Product Update - Valve
Updates to Global Agenda have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New Merc PvP Maps
  • Himalayan Point: Breach-style map. Scenes from this map can be seen in the original Global Agenda “talking heads” trailer.
AvA Strike Forces bidding on hexes are now required to have at least 6 members of the bidding agency on the Strike Force.
  • There is still no minimum required number of agency members in order to defend an AvA hex.
Bugs Fixed in Version 1.39.1
  • Some BoE weapons could not be added to the Auction House.
  • The AvA Defence Facility Map had a Beacon glitch which has been fixed
Known Issues
  • Ranged stats on robotics devices are not functioning.
  • Some players are receiving error messages when attempting to whisper a friend.
  • Flame turrets get overly excited when placed in certain areas and will bounce, then destroy themselves.
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Global Agenda have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New Merc PvP Maps
  • Volcano Assault: Breach-style map
  • Himalayan Point: Breach-style map. Scenes from this map can be seen in the original Global Agenda “talking heads” trailer. (NOTE: This map will not be in queue immediately upon deployment due to a known issue in the map. We will be releasing a fix shortly to add it in)
  • Toxicity: Payload-style map
Additional Merc PvP changes
  • New Merc-specific PvP Rewards: New epic combat jetpacks for each class are now available as rare mission rewards from Merc PvP. They have a different look, slightly less power usage, increased thrust and flight speed, and will bind on equip.
  • Versions of the Commonwealth elite items (different weapon names, same stats) now drop as Merc PvP rewards.
  • Merc PvP queue now enforces a class cap of 3: This was implemented on LIVE on 11/17/2010. No side within Merc PvP can have more than 3 of the same class.
Enhancements to /Challenge
  • Players can now optionally specify desired server (North America, Europe, Pacific Rim) to host their Challenge map.
  • Players can now specify Attacker or Defender when issuing a Challenge (in support of future Attack/Defend style Challenge maps).
New Challenge Map
  • Missile Complex is a new map within the Challenge queue. It is a two-point Breach style map designed for 4v4.
Dome City News & Hall of Legends
  • Dome City News: A new area in the Central Hub will display up-to-date information on world events, seasonal events and contests.
  • Hall of Legends: A new area within Dome City displays the winner of previous AvA seasons.
AvA Season End Rewards
  • AvA season end rewards are now divided into three brackets: Winner (1st place), Runners-Up (2nd and 3rd place), and Honorable Mention (the remainder of the top ten finishers)
  • Removed AvA offhand devices from all loot tables.
  • Epic quality mods and repair kits will now be awarded to placing agencies for use or sale
  • Added additional vehicles, dropships, and deployables to season end rewards.
AvA Interested Flag
  • On Settings screen, there is a new “AvA Interested” flag that defaults to Yes.
  • On Team screen, there is a new search filter for AvA Interested.
  • Intent is that short-staffed teams can fill in with others looking for AvA matches.
Seasonal Flair in preparation for the “Twelve Drops of Christmas”
  • New flair items introduced that can be earned by completing Holiday Challenges. The specific player challenges and items will be announced as part of December “Twelve Drops of Christmas” event.
    Device Changes:
  • Neutralize Wave - Reverted previous PTS radius increase. Increased damage for each effect removed by 10%.
  • Reverted previous PTS changes to alt-fire for all miniguns.
  • Pain Gun:
    • Increased refire rate to be equivalent to channeled healing devices.
    • Reduced debuff duration to compensate for faster refire.
    • Significantly increased buff points rewarded for debuffing targets.
    • Added a small amount of damage to each tick, which will enable proper Assist credit to be awarded to the paingun user and count toward building boost.
  • Converted AvA reward offhands to OC versions of the base class devices with perfect stat bonuses (ddd, hhh). This will no longer allow multiple items of the same type (e.g. multiple heal grenades or force walls) to be equipped. The new versions have slightly better base stats than the standard non-OC versions, and can also now be purchased at epic quality from the class device vendors for tokens. The new OC versions will now bind on acquire.
