Tiger Knight: Empire War - caroline
Following the May 23rd update, several players reported that they were unable to play the game smoothly, or were running into unusual issues. We sincerely apologize to anyone affected. We are also very grateful for the active feedback you gave us, including detailed descriptions and log files. Compensation packs have be handed out to all players, please keep an eye out for our compensation announcement.

In the meantime, we’d like to address some of the aforementioned issues in more detail. There’s also a teaser for the upcoming female characters at the end, for those who read all the way to the bottom (or skip down all the way…cheaters!)

Q: After quitting a battle the soldiers and adjutant remain stuck on the battlefield, and the client crashes when loading into a battlefield.
A: The soldiers-stuck-in-battle problem happened to a few Asia server players after the update, and a number of EU server players faced the client crash problem when logging into the game. Again, we regret that any player should encounter these bugs, but thanks to the detailed descriptions and log files you provided we have identified a solution and the problem will be resolved imminently. If you still have this issue, please refer below:

Q: I can’t log into the game, it’s stuck on the loading screen.
A: Check if there’s a program starting with “kingdom” in the task manager. If there is, please wait a little longer, as the loading time differs from computer to computer.
But if there is no such program in the task manager, that may be caused by missing game files. Please check (steam/steamapps/common/TigerKnight_EW/TigerKnightEnv) and run the test tool. You can also reinstall the required files from (steam/steamapps/common/TigerKnight_EW/_CommonRedist).

Q: After buying an item, I can’t find it anywhere / the item is lost.
A: First please check your in-game mailbox, as all rewards will be sent there. Second, if you have retrieved the attachment from the mail, the rewards will then move to your character’s storage. If you still can’t find the item after checking both in-game mailbox and storage, please send your server, in-game name, and time of the purchase to tigerknighten_support@oasgames.com, and we will help you find it.

Q: Any news on female characters?
A: It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is almost over! The main content of our next big update will be the inclusion of playable female characters. The release date has not been set yet but we are aiming for this summer. To give a taste of what you can expect to see on launch, we’ve included a few character designs below. We hope you like what the team has been working on, and please continue to leave your feedback and impression on all things Tiger Knight!

Guardians of Ember - BigPun
Hello Immortals,
As always, here are the weekly updates to our bug list:

  • New: 0208 - Game's Resolution is Not Scaling Properly
  • New: 0209 - Peato & Cave Dweller Dungeon Bosses Drop Nothing
  • New: 0210 - Disable or option to disable log of friends' collected items in chat
  • New: 0211 - UI uses too much FPS
  • New: 0212 - Mobs are able to attack player from across screen
  • New: 0214 - Gold does not drop in the Chaos Temple

QA in Progress:
  • QA in Progress: 0209 - Peato & Cave Dweller Dungeon Bosses Drop Nothing
  • QA in Progress: 0195 - Bugged Quest Dialog
  • QA in Progress: 0199 - Bugged or Missing Compendium Cards

  • Fixed: 0151 - Compendium Cards missing in Harrowing Woods
  • Fixed: 0133 - "Almighty" achievements not granted to players who complete them in a group.

  • New: 0207 - Make 'Ctrl' button functionality toggle on/off
  • New: 0213 - Make mined materials tradable

Thank you all for your patience, support, and continual feedback. We shall keep you updated on this week’s QA’s and hopefully see them patched next week!

To view the entire bug list, go here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/463680/discussions/0/133259956023801070/

Bullet Sorrow VR - vikingvrstudio
In the latest update, we make the "face forward" sign optional for Oculus users.
And also some small bugs fixed.
Empires - Interactive Gaming Studios
Hello Everyone,

The new trailer for Empires is now live!

Interactive Gaming Studios
Leap of Fate - Victoria Clever-Plays
Hey players!

We have a new build of Leap of Fate coming at you with three major bug fixes. Thanks to those of you who pointed out the problems to us in the forums -- we really appreciate it!

- Arcane Revolver: Fixed a bug that prevented the glyph Arcane Revolver to drop, therefore preventing the completion of the achievement Ancient Warfare.

- Rasimov saves: Fixed a bug that corrupted the save game after Rasimov filled his soul bar 10 times or more.

- Visual character bug: Fixed a visual glitch in the character selection screen, when clicking on a character card right when it was being unlocked.

We're currently working on something suuuper exciting for Leap of Fate! It's a secret for now, but it'll be announced soon so keep an eye out for it.

As always, thanks for playing Leap of Fate! Your support keeps us going. Follow us on Twitter (@CleverPlays) for updates on everything we're up to and what's coming next.

Victoria & the Clever-Plays team
Virtual Battlemap - MWMDragon
Could this picture have something to do with it ?!?

