CrownTrick is a procedurally generated maze game with Roguelike gameplay and hand drawn art style. Take up the unbelievable crown and start your underground adventure with the power...
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March 21

Devlog: The Birth of The Big Eye Crown - The sense of design in a Roguelike

Again: The unbelievable crown is a synchronous turn-based Rogue game, remember to be a turn-based system!

Editor's note: This log comes from one of the game designers "FY". She is the only girl on the team and is responsible for scenes and room production.

This time FY will talk about some ideas we’ve had in terms of making the rooms in the game: What are we thinking about when we talk about the sense of design in a random game (Rougelike)?

When we discuss the design of the level of a Rougelike game, we find that many of these game levels do not need to have too many engineered encounters. Try to think carefully, think about some of the popular titles from this genre like Enter the Dungeon, The Binding of Isaac, and Crypt of the NecroDancer , ... You will find that these games don’t have the “standout scenes” that impress you like some of the iconic scenes in RPG games. Instead, they have artifacts, a Boss battle or a "fancy" trap.

"Crypt of the NecroDancer" Random enemies, random and damaging walls

"Crypt of the NecroDancer" Boss battles are very interesting

From a viewpoint about randomness, Rougelike games do not require too many elaborate levels of design. One of the main reasons why everyone loves to play Rougelike games is that the producer can use a small amount of resources to give the player longer more interesting gameplay. The player is motivated to overcome the difficulty and uncertainty caused by randomness. If a fixed puzzle is included, after being answered 10 times, it will become boring and cumbersome, and the design cost to implement such an intricate puzzle is often very high. So, due to the high cost of production and the low replay value, the intricate fixed design and Rougelike are not a good match.

Then why did we have to add a lot of fixed designs to the random city?

Game screenshot, all liquids will respond to Electricity

This has a lot to do with the gameplay of our game, which requires the use of various elements of terrain intelligently.
. Before Devlog:Core Elemental interaction

What is the elemental terrain? From an implementation standpoint, it can be understood as a special trap or mechanism with different interaction effects. Of course, the experience when playing may be quite different. In other words, the game is made up of various types of special traps. Of course, players don't want all the in game traps to always produce the same results. We hope that all the traps used in the game have a uniqueness so that weapons and attacks are all different.

This poses a challenge to the level design team (as if the creation of the dungeon is not enough ~~). There aren't many games that have been able to overcome this challenge because of the risks. But we’re not shying away from it.

How do we solve the problem of “using elemental terrain” in a meaningful way... The problem has been haunting us for some time. Finally, during the brainstorming process, it seems there have been quiet a few possible solutions:

Do we really want to make a game like Mario, where we treat each room as a puzzle, and players use objects to fight just like solving a puzzle. A solution for each room cannot be represented by 0 or 1, and ultimately the solution must be based in what this type of game (the endless dungeon of a synchronous turn-based system) requires, namely: resource management.

Basing the game around the room encourages the use of element interaction to generate a favorable outcome for the player, while also encouraging the player to save their resources. Good players will focus on saving more resources as they enter deeper into the dungeons; players who do not master the skills will be trapped in the room until they are able to figure out the most optimal solution.

In Crown Trick, the player's can use of the room and elements in the following situations:
1. Attract monsters to terrain with negative effects
2. Use terrain to increase the amount of damage
3. Using objects to generate damage (control)
4. Use the object or terrain to create a chain reaction
5. Transform and utilize the terrain

Anything that meets the above criteria could be considered a suitable way to play the game. However, don't forget that in each level, the position of the enemy randomly changes. The terrain elements generated on the ground are randomly changing, and the position of the player entering each level randomly changes. This leads to some obvious objectives when the player sees the room, and some are slightly hidden. In rooms with more obvious puzzles, the player can easily see the means of breaking through, thus completing the battle more efficiently. In the room with more hidden puzzles, the player needs to do some calculation and thinking, and the means of solving these kinds of puzzles are also diverse.

Let’s take a look at some of the battles that have been designed.
Here are some of the rooms in the game:(cell):

一、 Using objects and object combos
a) Room 1: The arrow shoots the oil drum, and the oil and water mix produces a large area of deceleration effect.

