CrownTrick is a procedurally generated maze game with Roguelike gameplay and hand drawn art style. Take up the unbelievable crown and start your underground adventure with the power...
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June 5

Crown Trick Questionarre

The Crown Trick open beta version of the game has already been up on itch or Gamejoft for some time now and the response that we have gotten from the players and fans has surpassed our expectations. It has also helped us to solidify the core mechanics of the game that make it enjoyable namely: The synchronous movement, the elemental interaction and the rogue-like aspect. Right now we are looking to collect everyone’s feedback and questions and we’ve compiled a list of some of the most asked questions along with their answers right here!

About the Weapon Systems
We’ve had a lot questions about the weapons and relics. In this version of the game players have said that combat suffers from a number of issues that make it feel quite lacking in terms of difficulty and believability.

Some of the main reasons for this are:
1. The 9 weapon types only have one currently playable weapon in the game so there is a lack of variety
2. There are few relics in the game, only about 20, and they don’t have clear enough differences.
3. There are some relics and weapons that have bugs.
4. A few of the weapons’ designs didn’t fit the game; for instance melee weapons were at a severe disadvantage.

The current planned fixes for these issues
1. We will make more weapons for each weapon class, with approximately 9 weapons per each class, so 9*9, for a total of about 80 or so weapons.
2. Emphasize the particularity of relics, reduce the number of basic relics, add additional “special relics” and make the combination of relics more varied and meaningful.
3. Make the amplification of relics more clear visually. This may make the players feel like they have much more powerful impact when they first play through. (Currently many players feel like they aren’t that impressive)
4. Make the pairings between relics, abilities, and items more sensible.
5. Fix the bugs with certain weapons and relics.
6. Fix the issues around melee weapons and buff the swords and battle axe
7. Fix a few of the issues with the ranged weapons, make the differences between them more distinct.
8. Add more magic based skills.

About the Difficulty and Levels
In this Demo version of the game we released Chapter One, the easiest difficulty level, because we didn’t want to overwhelm new players while the learned how to play the game. (We realize now this was a mistake because everyone playing is an expert at roguelikes)

Plans for changes:
1. Every chapter will be have an upper level difficulty and a lower level difficulty, with the lower levels of each chapter having higher difficulty as the player descends further within the chapter.
2. The lower levels within each chapter while have more unique content, events and bosses that match the harder difficulty
3. At the lower level within the chapter players will be challenged with Bosses, main and hidden.
4. Main Bosses will require that you find hidden clues before you are able to challenge them.
5. We will aim to add difficulty settings for the game so that players can have a different play through experiences.
6. Some of this will be done through increasing the number and strength of enemies, but it won’t be the only way we look to increase difficulty.
7. We will add a challenge mode.
8. We will add a kind of “endless maze” mode similar to “SlaySpire” (we are testing how to implement this)
9. We will adjust and balance the mana consumption of skills, blinking, and make mana recovery more reasonable.

About the Control Input Issues
In this version we only had two input methods for the controls: mouse/keyboard and controller both of which did not have button mapping available. The game’s current character turning system also confused players.

The current planned fixes for these issues:
1. Create a key mapping feature that allows players to map inputs to buttons or keys they would prefer.
2. Create a mouse function that allows you to click on the grid to move and click on the enemy to attack.
3. Implement a new turning method, in which pressing a directional input will automatically turn and move the player in that direction one space without an additional input. The player will need to control the direction they face when not moving with a different input.
4. We will be optimizing the UI interface.

About Homebase Upgrades and Character Upgrades:
In the test version the players Homebase upgrades become more and more expensive making it harder to upgrade each time. Further more leveling your character was not fully open to the players so this reduced the amount of replay value. Our game is more of a Roguelite style game in that we want players to be able to level up and defeat the higher difficulties.