Open Zone Changes:
  • New Yuma:
    • Increased respawn time of most Recursive Colony bots in New Yuma somewhat.
    • Increased respawn time of Legion Sergeant squads slightly.
    • Increased respawn time of Guillermo’s guards.
    • Increased respawn time and decreased bot count of Kanar Warriors in the raid encampment slighty.
    • Increased respawn time of the sniper in the encampment significantly.
    • Decreased vision range of Colony Drone Mk. 2
  • Presidio:
    • Reduced the count and increased the respawn time of Kanar Warriors
    • Reduced initial count of Kanar Laborers
    • Increased respawn time of Capt. Marek Vidal’s guards
    • Capt. Marek Vidal ran out of his Commonwealth-issued roids after 10 long years and subsequently had his health and damage reduced
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Removed a legion grunt from SgtEverettPeters spawn
    • Reduced health and damage of SgtEverettPeters somewhat
    • Decreased vision range of crossbow-using desert dwellers, Legion Soldiers, and Elkas Snipers
    • Reduced crossbow damage of crossbow-using dwellers in the open zone
    • Reduced damage of Elkas Snipers
    • Reduced health and damage of Legion Sergeants
    • Reduced health and damage of Ticks in the open zone
    • Reduced health and damage of Colony Crawlers
    • Reduced accuracy of Wasps in the open zone slightly
    • Removed sell price from quest items to help discourage accidentally selling them and breaking the quest chain. These items can now only be trashed: Power Casing, Nitrogen Coolant Core, Data Cable, PB of Ram
    • Reduced the number of Legion Gunners required for “Let the Legion Lie” to 2
    • Increased mission timer for “Between Life and Death” from 15 to 20 mins
  • Tutorial Changes:
    • Increased health of Security Androids, Alarm Responder, and Minion Sentinels
    • Increased health of noncom Watchers and Sector Workers
    • Reduced responder bot counts in Agency Zero
Bugs Fixed since Version 1.38
  • Fixed bug where salvaged components were not usable in crafting, mail or auction.
  • Fixed bug where Blueprints or Dyes were not dropping as End Mission Rewards. Any earned rewards have been restored to players.
  • Fixed bug with page numbering on Weapon and Armor upgrades screen.
  • Colony Crawlers have evolved to be more aware and will now reliably attack opponents when damaged.
  • PvP achievement that are only for Level 30+ now specify that within description text
  • Sorting by cost on vendors now works as intended.
  • Fixed some haircut combinations that resulted in mis-coloring or baldness (the Barber responsible has been sacked).
  • Fixed bug that caused female assaults to use male animations when the Legion SMG was equipped.
  • Fixed issue where multiple mods applications could be attempted on an item without the player being aware. Now, while a mod is pending for an item, additional mods cannot be added. The repair wrench on agent profile, and the combine button at the Item Modification Shop, will not be shown until the first modification is complete.
  • Fixed bug where mods could be added to consumables.
  • Fixed bug where players sometime appear to glow brightly.
  • The elves were up to their shenanigans in Breach: Beachhead. Fixed the “magically” floating trees.
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Global Agenda have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
  • Fix to resolve issues some users are having with receiving flair rewards and to facilitate distribution of future promotion items.
  • Fixed issue where certain head flair appears equipped on Profile Screen but not on the player in-game.
  • All jetpack changes, including changes to jetpack acceleration, have been reverted.
  • Fix to resolve problem where an AvA instance does not automatically close when a team forfeits.
  • Fix issue where inspect screen was not working
  • Fixed performance/deadlock issues with agency management and AvA zones
  • Fixed crashing issue with HM-44 map crash fixed and map has been added to /challenge queue.
  • Resolved issue where a few users were not able to access some inventory items after the 10.27 (1.38) upgrade. Items have been restored to these players.
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Global Agenda have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
New Weapon Drops

  • Enemies in the Sonoran Desert zone and co-op missions have a set of new Uncommon and Rare quality ranged and melee devices for each class added to their loot tables, available for use or trade.
