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Community Announcements - Megapull_Neocore
Updates to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing v1.3.0.
Major changes include:


  • Force 32 bit option in the video options menu - choose this if you have performance issues
  • Disable Controller option in the controls menu
  • Improved Multiplayer connection system
  • Progress gets saved in co-op mode for both the client and the host.
  • Copy progress console command:
    Use this command to copy the progress from another save file.Before the current multiplayer system, the progress was not saved on the client side. You can use this command to continue your game with the original host. Just get the host's save file, copy it somewhere easily accessible location, enter the game, open the chat by pressing enter, and use the command like this:/CopyProgress D:\hostssave.sav

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the activation trigger for the Lurking Hunter Machines quest
  • Fixed the interaction trigger for the Rogue Hunter Machines
  • Fixed an item disappear bug at Artifact Forging
  • Fixed numerous strings such as the active quest one
  • Fixed a display error for item tooltips
  • Fixed text alignment for Level up and Reputation up messages
  • Fixed a gamelogic FPS error
  • Fixed character art display error
  • Fixed alignment of mastery bar
  • Fixed achievements: Brute Force, They are So Cute
  • Fixed Katarina's potion icon
  • Fixed a bug where summoned units did not die

Arcane Mechanic

  • Fixed Offensive/Defensive synergy calculation
  • Fixed Turret damage
  • Fixed a bug where the Pholiston Torch got stuck in animation


  • Fixed an error where characters where determined invalid for no apparent reason
  • Fixed numerous connecting and resolving issues
  • Fixed party member icons on the minimap


  • Fixed TD controls with controller
  • FIxed an interaction bug with Todor Schimko
  • Fixed a companion menu error
  • Fixed a bug where sigils could not be attacked
  • Fixed an interaction bug with the merchant escort quest
Community Announcements - Kyarak
The Dragon Gods Are Upon Us
Class revamps, tutorial improvements and more!

It’s been widely discussed for a long time, but the mastery update is finally here! However that’s not everything, with this update we’ll bring you loads of new content to explore!

So far you’ve managed to survive all challenges Auratia has managed to throw at you. However, for this major content patch, we’re doing things differently! With the upcoming patches we’ll focus on the social side of the game; the way new players will be introduced to the game, a new mastery system and much more!

Tutorial improvement
To accommodate new players, we gave the starter region a unique revamp. We felt like the design of our starter region was slightly lacking and did not cover the basics as well as we originally intended. To go along with this, we added and altered parts of the game hints. We hope that with these changes it will be easier for new players to get to know the game and eventually integrate better at later stages of the game.

Mastery Improvements
In the new Mastery System in Dragon‘s Prophet, your characters can learn new masteries and skills. All four character classes now have unique masteries, which can help you gradually specialize into a role. From passive buffs to active attacks, the further you progress in the game, the more masteries you’ll unlock.

Treasure Hunt System
Want to go out hunting some treasures with your friends but fear you may never find them? No problem! Artecia will now have Ancient Book stores where you will be able to find clues. These clues will lead you to a place in the world where you will be able to find an “Encrypted Treasure Chest”. Of course this chest is hidden; it’s a hunt after all! You will be able to open these chests by crafting a key or by completing a special mini game!

Quest Rewards
We’d like to make sure that questing is a fun experience, not just something that you will have to put up with until you eventually hit your level cap. To assist you in your travels, main story quests will now have purple quality gear for you upon completion. This should actually make you feel like you just completed a part of your character’s story and of course, it will help you to slay your foes even swifter!

UI Improvements
One of our goals for this patch is to let new players learn our game faster and transition easier. We’re adding some extra mini-map features, a quick-swap button that allows you to quickly change your equipment, an unstuck button in the Character Selection Interface and a new player frame effect that will only display when you’re in combat.

For a more detailed look on the Dragon God Mastery Update, make sure to check out our overview for the new masteries here.
Community Announcements - Krillbite Studio
Hi everyone!

Touching base
Hope all of you is having a great summer!
We just wanted to touch base after almost 2 months of Among the Sleep out in the stores. It’s been a very rewarding and exciting experience for everybody here at Krillbite!

Some of you have been asking about Patch 1.2.0 and when it would be possible to get your hands on it. We've been hard at work, and it's finally ready. People should expect an auto-update pretty soon. Among other things, you can find a lot of bug fixes, with the addition of 5.1 audio support and depth of field for better visual fidelity. Keep sending us bug reports with dxdiag and log files.

