Community Announcements - Enterchained Game Studio
Released Update #3.3. It was improved weapon system when change vehicles, like horse, tanks, exoskeleton.
Community Announcements - jeremylee
Dear all,

As you might already know - Foresight now formally have a windowed mode. However, the windowed mode isn't borderless and windows have some control over it.

Therefore it's important to remember the following:

1) Don't press Alt - if you do the same will freeze. If that should happen, press ESC or Alt again to get back into the game.

2) When Alt is pressed, pressing UP or DOWN subsequently will drop a list of options that you see normally in other windowed applications. You can use it to move the game window - but it'll automatically snap back to the center.

3) Alt+Enter no longer works. Do not use it in Windowed mode or you might get undesirable results. (ALT opens the menu, ENTER will either trigger a Restore or Move depending on where your cursor is)

4) Don't press ALT in a multiplayer game especially when you're the server. I've never really tried this before - but I can bet that the server will eventually hang the rest of the clients.

5) If the game hangs - try pressing ALT or ESC - you might have triggered the Windows menu. I'm not sure if the MENU key can trigger the same thing but if it does, do NOT panic.


More things to come your way. V1.07a patch will introduce more display resolutions with different refresh rates available based on your GFX adapter.

Community Announcements - serad78
Hello, this is OddOneGames.

We found a few problems on a server.

So we had to restart the server.

We apologize for the inconvenience in a non-fluent environment for the adventure of Tree of Life and we will try our best to become Tree of Life that develops along with you.

Thank you.
Community Announcements - paulbbg
Just a announcement as some people are unaware what has happened to the nightly dropbox builds from here:

Well, they have moved to your steam alpha branch, right click, go properties, beta tab and look for the dropdown that reads "alpha branch as I work on it daily"

I usually update builds daily or every 48 hours ish, I post all the changes in the link above. As I mentioned before, this IS NOT playable as of yet (or even very nice or anything yet) so this is really only for people who want to follow progress more than a complete playable game. It is going to take time to get the quality up to the standard of the previous builds.

If you have any questions hit the forum link above, I it is harder for me to monitor the announcement comments than the forum.

Cheers guys thanks for reading!
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton

If you're interested in testing out this upcoming update head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access by right clicking on Unturned in your Steam library, selecting properties, navigating to the Betas tab and entering the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF".

  • Added XP and resource reward for fishing.
  • Added mechanic skill requirement and applied to some guns.
  • Added submit workshop alerts for basic errors.
  • Tweaked effectiveness of sneakybeaky a bit higher.
  • Tweaked RCMP item spawn rates.
  • Tweaked multiplayer item respawn rate lower.
  • Fixed zombie health getting reset before type change.
  • Fixed water getting reset incorrectly when scope enabled.
  • Fixed many redundancies in the code.
  • Fixed midnight color reference.
  • Fixed label tooltip overlap.
  • Fixed crash with uninitialized text.
  • Fixed using escape to close chat.
  • Fixed rotating structures not applying.
  • Fixed long zombie stun animation blocking alert after backstab.
This is the last week of classes before exams so there's a lot of essays/tests to do, but assuming some progress is done every day there might be hunting by the weekend!

Thanks for reading!
Community Announcements - Critical Games
I am very happy to announce that Update 2.0 has just been released on Steam! This contains several bug fixes and a brand new addition to the game - Steam Achievements! There's a total of 40 to unlock. Several players have requested this, so I hope that all the Achievement hunters out there enjoy it!

I have posted another topic which details every Achievement that is permanently missable, so if you're worried about skipping something important, please check it out:

Update 2.0
  • Steam Achievements are now available to unlock! There are 40 achievements in total, which feature a variety of goals.
  • A small change to the Status Screen. It now displays your Maximum HP and MP, instead of your current HP and MP.
  • Fixed a typo in the 3rd Dungeon involving a Treasure Chest.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the player to get an unused beta item (the Filled Bottle) from the spring in the 2nd Dungeon.
  • Fixed a typo in a cutscene before fighting the boss of the Sky Forge.
  • You can no longer land on deep water with the Airship. In previous versions, the player could get stuck doing this.
  • A small change to the Escape Amulet in the final dungeon which fixes a potential graphical glitch.
  • Fixed a small graphical glitch in the ending sequence.
  • You can no longer get two pieces of Ultimate Equipment from the same treasure chest at the top of the Overgrown Temple. This was a bug and has been fixed.

These changes and additions were all made due to forum posts in the Steam Community, so thank you all very much for writing! I hope every player enjoys these improvements =D
Community Announcements - KTG_Dev_Messenger
- Steamライブラリで「BLADESTORM: Nightmare」のプレイをクリック
- 表示されるメニューより「Configuration」を選択
- 中央のタブを選択「グラフィック設定(Graphics)」
- 一番下の項目を選択「テキスト言語(Text Language)」
- 言語設定を変更する「日本語 or English」
- 最下段中央のボタン「決定(Confirm)」で設定を反映する

How to change Interface Language Setting
- Click 'play' on "BLADESTORM: Nightmare" in Steam library
- Select 'Configuration' from the menu to be shown
- Select 'Graphics' tab
- Select 'Text Language' and choose '日本語' or 'English'
- Click 'Confirm'
Community Announcements - KTG_Dev_Messenger



Update ver. 1.01 released.

An update to BLADESTORM: Nightmare has been released.
The update will be applied automatically when you restart the game.

Adjusted issues:
- The issue with the difficulty to continue playing due to noises shown on the screen, in case some of AMD graphics card was used and the Start Menu/Option/Graphic Setting/Reflection was on, was solved.
Community Announcements - GM Crow
Death’s Envoy Arrives
Ahoy El Peeps! Has everyone made it through the Burnt Forest and Ash Covered Village in one piece? Saving Elrios is no easy task but it doesn’t hurt to take a break and check out the new items coming in!
Item Mall Goodies
Death’s envoy Thanato makes an appearance in Elrios to be your companion. Behind this pet’s adorable looks lies the power of death and the desire to harvest souls. Travel with Thanato to fulfill her desire and reap the rewards…unless your soul is on her list of course.

Thinking of upping your Add's style? Look to the shadows! This cool new set is just what Add needs to steal hearts and put the demons back into place. Shadow Incubus will only be available for a short time so don't miss out on your chance to get it!

A lot is going down in the upcoming weeks and I’m excited to join you El peeps for this exciting new chapter of Elsword!
Community Announcements - Alteris
Dear players

Server Maintenance was scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7).
Server Maintenance is scheduled to be complete before 2:00 PM PDT (UTC-7).

During this time Requiem will not be available.

Thank you,
Requiem Team

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