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Community Announcements - REEWGAMES
Всем привет!

Начало лунной программы для корабля "Юниор 2" запланировано на дату: 15 октября 2014 г.
В это день вы, вместе с экипажем корабля отправитесь на темную сторону луны.
Что ждёт Вас там? Какие тайны, от любопытных глаз, хранит луна в своей тени? Узнаем 10-15-14 !
Community Announcements - DiscorderlyChaos
The first nation to recognize the potential of military air power was Austria. The first aerial bombing in history took place during the siege of Venice in August 1849. The Austrians launched unmanned balloons armed with 30 lbs of explosives and time-delay fuzes on the city. Wind turned out to be a difficult ally, and the attempted bombing was mostly ineffective, but the city surrendered just a few days after the operation.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire had an air force up and running as early as August 1893 in the form of the Military Aeronautical Institute, which focused on the military applications of balloons. During the following two decades, Austria-Hungary moved to airships and eventually fixed-wing aircraft, and as one of the major powers in WWI, their air force was significant. Mostly operating German aircraft, the Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops produced many successful aces from several nation states such as Godwin von Brumowski, Julius Arigi, and Benno Fiala von Fernbrugg.

Austria-Hungary fought on the losing side of the war, and the empire was disbanded in 1918. Similar to the peace terms on Germany, Austria was also banned from operating military aircraft. Also similarly to the Germans, Austria later began building an air force in secret. By 1933, Austria was buying fighters from Italy with CR.20s and CR.32s forming the backbone of the air force. In 1936, the red Austrian Air Force roundel with a white triangle pointing downwards was introduced.

In March 1938, Austria was anschlussed into the Third Reich. The annexation meant that the Austrian Air Force was integrated into the Luftwaffe. Many Austrians at the time considered themselves German, and they were also treated as equals by the Germans, though they might have sometimes found the Austrian accent amusing.

Not all Austrians were happy with the Anschluss. A couple joined the RAF to fight the Germans in WWII. Probably the most notable Austrian to fly for the RAF was Manfred Beckett Czernin, who scored 13 confirmed victories during the Battle of Britain with the Hawker Hurricane. Later in the war, the multilingual Czernin was parachuted twice behind enemy lines for special operations in Northern Italy.

Of course, Austria also produced large numbers of aces for the Luftwaffe, such as Walter Nowotny and Maximillian Stotz, but one of the most interesting stories belongs to Hermann Buchner. Assigned to a ground attack unit, Buchner flew Bf 109 E-7s and Fw 190 A/Fs armed with bombs on the Eastern Front. He was very successful as a bomber pilot, claiming a total of 46 tank kills. However, the fighter-bombers often had to protect themselves from enemy fighters, and Buchner claimed 46 aerial victories in the east. Buchner’s record with the Fw 190 was so impressive, that he was offered a transfer to a unit with brand new D-9s.

He decided to move to a Me 262 unit instead, though he had never heard of either aircraft before. During his first jet mission on November 26th 1944, he shot down a P-38 Lightning, and went on to score a total of 12 victories with the Schwalbe. Buchner survived the war, and later joined the reformed Austrian Air Force in 1955, his experience proving valuable with the first Austrian jet, the DH.115 Vampire Trainer.

After the Allied occupation of Austria ended in 1955, the newly established Air Force initially flew a mishmash of aircraft until the acquisition of J 29 Tunnans from Sweden. The neutral Austrians were content with Swedish designs, eventually also buying Saab 105s and J 35 Drakens. The current fighter of choice for the Austrian Air Force is the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Juho “Rautaa” Maijala
Community Announcements - JBlum

  • Fixed main menu lockup for Windows 8.1 users.

  • Repurposed Mini-14 into an AC-556 with semi, burst and automatic firemodes.

  • Bots now use RPGs properly, taking them out when they see multiple human targets.

  • Added more bots with RPGs into Cooperative modes.

