Caves of Qud - ptychomancer
  • Added some liquid-powered energy cells: lead-acid, combustion, thermoelectric, and biodynamic.
  • Gyrocopter now weighs a bit more and is oil-powered.
  • Crossing the border into a new map now stops autowalk.
  • You no longer try to burrow through your own force bubbles with Burrowing Claws.
  • The passive, burrow-on-bump behavior of Burrowing Claws is now toggleable.
  • The game no longer autosaves during zone transitions caused by falling through holes in the ground.
  • You can no longer mod items you don't understand.
  • You can no longer attempt to initiate conversations with invisible creatures.
  • Lava is now less valuable.
  • Effects that increase your stability now help stabilize you in slippery and sticky liquids.
  • Extra faces from unbreakable two-faced masks can no longer be dismembered.
  • Fixed an issue causing your face slot to remain equipped after your two-faced helmet was destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where clones' two-faced items were improperly linked to the original wearer.
  • Fixed an issue where slipping on slime into a new map didn't properly transition your view to the new map.
  • Fixed an issue where dominated creatures remained on the world map if domination was broken while traveling.
  • Fixed an issue with glass armor's damage reflection improperly reflecting self-damaging effects.
  • Fixed an issue where additional text got appended to your journal notes every time you looked at a sultan shrine.
  • Fixed an issue allowing implanted cybernetic equipment to be casually removed.
  • Fixed some issues that caused smart use to fail after it asked you for a direction.
  • [modding] Added support for the Tile property to AddParamater and GetParamater calls for render events.
  • [modding] Added support for a NoRemoveOptionInInventory tag and property.
  • [modding] Added a new property to EnergyCellSocket, ChanceDestroyCellOnForcedUnequip. This is a percentage chance the socketed cell will be destroyed if the item is forceibly unequipped. Defaults to 0.
  • [modding] Added a new property to Door, SyncAdjacent, which makes the door sync its opened/closed and locked/unlocked states to other, cardinally adjacent doors with SyncAdjacent and the same KeyObject (used for implementing double doors).
  • [modding] Added a new part, SmartUseLookAt, that makes 'look' the default smart use option.
  • [modding] Made EnergyCellSocket relay ChargeAvailable events to its slotted cell.
  • [modding] Gave EquipCharge a new property, EquipperProperty. If this value is set to a property name (ex: "BlastCannonRecharge"), and if the equipper of the parent object has that property, EquipCharge's ChargeRate is maxed by that property's value.
  • [modding] Added a new part, EquipPower, which is like EquipCharge but provides charge directly via TestCharge and UseCharge instead of distributing it via ChargeAvailable. Its properties are: PowerRate (charge filled per turn while active, defaults to 1), IsEMPSensitive (whether EMP disables the part, defaults to false), WorksWhenHeld (if false, the item must be worn on the proper limb per its Armor part in order to work, defaults to true), and EquipperProperty (specify to put a max on PowerRate).
Dead - OrangeJuice
Thought I'd update you all to know how it's coming along.

So far, so good!

The goal was to make the battles more fun and more fair especially in Easy Mode. I think the bosses are playing a lot nicer and I really hope it does you all justice. As it stands all of the changes I wanted to make are done with the exception of Puppeteer.

Hopefully I can release this tomorrow and you'll have a lovely long list of delicious patch notes. ːdeadspectreː


~ Alec
Rumble Fighter: Unleashed - RumbleFighter

Helping Hand (Taekwondo SE) is an event to help players out to get some of the combination pieces on the Queen 3 (Normal) Boss Mode Event for this month for the Taekwondo SE Scroll!
Check out the event detailsfrom the link below:
They Are Hundreds - Milkweed
Hello everyone, I am working on the update and expect it to be ready by the 1st.

Look at previous anouncement for details.

- achievements/store bio will be updated.

Thanks everyone!
Wanderer of Teandria - The Silent
Hello Wanderers!

After the latest 1.1 patch release there was a problem with Hero achievement - it was unlocked shortly after game launch, not as reward for completing all challenges.
Today's fix solves that problem. All who was not intended to get this achievement will need to unlock all remaining achievements first.
All who accomplished uneasy task to obtain all achievements will now properly get Hero achievement too.
Important note: i strongly recommend you to reinstall the game or at least verify game cache files via Local Files tab in Wanderer of Teandria Properties in your Library after update!
More info:

Have a nice day, Silentplaygames.
Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

Since the release, I've received many emails about train navigation ideas and some of you have reported issues or sent me pictures where the train decided to go by wrong path of even caused some deadlocks.

Thank you all for this help, ideas and bugreports.

Based on this, I've recently reworked pathfinding and I am quite satisfied with the result ;) There are several new features:

Better pathfinding

Trains are now able to find its way also by turning around. Each direction change has some penalty, so train prefers straight paths, if there is any.
This feature is especially useful when depots exit leads to one way track. It can be also easily utilized to turn around train when magic flip is switched off.

Avoid going through the station

Train that doesn't need to stop at the station prefers an outer way around. This can prevent from some deadlocks or overloaded stations. The train prefers outer way only up to specific additional distance. If it is too long, it goes through directly the station instead.

Train stops when lost

When the train cannot find the way at all, it stops and let you know about it. In previous version, train used the heuristic to guess which tracks leads to the closest neighbourhood of the destination, which combined with oneway track usually ended up having train far from its route and blocking another path.

Next destination path prediction

The train predicts the next destination and chooses the right platform! This feature has been requested by community several times and I was always looking forward to have it in Mashinky game.

Aside from these features, several pathfinding bugs has been fixed (at least 3 of them were that kind of bug: "How could it ever work before the fix?" :) )

Thats it for now, hope you will like it ;)

Have a nice weekend!
Arcadian Atlas - Tupelo Honey
Update 12: Anatomy of Animation, Map Efficiency, and More!

