

Делитесь своим путешествием

Галактика — это место, наполненное жизнью и дыханием. Торговые конвои путешествуют между звездами, фракции ведут борьбу за территории, пираты охотятся на неосторожных, а полиция постоянно наблюдает за происходящим. Все игроки обитают в единой галактике, и вы можете делиться с ними своими открытиями на карте, охватывающей известные пределы космоса. Возможно, вы увидите результаты их действий так же четко, как и результаты действий собственных...

Системные требования

    • Требуются 64-разрядные процессор и операционная система
    • ОС: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
    • Процессор: Intel Core i3
    • Оперативная память: 8 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: nVidia GTX 480, AMD Radeon 7870
    • Место на диске: 10 GB
    • Требуются 64-разрядные процессор и операционная система

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