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Community Announcements - Windybeard
For a limited time only, Sweezy Gunner is on sale with 50% off. Grab a copy while is cheap as chips! :D
Community Announcements - Chris
Our second teaser screenshot from August's expansion shows off some changes we've made to Path of Exile's user interface. We've moved all of the buttons that open various screens into a menu so that it's much easier to discover them and their keybindings. The screenshot also shows a new NPC you might meet in your travels.

In two days, we'll be announcing the name, theme and a lot of the features of the expansion in a large news post. We can't wait to share it with you!
Community Announcements - www.deadbreed.com
Hello everyone, we have quite a few important core gameplay fixes in this patch, so let’s get to it.

First of all, as a thanks for playing and supporting the Early Access Beta and providing feedback to us (say thanks to those that did, if you didn’t)…

We are awarding 2 Gold Keys to everyone registered!

And by no coincidence, we are adding “locks” to the Netherclaws and Seraphim Wings Artifacts, so if you want to, you are able to try these out using your Gold Keys if you haven’t had the chance already (or you can use the keys to access and try out a new hero or two for a week).

Now to this update’s important fixes (these are really important things).

  • XP sharing is now working as intended, so you are able to get XP and level up properly.
  • Creep aggro and targeting is now much improved and in line with our intention. You are now able to sport that melee build and not get punished as hard.
  • Area of effect abilities (like Corpus’ Ooze etc.) are now visible to all players (finally you are able to see what affected you!).
  • The “Regen Fountain” in your base now inflicts damage to enemies.
  • Improved attack prediction/verification on “chasing” scenarios. Should be easier (possible) to hit now. In particular when using melee weapons.
  • Monoliths shouldn’t steal your kills or assists anymore.
  • Destroying a Monolith provides team gold.
  • Killing a Supreme Skeleton or Spider provides team gold.
  • The Troll shouldn’t go after the team that spawned him anymore, period.
  • Some improved movement and camera work on Heroes.
  • Some improved movement animations on Corpus, Brimstone and Brood.
  • Lilith now has her Voice Overs.
  • Updated/tweaked stats for XP and damage level up (with time) for Creeps.
  • Updated/tweaked stats and texts for many abilities. Including Brood’s Death Breath and Domini’s Huntsman to mention a few.
  • Updated/tweaked lots of popup/tooltip texts.
  • Hero Icons are no longer staying visible in the Minimap when a Hero dies.
  • Country flags now have their name displayed as a popup-text when you mouse over them.
  • Creeps have improved navigation.
  • The correct Player Meta Level should now be displayed at the load screen.
  • The post game screen has been improved (correct summaries for Creeps and Gold and your team should actually be…your team).
Community Announcements - Godwin
--- What's new in Zoom Player v9.2.0:

* XBOX controller sticks can now be used to Pan & Scan directshow
zoomed video.

* New "Speed" parameter assignable to XBOX controller stick and trigger
functions specifies the number of operations per second to perform,
customizing motion accuracy for each function.

* The mouse left-click button can now be assigned to Pan & Scan directshow
zoomed video.

* When the mouse left-click button is set to "Mouse Gestures", a new
function can be assigned to a static click, by default the function
is Play/Pause.

* The DirectShow Zooming & Panning features now apply to the internal image
viewer (JPEG/PNG/BMP) as well.

* The internal image viewer (JPEG/PNG/BMP) now supports image rotation by 90
degree increments using the Shift+"R" keyboard macro.

* Video streaming over http is now supported when using the
"Open->Streaming link" feature from the right-click context menu.

* New virtual meta-data editing accessible through the playlist editor's
right-click context menu or for the currently playing media using the
Ctrl+Shift+"T" keyboard macro.

The virtual editor saves the meta-data in Zoom Player's ZPL playlist
format without modifying the meta-data within media files themselves.

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Smart Play / Settings) that
specifies whether http media streaming builds a video or audio graph
when the specified URL does not contain a file extension (for example

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Playlist) to auto-sort playlists
on load (excluding the default playlist used when restarting the player).

* The right-arrow appearing on multiple fullscreen navigation interfaces
is now clickable and equivalent of using the right arrow key keyboard

* New button and right-click context menu entry on the playlist editor to
add streaming URLs (e.g. "http://www.somesite.org/folder/channel1.ts").

+ The chapter-points graphical elements in the bundled Onyx and Alba skins
is now better color-coded to make it easier to see behind text.

+ The auto-part loader now ignores space characters when trying to decide
if the next file in the directory should be automatically inserted
into the playlist.

+ Added a warning to reload the playing media when enabling "Show time
seek position over Timeline" setting with "Show position preview
thumbnail" previously enabled.