  • Specific weapons:

    • Brawler's Beat Stick - Slow attack speed. Right click: Heavy swing deals increased damage and does knockback (40 power cost). Backstab inflicts 30% slow for 3s.
    • Heavy Wrench - Fast attack speed. Block deals damage. Backstab inflicts 30% slow for 5 secs.
    • Legion Combat Knife - Fast attack speed. Block deals damage. Backstab inflicts bleed effect, dealing damage over 5 secs equivalent to Poison Injector, but should stack with other poisons.
    • Rusted Machete - Fast attack speed. Block deals damage. Backstab reduces physical protections by 12%.
    • Colony Energy Rifle - Slower rate of fire than HEL-TAC, slightly higher overall dps.
    • Dweller Sniper Rifle - Slightly slower rate of fire than other sniper rifles, but higher damage per hit.
    • Legion Side Arm - Slightly slower rate of fire than other medic pistols, but higher damage per hit and slightly higher dps from hits. Right-click scope increases range.
    • Legion SMG - Slightly slower rate of fire than Heatwrack M.A.S.E.R., but higher damage per hit. Right-click scope increases range.

  • Elites in Commonwealth missions now have a chance to drop powerful Rare and Epic quality weapons of Commonwealth origin.
  • Specific Weapons:
    • Assassin Blade - Right click: Heavy Slash deals extra damage and inflicts -15% phys protection debuff (40 power cost). Backstab deals extra damage equivalent to Ghost Sword.
    • Techro Blaster - Right-click: Charges up high impact blast (1 second buildup time), dealing increased damage and knockback.
    • Helot Minigun - Improved accuracy and heavier knockback than iMinigun.
    • Adrenaline Gun - Increases target's max health by 400 for heal duration.
    Most Inventory is now Account-Based vs. Character-Based.
    • All characters on your account now share most inventory item types in the same way they share credits and tokens
    • For example, an Achievement Reward Helm earned by one character is now wearable by any other character in your account. Similarly all your crafting materials are shared by all characters in your account.
    • Exceptions include: Suits and Weapons. Both of these item types are class-specific and are still character-based.
    • With this change, all Mail and Auction activity is also Account-Based and no longer Character-Based.
    • As part of the data conversion to Account-Based inventory, any items in your mail-box will be removed from mail and automatically placed within your Inventory.
    Achievements & Rewards
    • Users who recruit other players into the game will now receive achievements & badges. Plus achievement item rewards for big recruiters. More Friends = More Benefits!

      • Recruit 1 friend - “Happy Bag” flair item
      • Recruit 2 friends - “Mad Bag” flair item
      • Recruit 3 friends - “Knockout Bag” flair item
      • Recruit 4 friends - “Scared Bag” flair item
      • Recruit 5 friends - “Boonie Cap” flair item
      • Recruit 20 friends! - “Frank the Tank” prestige pet
      • Recruit 50 friends!! - “Baby Warlord” prestige pet
    • AvA Achievements - An achievement has been added for AvA participation
    Challenge function
  • Pre-made teams can now challenge each other to matches.
  • A 4 person team leader can issue a /challenge in-game to another leader of 4-person team. If the challenged team-lead accepts, the teams play a 4v4 mission against one another from a named 'challenge' queue.
  • Match results are recorded in the database with with the addition of a "Challenge" flag and this data is available to third party reporting sites via the stats API. /Challenge can be used for informal duals but also to support any player-managed tournaments, brackets, and team rankings.
  • Challenge Map List - current map list contains a small number of 4v4 maps only. More maps will be added in the future.
  • Challenge Achievements - Achievements have been added for using /Challenge
    Threat Changes
    • Made threat levels decay over time
    • Made threat impact of healing be spread out over all the impacted threat tables rather than being applied entirely to them all
    • Fixed a bug with threat targeting that was causing results inconsistent with threat values when bots attempted to target the opponent with the most hate.