  • Bots now respond to nearby bullet impacts, so you can no longer shoot right next to them without getting their attention.

  • Bots now investigate more intelligently, a little bit less predictably. 

  • Bots now hang back to defend objective areas instead of always investigating.

  • Reduced size of blood impact particle.

  • Hunt: Improved bot awareness and response to destroyed cache.

  • Hunt: Bots use voice-over to announce their investigating less.

  • Tweaked spawn zones in Contact Checkpoint and Sinjar Checkpoint.

  • Added a sanity check that should hopefully prevent players from being “globally banned” from a server temporarily.

Community Announcements - ObliviousHarmony
+ Implemented Turrets
  • Turrets come in two flavors, personal and territorial.
  • Territory Turrets are deployed in owned territory and are counted as a territory object. They require electricity to power them, and will be de-activated if they do not receive it.
  • Personal Turrets are purchased from the marketplace, and can be placed anywhere. They do not require electricity to run. There is however a maximum of 3 per person per world.
  • All turrets have a handful of customization options, allowing them to define exactly under what circumstances a player should be targeted by a turret.
  • Turrets cannot be hacked, but they can be destroyed!
+ Implemented Customized Schematic
  • Every item in the game now has a "rarity" value. This value will help players differentiate between items of different benefits, and keep the market from becoming too cluttered by new items.
  • Every schematic market now has another set of schematics for all Weapons, Armor, Medical Items, and Mechanical Augmentations. These special schematics allow players to customize the item's attributes, add mods, and further enhance either the process or the item itself.
  • Production Mods can be found as loot from killing aliens. Mods include reductions to durability loss, bonuses to damage/protection/healing/effectiveness/ammo, and decreases to the amount of time the process takes.

    • 5-50% Production Speed Increase
    • 5-40% Durability Loss Reduction
    • 3-10% Damage/Protection/Healing/Effectiveness/Ammunition Buff

  • With the ability to have multiple schematics for the same item, we have now added two additional carbon schematics. One that makes use of Anthracite, and another that makes use of Oil. These will yield more Carbon per resource than the normal schematic.
+ Based on player feedback, the following changes have been made to the bounty system
  • The Hunter Augmentation can no longer lock onto offline targets.
  • Bounty Creators will now receive a mail when someone has applied for the bounty.
  • Bounties are now auto-deleted after a week if not completed.
  • Dramatically increased the number of bounties that each player may apply for.
  • Increased the maximum bounties an individual player may create.
  • Arrests will now process as bounty kills.
+ A series of small changes have been made to increase the quality of life.
  • Alien Loot now stacks similarly to minerals and production components.
  • Backpacks are now automatically deleted after 8 hours.
  • Added the current online status to the Department manager.
  • Mission log entries older than a week will now be removed from the history correctly.
  • Added pages to the mission log.
  • Added inactivity search filters to the faction member list.
  • Decreased the durability loss of armor.
  • Decreased the destruction and xeno damage of all weapons.
  • Removed the armor durability loss from death.
  • Players will now see an icon above deployables that they own.
  • When your trade opponent changes their credits or items, your trade will be automatically un-accepted.
  • Explosive charges are now taken into consideration when detecting if a player is unarmed.
  • Decreased the amount of time it takes for the slot machine to complete a spin.
+ Many new marketplace features have been added. These include new features in-game and additions to the marketplace.
  • Aliens will now drop special Lock Boxes. These boxes can be unlocked using keys from the marketplace and will yield items not found in-game.
    • Blue: Contains every type of marketplace clothing and hat.
    • Green: Contains augmentations with a 5-20% buff to their effect, along with the Personal Turret.
    • Red: Contains guns with a 5-15% damage buff, with the Golden Zanathid (only available in this box)
    • Gray: Contains medical items with a 10-20% buff to their healing values.
    • Teal: Contains all production mods, along with a few special rare mods not available elsewhere.
    • Yellow: Contains armor with a 10-20% protection buff, and Exile Armor.