Super Stone Legacy - Super Stone Legacy
Super Stone Legacy V1.0! is out! Aww yeah!
It's been a long time coming and we truly appreciate all of the love and support from all of you. We got a HUGE amount of feedback which has made Super Stone Legacy much better for it.

We will be working on adding new and exciting content in the coming weeks. We're pretty excited and you should be too. Also, don't hesitate to get in touch for any reason, even just to say hello.

Thanks again everyone and enjoy Super Stone Legacy!
Market Tycoon - ProtectionGames
In this update more bug fixes, this update include but not limited to:

• Fixed some Saving/Loading Issues. (If you experienced a save/load bug this update MIGHT not fix the problem, but the bug should not happen again if you started a new game.)

• Fixed a small problem on restocking items sometimes it would not restock. (In a future update, we will give you more choices on what items you want to restock other than restocking the whole rack, fridge, or freezer. We also wanted to inform you that you can restock items by selecting the item you want to restock from the items menu and act like placing the item on top of the existing one to restock it)

• Few more minor bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks to everyone who has reported any bug found, please if you find a bug, report it we are always listening.
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - [RUST]Grumplestiltskin
Howdy Folks!

Devlog video here:

Well here it is, after about 10 months of being requested, a Gun Saving system. ducks I know that took far far too long to do, but truth be told, back when I built the initial firearm attachments system in H3 (the super janky first rev of it anyway), I really didn't know how to do the sort of scriptable object/database manipulation required to make it work. I could rant for days on all I've learned in that time however, so the time was right to finally make it happen.

One of the side-effects of this system is that I now have some much cleaner meta-data connections between objects / weapons / cartridges / etc. so I'll be able to build richer events to use in M.E.A.T.S. as well as the.... other thing I'm working on that you folks will have a to wait a while to hear about :-P The refactor of the attachment system also made things far more reliable and clean, which I really needed to do before my next big attachment push, namely making the AK-style rails an actual modular system (instead of the permanently welded-on one on the Bizon and AKM).

I hope you folks end up growing to enjoy the Rhino revolvers as much as I have. They've got an almost... deus-ex-ee feel to them, and I love how the Rhino-60 looks with a reflex on top, and a laser+flashlight on the under side. Totally going to be my sidearm of choice going forward.

Anywho, without further ado, here's the full changelog for the update. Let me know if you folks run into any issues!!


Update Notes

  • Added New Firearm: Commando 552 Carbine (5.56x45mm)
  • Added New Firearm Set: Rhino Revolver 60, 50, 40, 20DS (.357 Magnum)
  • Added New Speedloader: .357 Magnum 6-shot
  • Added New System: Firearm VAULT in Item Spawner. Scan configured guns into system and retrieve them later! Available in the Upper right corner of the Item Spawner. Please only have one gun on the plinth at a time for scanning (or it will just pick a random one).
  • Added New Locomotion Option: Front-facing style Teleport (in advanced teleport options). It functions as a two-stage teleport. You first pick your point, then the point relative to it you wish to be facing.

  • (Attachment System) Rail adapters that currently have attachments on them can now NOT be unmounted. Please detach anything attached to them first. This is to prevent both a recurring physics/parenting crash and some corner cases of lost references.
  • (Attachment System) Made internal changes to transformation parenting for attachments. This should cause a minor performance increase for all firearms with attachments.
  • Rail Extender added to fore of Mk 17 (was created for the gun initially by Niklas, but I forgot to add it)
  • Tactical Flashlight now has alternate (detective style) pose. Toggle to it using the trigger.
  • Handgun two-hand recoil damping now occurs when alt hand is holding a magazine or flashlight
  • Revolvers now recoil-damp just like handguns (when 2nd hand is near primary, while empty, or holding mag/flashlight)

  • Ammo Boxes have been removed from the game for performance/resource usage reasons. They will possibly be reimplemented at a future data in a more efficient and reliable way.

  • Fixed Sparkler not showing up in Fireworks section of Item Spawner
  • Famas F1 Reclassified to ‘Assault Rifle’ (as it should have been)
  • Fixed missing brass impact/ejections sounds for 5.56 rounds
  • Fixed Trigger-Up detection for freshly picked up objects that was causing primed Revolvers to discharge upon being picked up.
  • Fixed incorrect velocity sampling for Revolver cylinder and spinning when player rig was rotated
  • Fixed Invisible Dynamite issue (was an LOD bias/culling issue)
Soma Spirits: Rebalance - Torch60
Soma Spirits: Rebalance has been updated to version 1.0.1. This is a minor patch that makes the following changes:

Changes to enemies
  • Flubbly - Increased weakness to Ice.
  • Carniflower - Increased weakness to Fire.
  • Adjusted one enemy troop in Mysterious Woods to have different monsters.
Fixed a formatting error on a snowman in Freezing Fjord.


That's about it! Please let me know if you encounter any problems!

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