    Device Changes:
    • Super Smash Boost and Oathbreaker Morale Boost had their buff values decreased significantly, to be more in line with other Boost devices
    • Assault Rockets - all rocket launchers had their AoE radius brought in slightly
    • MagmaLance - Initial impact damage reduced 10%
    • Recon Mines - all mines had their total damage decreased 10%
    • Nanite Heal Guns - initial heal application value was doubled
    • Power Wave - Power Regen removed. Now instantly grants 60 power to affected allies, and an additional 20 over 4 seconds
    • Neutralize Wave - Removed poison dot effect. Instead deals damage for each beneficial effect removed. Now correctly removes Regeneration. Fixed an issue that made it so Neutralize Wave incorrectly skipped removing movement and damage penalties applied by Regeneration and shields, while still removing the associated buffs.
    • Assault’s Berserk offhand had its effect category changed to now correctly stack with offhand shields
    • Grizzly and Harrier Drones had their accuracy reduced slightly
    • Poison Grenade, Heal Grenade, and Soul Stealer should now correctly use LOS and not deal damage/heals through force walls and geometry
    • Fixed an effect issue with Dual Daggers on female characters
    • The visual effects for the Assault Minigun and Robotics Rumbleblaster have been updated for better visibility
    • AvA - Minimize Bid Locking - The bid window time is now random. The match always launches 4 minutes from the initial bid, but the time between initial bid and final bid is random. In conjunction with this change, the Agency rebid timer was changed from 30 seconds to 10 seconds. This is intended to allow agencies to be more responsive to being outbid.
    • AvA Helm for 10 wins - A new epic holo-helm has been added as a reward for the Win 10 Seasons of AvA achievement.
    • AvA Platforms had their Physical Protections reduced by 5
    • There will be an in-game Halloween event running from Wed. 10/27 through Sunday 10/31.
    • A new Halloween-styled Defense Map will be the only map in the Defense Queue for that period - Oasis Checkpoint... of Doom.
    • 13 new Halloween masks of Uncommon through Epic qualities, have been introduced for the event.
    • These mask flair items are acquired by playing the Halloween Defense map. They have a chance to drop from any bot in the mission, but will always drop from defeating the end boss.
    • Halloween flair items are seasonal and can only be worn from October 1 through November 30th.
    Other changes
    • Drop rates for T2 Armored Plate and X8 Nanoprocessors were increased and can also now drop from Colony Drone Mk. 2 in Raids
    • Due to budget cuts within the CPSD, Think Tanks will no longer appear in Double Agent missions.
    • Dune Commander’s Thrusters now deal significantly more damage to mechanical targets
    • Carter's Accessories received a new shipment of Minotaur heads and other backlogged items that were unavailable for a while, and are once again available in exchange for tokens.
    • The Tremor Pilot Flair sold at Carter’s Accessories had its quality increased from Common to Uncommon
    • New Prestige Pets Added. Mini-versions of the Commonwealth Elite enemies (Helot, Alchemist, Techro, Assassin) have been introduced as prestige pets. Mold Blueprints for these pets are rare end of mission loot drops from winning Ultra-Max and DoubleAgent SpecialOps missions. Molds are then crafted and used in conjunction with the Pet blueprint available from new PetCraft shop in Accessory area.
    • New Holo Suits as AvA Season Victory Rewards - A Rewards shop has been added to the Strike Force area of Dome City. The shop is stocked with 3 new Holo-Suits for each class. These suits are purchased with tokens but they are only available to players who have earned AvA Victory achievements.
    • The Warzones line has been removed from Mission Screen. Global Agenda will not be introducing a new Warzone gametype. Future updates will enhance and add content for existing gametypes including OpenZone, PvE SpecOps, PvP, Raids, and AvA.
    Miscellaneous Bug fixes:
    • Modified description text for Top Stat achievements - now makes it clear that character must be level 30+ to earn these achievement.