Room (in design)

b) Room 2: A row of explosive barrels, can be detonated to cause a lot of damage

Room (in design)

In the “Room 1”, the best solution is that the player shoots the oil drum with a bow and arrow; most players in the “Room 2” may wait for the monster to detonate as much as possible, but there are many players who may choose to ignore these things in the room.

二、 The a planned use of the terrain
a) Room 3: Players can use their position to lead the pig into the fire

Room (in design)

b) Room 4: Fire and explosive terrain help to stack a lot of damage on the Boss. How can I bring Boss to this area? Come on, you can do it!

Room (in design)

In “Room 3” and “Room 4” , there may be more differences in the player's choice. These terrains have various requirements for the player. Due to this, the puzzle of a room no longer tends to be a unique, fixed, or singular solution. Players can play by using their intuitions and preferences.

三、 Some traps that change according to the round, such as: ground thorns, players have to navigate around them and they can use the characteristics of these kinds of traps during a round to make the battle go in your favor.
a) There is no monster in this room, the player only needs to walk over the thorns without injury.

Room (in design)

b) There is a monster in the room, the player seems to be able to use the thorns to cause damage to the monster.

Room (in design)

So, perhaps for our game, in each room, the answer to the puzzle is between 0-1, and there is no one “correct” solution. Because players enter the room randomly, the monsters spawn randomly, and random elemental terrain, players can think about how to use their own means to go through the room in their own way.

Here’s today’s Dev blog. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to send them to us!

In designing each room, after further discussion and research, the levels team has developed a new set of design methods that not only borrowed some existing methods, but that also combine some urban design methods as well. Until next time, bye by everyone!

Unfinished, to be continued...

Before Devlog:
Devlog: The Birth of The Big Eye Crown - Elemental interaction
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February 20

Devlog: The Birth of The Big Eye Crown - Elemental interaction

In the last post, we briefly talked about “elemental interaction”. In the game, “How to use natural elements to fight” is one of the important experiences that we hope to bring to the players. This time we will talk about the development process in this regard:

The earliest source of inspiration for "natural element interaction" was the game "Divinity: Original Sin 2" which was released in the previous year and was highly praised. In the first generation, the gameplay was like Diablo's Action RPG. In "Divinity: Original Sin", the gameplay was a more traditional ActionPoint-style C-RPG, and provides an extremely interesting and interactive aspect of natural elements. At that time, our group of developers were also very addicted.

IMAGE:Divinity: Original Sin

The original intention of making "Crown Trick" is to provide a easier-to-use retro synchronized turn-based gameplay system, but the problem is that this retro gameplay is complex and fragmented. So after we removed these complex points from the gameplay, the game was simple but the interesting aspects of these retro games disappeared.

Gogue Like game dense information interface

So, we spent a lot of time thinking about how to add a new mechanism to the game to support the fun of the core gameplay. At this time, we put our eyes on the instinct of the original sin of the gods - "to introduce a set of nature for the game." Will the element interaction system be interesting? ". With this idea, I started to try implementation.

Although we got inspiration from these games, it is quite another matter to make this mechanism in the game. The game is based on the "grid" unit, and based on the "round" process unit, then the elements must meet these two points after joining, but also natural enough and easy to understand.
Therefore, the element of "the elemental terrain of the lattice shape" came into being.

'Crown Trick' Battle scene

Next, we needed to determine what elemental terrain is introduced.
In "Divinity: Original Sin 2", not all elements correspond to a kind of terrain. For example, wind and electricity do not have independent terrain. This may seem natural, but the sense of consistency will be weaker. Using it as a core game mechanism may cause certain inconsistencies and imbalances.
To ensure that each element has independent terrain and differentiated effects in the game, we will try to design a set of element interaction mechanisms for the game.

'Crown Trick' Elemental terrain
The following terrain effects are still being designed and adjusted. This is our attempt at the mechanism. If you have better ideas or suggestions, you can tell us.
  • Flame - damage terrain, multi-round DOT, if the player can extend the enemy's ignition time by pulling, then the income is higher.
  • Explosion - damage terrain, single-shot one-time damage, if you can not pull with the enemy, then the return is higher.
  • Poison - damage terrain, multi-round percentage DOT, stackable.
  • Ice – controllable terrain, will freeze the enemy
  • Electricity - controllable terrain, will paralyze the enemy
  • Oil – controllable terrain, will slow down the enemy
  • Wind - increase / decrease the terrain, will weaken the enemy
  • Water - increase / decrease the terrain, will enhance yourself

'Crown Trick' elemental interaction

So what happens when different elements come together? I can demonstrate some simple examples, such as water terrain.

