Community Announcements - catstudio

Cat Simulator "Early Access" is now available for download!

Cat Simulator is a fun game but it is in EARLY ACCESS.


Download it here:

Community Announcements - Misfits Attic
As usual, please opt into the "Future" branch if you're brave enough to test out what we're working on (see HERE for how to opt-in).

Daily/Weekly challenges to see who's the best Dusker out there! Glitch effects and new art for each ship! Much more audio and atmosphere! More robust alias system! An eerie waning that radiation may flood, Drones with more & less slots! Exclamation marks!! The full list below :)

If you do find bugs that you believe might be specific to this version please post them in the Support/Issues/Bugs Sub-forum with "[v0.31]" at the beginning of the title.

(WARNING: THIS UPDATE MAY RESET YOUR DATA. If you are in the middle of a run and aren't willing to start a new one you may want to wait till your run is ended, or see THIS post)

Please let us know your thoughts/feedback on any of these things below!

  • Major Add: Experimental Daily and Weekly Challenges, including in-game Global and Friends Leaderboards - let us know what you think!
  • Major Add: Alias parameters and ability to reference nest other alias commands into a new alias. Keep an eye on the pinned thread for description of how to use these new features.
  • Added: New walls and tiles based on ship type
  • Added: Audio indicators for possible pending radiation leak
  • Added: Visual glitches in Drone View on various events (radiation damage, attack, etc). Can turn off in Graphical Options Menu (see “HUD Static” and “Static Indicators” settings).
  • Added: Dead enemy models - better able to tell an alive enemy from a dead one!
  • Added: Hint to teach new players how to use Motion when it is unable to scan a room that might have an enemy in it
  • Added: Several sounds from drone collisions to patrol bot to UI interactions to interface enable/disable. Also changed Drone pickup sound (when in DV) and some general ambient sounds in DV.
  • Added: Player ship navigation “animation” when moving between Systems and Ships. You can turn off from the Graphic Options menu.
  • Added: Teleporter mod that allows you to teleport sensors and traps into another room. The sensor/trap to teleport must be near the drone with the teleporter installed.
  • Added: Ability to turn off the red enemy indicator rectiles in the difficulty menu
  • Minor Add: ‘time’ command that returns the current mission time
  • Major Change: Different Interfaces on the same ship can have different commands (ex: might only find ‘shipscan’ on one, but ‘defense’ on another)
  • Changed: Alias UI
  • Changed: Drones no longer start out with a “veer” (turning left or right). Instead, they MAY start to veer after taking a high-level of damage. It’s (almost always) a repairable veer, that gets less noticeable the better the health of the drone.
  • Changed: Lootable Drones now can have 2 - 4 slots (most often still 3)
  • Changed: Help Manual to include some of the less common commands, such as F8 as well as showing new players the help manual (open to Tips) on their second run for training.
  • Change: The swarm enemy type can now spawn in half-sized swarms as well as original sized
  • Change: the slime enemy has a new look
  • Change: Upgrades on trading post now can have a random age and, sometimes, even a quantity of 0.
  • Change: New “UI” when drone visual is broken. Dead drone (not disabled, but broken ones) also use that new UI so you can no longer look through that drone’s camera
  • Change: Drones with 0HP in the boarding config UI now show up in a different color to make more noticeable. Something similar occurs in the Modification UI, as well.
  • Change: Transporter now has a 2 second “cool down” between each use (similar to the cool down already on Teleport)
  • Change: Airlock with a seal about to break now blinks
  • Change: Fuel Access can take damage like other in-room equipment when a room is vented or explosions happen
  • Major Fix: Commandeering a Medical Ship with a Quarantine Bypass
  • Upgrade was causing the game to lock up and/or behave otherwise in an improper manner
  • Fixed: Bug when resetting from in-game causing crash later on
  • Fixed: Exploit when killing a patrol bot by venting into space would leave behind scrap
  • Fixed: Exploit when setting broken items to a trading post, could exit/return to get the same upgrade back, fully repaired
  • Fixed: When commandeering, scrap on drones outside of the docking bay was not being shown in the mission summary window (did not affect actual scrap, a UI thing only)
  • Fixed: A drone lost in space do to a vent opening could be “seen” if using SPACE to toggle to drone view
  • Fixed: At some point the “schematic view lost” event stopped working. Added back in.
  • Fixed: Error in Asteroid code that (occasionally) caused the console to keep printing that a particular room was hit by one.
  • Removed: All references to Constellations.
  • Optimization: Reworked enemy code for more efficient code and less processing overhead, overall (has the cool side-effect that sounds don’t travel through doors).


-Tim Keenan (Duskers creator guy)
Community Announcements - deathrise8
- Bug Auto Killer fixed. A cheap bug that when an enemy rushed you you would automatically kill it like if you had head bopped it, is now fixed.

- Bug Head Bopper Miss fixed. Another stupid bug that when a warrior attempted a head bop he/she might end up hurt, is now fixed.

- New Intro. In reflection of the PS4 port.
Hello everyone, I got a new update stocked full of goodies...

- 2 New Warriors, Jany, and Kai

- More Micro Bug Fixes

- Small Final Boss Modification

- Removal of Alternate Music Soundtrack Freeing Up Lots of needed RAM

- New Intro and Music by John Pinto

I will add 5 new warriors shortly.
Community Announcements - [NX]Stan
Dear players,

We're currently experiencing issues with servers responsible for all games and we're actively trying to solve the problem as fast as we can.

You will be updated about the situation under this announcement.

We are really sorry for the trouble.

Kind Regards,
CSN:Z Team
Community Announcements - Lord_Kurian
Hail Knights!
We have just announced the Love is in the Air Steam Community Hub event!
Make sure to participate in this event for a chance to win some Knight Cash!

Date of the Event: 02/12/2016 - 02/22/2016 11:59PM EST

Click here for more information:
Community Announcements - bmaglalang
Official Humongous Entertainment T-shirts featuring Pajama Sam, Spy Fox, Freddi Fish, and Putt-Putt are now available on Amazon.
Community Announcements - bmaglalang
Official Humongous Entertainment T-shirts featuring Pajama Sam, Spy Fox, Freddi Fish, and Putt-Putt are now available on Amazon.
Community Announcements - bmaglalang
Official Humongous Entertainment T-shirts featuring Pajama Sam, Spy Fox, Freddi Fish, and Putt-Putt are now available on Amazon.
Community Announcements - bmaglalang
Official Humongous Entertainment T-shirts featuring Pajama Sam, Spy Fox, Freddi Fish, and Putt-Putt are now available on Amazon.
Community Announcements - thehumanidiot
Split Screen is here!

This is the main feature of this update, however there are several other features as well.

Main Changes:
  • Split Screen Support
  • Low Quality Shader Option: Will provide fps boost at cost of quality
  • Menus are now navigable by controllers

Detailed Patch Notes

The next few weeks I will be focusing on bug fixes. You can also expect the other doors to be opening up before the end of the month!

Have fun!

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