The Storytale - redmassacre
-Excuse me. Do you know how far is the nearest castle?
-Too far... And too high.
Multishop Tycoon Deluxe - Dawn Awe

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone - EVE: Valkyrie Official

Hi Pilots,

To celebrate the Warzone launch and to welcome a new generation of Pilots to the fold, we're excited to announce the EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone Launch Bundle. Availble on PS4 or Steam until October 24th - the Launch Bundle retails for USD $29.99SRP and includes the Drifter Pack at no additional cost.

The EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Drifter Pack includes:

Drifter Shadow Ship Paint Job

In the Warzone update, Drifter Technology makes a new breed of ship possible. Our new covert Class ship, the Shadow is capable of temporarily cloaking to position itself for a deadly strike. In turn, owners of the Drifter Pack will be able to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies with an exclusive Shadow Ship Paint Job.

Drifter Pilot Suit & Helmet

The exclusive drifter Pilot Suit and Helmet have been designed to stand out in the results screen: clean lines, electric red detailing and a Drifter tech-inspired aesthetic marks the beginning of this new Generation of Valkyrie Pilots. Contents of the Drifter Pack on Steam, contain red accented versions - regardless your platform, you’ll be entering the Warzone in style.

5 Gold Capsules

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone features a host of new customization options which can be purchased with silver or earned from the new Reward Capsule system. Every online battle you take part in will contribute to earning your next Reward Capsule. Each Reward Capsule is filled to the brim with goodies, offering you the chance to earn Paint Jobs for ships, Decals, Pilot Suits, Helmets, Silver and XP Boosters.

To launch our new Valkyrie pilots on their carriers in style, the EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Drifter Pack comes with 5 Gold Capsules to usher you into the world of the Valkyrie in style. These contain a minimum of 4 items each, one item of which is guaranteed to be rare or better.

4 Exclusive Warzone Avatars for evevalkyrie.com forums

To the Valkyrie, reputation is everything. Make your forum presence on our forums on evevalkyrie.com match your play style and ship specialism with this incredible collection of brand new forum avatars. Whether you’re known for sniping in the Strix or skulking around in the Shadow, there’s sure to be something among this amazing collection of new avatars to suit you.

Already a Valkyrie? All this can still be yours…

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone marks the beginning of our journey into Cross Reality gameplay, so existing Valkyrie pilots looking to fully upgrade their Warzone cosmetic experience can purchase the Drifter Pack for USD $5.99SRP* and Warzone Dynamic PS4 theme USD $2.99SRP* separately available Sept 26th.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to #ENTERTHEWARZONE

*Suggested retail price. Includes VAT where applicable. Actual retail prices may vary and are determined by individual retailers.
YBit - MonoFlauta
Hello, everyone!
Lots of news for YBit! First of all I revealed the new type of platform on my Twitter account. This new platform will work as a magnet that will let you move to the sides while pushing you to it’s center. As most of the platforms, it will work as a useful one (for example, to translate yourself around the map or stop you from big jumps) and also work as a hazzard (stopping your falls or dragging you to dangerous places). I personally think this dynamic helps to add a lot more variety without overwelming the player with information.

As always, new platforms bring new dialogues. I added a new dialogue to introduce these magnets and also added a new dialogue to introduce the new area. Though the new area doesn’t break the rules the game has set, it will comply with these rules with a bit more flexibility (for example, magnets don’t only affect you when you touch them, they also affect you when you are in their proximity). Having this “new” point of view for the rules, will give more variety to these new area platforms.

But not only these will change with the new area, the plot is moving foward and now you can start guessing what your friend is, and who your character is. Even it will not be explicit till the end of the game, I think it is something you can already guess.

Finally, I made a bunch of changes to the game, these includes a lot of tiny changes that will give, in my opinion, a better feeling to the game.

Having finishing with all the current news, I leave the update details here:


Added 10 new levels.
Added new dialogues.
Added the beggining of the second zone.
Added a new type of platform.


The collider for the bugs has been modified.
Slighted changed the death feedback.
Slighted changed some levels to be more fair ones.
Fixed some performance issues.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what do you think of these new platforms when you get to the second area!
JYDGE - temper

We've been considering doing this for ages. Happy to announce that JYDGE will be available in English, Chinese, Russian, German, French, and Spanish right at launch! (And maybe even more languages.)

We've never done this at launch, but what could go wrong?
Far Cry® 5 - UbiSkyBear
We've had an amazing experience this summer showing the demo of Far Cry 5 at Gamescom and PAX West.

We loved meeting you, the fans, seeing cosplayers, and speaking with the voice actors of Far Cry 5.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - [TW]Yoshiro
Hello everyone!

We have just set live our first build of the upcoming 1.04 patch on the Community Test Branch. The full changelog has been posted in another announcement.


Players can choose to opt in to this build to help us by navigating to their Properties for the Rising Storm 2 application in their game library, selecting the Beta Tab, and choosing the:


As seen in this picture:

And be sure to let us know your feedback and any issues you run into in the CTB here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/418460/discussions/6/

Winexy - WETER

Keyboard Killers is not simple keyboard clicker game. In which you should kill meteors to save your starship and your friend dragon.

- 28 different levels
- 4 difficulty level
- Each level has its own cool rock song
- Create your own music on the special level with 22 various sounds

Playing for a long time you can learn to type blindly (or you can kill your keyboard)

Check on Steam store(click)
Loads of smaller bits in this too many to list, I have included a button in settings to delete the grass for people suffering low fps, you will need to press it 3 or 4 times to delete all the grass and do it again after a load as the grass comes back.

I tried replicating a error this morning with the spear hunting but could not replicate it, so instead I spent some time optimizing some engine issues which will hopefully result in less fatal errors and crashes for those that
have been experiencing those.

Have a nice weekend.
Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast - Latenights7
Well hello there again fellow roasters!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Friday to bring you some exciting news! There’s an unstoppable new force waiting to TERMINATE any organic souls foolish enough to face off against him in the verbal jousting ring. He will enable you to CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES, SEE THEM DRIVEN BEFORE YOU, AND HEAR THE LAMENTATION OF THE ALIEN PREDATORS!

The latest update adds a burly new character called Groan, and yeah if the super subtle description above didn’t already give it away, he’s a mix of Conan and the Terminator. So without much further ado, it’s our pleasure to raise the curtain and introduce all of you to the Mighty Groan!

An Austrian accented cybernetic organism sent from the future to kill a punk kid from the '80s, but mistakenly sent back 1500 years too far to Barbarian times, Groan The Destroyinator is just as confused as you are. His parts are rusting, his circuitry is outdated and is operating system is obsolete-- basically, he's a big muscly dummy. Lucky for him, he doesn't have to do much more than periodically flex his pecs and deliver quotable one-liners-- which he always crushes.

That’s not all though! This updates also includes a brand new arena called “Roast Your Enemies.” So know you can bring the pain with cybernetic efficiency and a barbaric flair in front of your own pixelated bloodthirsty audience!

We still have some more surprises up our sticky sleeves in store for you guys, so please keep an eye out on this space for news about future updates.

Thanks a lot for your continued support and we hope to meet you all screaming on the verbal battlefield!

Yours truly,

Vile Monarch

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