A free-roaming squad based RPG. Focusing on open-ended sandbox gameplay features rather than a linear story. Be a trader, a thief, a rebel, a warlord, an adventurer, a farmer, a slave, or just food for the cannibals. Research new equipment and craft new gear.
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20 mrt 2013

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Wat de ontwikkelaars zeggen:

Kenshi is currently in alpha state. The game is still in development and is missing many features. There are currently unfinished gameplay features, and the stability will fluctuate as new features are added. Expect crashes and bugs at this stage.
But remember the game receives regular ongoing updates and improvements, by purchasing at this early stage you get the game for a reduced price and can watch it gradually grow and improve, provide your feedback to the developer, and above all you are helping to fund the development for a small independent developer. Remember: the price will gradually increase over time as development progresses, so the sooner you purchase, the lower the price.”
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11 september

Update 0.98.61 Out Now (Experimental)

Update 0.98.61 is on the Experimental branch! 0.98.55 is out on the main stable branch.

To opt in to the experimental version, right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. If opting in, please be aware of bugs, instability and unfinished content – for the best experience we recommend waiting for stable release… Please report any bugs, gameplay or balancing feedback etc to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums.

  • Reduced the armour athletics penalties
  • Minor improvements for AI campaigns, should improve them all arriving at the destination at the same time more often
  • Stopped imprisoned NPCs being set as the leader of a campaign
  • Overlapping player towns now get merged, to reduce AI confusion
  • Fixed being able to build inside NPC town radius if player town is nearby
  • Town population building allocation now consistent each game
  • Fixed context menu crash if no player characters
  • Medic job no longer ignored when carrying a hostile npc
  • Fixed a saving bug
  • A fix for picking up characters
  • Fix for a character editor crash for the southern hive
  • Fixed armour dodge stat not applying if it was a bonus
  • Mounted buildings use town of the building they are mounted to
  • Allow dismantling of mounted buildings on player owned buildings in npc towns
  • Fixed being able to build inside NPC town radius if player town is nearby
  • Fixed picking up characters again
  • Fixed dead character animation not updating straight away when picked up, causing rigamortis
  • Random crash fix
  • No more wall termites, now if you seal up your base with no gates the AI will smash the walls down
  • A fix for the animation modding system
  • Fixed the french translation not working at all
  • Updated french, spanish and japanese languages
  • hotfix for characters unresponsive to movement bug
  • Big optimisation for the particle system, should run smoother in zones with heavy particles like the deserts
  • Default setting for limb loss option set to "rare"
  • If a leg goes below -100 health (and isn't amputated) then the character is crippled and has to crawl
  • Wordswaps updated for french, german, portugese
  • Fixed the bug where a group order to attack a target wouldn't register for some of the characters
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4 september

Blog #26: The Final Piece

The last map quarter

It’s finally coming - Update 0.99, the very last section of Kenshi’s world map! We plan to release the map in two weeks time, hopefully on 17th September. Until then, sit tight and read up on *exactly* what is left to add after 0.99 before Kenshi’s fully finished 1.0 launch!


Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese translations have been released and are in game. Here are the planned ETAs of each language to be fully finished:
  • Japanese: 85% complete. Expected release November (special thanks to SBDR, Yukaary, Craft, Rijye, netakiriBATTOUSAI, Sillymonkeys, embrion, Masaru Momoyama, dice, ruinstar, Metapo, Tomoya 'urakata' Mori, tanpopo for their contribution)
  • German: 96% complete. Expected release October
  • French: 87% complete. Expected release November (Special thanks to Yann, Hasuka and Gauthier for their contribution)
  • Spanish: 68% complete. Expected release TBA
  • Russian: 95% complete. Expected release November (Very special thanks to Sol Lignum)
  • Portuguese Brazilian: 86% complete. Expected release November (Very special thanks to Yuri for his contribution)

World states:

So far this is around 80% complete, very roughly speaking. The world states for the big main factions are finished. We still need to work on town and squad overrides for the new map section, plus a few smaller factions in the current world map. In case you missed it, you can read more about the world states here.