    • Fixed Quality Level of All Achievement Helms: Item Tooltip Quality Color was not matching the Icon or the Quality of the device
    • X-Box Controller Fix
    • Account-based inventory - Miscellaneous clean up around flair specific to each character and fixes issue where crafting skill are shared but crafting materials are not.
    • Fixed issue where some crewable vehicles do not fire

      • Vindicator Siege I
      • Vindicator Siege II
      • Dark Steel Vindicator
    • Fixed issue with health max change not setting correctly
    • Recursive Colony Hunter Spiders have evolved and will now only attempt to use their objective damaging beam when in range
    • Fixed issue where master volume slider adjustment was not causing sound effect, music and incoming voice sliders to move
    • Fixed collision in remote area of OpenZone where players would be stuck falling forever.
    Known Issues
    Here are some particular known issues to be aware of:
    • Leaving an agency sometimes does not work properly
    • The Icons for Knockout Bag, Scared Bag, and Boonie Cap are being reworked.
    • Holosuits’ Achievement Required message extends past viewable area.
    • Certain Specialty Head Flair Items Appear Equipped on Profile Screen, but not on player in-game.
    • Inspect function is not working
  • Product Update - Valve
    Updates to Global Agenda have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
    • Items produced in one AvA Zone no longer can be used in another zone. This will show as each zone having separate AvA Blueprints, denoted in the names of the Blueprints and other AvA items.
    • Fix for an issue in which the "Match on Other Region" and "Preferred Region" settings were not being recognized properly, resulting in players being put into matches on the wrong region/server.
    • Fix for an issue in which deployable hit boxes were improperly offset.
    • Several bug fixes and cleanups to Audio settings.
    Product Update - Valve
    An update to Global Agenda has been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.
    The major changes include:
    • Players with an active BOOSTER will be rewarded 2,000 tokens a day automatically at approximately Midnight GMT. Note that tokens will **NOT** be awarded if a player is at their WEEKLY or BANK limit on tokens (currently players are limited to earning no more than 50,000 tokens in a week and have a maximum bank size of 50,000 tokens). Players will not see the tokens until the first time after they relog following the token distribution time.
    • Pre-made teams joining Mercenary PvP queue must now contain either all Level 30+ players, or all players less than Level 30.
    • Players must now be in an agency for 7 days prior to the AvA end of season in order to receive the end-of-season reward.
    • Several client crash conditions have been fixed.
    • Possible fix for players launching onto another region's server even when the "Match on other Regions" flag is unchecked.
    • A bug in which items could be improperly unbound from your character has been fixed.
    • German profanity filter added.
    • Some bot spawns in the Moving Target map have been fixed. Commonwealth spiders will no longer take out their frustrations on the Dune Commander.
    • Modifications have been made to the AvA End of Season device rewards.
    • Hex 219 added to Region 2 of NA Sovereign zone.
    • Deleted some players "Single class top stats" achievements that were incorrectly awarded
    Product Update - Valve
    Updates to Global Agenda have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
    • Fix for issue where loot sometimes does not appear right away for missions launched on EU servers.
    • Minor fixes for German language support
    • Fixed issue where subtitles were drawn under the UIScene during the tutorial for other languages.
    • Modified backfilling logic for matchmade PvP to be a little more lenient on level matching the backfilled player.
    • Changed how skills are saved in an effort to resolve an issue where too many skill points were allocated.
    • Changed the sell value of blueprints sold at Carter's shop.
    • Fix for Solo queues so that they will launch on your preferred region.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes for special auction items
    • AvA - North American zones will start an hour later and will now be open daily from 8:30 PM to 1:30 AM US Eastern time (5:30 PM to 10:30 PM US Pacific Time).
    Product Update - Valve
    Updates to Global Agenda have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    Major Highlights
    • German Language Support: This release contains German Language support. To change to German, use the OPTIONS menu on the Global Agenda Launcher. If you find errors or oddities in the German translation, please report on the Version 1.38 Test Server forums.