  • Skill Time Respec
  • Large Alien Eggs
  • Alternative Armor Colors (Marketplace armor loses durability at half speed)
  • Coin Vouchers
  • Personal Turret

- Fixed a bug that would cause mechanical augmentations to never lose durability.
- Fixed a bug that would cause faction and player name changes to not appear in the department list.
- Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause production processes to break, costing the owner the items.
- Fixed a bug with merging armor when stacked together.
- Fixed a bug that prevented schematics from being split.
- Fixed a bug with the display of coin repair prices.
- Fixed a bug with the display of the energy pistol production skill.
- Fixed a bug that would cause players to drop their confiscated items if they died in prison after being released.
- Fixed a bug that would allow prisoners to vort to non-prison worlds.
- Fixed a bug that would cause casino funds to be lost entirely if the user was not on the world.
- Fixed a bug that was causing territory income to be logged as world service income.
- Fixed a bug that would incorrectly set the transfer target of slot machine withdrawals.
Community Announcements - Holden
The costume tab has been expanded to include "Shadow Items"

Mysterious Bugs can be found throughout Rune Midgard and will drop shadow items. Combine all 6 shadow items to receive a +9 stat bonus until October 1, 2014.

The Shadow Item Random Box is also available for 200 kp each.

To help get the full potential of the new items a Shadow Item Double Refine Event will be available from now until September 10, 2014.
Community Announcements - Scorpius Games
August 28-th, Thursday

I Shall Remain' third update comes a bit early this month, and brings a lot of new features, updates and adjustments. Starting with 2 new maps, three new graphical themes, teammate abilities and commands, five new infected mutations and tons of improvements and fixes. A lot of customer suggestions/detected issues found their way in this update as well.

Thanks again everybody for your participation, bug detection and suggestions, everything makes a difference.