+ Added a warning to reload the playing media when enabling the "Display
OSD through MadVR's OSD API (preserves fullscreen exclusive mode)"

+ The options dialog is now slightly wider to better account for the width
required to display the entire settings tree.

+ When playing a live stream, pausing now stops the graph instead of being
completely disabled.

+ The multi-part file loader will no longer try to find multiple parts when
the file loaded is a playlist.

+ The play history fullscreen navigation interface now has a small arrow
on the active line signifying access to additional functionality.

- The ZPL playlist parsing code ignored meta-data such as the title if the
playlist entry was a URL (link).

- Fixed multiple issues with M3U playlist parsing, including parsing of
UTF8 encoding and meta-data parsing of titles for streaming links.

- Mouse gestures could conflict with the mouse left-click combined with
holding the Alt or Ctrl key functions.

- With the "Auto-Save Media Chapter files (".ZPCHP" files)" setting enabled,
chapter files were not being saved automatically under some circumstances.

- A few JPEG orientation modes were not displaying in the correct

- Setting the "Screen-Align the Control Bar to" setting to "Top" or "Bottom"
caused MadVR to drop out of fullscreen exclusive mode every time the
control bar was shown.

- With the "Screen-Align the Control Bar to" setting set to "Top" or
"Bottom", the control bar would align within the video in fullscreen
mode instead of the top/bottom positions.

- With EVR set as the video renderer, the first time a media was loaded
caused a momentary glitch in the skin (black box appearing behind the
skin's button).

- The PreAmp equalizer slider would get reset when the audio was muted
if the "Link volume up/down functions to PreAmp volume..." setting
was enabled.

- Adding a web page to the playlist and then saving and loading the playlist
or just restarting the player would cause the playlist entry to be
played as a media file (and failing) instead of opening as a web page.

- The extended fullscreen navigation interface would show "???" instead of
displaying unicode language-specific texts.

- Fixed a typo in one of the function descriptions.


* The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

--- End.
Community Announcements - Rock1
Steam Trading Cards for Rabbit Hole 3D: Steam Edition have been updated.

Added Steam Trading Cards
- A set of 6 trading cards are available.
- 5 profile backgrounds.
- 5 emoticons.

We look forward to bring you more updates to the game in the future!
Community Announcements - [VA] MajicPanda
We will be releasing a cloud sync patch this week which will enable sync between Steam installs. This is a very unlikely scenario but we must mention it.. if you load a game for the first time on a new machine after cloud is enabled and have NOT played and closed your game at least once on your main computer it will cloud sync that new save game as your primary save.

As you can imagine this would make you cry when you get home and ignore the warning that you are launching with an older file and then overwrite all your save progress.

Just a heads up to be mindful of any pop-up messages and to load and close the game so that it cloud saves your main PC.

This is currently only for Windows but we will enable OSX very soon as well (possibly at the same time if we get the OSX paths in before we go live with it).

Thanks :)
Community Announcements - Rock1
Steam Trading Cards for Rabbit Hole 3D: Steam Edition have been updated.

Added Steam Trading Cards
- A set of 6 trading cards are available.
- 5 profile backgrounds.
- 5 emoticons.

We look forward to bring you more updates to the game in the future!
Community Announcements - Rock1
Steam Trading Cards for Rabbit Hole 3D: Steam Edition have been updated.

Added Steam Trading Cards
- A set of 6 trading cards are available.
- 5 profile backgrounds.
- 5 emoticons.

We look forward to bring you more updates to the game in the future!
Community Announcements - Snowed In Studios
We have a new build ready for you! In this build, there is some new elements available in stores. The enemy spawning has been tweaked. There is now an option to fix your entire ship in the dock master!

Here's the full list of changes and fixes:

  • Added cotton and cloth to the stores
  • Tweaked loot spawning
  • Increased the number of digits that can be displayed for quantity in the inventory
  • Conversations will end if characters move to far away from you
  • Added an option to the dock master to completely repair you ship
  • Better handling of physics errors
  • Stopping propellers from moving when ships are anchored
  • Fixed auto save bug during the Transition from chapter 1 to chapter 2
  • Fixed auto anchoring problems in the tutorials
  • Fixed an inconsistency between the displayed price of buying and selling and the actual transaction price
  • Fixed a crash if a character is deleted while during a conversation
  • Fixed a potential problem with the shipless travel achievement
Community Announcements - Malitiatus
We are extremely pleased to announce that Life Goes On has been selected into this years PAX 10!

We'll be showcasing the game at this years PAX Prime in Seattle from August 29 to September 1, 2014. If you're attending, drop by and say hello!

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