Community Announcements - CookieDuster
Region changes
Some good news for the NA community: the region will have its own server by the end of September. Until then, the Western Europe region will provide the best experience for playtesting.
The currently existing regions have been renamed:
  • Europe -> Western Europe
  • Russia -> Eastern Europe
This does not affect characters, just a visual change in the character selection Menu.

Transferring characters between regions
At the moment, characters are only available on the region they were created on, but there are plans to have them move freely, which will be implemented later during Early Access.

Character wipe
Characters will be wiped at around the end of September, shortly before Early Access; there are no further wipes planned afterwards.
Community Announcements - UbiSurulies
Even big guys chatter with their teeth, they know what will happen in 3 days. Our champions will clean the floor with them. On 30. August the grumpy monster crabs will find its delicious ending and the Earth Elemental will be crumbled into pieces. How does it work? Train with the free demo ►

Community Announcements - cfm_games
New Game Mode without Real Estate (Experimental)
Community Announcements - ffwdgames
We just pushed up patch, which enables you to play 1 vs 1 ranked queues.
Community Announcements - brainseedfactory
If you are enjoying the game please give it a thumbs up and a positive review on Steam.

We're happy to announce the release of Typoman cards and a first patch

- volume slider added in settings menu
- improved word recognition (new solution words and easter eggs)
- screen selection button added in settings menu
- improving controller compatibility
- fixed cam bug (blue screen)
- fixed rotated cam bug
- fixed COVER + LIE bubble bug
- fixed HOLD bug
- fixed ROTOR scene
- fixed LIAR achievement
- ...and dozens of other small issues

We've seen lots of fan artwork and it makes us so very happy! Please share yours with us on Twitter or Facebook using the #Typoman hashtag.

Follow us on Twitter
Like us on Facebook

More coming soon!

Brainseed Factory
Community Announcements - [GG] Daniel
We have been saving some pretty cool stuff for this final week before the big launch, and now was the right time to update the stable build. New levels, new weapon and most importantly new upgrades for survival.

We've also added som pretty cool cutscenes, to help show the storyline for the campaign. This is very close to what the final version will be, so we hope you enjoy it.

We've also done a ton of bugfixing, including the Fmod-soundbug that we had for a long time.

Hope you enjoy, please let us know what you think about the new content in the forums!

/The Guru Games team.
Community Announcements - Daniel Goffin
For everyone who ever wanted to meet us in person, talk about game development, ask questions about SRC or just hang out! We will be at PAX West and the demo will be playable at various locations.

  • 6th floor with Ysbryd Games at booth 6003
  • Indie Minibooth] on Sunday and Monday
  • Intel in the Expo Hall booth 625 (Monday from 2 – 6 pm)
Community Announcements - Thylacine Studios
Community Announcements - Coredumping
This update includes minor bug fixes and improvements.

  • Ability to filter work by selected rooms/employees
  • Hovering over room noise now lists sources of problem
  • Updated Unity to 5.3.6p2
  • Choose team before accepting contract
  • Remember teams chosen for different tasks and auto select them next time(Does not work for work assignment)
  • Add ability to change arrival time for multiple staff members at once

  • Using the rectangle building tool to split a room in a specific way could cause the game to break or crash completely
  • Upgrading a server and a table at the same time spawns the server in the table
  • Added some debugging and made a small change to try and fix the employees not going home issue, please send your save file if you run into this problem
  • Fixed work items sometimes not initializing in GUI after loading game
  • Fixed bugs in furniture look function causing employees to make undesirable choices when picking furniture to use
  • Hole in ground stays after deleting room above staircase from basement
  • Elevator snapping distance too big, making it hard to build adjacent elevators when elevators on other floors are already built
  • Wall building sometimes fails with intersection error when it should have split the wall

Community Announcements - DukeofRealms
Greetings, Citizens ~

Terra here. After many months of working on the new launcher, I’m excited to finally announce its release!

The new launcher is a pleasant departure from our previous, rather utilitarian version. It’s beautiful, very user-friendly, and should help resolve many issues. (Though, should you prefer using the legacy launcher for any reason, you may still do so.)

Please note that we are only releasing the launcher on Steam at present.
A standalone version will follow soon.

If you want to use the new launcher outside of Steam now, head over to our downloads page and hit the “DOWNLOAD NEW LAUNCHER” button .

Here are a few of the major points:

Bundled Java
One of the primary benefits of the new launcher is that it comes already bundled with Java. Not only will this allow users to launch the game on systems without Java installed, it also ensures the correct bit version for their system. (While using 32bit Java on a 64bit OS is possible, doing so causes significant performance issues.) Furthermore, we specifically picked the Java version we’ve bundled for its better performance, so using the new launcher should improve gameplay experience, at least slightly, for most players. (Should you prefer to use your own installed Java version instead, you may specify it within the launcher options.)

On a related note, there’s a relatively rare but difficult-to-troubleshoot problem that has plagued many players in StarMade and other Java games alike: the _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable. When present, it overrides any settings passed to Java, often causing crashes or extremely poor performance. The new launcher warns you when it is present and allows you to alter its value if desired.

These two features should resolve the majority of pre-launch issues.

Steam Linking
Steam linking is considerably easier now: when running the launcher via Steam, it will ask if you want to link your Steam account after you’ve logged in. The option is also available in the launcher options.

Memory Settings
Continuing with the theme of thwarting potential problems, the memory settings window will not allow you to choose invalid memory values, and has sensible defaults. The input boxes allow fine control over values, while their spinners and the slider allow you to change values quickly.

Moving Forward
As the launcher is freshly out of beta, there may be some lingering bugs. If you discover any, please restart the launcher with the --verbose option (via the console, or within Steam via “Properties > Set launch options…”), reproduce the behavior, and attach launcher.log to the bug report along with the usual information. I will be happy to squish them for you.

Speaking of options, passing --help to the launcher will give you a list of options that change its behavior, including bypassing the autoupdate feature, or capturing the game’s output for troubleshooting purposes.

I will continue updating and improving the launcher, and already have several additional features planned. Furthermore, we here at Schine are planning on releasing the launcher’s source in the coming weeks, so if you’re keen on forking it or helping out, you can! If you just want to poke around, that’s fine, too.

Stay tuned for more updates!

And as always, thanks for playing StarMade
~ The Schine Team

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