The current planned fixes for these issues:
1. Streamline the Homebase upgrade system.
2. Increase the Soul Crystal output so that upgrades requiring Soul Crystal will be achievable earlier.
3. Increase Homebase upgrade diversity and meaningfulness.
4. The player character will not lose experience points after death during a run so that they can unlock new skills and other upgrades for their next run.
5. The main purpose of player character upgrades is to unlock more weapons, relics and tools so that you can have access to more methods for dealing with mobs and bosses in future levels and chapters.
6. We are considering attaching numerical values to the player upgrade system. (Still under team review)

About Freezing and Lag:
Right now there are several factors that are contributing to these issues, but mainly it’s due to:

1. We have used 4K picture quality for all of the in game image rendering.
2. There are some issues with Unity and memory usage when using this image quality level
3. Because of the synchronous movements certain players have experienced lag in rooms with large numbers of enemies or action animations.

About the Game Save and Game Loading System
In the current version of the game we have implemented a very simple Save/Load system. In the future we plan to implement an AutoSave function within the game that will allow players to exit the game at any point and come back at the exact point they left of playing.

The current planned fixes for these issues:
1. Performance optimization, with the ability to select low, medium or high image resolution.
2. Fix the issue regarding memory usage.
3. Try to increase the combat animation speeds (This will be more difficulty to implement and if there are any suggestions that you all have the team would love to hear them)

The current version of the game is just a test version and there are many things that we didn’t list above that still need to be implemented or tweaked as we look to move forward with the games development. Everyone has been so helpful when it comes to assisting the team in finding bugs! Here’s a brief list of some of the bugs that players have identified and that the team has been able to fix already!
  • Mobs will get stuck inside walls and will disappear or become untargetable making it impossible for players to leave a room
  • It was impossible to directly pick up gold or items
  • After pressing Tab to open the mini map, Pressing Esc wouldn’t take you back to the previous screen or menu. (the player needed to manually click the return button)
  • Some of the maps were obstructed from view.
  • Progress would be deleted or lost if a player opened the large map inside the lab.
  • After opening the potion interface players would be unable to exit.
  • After completing objectives their notification icons would still remain on the mini-map
  • After completing objectives the mini-map would disappear
  • The training vial and the first blood vial were different
  • There were some issues with item or skill explanations
  • Item description optimization issues

We know that there are still many issues that will need to be fixed and we hope to be able to resolve them as quickly as possible. There are also opportunities to improve the game in many different areas and we will strive to make the game better and better.

If you have any issues, especially issues regarding choppy or lagging gameplay, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Discord !

We are grateful for your continued support and help in making Crown Trick better and better!

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May 31

Devlog: The Birth of The Big Eye Crown - A walk through the designing of characters

In the last devlog, we heard from one of the girls on the design team. After that update we had lots of people asking what we meant by “Explosion”. The Steam page wishlist experienced growth that even startled our design team.(Last Devlog: The Birth of The Big Eye Crown - The sense of design in a Roguelike)

Seeing that the result was so good (the wishlist grew, and we crushed our KPI) ,I decided I might as well risk my life and make a post like the girl from our design team.

A 2D Cute Girl's Adventure

During the earliest Demo of the Game,the art style was quite different from what it is today. However, as we moved to a new art style we ended up creating a more cartoonish art style similar to animated fans. The reasons for this were simple, the team has lots of Bilibili fans on it...

Dun dun dun dun, The early shots and style from the game emerged

It’s true, from the very early stages of the games development we tried many different things for the art style. We looked at other Roguelike games and their art styles. We came to the conclusion that our game’s style should be happy and relaxing. From this foundation we decided to choose a young girl for our lead character following some things we found from the current Roguelike market. We felt this would be the best way to stay within the framework of Roguelike games in the market as well as remain true to our guiding principles for the art style.

This is an early art style we considered for our female lead character

This is another

We also had some ideas for a more Tomboy style desig.
We hoped to create a female character that looked strong and capable of taking on any challenge that she might face in the dungeon and that she was also a little mysterious.

Cute girl came close to looking like this

At the time of our Demo the games are style looked like the pictures below, it’s quite different than the current art style, right?

Did you notice how the floor looked more like a chessboard?

