The Steam Awards 2016

Dec 22 - Jan 2
The Winners

The votes have been counted.

The community has spoken.

These are the winners of the first ever Steam Awards!

“Villain Most In Need Of A Hug”
And the winner is...

Some people just need a hug.

“I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award”
And the winner is...

This title didn’t have a huge marketing machine behind it, but you found it and loved it. Then you told your friends about it. And they loved it. And now that little game that could is about to win an award…

but always remember: you totally found it first.

“Test of Time”
And the winner is...

This award is for the game that is just as good today as the day you first played it.

Newer games may come out, but it doesn’t matter…

you’ll always come back to play this one.

“Just 5 More Minutes”
And the winner is...

You have an early day tomorrow. You need to get some sleep, so you’re just going finish one more thing before you decide to tuck in for the night.

Just one more. Wait, one more.

What’s that you say? It’s 2:30 AM? This award is for the game that keeps you playing late.

“Whoooaaaaaaa, dude!”
And the winner is...

Some games melt your face. Maybe it was a crazy plot twist. Maybe you just got your wisdom teeth removed.

Either way, this game BLOWS YOUR MIND.

“Game Within A Game”
And the winner is...

Kinder Eggs. Peanut Butter Cups. Jelly Donuts. All great things stuffed with other great things.

Like a mighty turducken, this award celebrates the best mini game hidden within another game.

“I'm Not Crying, There's Something In My Eye”
And the winner is...

Games are fun. But sometimes games become more than that, and touch you in a way you weren’t expecting. This award celebrates the game that blindsided you emotionally.

You weren’t expecting to cry.

It wasn’t in the plan. But it happened none the less.

“Best Use Of A Farm Animal”
And the winner is...

Animals are rad and almost any game is better for including them. However this game used a farm animal in the best way possible.

“Boom Boom”
And the winner is...

Let’s face it: explosions are pretty great. In a blockbuster movie they’re thrilling. In a celebration with fireworks they’re beautiful. And when they’re behind a cop putting on sunglasses they’re nothing short of glorious.

These games understand the fine art of detonation.

“Love/Hate Relationship”
And the winner is...

“Games are just supposed to be fun!”… oh sweet summer child, your naivety is adorable. Games can be more than fun. They can be challenges that demand perfection. These games are punishing gauntlets that make you question your very skill… a crucible that will push you either to greatness or a breaking point. You will wake up family members as you scream. Words will come out of your mouth that would make your mom blush. Your chill friends will ask you “why do you play something that stresses you out”… and you will stare at them with steely eyes and reply, “Because I love it.”

“Sit Back and Relax”
And the winner is...

Did you read the description for the “Love/Hate Relationship” Award? This is the opposite.

“Better With Friends”
And the winner is...

There are some games out there that just aren’t the same when you play by yourself. Maybe you need to have a friend to watch your back. Maybe you need to have a friend that you can stab in their back.

Either way, mirth is awaiting those that gather friends to play these games.