'Crown Trick' Water elemental assemble

Flame + water = steam, steam will provide stronger DOT and an additional increase / decrease effect
Flame + wind = blow, the fire will be blown into a small fire, the scope is expanded, but the power is low.
Flame + oil = point fuel, become a sea of fire.
Electric + wind = thunderstorm, brings damage and paralysis to the enemy
Ice + wind = ice storm, can bring damage and freeze to the enemy

Game goal
In fact, the complete interactive elemental terrain is a very big challenge. In the process of making all the combinations of two elements, there are still many combinations of elements that are unnatural. We are constantly trying to explore more feasible combination results (the above-mentioned explosion terrain is the latest introduction, replacing the original fire wall terrain).

Although it is difficult, the production process is full of constant change, but our goal has never changed - to introduce 8 kinds of natural elements to the game, with each combination of two elements producing a change, each change has its own effect, so that Player can defeat the enemy by combining elements to get an experience each time.

Elemental-related design ideas are introduced here for the time being. Again, this is an attempt at the mechanics of the game. If you have better ideas or suggestions, please let us know. We will continue to update and introduce new links in the follow-up, so stay tuned~

Guess: How many several combinations of water lements topography?

Unfinished, to be continued...

Devlog: The Birth of The Big Eye Crown
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We really like RogueLike games and have been kind of obsessed with some of the most famous games from this genre, so we wanted to make our RogueLike for people to get obsessed with! We combined a 2D art style with Strategy gameplay to create CrownTrick. We hope everyone likes it. Presently the game is still in development and so go ahead and bookmark this and follow us for more exciting updates. Thanks.

Twitter: Crown Trick

About This Game

No one knows what will happen in the next room. ------Crown Trick

CrownTrick is a procedurally generated maze game with Roguelike gameplay and hand drawn art style. Take up the unbelievable crown and start your underground adventure with the power bestowed


Unique Features:

    * Procedurally Generated Mazes
Every time you enter the maze it’s a new experience. Water, Fire, Ice, Wind, Poison, and Earth make up the world’s elements and they mutually affect one another and bring various new ways to damage your enemies. Booby traps, treasure chests, natural springs, mysterious statues, and unknown inhabitants come together in this underground world.

    * 2D Hand Drawn Underground World
This hand drawn underground world is filled with fantastic trials. From witches’ castles to the limitless abyss and every kind of underground creature. You can take swords, bows, muskets, and magic staffs as you explore and fight off the lurking evils.

    * Intriguing and innovative gameplay
Intriguing and innovative gameplay, interactive elements lead to numerous ways to play, sucessfully using the terrain is key. Synchronous turn-based gameplay, form the basis for this RogueLike RPG.

    * Mystic Abilities and Mysterious Crowns
The dangerous but powerful crown accompanies you on your adventure. There are dozens of monsters within the crown whose abilities are waiting to be unlocked as you level up.

Even More Extras:

√ An innovative approach to classic synchronous turn based battle
√ RogueLike play style with procedurally generated mazes
√ 4 to 5 different styles of maze that encourage multiple play-throughs
√ Randomly generated maps, treasures, traits, items, and mysterious events
√ 100 plus unique underground creatures
√ 100 plus extraordinary weapons
√ 60 plus spells
√ 30 plus passive abilities combine them however you like
√ 80 plus traits
√ 70 plus treasures
√ 30 plus tools
√ Every development is different, every repetition brings new experiences
√ Explore a world with numerous hidden elements from Bosses, rooms, stories, and tools

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 (32-bit Version)
    • Processor: Latest Intel i3 / Ryzen
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 600M / ATI HD 5450
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: No specific requirements
    • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit Version) or better
    • Processor: Latest Intel i5 / Ryzen or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 600M / ATI HD 5450 or better
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: No specific requirements

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