Also, after coming from the intense launch-sprint the team has had a much needed break for the last 2-3 weeks. When everyone is back we'll get working full speed on the upcoming DLC for Among the Sleep, which should be expected this fall!

Some other news!

  • Among the Sleep would never have existed if it wasn't for our lovely Kickstarter backers. Kickstarter have recently launched a Play Now area, where you can find released games funded by Kickstarter!
  • We recently attended the Develop conference in Brighton, UK. Bjørnar & Martin were there to showcase the game after being shortlisted for the Indie Dev showcase!
  • Among the Sleep has currently sold more than 30.000 copies across all channels, which means we'll be able to keep deliver new and exciting projects for you to play in the future! This is incredible and we want to thank all of you!

Version 1.2.0 Patch Notes (Juli 23 2014)


  • 5.1 audio! You can now toggle between the different audio setups in the settings menu


  • Added Depth of Field, which can be toggled in the video settings menu
  • Fixed black lines across screen caused by dynamic light shafts not working on some OpenGL hardware. Added toggle button for turning them on/off in the video settings
  • Fixed artifacts with the memory field shader for some OpenGL hardware
  • Fixed occlusion bugs in the home level
  • Improved on the Teddy-light effect so the effect is more prominent
  • Improved/fixed multiple minor graphical glitches


  • Fixed camera being offset after you pick up Teddy at the end of the game in VR mode


  • Teddy will no longer block the player in a corner
  • Tweaked duration of several hints
  • Tweaked duration of several events
  • Fixed some events not starting correctly
  • Fixed a monster that would get stuck in various locations
  • Fixed several bugs in the save/load system
  • Star key will no longer get stuck at an unreachable location
  • Removed debug commands to skip cinematic events in the first level
  • The long drawer will no longer fail to retract when it should
  • A drawer in the forest level will no longer get stuck in its socket
  • Possible fix for the headless baby bug, where the camera is misplaced and stuck outside the childs body after you wake up in chapter 1
  • Added Turkish translation (Thanks to Fatih Altinci)
  • Fixed weird performance bug with menu-sliders on Linux
  • Updated credits with new names based on surveys from the Kickstarter
  • Video and language settings now only show an “Apply” button if there are changes to apply

- Hugs and love from the Krillbite team!
Community Announcements - Happy Wars Team
We're excited to announce that Happy Wars Ver.1.0.0 is now released!
To celebrate this happy moment, we will be hosting a special match!
The special match, "Save The King" will be held for 2 weeks, until August 6 (UTC).
Join the special match and show your prowess on the battlefield because this is a great chance to get EXCLUSIVE items!
Get all of the exclusive items before this special event ends!!
Happy WarsがVer.1.0.0としてリリースされました!
記念してSpecial Match "Save The King"を開催します!
Special matchで活躍すると、限定アイテムがもらえるチャンス。期間内に全て獲得しよう!!

Update History

  • Special Match is now in session!! Join in from the billboard displayed on the Main Menu.
  • A new control has been added. Users can now go back to the previous menu screen by right-clicking on the mouse.
  • Improved several menu navigations that use the keyboard.
  • Fixed the problem where the game's display would be affected by player names containing brackets "[ ]".
  • Fixed the bug that caused the game to hang-up during multiplayer mode.
  • Special Match。メインメニュー画面の看板から挑戦できます。
  • マウスの右クリックで、前のメニュー画面に戻る操作が実装されました。
  • いくつかのキーボードによるメニュー操作が改善されました。
  • プレーヤー名に"[ ]"が使用されている際、一部の表示がおかしくなる不具合を修正しました。
  • マルチプレイ中にハングするバグを修正しました。
Community Announcements - Really Slick
This update fixes specific problems playing on Windows: the time played was not being counted, and Retrobooster was launching in the background in Big Picture Mode. After updating, these behaviors should be fixed.

There are also some tiny improvements to game controller menu input and some sound fx. And a small bug was fixed that you probably never encountered because it was very rare.
Community Announcements - ⓣⓘomega
There will be maintenance and an Update today, which includes Beta Content.

The announcement upon re-opening will contain more information.

Community Announcements - Renegade Jools
Visit our bandcamp page here and download the entire Mutant Mudds OST for free.
Community Announcements - MrBenjammin
A new server build is available for server hosts with quite a lot of fixes and some changes based on bugs and problems users have found over the last couple of days. Thanks for taking the time to report them. With the influx of people a lot of bugs I'd never seen before popped up. But luckily with the help of quite a few dedicated community members, a lot of the pretty tricky bugs are fixed.