August update changes

- Holland Tunnel scene
- Holland Tunnel Train Yard scene
- Story and maps related content added
- Train yard, country side, river docks graphical themes added
- New Sherman tank added, old Panzer tank visual updated
- 2 new music scores added
- Jim Beret teammate is in (cannot recruit for now till next update)
- All other scenes improved/updated, visibility/collision issues fixed
- Teammate special abilities added (not final, some of them might change in the next updates)
-- Andrea: Medic (automatically heals anyone in the team when needed), Helping hand (automatically revives fallen teammates)
-- Tommy: Flashlight (he is using a flashlight same as you do but needs no battery), Cartographer (Reveal the current map and all details about it on request)
-- Patrick: Eagle eye (sees 2 times farther on minimap), Killer instinct ( Instant kill chance increased by 2% for everyone in the team)
-- Cathy: Merchant (All your trading actions get a 25% bonus), Teacher ( Everybody in the team gains 10% more experience from actions)
-- Thomas: Divine intervention (Resistances for all Infected reduced by 15%), Slayer (All elite Infected get 50% more damage))
- Teammate commands updated
-- Engage (Freely engage enemies in a large area around the main character)
-- Hold (Hold current location until another command is given)
-- Regroup (Follow closely and attack in a small area around the main character)
-- Move to position (Move to the specified location and hold it until another command is given)
-- Dismiss (The teammate will not be part of your team anymore)
-- Talk (Start or follow up on discussions))
- Teammate command UI added (shows while paused). Using SHIFT key when selecting a command will apply to the entire squad
- Add teammate's info on world map (from now on you can see in which visited map there are teammates to hire)
- Added AI logic for evading mines and grenades for teammates
- Squad limit condition added, based on the Leadership skill and its doctrines you could increase the limit further
- Implement level-up doctrines for teammates (the teammates will learn the level up doctrines the same way you do when your level increases)
- Add "enforce melee weapon using scraps" option similar with "enhance ammo" for ranged weapons option
- Locker added to each safe scene (one in the church, the other in Andrea and Dr Andre Gratia building)
- Infected mutations added
-- LegKick for Mantis (from time to time Mantis will give you a powerful leg kick hit)
-- Explode for Zombie Crawler (will explode on death based on the mutation parameters, not yet active)
-- Wrath of Gunner for Marauder Gunner (will shoot straight up and after a small time period projectile will plummet towards the target)
-- Shoot over obstacles (they can shoot over smaller obstacles, same as teammates and main character does)
-- Unstoppable (they won't be easily stopped when hit like they normally do))
- Fighting boss music logic added, it will automatically run a BossFight melody when you fight a boss and switch back after you kill it
- Get quests button added (we can get quests now without passing through the discussion dialogs at all). Note that using this button will pass over all the dialog discussion information and some rewards which are given only when you talk to the NPCs
- Sound volumes allow us now to gradually run a sound when getting close to their center (sea and seagulls sound when getting close to the water)
- 'After rain' weather preset changed to have sun light small rain at the same time
- Add help image for tank so we get more information what we can do while in the tank
- Removed restriction lantern upgrades apply to main character only
- Fire over time chance used everywhere now (on mine/grenade fire overtime as well), Fire over time can only attach once to an enemy now (this made the flamethrower too powerful in the past)
- Teammate lantern stays always on if we are in the sewer, subway or the tunnel
- By default when a weapon is created the cross-hair is not shown (they will only get shown when the weapon is equipped and get hidden when unequipped)
- Fix "flashlight doctrine doesn't always apply to teammates" issue
- Fix "flicker skill rectangle for Survival doesn't work, when a teammate has doctrines to learn/upgrade in that skill" issue.
- Fix "add weapon bonus by an trader is free" issue.
- Fix for crash when there were fire attached effects in the scene and we exited
- No effects are created at start-up now (we created one of each effect type, there were almost 200 effect types which increased the loading time and also the memory used a bit, they will just get created on demand now)
- Small fix to serializable interface which made the game crash in certain circumstances
- We can now user Space and Enter to confirm an option in Inventory, Character and Doctrines windows and Escape to cancel an option.
- Several actions (blood serum conversion, trade, scavenge, read books) are now giving experience to entire squad
- Fixed issues with particle systems in the last 2 updated scenes where particles would update even if they weren't in view (this should improve the performance a bit)
- Flamethrower can't hit units behind walls from now on (they did and it wasn't fair since no other weapon did that)
- You cannot reload weapon while you revive your teammate
- Updated the "?" and "map" buttons in world map UI
- When main character inventory is full add items to teammates inventories.
- Now NPCs get their scale/orientation from the spawner who creates them (this way we can have a predefined orientation/scale for all NPCs)
- Adjusted the Infection hint timing when you start the story (the fade in will finish and then we will show the hint)
- Fix "show enhance ammo results is wrong for equipped weapons" issue.
- Add extra info in infection tool tip.
- Fix "second rank for 'Flying knife hands' unarmed doctrine is ongoing not instant" issue.
- Adjust redefine keys and UI (added "reload", moved "action" and removed selection teammates keys)
- Adjusted dialog lines for all teammates when squad size limit is reached (now if you can't get the teammate because of this limit a new dialog line will appear which you will choose to finish the conversation and don't hire him)
- Fixed the issue with the weapon cross-hair not updating when the weapon range is too large. Now the weapon cross-hair is limited to 97.5% of the screen and won't ever pass this limit
- Add logic to save/load squad levels for teammates, save/load auto-heal, auto-revive values.
- Add special function for area attack.
- Fix "doctrines doesn't always apply to teammates" issue.
- Fix "teammates bonuses doesn't apply" issue.
- Main character leadership skill gains experience when teammates skill level up in addition to level up an attribute
- Quest locations and quest zones are shown on world map when we change current quest (no need to go run-time for that).
- Tommy 'Reveal map ability' works now without the need to go run-time.
- Left and Right arrows works now in Character and Doctrines window as well
- Navigate using right/left arrow keys in Journal window.
- Sound volume triggers are triggered on scene initialization now
- Teammates skills/doctrines advancement revised.
- Do not adjust teammate level once we dismiss it (until we leave the scene)
- The siren sound stops when we finish the defend the area task now
Community Announcements - Mikachu

