Diesel Legacy is a 2v2 fighting game where four players battle on the same stage at the same time. This unique twist on the traditional fighting game formula adds an entirely new layer of strategy where cooperation will become the key to success.
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Planned Release Date: 2024

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About This Game

Diesel Legacy is all about embracing the teamwork and chaos of 2v2 battles in a fighting game playing field - four players divided into two teams, on the same stage, at the same time.

Enter the dieselpunk world as a robotic war machine, a rocket skater girl, a plague doctor assassin, a suave gangster with her goons and so much more. Punch, kick, parry, shoot, bomb, poison, ignite, freeze and whatever else you can do to win it all.

Made by the FGC, for the FGC. It's Diesel, baby.


2v2 Madness, 4 players simultaneously!

Step into the ring with a partner and fight off your competition. Protect each other or go on a double frontal attack. Fighting game newcomers and veterans will be able to team up and level up together with everyone making meaningful contributions to their team.

The traditional fighting game experience has transformed into a true battlefield, where tactics and situational awareness reign supreme.


Intuitive controls with an insane amount of depth for each character!

Brawlers, Rushdown, Zoners, Grapplers, Trap Characters and more– there’s a meticulously crafted, hand-drawn character with an additional unique twist for everyone.

Newcomers will be able to focus on the fight, not requiring overly complicated inputs to pull off special moves. Meanwhile, fighting game veterans will be constantly engaged by footsies, split-second decision-making, combo optimization, resource management and everything else that traditional fighting games thrive on.

Each character has their own fighting personality with unique and deep mechanics, giving each player the ability to explore and express themselves via their own playstyle.

Team Leader? Showboat? Comeback King? Parry God? Unpredictable Wild Card? It's time to own what makes you who you are, and celebrate it.


Outplay your opponents and flip the traditional fighting game experience on its head!

Use Diesel Legacy’s three lane system to seamlessly bob-and-weave into the foreground or background. Use the extra dimension to outmaneuver, outrun and outplay your enemies. You want immaculate schmovement? We’ve got it in spades.


Fight, parry, and burst– even after you’re KO’d!

Does the soul still burn? Even when you’re down, you’re not out of the fight! Commandeer your own ghost and get back out there! Use your newly acquired ghost abilities to turn the odds in your favor by parrying, bursting and attacking for your teammate.


Introducing the new era of online netcode, RealMatch!

RealMatch is rollback netcode redesigned from scratch with competitive fighting games in mind. Using proprietary adaptive rollback technology, RealMatch stabilizes and improves gameplay in all the roughest online conditions– including transcontinental connections, high latency, and Wi-Fi, to keep your game running like you were all playing in the same room.

It’s just that good, you gotta see it to believe it.


Take control of the dieselpunk future!

Thirty-five years ago, the dense, bustling metropolis of New Libertis was born from an explosive boom of technological marvels. This new industrial renaissance saw the rapid expansion of the “Iron City”, pioneered by industrialist Hieronymus Frazer, founder of the now-omnipresent FALCORP.

Rising from the center of the city, the monolithic New Babel Tower siphons energy from the outer zones to power the glowing lamps of FALCORP’s countless labs. In its shadow the city’s workers - alongside gangsters, brawlers, and mechanized humanoid “autos” - spend their lives relegated to inhuman conditions with no hope of escape.

With almost limitless resources at his disposal, Frazer now seeks to secure his legacy and usher in a grand ascension for humanity’s elite. To that end, anything and everything may be sacrificed for his greater vision.

Bold, brazen champions will rise in the fight for tomorrow - the fate of the city is in your hands!


  • Couch Co-Op Online! Any mixture of local and online players works.
  • FULL STORY MODE: Play through unique stories for every fighter, featuring single player or couch/online play!
  • Arcade Mode– A classic arcade style opponent ladder featuring bosses and unique surprise challenges
  • CPU! Team up with or take out that nasty AI before they take all our jobs!
  • Training Mode! Incredibly robust training options to master the intricacies of each character, including frame data, hitboxes, recordings, save states and much more.
  • Combo Trials & More: Test your knowledge and skill with additional challenge modes.
  • Drop-In and Drop-Out– Meet up in the lobby, invite friends, and play all game modes by queuing up with friends or randoms, the choice is yours!
  • Voice Chat Supported! Coordinate with your team or give ‘em that good ole wholesome FGC banter.
  • Spectate! Got someone you love to follow? Follow them and know when they are brawling live!
  • Unlimited live spectators with live match controls!
  • Live spectating includes all replay features including hitboxes, frame data, and taking control of a character to see what you would’ve done differently! It gives “hindsight is 20/20” a whole new meaning!


System Requirements

    • OS *: Windows 7 (64bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 | AMD Ryzen 2600
    • Graphics: GTX 970 / RX 570
    • DirectX: Version 11
* Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

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