The client patches have been automatically rolled out via Steam and the Sky Nations launcher. Pretty much as they were done.

The new server build can be downloaded from here:

I'm going to carry on powering through the bugs that have come up, then we should back to the normal update schedule.

0.457 - (Post Early Access Launch Fixes)

  • Merch Cat will no longer wander very far out of Systems.
  • Custom items no longer appear in chat with links.
  • Exposed more things to the Mod API such as IBiomeSystem.JoinShip(), IBiomeSystem.JoinActor(). Plus some delegates for IPlayerManager and IActor for various events. Mod API docs: http://skynations.net/modapi/classes.html


  • Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable has been added to installed for those missing it.
  • Fixed ship controls being active while typing in chat.
  • Fixed Ships not saving their protection status.
  • Fixed Jump Explosion effect appearing in the wrong position(0,0,0 instead ships previous position).
  • Fixed Linking process for existing users or new users possibly being borked if they close the game during or suffer some sort of PC shutdown or something happened to bork their cloud saves.
  • Fixed a stack overflow caused by Magmasites chain explosions.
  • Fixed killing yourself counting towards playing kills.
  • Fixed players with usernames involving special characters crashing client.
  • Fixed players with certain characters making them unable to be saved by the server.
  • Fixed ghost ship bug where players would see their own ship after jumping, dying or teleporting from an instance to a new one. The ghost ship couldn’t be interacted with as it technically existed in another instance.
  • Fixed Nation invites being broken in some cases.
  • Fixed Promote/Remove options for Nations not taking effect.
  • Fixed Merchant Cats ship not always appearing(symptom of ghost ship bug).
  • Fixed logout taking you back to authentication for Steam version. Now closes the game instead.
  • Fixed Merchant Cat trade stations not always being interactable.
  • Fixed Escape not closing map as it says in Map title.
  • Fixed wording on Nation achievement’s description to be correct with how it is triggered.
  • Fixed entities such as steering wheels, energy well cores, mounted repeated etc. staying after the block was deleted(symptom of ghost ship bug).
  • Fixed killing yourself counting towards friendly kills.
  • Fixed a ToolsOverlay exception for players joining who wouldn’t receive their Inventory data quickly due to slow connections.
  • Fixed /clean commands and other ways that ships are deleted not correctly deleting the ship file to. So they’d be reloaded on next server restart.
  • Fixed using Mounted Repeater causing a crash when mounting to it.
  • Fixed Bans applying to all players due to bug in how it fetched IPs.
  • Fixed some memory issues by restraining how many meshes can be queued for generation at once.
Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] Pmasher
UPDATE from Brad Logston, Senior Producer of the Dungeon Defenders Franchise:

Hey Defenders. We have just enabled Single Player and Private Sessions to Dungeon Defenders Eternity tonight.

Turning off Single Player/Private match in our initial release of Eternity was related to our fear that the server costs would be exponential, and cause us to lose significant money. We realize that jeopardizing the loyalty of fans far outweighs the risk of profit - and it was a mistake.

Player hacking was the biggest reported problem on the original Dungeon Defenders. To ensure players aren’t cheating in Dungeon Defenders Eternity, and for our future release of Dungeon Defenders II, we needed to create a connected, always online service hosted in a secure environment. This isn’t about DRM. We want to help players have positive experiences in our games where legitimate time and effort is rewarded and cheaters can’t negatively impact everyone else.

You are our fans. As the posts and threads have ramped up today, we jumped into meetings to figure out what’s the best choice for you. Our plan was to enable Single Player/Private Games once we had a chance to observe our server costs and analytics. Today threw that delay out the window, so our team worked diligently throughout the morning and afternoon to re-enable the feature. That patch is now live, and combined with improvements to our matchmaking service, players should be able to access Single Player/Private games right now.

When it’s all said and done, we’re truly grateful for all your feedback. We’ve been building Dungeon Defenders 2 directly with our Defense Council for many months, and as many will attest, we constantly make changes based on their influence. We make the same covenant with you on Eternity, and promise we’ll keep working and updating our games to provide a fun, positive, exciting experience.

Thanks for being such passionate fans and expect more fixes and changes in the coming days. In the meantime, please continue to provide us your feedback and we’ll keep listening.

Brad Logston


Old Post:

After updating, you will now be able to play in private sessions. Simply click the "Host private session" in the play menu. While hosting a session you can invite your friends through playverse to join your game or you can play by yourself. You can also create a party through playverse and kick off a private session to play just with your party.
Community Announcements - panzergamingstudios

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