Welcome all you wonderful folks to another action-packed episode of Arcadian Atlas! This time around we've got tons of details from all across the game development spectrum. Whether it be animation, portraits, map-tunage, music, or behind-the-scenes on programming - you're in the right place!

So dive on in. The waters are warm and cozy!

Anatomy of Animation

Artistically, animation is the most pain-staking process of game development. It's a multilayered art, both literally and figuratively, and we wanted to give you a peak behind that process in more depth as we finalize the animations for our core classes.

Each core class has a list of essential battle animations, arranged in a sheet, that are consistent across classes. What's not consistent across classes? Attacks & Skills.

So when making new animations, we start with real-world examples and build keyframes from them. In the case of the above Apothecary Bottle Throw animation, I used myself as a base and built from it.

New animations typically work in stages:

Raw Footage - a video or gif of real-world people performing the action to be animated.
Skeleton - the basic shapes of an animation, typically very rough. This is used to ensure the flow of the animation looks correct before detail is added.
Naked Base - the naked form all classes can use before hair, clothes, and other details are added.
Clothed - usually the final stage where all class-specific content is added to the naked base and added to that core classes' sprite sheet.

So in essence, any new animation we create is actually 3 animations, and from start to finish with the Apothecary Bottle Throw it looks like the example below:

And that's just the specialized animations! We've got a whole slew of basic movements and actions to tackle.

Back to Basics

Ah, the essentials of a fight. We've got our Idling, Walking, Injured, Charging, Jumping, Flying, Landing, Death animations, and the list goes on! And remember, that's for front views, back views, male, and female troops. 48+ unique frames per class, 2 genders, 4 classes - that's 384+ unique frames just for basic animations!

Over the last few months we've been steadily chipping away at them, and we're happy to say we've not only finalized the designs for our male/female Apothecary and male/female Warmancer - but we've even knocked out all of their core animations! Yep, all 384+ of them!

And now we move on to the specialized attacks for each class, one of which Becca's been hard at work on below:

Serving Fierce Face

Let's face it (see what I did there?): little Apothecary and Warmancer sprites are super cute, but sometimes we need to look a person square in the high-detailed eye and give them a good talkin' to.

So Becca and I have been hard at work on portraits to go with our sprites. Because there's nothing sadder than walking into a tavern and the tavern-master won't even look you in the face. That's enough reason to brawl right then and there!

Improvements Abound with Odin

And as pretty as these lil' dudes are walking, slapping, and smashing about - a video game has to be as efficient as possible. Patrick recently upgraded our Unity build with Odin Inspector, a powerful tool that's allowed him to streamline how maps, cutscenes, and menus save data and juggle database information.

We've gone from complicated and rather ugly excel files for items to completely in-engine databases with images and separate, easy-to-read and alter fields like this:

But it's not just for databases! Odin has far-reaching implications for space saving, with the potential to reduce both disk and RAM space requirements by upwards of 90%! That's huge for download size and run speed! In fact, we're already applying it to how maps are constructed and saved:

So while we absolutely adore the animations and art side of Arcadian Atlas, this is easily what is making us most happy!

Oh, but we forgot that we're even improving how animations are handled in the background ; ). Blend Trees will allow us to better organize all of our isometric animations within Unity so that we can finish hooking it up to our unique characters and classes faster! Possibly 75% faster! NUMBERS! BIG NUMBERS EVERYWHERE!

Tavern Tunes

But wait, there's more! We wanted to serenade you out with the latest tune Moritz is working up for our tavern patrons. Because if there's one thing you want while getting a bit tipsy (or enjoying a nice virgin piña colada perhaps?) it's some jazzy tunes:

Tavern Theme Song

Oh, and why not grab a contract to smash some more things while you're at it?

Speeding Into Summer

That's it for now, but keep your eyes peeled on our twitter page for glimpses of what's coming up in the Arcadian Atlas pipeline as we get closer to beta!

Arcadian Atlas Twitter

And we'll see all you crazy kids next time with juicy details of skills, fighting' poses, menus, and all the clockwork that makes this beauty tick!
Wolf Tails - razzartvisual

After seeing many people request them, I've added achievements and trading cards for Wolf Tails! Along with it comes profile backgrounds and other fun stuff, such as these nifty new emoticons: ːwolfpawzːːawoowhatsthisːːmirarismileːːfuyusmilleːːtouchthefluffytailː

I hope you enjoy collecting them.

Note: The achievements wont retroactively grant. If you’ve already played Wolf Tails, you can use the [Tab] key to speed through read dialog and get them faster. Sorry about that.
Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues - Portalarium

This week's Update #281 Newsletter is out! Here is a complete list of what's inside...
  • Zombie Children
  • Heraldry Items (cont.)
  • Release 54 Livestream
  • Release 54 on the QA Server
  • Release 54 Dance Party
  • Portalarium is Hiring: Web Developer
  • Weekend Flash Sale: Pets & Fur
  • Upcoming Events Calendar
  • Spotlight: Rauchbier Platz
  • Livestream: Westend & Store Housing
  • The 4th Annual Soldier’s Memorial Ball – May 26
  • AERIE Fund – Community Cause – Primal Nature – June 2018
  • Win a $50 Gift Card to!
  • Project to Support: Sybil

Get all of the details of this week's update on the game's website.
DCS World - NineLine

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet - Episode 10: Air-to-Air Gun

This is an academic mission to learn about using the M61A2 20mm gun in the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet for air-to-air. This video is based on a pre-release, alpha version of the software.

Pre-purchase the Hornet now and save $20 before it is released on May 30th, 2018:

Steam release TBD.

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