Community Announcements - Outsider Games
Latest patch imcludes

  • Song Audio balancing - 'Make it Stick', 'Euphoria' volumes lowered to match surroundings
  • Bug Fix - Finale now plays correct songs
  • Easier to pick up Spotlight in Souless Saloon

    Further dialogue audio level fixes to come.
Community Announcements - Blue
Today is Star Wars Day...and We love Star Wars.
So, to celebrate this day, the Star wars themed hats costs only 10 coins. What's more, We add a new hat to: Rebel

May the 4th be with all of You
Community Announcements - rocket2guns
This update look much longer than we anticipated, both because there was so much we wanted to add but also because we needed to redo some parts of the game to fix some bugs and issues. We've focused both on adding new content and making the game more enjoyable to play. Some highlights are the new shotgun, new pistol reload, and night vision on the sniper scope.

We've increased the depth in the game by adding a new boss that can spawn from wave 25 onwards, a tank. Also we've added a logistics system that means your engineer will supply ammo to your soliders. This is very watered down for the moment as there is no ability to micromanage the engineer. Expect this to become more important later in development.

Known issues
  • Possible performance issues with AMD GPUs. Possible workaround is to lower texture settings and resolution scale.
  • Game may be more demanding while firing. If you notice frame lag while firing, try lowering resolution scale and/or AA slightly.
  • NEW: Added field medic and field engineer tents. These act as placeable rally points/defence for one medic or engineer.
  • NEW: Friendly units now run out of ammo, and will be automatically resupplied by your engineers.
  • NEW: Entry markers when placing structures lets you know where soldiers will enter from.
  • NEW: Machine Gun Emplacement model with camo netting.
  • NEW: Reloadable 8-round shotgun with new model.
  • NEW: Added night vision toggle to sniper. Toggleable using the R controller trackpad left/right.
  • NEW: Engineers are now equipped with shotguns & will fire at nearby enemies.
  • NEW: New pistol model with animated slide & magazine reload.
  • NEW: Command Point now shows info UI when you hover over it.
  • CHANGED: Command Point now has more health & fire scales based on current damage.
  • FIXED: Game audio stops playing when game out of focus. Now game audio will continue playing when not in focus.
  • FIXED: Hard to tell if you are selecting a building or point on ground. Replaced edge highlighting with transparent collider bounds to make object size clear.
  • FIXED: Hard to select a specific unit/building when they are close together. New system for selection has been implemented.
  • FIXED: Difficult to select buildings have to select geometry directly. Changed to large sphere/box colliders to make it easy to select.
  • FIXED: Mounted machine gun not saving its state when leaving possession.
  • FIXED: Commander ability cooldowns being started when you buy the ability, not when you use it.
  • FIXED: Engineer particles visible at 0,0 at end of construction.
  • FIXED: Units being able to shoot their own defences.
  • FIXED: Distance sniper bolt needs to travel before game thinks you've pulled the bolt back/ pushed the bolt forward.
  • FIXED: Strafing run helicopter not having the correct material.
  • FIXED: Medics not reviving dead friendly units properly.
  • FIXED: Units getting stuck in level buildings when spawned.
  • FIXED: M16 and Pistol casings being ejected at the wrong rotation & force.
  • FIXED: Giant "Unassigned" markers hover in the sky above ground assigned positions. Removed these, they were viewable if you looked straight up after assigning units to ground.
  • FIXED: Lightmaps very low resolution for city buildings and the port map. These have been increased.
Next Update
We are going to keep a keen eye out for bugs on this update and will hotfix if necessary. Virgil has nearly finished an amazing canyon map, I'm still plodding away on the beach (DDay) map. We're going to focus on some refactoring this coming week to improve our approach to weapons, so that we can be ready to add upgrades and allow more unique weapons for your soldiers to use.
Community Announcements - G2CREW
Added parts for shaping.
Added attack switch to the Meeting. Please set to OFF If you do not want to participate in combat.
Added function for orthogonal projection camera.(Modifier+LockAngle)
The toggle switch processing can be reverted to the old specifications.(INTERFACE-ActionProcessing-Legacy)
Added redistribution permission settings to WORKSHOP. It can not be imported without permission.
The mass of the dummy parts has been changed to 10%. Can be reverted by BUILD-ADVANCED-PhysicsVersion.
The mass of the dummy Tire & dummy feather has been changed to 0. Can be reverted by BUILD-ADVANCED-PhysicsVersion.
Fixed a preview-related bugs.
Community Announcements - [BG] Lee

We’ve released an update to the test branch for the Dedicated Servers to fix some problems. Some players were unable to see the Dedicated Server in steam tools due to an issue with steam. The Dedicated Server tool will now be visible to all players who own the game.

Players were also experiencing difficulty running the anonymous server. This is now working as expected and servers should now be able to be run anonymously after the update. It will update itself when the batch file is run, so if you are already running a server please re-run the batch file (although the files can also be found here.)

As always if you do encounter problems let us know in the steam forums.
Community Announcements - Heather

Here comes the first event for May.
Stock up on items that are always popular.

- The items for the sale are as below :
Cosmic Stone
Deluxe Item Repair Kit
Magic Bag
Mysterious Box
Ancient Dragon Blood
Ancient Dragon Heart
Ancient Dragon Teeth
Great Dragon's Horn
- From May 4th to May 19th

Community Announcements - jarrahtech
Like most releases, I started this dev cycle by looking at my list of annoyances and bugs. Most of the bugs are minor and don't cause too much anguish, but a couple greatly effect players. I always try to fix those immediately (so they don't even make it to the list). However, three have stubbornly refused to yield to my attentions. They sit as at the top of the bug list.

This week I was supposed to start work on a neutral system and skirmish additions, but first I thought I'd take another look at one of those bugs. "Game does not work in fullscreen with multiple monitors." I think it is now fixed! I managed to borrow a second monitor, recreated the problem, and then fixed it on my machine. I hope it is fixed. Now there are two bugs at the top of the list. I'm so happy I decided to make a quick release - here it is.

Next I'm going back to the original plan and doing the neutral and skirmish work.


Current Version: 0.9.28 (4th May 2016)

Known Issues:
* Steam Overlay can sometimes cause some Macs to hang on startup - need to disable Overlay
* Report that the game halts Steam when starting for a second time (the first start is fine, but the second, non-concurrent start causes the issue). Currently unable to replicate.

Immediate Roadmap:
* Balance/AI, neutral system, skirmish fixes & additions.
* Suggestions/feedback?
* Performance enhancements - client & server?

0.9.27 (23rd April 2016) -> 0.9.28 (4th May 2016)
* Going to menu no longer deselects
* Stop focus icons disappearing when menu turned off
* Clear tooltips when selector cleared
* Better selector positioning
* Add Targeting quick key
* Fix selector bug where components drawn on top of eachother when going straight from one selector to another
* Fix targeting tooltip bug where it stated the wrong current target
* Reload allowable screen resolutions each time selection is displayed
* Fullscreen on multiple monitors fix
* Update to Unity 5.3
* Force OSX versions to be foregrounded on startup (thanks to increpare)
Community Announcements - OkoNietoperza
New patch available (1.02)!

Change log:
- Barracks works corretly after loading a game.
- Fixed fuel production cost.
- Adrenaline item now works correctly.
- Teleporter skill now works correctly.
- Repeller technology now works correctly.
- Fixed few tool tips.
- Other small fixes.
Community Announcements - ✪ RedBaron [AFTERSHOCK DEV]
Community Announcements - Plain Concepts
  • Fixed crash when there is no internet connection in single player
  • Now expansions screen shows info of current online users
  • Online timers have been increased in multiplayer mode

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