And that’s it, Kenshi will now be feature complete - other than a *huge amount* of bug fixing and adjustments. Please keep your feedback coming either in the Steam or Lo-Fi forums and we’ll make sure we get Kenshi running smooth and perfect. As usual your help is much appreciated since we lack the manpower to fully test Kenshi’s huge map, thank you all for your support so far!
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"This level of thoughtfulness and ambition is why I learned to love the PC in the first place and I’ll be damned before I put on my cynical hat before I have good reason."
Rock Paper Shotgun

Over dit spel

A free-roaming squad based RPG focusing on open-ended sandbox gameplay features rather than a linear story. Be a trader, a thief, a rebel, a warlord, an adventurer, a farmer, a slave, or just food for the cannibals.

Research new equipment and craft new gear. Purchase and upgrade your own buildings to use as safe fortified havens when things go bad, or use them to start up a business. Aid or oppose the various factions in the world while striving for the strength and wealth necessary to simply survive in the harsh desert. Train your men up from puny victims to master warriors. Carry your wounded squad mates to safety and get them all home alive.


  • Freeform gameplay in a seamless game world in the largest single-player RPG world since Daggerfall, stretching over 870 square kilometers. The game will never seek to limit you or restrict your personal play style.

  • Custom design as many characters as you want and build up a whole squad to fight for you. Characters will grow and become stronger with experience, not just in their stats but their appearance too.

  • Original take on the RTS-RPG hybrid genre. No "hero" characters with artificially stronger stats than everybody else- Every character and NPC you meet is potentially an equal, and has a name, a life.

  • You are not the chosen one. You're not great and powerful. You don't have more 'hitpoints' than everyone else. You are not the center of the universe, and you are not special. Unless you work for it.

  • Build a base where you can research new technologies, upgrade your defences and craft new gear.

  • Purchase and upgrade your own buildings to use as safe fortified havens when things go bad, or use them to start up a business.

  • Variation and possibilities of gameplay. Be good, be evil, be a businessman, be a thief, live in a town, live in the desert, travel alone, travel in hordes, build a fortress, raze a city. Devote yourself to freeing slaves, or maybe end up a slave yourself.

  • Dynamic, ever changing world. Support or hinder whoever you wish, or keep to yourself, the world won't stop moving. This is not just a "game", you are living and surviving in a simulated world.

  • Get captured by cannibals and eaten alive, or sold off by slavers and forced to work in the mines. These are not scripted events, just a regular part of this chaotic world that ruins your life by chance. Anything can happen, yet anything can be overcome if you have the strength.

  • Absolutely no Level-scaling. The world does not level up along with you, and the shops don't change their inventory to only items matching your level. At the start of the game almost everyone will be stronger than you, and survival will always be a struggle. The game won't hold your hand or help you when you're down.

  • Realistic medical system that affects gameplay. A character with a wounded leg will limp or crawl and slow the party down, wounded arms means you must use your sword one-handed or not at all. Severe injuries will result in amputees needing robotic limb replacements. Blood loss means you can pass out, and the blood will attract predators. A character’s stats are affected by equipment, encumbrance, blood loss, injuries and starvation.

  • Intelligent AI that allows for characters to reason and work towards long-term goals and desires. Squads work together and carry their wounded to safety. Characters can be setup to take care of micromanagement for you and run production in your base.

  • Aid or oppose the various factions in the world while striving for the strength and wealth necessary to simply survive in the harsh environment.

  • Independently developed with no design influences, or alterations dictated by men in gray suits who have never played a game before in their lives.

  • Original game world. There are no fantasy-knock-off cliches. No magic.

Mature Content Description

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content


    • OS:64-bit Windows
    • Processor:Dual-core 64-bit
    • Memory:6 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Pixel shader 3.0 capable card
    • DirectX®:11
    • Hard Drive:14GB HD space
    • OS:Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor:Quad-core 64-bit
    • Memory:16 GB RAM
    • DirectX®:11
    • Hard Drive:14GB HD space

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