  • Players can no longer buy an Experimental Stimulant if they already have one in their inventory.
    -Known Issue: Players who spam the purchase button for stimulants will be able to buy more than one stimulant. This is not beneficial to the player as using a stimulant when you have more than one will consume the entire stack and only give the reward once.
  • Omnidyne-M vouchers received from the Hazardous Research event are now affected by reputation boosts.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from completing 'Get Your Ass to Dredge'.
  • Spiny armor cores now reflect 10% damage as originally intended and are purchasable once again from the PvP vendor.
  • Reduced the amount of Powered Dark Crystite Cores required for the final repulsor project to 100,000.
Community Announcements - biiigfoot
The weekly dev cast is happening tomorrow! Join us every Thursday at 3:30pm PST.

This time James and Jamie will be talking about our upcoming update, our ridiculous PAX booth, and generally again playing the game and talking design. As usual, we'll be taking some Q&A.

Where is it?

On our official Twitch channel here:

When is it?

It's every week on Thursday at 3:30PM PST. Here's a handy tool to figure out what time that means for you:

Hope to see you there!
Community Announcements - [GM]Dogeful

Hello, La Talers!!

We're having a scheduled maintenance today at 10:00PM PST! Please remember to log out before then to get all your progress saved!

This also means the end of our 30% off sales on Gold Darts, Boom Boom Box, and Character Slot Cards! AND La Deck Double Chance Event! SO DON'T MISS OUT!!

Lastly, we're having a cool Facebook event!!! Go visit our Facebook page here and find out what we're doing RIGHT NOW!! (Don't forget to Like us if you haven't already!)


La Tale Team
Community Announcements - Corgipede
The Dead State Beta is here! Since I don’t want to keep you in suspense, I’ll kick off this announcement with our impressive changelog:

  • 75+ new locations
  • 30+ new allies
  • 500+ new dialogues
  • 30+ days of new content (no time limit)
  • Crisis events
  • New enemy types & factions
  • Vehicle travel
  • Skill perks
  • Ally traits
  • Thrown weapons
  • Data system (basic)
  • Dog allies and enemies
  • Special weapons
  • Neutral encounters
  • Tutorial elements
  • Pause menu
  • New save & load screens
  • New goals
  • Allies tracker on Goals screen
  • Fence attacks
  • New jobs
  • Shelter upgrades

… And a whole lot more cool stuff!

Don’t skip off gleefully to launch the game just yet, though - read on to learn more about what you should expect when you fire up the Beta.

About the Beta

First, we want to remind everyone that the Beta is not the full game. While the Beta includes tons of new content and features, there are also content and features still missing, and most of those that are in the Beta still need balancing and optimization. There are also still going to be a host of bugs and technical issues that we’re still actively fixing behind the scenes. Similar to other prominent recent betas on Steam (Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity), Dead State’s Beta doesn’t include all the final story, dialogues, or levels, but it’s sure got enough to keep you busy for quite some time! The idea behind the open beta is to expose as much content to you as we possibly can and get your feedback on both design and technical issues before we move on to the final release.

Speaking of your feedback - we need it! The community is full of passionate, motivated, and clever people and we humbly ask you to use your powers to help us improve Dead State. On the design side, we especially need feedback about combat, supplies, loot, and dialogue. On the technical side, we especially need to know about crashes, soft locks, exploits, and any progress-blocking bugs. Of course, all other game feedback is welcome too :)

To provide bug reports and feedback, please use the subforum located here: Early Access Beta. Don’t mind the old posts - we had a very small number of people helping us do internal testing of the beta, and we’ve converted the forum we used to communicate with them into the full Beta bug-reporting/feedback forum. You can also use our “Bug Reporting and Feedback” board on Steam to report issues if you’d prefer. Please make sure to read the “Known Issues” thread first and review other people’s posts before reporting your issue; that makes it easier for the devs and mods to keep track of everything!

