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2019. aug. 29.

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E tartalomhoz szükség van a(z) Talisman: Digital Edition alapjáték Steames változatára.

Talisman - The Clockwork Kingdom Expansion vásárlása


A tartalomról

Innovation strikes the land of Talisman! Large clockwork towers, flying carriages and magical automation’s appear in a frenzy. The rulers of the land are no longer Kings and Princes. Instead Inventors and Merchant Lords lead Talisman into a bold new age of invention.

Discover this new era of Talisman where Inventions lead the way. Craft new weapons and gear to help you claim victory and reach the Crown of Command!

Please note that this digital-only expansion is not included in the Talisman: Digital Edition season pass.

Discover a new NPC!

A mysterious moving shop now travels the outer region of Talisman. Known as Cog, this travelling store moves one space clockwise every round. If you’re lucky enough to encounter Cog, you’ll be rewarded by receiving 1 Material Card for free. You may then purchase additional material cards at the cost of 1 gold per material card already taken.

Create amazing inventions

Gone are the days of wishing you could create that perfect sword. Using 3 cards from the Material Deck you’re able to invent and create hundreds of new creations. You can earn new Materials by encountering Cog, defeating certain Enemies, or encountering various new Adventure Cards. Once you have 3 Materials you may combine them into your brand-new invention.

What will you create? What combinations of Materials will you try? The inventing is down to you!

3 New Characters

Over the years you’ve developed your skills of observing and deconstructing Magical Objects to the highest standard. With these skills, you have learned the ability to absorb their magical qualities, increasing your powers.

You begin the game with 2 Spells.
During your turn, you may destroy any magic objects you have in order to absorb their powers.
Destroying 1 Magic Object will give you 1 Spell if you craft allows.
Destroying 2 Magic Objects allows you to gain 1 Craft.
Whenever you land on Runes, you may gain a Spell, if your craft allows.

As the era of Invention began, some were left behind, unable to share in the wealth and prosperity. However, you know how to get the most out of your money, and gain advantage from being a good haggler. You refuse to be left behind and know what you want to achieve in this new revolution.
When you land on the same space as another character you may buy any of their objects for 1 gold.
Whenever you encounter a card or space and pay a total of 2 or more gold you may pay 1 gold less.
When visiting the city, tavern or village instead of encountering any of the residents you may gain a gold.
You may evade a battle by paying 1 gold.

As an aspiring Inventor, others envy your craftsmanship and you know the best way to create new weapons and armour. You know how to make the most of your resources, and can create inventions with only the basic resources needed. You’re an expert at taking machinery apart too, allowing you to take down Construct Enemies with ease.
You may craft an Invention with 2 ingredients instead of 3.
Add 3 to your attack roll in combat against construct enemies.
When you craft an Invention you may roll 1 die against your chart and add the text to the Invented Card.

2 New Endings

Runic Revolution
In a fight to remember a time of simplicity steeped in tradition and mysticism, a revolution has risen to bring the land of Talisman back to its former glory. Can you defeat a horde of Construct Enemies and win the fight for the land of Talisman?

In this hidden ending, the board is cleared of all Adventure Card and all Construct Enemies are added back into the deck. All characters are teleported to a space in the Outer or Middle Regions which they cannot leave for the rest of the game. 'Each time a player defeats a Construct Enemy, instead of taking it as a trophy, they are rewarded with a Revolution Token. After 10 rounds the player with the most Revolution Tokens wins!'

Era of Invention
Believing your Invention is the best isn’t enough. In a world filled with new and aspiring Inventors, you need to prove that you’re the ultimate master of your craft.

Take your Invention to the Crown of Command and choose a character to fight in psychic combat. If you win make a copy of an Invention in your inventory in addition to regular rewards, then kill that player. If you kill all other players you win.

The Clockwork Kingdom Expansion adds:

41 New Adventure Cards
8 New Spells
30 New Material Cards
3 New Characters
2 New Alternative Endings


Mac OS X
    • Op. rendszer: Windows 7
    • Processzor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memória: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafika: 1024x600 resolution
    • DirectX: Verzió: 11
    • Tárhely: 700 MB szabad hely
    • Hangkártya: On board
    • Op. rendszer: 10.8
    • Processzor: x86 AMD 2.0ghz
    • Memória: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafika: 256MB Video Memory
    • Tárhely: 700 MB szabad hely

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