    • Achievements: A full achievement system has been added. Players can view achievements using the ACHIEVEMENTS tab on the Agent Profile screen. Some achievements will award helmets or other flair as they are achieved.
    • Quick Swap Profiles: Players can now purchase multiple equipment profiles for each character from a vendor in Dome City, using Tokens. Each profile can have unique Skill Tree, weapon, and armor choices. You can change profiles anywhere that you can equip. Each new profile that you purchase costs twice the number of tokens as the previous profile. [MORE TO FILL IN]
    • Special Vanity Items: This release introduces two new special/rare items -- Magic Elf Goggles, which you wear during PvP matches and cause all enemies to appear to have elf heads (so you can have fun shooting them); and a Vanity Pet (Sparky), which follows you in Dome City while also giving your character a 50% groundspeed boost while in Dome City. See below for more information.
    • Auction House: The Auction House has undergone major improvements to make it easier for players to buy and sell. See below for more.
    • Arena Matches: The Arena matches now occur on a timer (similar to Raids). After the timer goes off, there is a 10-minute "signup" period in which players can join the queue (in pre-made teams of up to 10 players). After the sign-up period, teams will be matched against one another based on skill level. [REWARDS? OTHER DETAILS ON HOW THIS WORKS?]
    • Double Agent Matches: Double Agent matches now occur on a timer (similar to Raids). After the timer goes off, there is a 10-minute "signup" period in which players can join the queue (in pre-made teams of up to 10 players). After the sign-up period, teams will be matched against one another based on skill level.[REWARDS? OTHER DETAILS ON HOW THIS WORKS?]
    • Mission Queuing: A variety of changes have occurred to Mission Queuing to make it easier to get matches across all server regions (North Amer, Europe, etc) and to improve backfilling. More details below.
    • Tokens: You can now earn a maximum of 50,000 tokens in a week. Likewise, you may hold a maximum of 50,000 tokens in your bank. The daily limit on tokens has been removed (in favor of the weekly cap).
    • Boosts: Purchased player boosts now double credits and double end-of-mission loot in addition to XP and Tokens. Players should now inspect the STATS screen on Agent Profile to see key information on their active boost. Several bug fixes have also been made to the boost calculation.
    • New PvE Consumables - Four new craftable PvE consumables have been added. More details below.
    • AvA Rewards
    • Modifications and Repair Kits -- You may know add a modification to a particular weapon or armor piece using the "wrench" underneath the weapon or armor on the Agent Profile screen (verus having to use the Modification Implant kiosk in Dome City). When you press the wrench, you will be prompted whether to Repair the Item (using a repair kit), or Mod the Item (using a Mod).
    • Timer in Special Ops PvE Missions -- If you initially enter the Boss Room with less than 4 minutes remaining in a Special Ops mission, the timer will be reset to 4 minutes (giving you additional time for the boss fight).
    • Inspect -- Inspect now occurs using the "X" key by default (instead of left-mouse click). This can be changed using the CONTROLS menu. You may now inspect players inside the Open Zone.
    • Other:

      • Melee devices no longer give backtsab buff when backstabbing a turret.
      • Healthbars no longer display in Dome City.
      • Combat Rating: Now display skill number in addition to Stars.
    Auction House
    • STOCK MARKET MODEL: Most items sold on the Auction House will now use a "stock market" buy/sell model. Under this model, the seller provides a price for the item that is being sold (the "ask" price). Buyers then see all items of that type and at that same price grouped into a single line on the auction house screen. Buyers see the lowest 5 selling prices for any given item. Buyers can purchase one or more of the same item from different sellers by simply providing a price (the "bid" price) at which they are willing to purchase. The auction house will automatically reconcile the transaction with all the different sellers (on a first-in-first-out basis) who sold their merchandise when any single buyer completes a purchase. Some specialized and unique items will continue to be sold using the standard auction model of incremental bids over time. The auction house makes the decision about which model to use (stock market or standard auction) based on the item type.
