Heroes of Civilizations - Initiative Games
Were close to release, after months of work the time has come to be ready to play with your favorite civilization.
Low Magic Age - Low Magic Studios
5 new spells:

Grants the target 1d8 temporary HP +1/level, +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and saves against fear.

Divine Power
Calling upon the divine power of your patron, you imbue yourself with strength and skill in combat.
You gain +2 bonus to weapon attack rolls, Str +6, and 1 temporary HP/level.

Hold Person
The subject becomes paralyzed, freezes in place and cannot take any actions.
Each round on its turn, the subject attempts a saving throw automatically to end the effect.

Mass Hold Person
Functions like Hold Person, but bigger area of effect.

Wail of the Banshee
You emit a terrible scream that kills creatures that hear it (except for yourself).

More detailed information of hit points for new temporary hit points mechanic
Optimized Character Panel information display
In Celebration of Violence - Julian Edison
  • Dodging is slightly more effective.
  • Blocking with shields will work from all sides. Realistic? No. Less of a headache? Absolutely.
  • Archers should now be largely unable to stun the player.
  • Parrying an enemy can no longer also push them back if your parry hits both them and their weapon.
  • Can no longer sprint against walls. Maybe that should be considered a bug? Well I've already put it here.
  • Certain enemies without tangible bodies will no display hit effects when struck.
  • Minor tileset adjustments.
  • -Minor adjustments to some particle effects.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the player to become stuck with both weapons out if they attack and swap weapons in the same frame.
  • Fixed the Map Scroll memento only giving one treasure map even when the player has obtained multiple mementos.
  • Arrows will correctly display above enemy crossbows.
  • Arrows fired from traps correctly play hit effects.
  • Arrows should no longer be able to occasionally hit a player after they've dodged it.
  • Fixed some weapon orientation issues when using certain sprinting attacks.
CDF Starfighter VR - MAGStudios
SATS - First DLC Announced - Due Later This year!

As a solo dev, I am going through the reviews of the game at the moment and want to give something back for all those who have helped along the way. and spent a little time in my game.

Reviews are a great way to to state what you like about the game, dont like about the game and if you recommend it to others. With a lot of call, and my love for VR motion controllers, I have said many times over the last year, I have something special planned for VR motion controllers. A new DLC will be coming based on the prequel - CDF Ghostship/Ghostship Aftermath - And for those who already know about Ghostship, you know what to expect but with a huge upscale. For those who dont, its the "Small Arms Training Simulator" which is all about fire-arms, the Colonial Defence force and fun!.

A much bigger Ghostship - expansion - Ghostship Chronicles will be coming later this year which is much more story orientated. SATS features the firing range, Hull breach mode and survivor mode.

I look forward to bringing this to a few select poeple who have enjoyed my star fighter game next month, and looking for an English Release by the fall of the year. Chinese version on Hypereal will be hit in China this Spetmeber/Early October!
Confess My Love - Eimo
If you think there is a problem with English translation.
(A late message from about two month ago)
Citadel: Forged with Fire - Community Manager - Denis

Thank you for your patience as we’ve worked tirelessly to investigate and eliminate the various Fatal Error issues you’ve experienced today. Here’s a quick rundown:
  • Fixed crashes associated with anti-combat-logging systems
  • Fixed crashes associated with joining a server while the list is still populating
  • Fixed various small issues that could cause a crash while in-game
We’re working hard to prepare more bug fixes for you in the near future, and are gathering your feedback as we go for balance tweaks and adding new content.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we refine Citadel: Forged with Fire!
ClickRaid - SlikeyTre
-Added some cloud save logic
-Added cross-platform save/loading
-Removed text bubbles from normal mobs
-Fixed a competition bug
SoulSaverOnline - Hpark427
Hello, Savers!

We are going to have urgent server maintenance.

[Scheduled server Maintenance]
Date/ Time : 27th of July 11:0- 12:00 PM. [GMT +9:00] 1Hour

Checklist : Bug fix, Server Maintenance

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you for understanding.

New Frontier Days ~Founding Pioneers~ - ArcSystemWorks

The following issues have been addressed and fixed as of the current update:
- Fixed a crash issue where the game do not boot up properly in certain PC environments.

The following feature has also been implemented to the game:
- Added French language support
- Added German language support.
- Added Kansai-ben (Japanese dialect) language support.
- Added a feature to allow users to select multiple pioneers at once, by pressing and holding the Confirm button at an empty space.
*Pressing and holding the Confirm button again will cancel it.
- Changed the function of the ESC key, such that instead of closing the game immediately, it pops out the pause menu instead now.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
HammerHelm - Calandryll
In anticipation of tomorrow's launch, Walls and Towers have been added to the game!

These will become very useful as part of the town attacks system, but I wanted to get them in the game now so you can start to plan your town better. Eventually these structures will also create a mood buff for your townspeople as the defensive structures will help them feel more secure.

The towers can be entered, allowing you to climb to the top for a better view or walk along the connected walls. Walls and Towers also include torches that activate at night similar to the lanterns attached to houses and other structures.

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