Better Community = Better Game

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Beta, both positive and negative - just please keep your feedback polite, constructive, and on-topic. Providing constructive criticism and behaving respectfully towards others is awesome and appreciated. On the other hand, attacks and arguments detract from the effectiveness of the beta feedback process and ultimately harm the whole Dead State community. If we all keep in mind that the goal of the beta is to make Dead State the best game it can possibly be, then that’s exactly what will happen!

Known Issues and Missing Features & Content

Remember how I said there were a few bits missing and some kinks still being worked out? Right here, I’ll tell you about some of the big’uns we’re aware of. For the longer version of the Known Issues list, go here.


AI is still pretty basic right now. We’re already working on vast improvements to the AI system that you’ll see in the first patch. Eventually, enemies will exhibit more advanced tactics and behaviors that vary among different enemy types.

Dialogue and Scripting:

Dialogue and scripting are one of our highest priorities and are constantly being added to and improved.
- There are still a few missing dialogues for specific characters, and more dialogue may very well be added in polish stage.
- A number of world events are not scripted yet so if it seems like something more should be happening in a scene, chances are you’re right ;)
- Scripting is also missing or minimal in numerous ally encounters, so sometimes dialogue may not match up with what actually happens when you meet a new ally out in the world.
- There are a few neutral encounters already in the game, but more are planned for the future.


- There are still a few weird behaviors being exhibited during pathfinding, such as jittering, sliding, occupying the same space, and meandering. There’s also some lag that comes up occasionally while pathfinding. Pathfinding optimization will happen closer to final release.
- There’s currently an issue where allies do not follow the active character up or down stairs. This is a very high priority issue for us to fix in an upcoming patch.


Weapons, armor, medical items, combat skills, special attacks, and combat encounters are still being balanced and tweaked. Roof behavior is still not ideal and we have plans to make sure the roof stays invisible when any ally is inside of it, among other things.

Crashes and Locks:

Crashes and locks are one of our absolute highest priorities, so rest assured that we’re working on solutions for these even as you read these words. Right now, these are the known crashes that occur in the game:
- Changing resolution while on a level may crash the game when returning to the area map. This is an issue with the map GUI and we’re working on a solution.
- Occasionally a crash occurs when returning to the shelter. This may be related to something in the code looking for an ally that isn’t there. We’re looking into it.
- There is a rare crash that occurs when players begin to load into a location from the area map and then click somewhere else on the map before the location loads up.
- Rarely, the game soft locks after an ally panics - the player character’s turn starts and s/he has zero AP and the game is stuck on the player’s turn.
- A crash occurs when a character with no weapons equipped attempts to stand up from knockdown.
- A crash occurs when player wakes up their PC after it’s entered sleep mode with the game open.


The biggest issue with saves right now is that some save files are getting corrupted after players explore a large quantity of locations. This is a critical priority for us, so hang in there! Again, please save your game in multiple files to lower the risk of losing your game progress until we get this fixed.


While many levels are fully playable, there are also a few levels at various stages of completion. Some levels may be missing loot, enemies, or even props, and there are certainly plenty that still require additional scripting too.


- Leadership commands are not all functional yet. "Go!" and "Aim for the Head" are the only two available for the time being.

Thank You!

All of us at DoubleBear are really excited to share this beta with you and show off everything we’ve been working on over the past year. Your ongoing support and enthusiasm for Dead State kept us going and reminded us that there are a lot of people out there just as passionate about Dead State as we are. So thank you for keeping us company on this journey - we can’t wait to see it through to the end with you!

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