    • NEW SIMPLIFIED SELLING SCREEN: The Auction House UI has undergone significant changes. When you select an item for sale, the panel automatically populates the quantity for sale with the total you have in inventory (of course you can change that) and with the current market price for this item (the lowest ask price, also something you can change).
    • ITEM CATEGORIES: There are now just a hand full of item categories on the left side of the auction screen and no confusing sub-types.
    • PREVIEW: You may now preview Auction House items on your character prior to buying.
    • OTHER FIXES: Various defects addressed related to expanding and collapsing menus.
    Mission Queueing
    • SERVER REGIONS: There is no longer a drop-down to select your server region on the Mission screen. Instead, your default server region (North America, Europe, etc.) is chosen automatically when you login, based on your IP address. You can modify your default server region on the SETTINGS menu. When you queue for a mission, you will be paired in matches with others from your default server region, unless no match can be made within a reasonable waiting period, at which point, you may be matched onto another server region. If you do not wish to ever be matched into a match on another server region, you may uncheck the flag to "Match on other Regions".
    • BACKFILLING: If the "Volunteer me for late backfills" checkbox is checked on your SETTINGS menu ("on" by default), you will be aggressively backfilled into existing matches if a team is short players. Players that are backfilled into matches will receive the full reward for the match, as if they were in the match from the beginning.
    • TIME TO NEXT TIMER-DRIVEN MISSION: For those missions queues that are only available at timed intervals (such as Raids), the Mission screen now displays the time until the next mission availability.
    • MISSION ACCEPT DIALOG: You no have 30 seconds to accept a Mission (used to be 60 seconds). The Mission Accept dialogue will show a countdown of how many seconds you have remaining to accept the mission.
    Special Vanity Items
    There are two new special, craftable "Vanity" items in the 1.37 release. Magic Elf Goggles, which you wear during PvP matches and cause all enemies to appear to have elf heads (so you can have fun shooting them); and a Vanity Pet (Sparky), which follows you in Dome City while also giving your character a 50% groundspeed boost while in Dome City.
    To craft these items, you must possess a special blueprint. Only a very limited number of blueprints for these items will be placed on the Auction House for bidding. One you win this blueprint, you can craft unlimited items with it.
    One or more of the components for the special items must be purchased from Carter's Accessory store, using tokens. This is to limit the number that can be crafted per day, as well as increase the value and rarity of the items.

    Craftable PvE Consumables

    There are four new craftable PvE Consumables in Version 1.37:
    • Lasting Damage (Rare) - Provides 10% damage boost for either 15 minutes or until you die or leave the mission instance. Stacks with all damage buffs.
    • Lasting Energy (Rare) - Provides 30% power recharge for either 15 minutes or until you die or leave the mission instance.
    • Lasting Regeneration (Rare) - Slow regeneration for 15 minutes or until you die or leave the mission instance. Stacks with all Healing.
    • Repo Android (Epic) - Deploys a powerful Repurposed Android.
    Each consumable is craftable, and the items should be available for crafting them either through salvage or a new vendor in dome city. Note that the item for crafting the Repo Android comes only from salvaging Epic items. This is a new component item.
    You must level your crafting along the Consumable path to craft Rare and Epic items.
    Product Update - Valve
    Updates to Global Agenda have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

    Global Agenda
    • Defense Raids will now backfill if players leave early.
    • The targeting range on the Flame Turret has been adjusted from 21 feet to 30 feet. Overall range has been adjusted from 25 feet to 30 feet.
    • The Class Weapon vendors in Dome City have additional weapons for sale, using existing weapons but with different stats (DDD or HHH).
    • Support for Token and XP Boosts has been added. In the near future, boosts will be for sale on the Global Agenda webstore that will double XP and Token gain for a defined period of time.
    Product Update - Valve
    Updates to Global Agenda have been released. This update is a server-side update and requires no download from the Steam client. The major changes include:
    • Agency combat alerts now work properly for attacking and defending when the agency is in an alliance.
    • You can no longer transfer or abandon hexes while the zone is open.

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