Community Announcements - Psychobilly2422
Hey everyone!

Spooky's HD is out on Steam! Check it out here.

We're really excited about this release!

Please go check it out!
Community Announcements - Keyvias

For those that can survive its fires.

The last and final open session brings with it an exclusive item you can only get until the 8th when the beta ends.  30 victories on hell level missions to earn the Spore shield goggles for male and female.

This is no easy mission and will take the best in you and your crew.  Best of luck and remember, winners get the exclusive mask, losers get nothing.

If you don't see the mission on the main screen, simply relog your game and download the update.
Community Announcements - Psychobilly2422
So! The time has come! THE LAUNCH! With it we are getting the base mansion to you with VR support, nice options, good controller support, and a lot more! It's been a really crazy four months of development (the first commit on this project was on October 23rd, 2016).

However, we couldn't get everything in to the launch, which is why I am here to give you an update and talk about how we are going to support this going forwards.

The first thing that we are going to do is fix whatever issues come up, which is just part of the process. Once we're confident that there's no major issues then we're going to move on to getting Mac & Linux up and running. We do all our development on Windows PCs right now so we want to make sure that the game itself is in a good spot before biting off a whole new environment. This is also when we'll be working on the minigames, achievements and anything else omitted from the initial release.

After that we're going to take some time off, probably two to three weeks. We've been at this non-stop since late October at a REALLY intense pace - neither of us have taken weekends or any kinds of days off for a while now. We will still be around so if anything really disastrous happens we will be there to fix it. There also will likely be translations coming in during this period. All of our translators are friends who volunteered and have their own busy lives and we respect that they don't want to fill out a worksheet of every single piece of text in the game as fast as possible.

After that we're going to start chugging away on KH or Endless mode - we haven't really decided yet. I'm leaning towards KH because we have a lot of really cool ideas for endless mode that need a bit of time to coagulate in to something great. Each one of those will most likely be a couple weeks to a month of dev cycle.

After that work on Workshop support will start - the very rough estimate right now is mid August for Workshop support/"Build your own mansion". It needs to be done absolutely correctly in a way to let you guys have full control over being able to make your spooky dreams a reality and to share it with everyone else in this community. In the mean time the assets are already packaged in a very modular/dynamic way so I suspect some people will immediately get to work on figuring out how to modify the existing game.

Anyways, thanks for sticking with us this long and enjoy the game!

-Albino Moose Games
Community Announcements - christianled59
Be sure to pick it up while it's 25% off!
Community Announcements - Osaris Games

A new update was released today, introducing some new blocks:

Colored blocks and concrete blocks

Quarter round blocks

This update also add some weather (foggy, cloudy, sunny):

Here are some more changes in Version 0.92b:
- companion now teleports with you when using portals
- improved companion pathfinder
- added a way to remove moss/dirt from a specific side

Thank you again for your support!
Community Announcements - HECer
Now there should be nothing preventing the release of the game on friday!
Ouuu yeeeah!
Community Announcements - XsX
Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re working on: Uber Mobs!

Each planet will feature a unique Uber Mob which can be summoned by destroying its altair. 

These mobs are harder to kill and will drop unique rewards such as equip pieces, weapons, tools, rare materials and unique pets.

We’re also working on totems! You will be able to collect cool looking totem pieces from each planets and assemble them as a trophy for your adventures.

The upcoming update will also feature new ground biomes from the nearest planets, new collectable pets, some loot/ores rebalance and other tweaks!

That’s all for now!
Community Announcements - Zen_Dragoon
We have just launched an item mall update that includes BRAND new SE 5 Kukus and we have brought back the Punk lucky boxes as well as the wings lucky box. Also, got a request for what kinds of lucky boxes you would like us to bring back? Feel free to leave us your recommendation below :)

For the contents of the costume boxes, you can see one of our old threads here:
Community Announcements - Tonguc
Hello everyone!
Today I have released the first patch of Drizzlepath: Glass.
It includes some minor fixes such as the fix of some typos, some cursor issues and underwater sound getting paused when the game gets paused.
Looking forward for your feedback. ːbtlthumbupː

With love and respect,
Community Announcements - CrystalD_Meagan
Check out our Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration milestones from 2016, also known as the Year of Tomb Raider. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix celebrated #TombRaider20 through a series of events, announcements, and releases, culminating with October’s release of the award-winning Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration.

Fans joined in on the celebration by creating amazing works of art, in-depth retrospective articles, nostalgic live events, engaging charity marathons, and more. It was truly a full year celebration of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, and the community that has stood by her side for two decades.

Here’s to another 20 years of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft, a true icon of the industry!

Thank you to our Steam community for helping us celebrate!

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