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CyberCorp is cooperative loot shooter in a cyberpunk world. Gangs, overpopulation, and blood have filled the streets of Omni-City. You are a fighter for the private military corporation CyberCorp. Your task is to defeat gangs using force and cutting-edge weaponry!
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Gangs. Overpopulation. Blood.
Criminal syndicates have taken control of districts of Omni-City, a megacity on the edge of Western Europe where different layers of society struggle to survive.
Feeling powerless, the mayor strikes a deal with the powerful private military corporation, CyberCorp, in hopes of defeating crime.

You are a CyberCorp fighter. In your hands lies a unique and dangerous technology - the Synth, a remotely controlled combat shell.
Are you ready to take your weapon and return order to the streets of the city?

Flexible progression system

Upgrade your equipment using a card-based system of weapon and armor enhancements. Build and customize to match your playstyle.


Experience the game in cooperative mode with friends or random players.

Slums, factories, laboratories, elite residential complex

Complete missions in various locations, explore the city of the future. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of cyberpunk.

Fast paced gameplay

Defend objects, hack security systems, capture control points, and uncover hidden items.

Loot shooter

Choose your difficulty level and get the rewards. There's something for those who seek a more casual experience or a hardcore challenge.

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This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore.

Persyaratan Sistem

SteamOS + Linux
    • Prosesor 64-bit dan OS diperlukan
    • OS: TBD
    • Prosesor: TBD
    • Grafis: TBD
    • Prosesor 64-bit dan OS diperlukan
    • OS: TBD
    • Prosesor: TBD
    • Grafis: TBD
      • OS: TBD
      • Prosesor: TBD
      • Grafis: TBD

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