This was an early demo version, but you can still see some of the core elements of the gameplay such as the elemental interactions and the ability to change the environment and effect gameplay by buffing or debuffing areas and characters.

Even in the early art style of the game you can see that we wanted to maintain the hand drawn feel of the items and textures.

Familiar containers

The creatures, and monsters from the early art style of the game

When every thing was ready we prepared a Demo of the early version of the game, however the players felt that the art style was a little lackluster and didn’t really capture their interest or attention from the get go. With most responding that there wasn’t anything too special about it.

Changing the art style with a focus on a hand drawn style

The art style didn’t match our expectations and we felt it didn’t help our game to stand out enough from other games. We wanted to make sure we could showcase the best aspects of the game and we decided that a cartoon style is not the same as the “Sister Meng” style. So we focused on making sure that we achieved a more textured visual and game experience for this most recent demo version of the game.

Of course we know that its very difficult to make a real hand animated game. It’s been a difficult challenge for our team. But we want to make sure we deliver the best game to the players. So we’ve worked to maintain the lines, color blocks and frame animations.

The first death animation! Because this is a Rougelike game and the player’s death is an important part of the game.

The new scenery appearance

We will continue to develop the game along this basis. Now , the game like this:

We also included the chessboard like feel

In this animation the fire barrel explodes and interacts with the environment which is pretty cool while still maintaining the cartoon feel.

At the same time we’ve carried the 2D art hand drawn art style over to the rest of the game.
Even though this will take more time to implement we’re sure the result will be much better.

Hand drawn Main Character

Hand drawn cartoon style NPC enemies

Continuing in the tradition of cute girl

This is a short gameplay video, you can take a look and check out what the gameplay and game art style is like in action.

After reading all this, wanna play Crown Trick? You can go to or . We’ve put out an open beta version of the game that everyone can try and then join our
Discord and share your suggestions.

Last Devlog:
Last Devlog: The Birth of The Big Eye Crown - The sense of design in a Roguelike
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About This Game

No one knows what will happen in the next room. ------Crown Trick

CrownTrick is a procedurally generated maze game with Roguelike gameplay and hand drawn art style. Take up the unbelievable crown and start your underground adventure with the power bestowed


Unique Features:

    * Procedurally Generated Mazes
Every time you enter the maze it’s a new experience. Water, Fire, Ice, Wind, Poison, and Earth make up the world’s elements and they mutually affect one another and bring various new ways to damage your enemies. Booby traps, treasure chests, natural springs, mysterious statues, and unknown inhabitants come together in this underground world.

    * 2D Hand Drawn Underground World
This hand drawn underground world is filled with fantastic trials. From witches’ castles to the limitless abyss and every kind of underground creature. You can take swords, bows, muskets, and magic staffs as you explore and fight off the lurking evils.

    * Intriguing and innovative gameplay
Intriguing and innovative gameplay, interactive elements lead to numerous ways to play, sucessfully using the terrain is key. Synchronous turn-based gameplay, form the basis for this RogueLike RPG.

    * Mystic Abilities and Mysterious Crowns
The dangerous but powerful crown accompanies you on your adventure. There are dozens of monsters within the crown whose abilities are waiting to be unlocked as you level up.

Even More Extras:

√ An innovative approach to classic synchronous turn based battle
√ RogueLike play style with procedurally generated mazes
√ 4 to 5 different styles of maze that encourage multiple play-throughs
√ Randomly generated maps, treasures, traits, items, and mysterious events
√ 100 plus unique underground creatures
√ 100 plus extraordinary weapons
√ 60 plus spells
√ 30 plus passive abilities combine them however you like
√ 80 plus traits
√ 70 plus treasures
√ 30 plus tools
√ Every development is different, every repetition brings new experiences
√ Explore a world with numerous hidden elements from Bosses, rooms, stories, and tools

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 (32-bit Version)
    • Processor: Latest Intel i3 / Ryzen
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 600M / ATI HD 5450
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: No specific requirements
    • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit Version) or better
    • Processor: Latest Intel i5 / Ryzen or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 600M / ATI HD 5450 or better
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: No specific requirements

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