Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links - Admin_DuelLinks_KDE
The following issue had been occurring:

・Content sold at the Shop was priced incorrectly for players paying in Peruvian Sol.

This issue has been fixed, and the Shop in the Steam version has been set to the correct prices.
Along with this, the Shop maintenance has ended, and players are now able to use the Shop.

We sincerely apologize for the trouble and confusion, and appreciate your patience.

Thank you for playing "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links."
>//:System.Hack - nullray.gaming
Major changes to combat, economy, and ease of gameplay with spattering of misc changes and bug fixes. The early game gets some love, with some effort to push most of the grind to the mid and late game.

Change Log
  • Drag and dropping a data file into the window it came from will no longer cause a transfer.
  • Jumping off of the edge and missing a lower platform will no longer teleport you to the System Access. You will now be transported to (roughly) where you jumped from.
  • The Status screen, Program Library, and Journal are now all held in a parent menu. Opening one will give you quick access to the others. This menu is also accessible from the home computer.
  • You can now skip the Rest movie, the Jack-In movie, and the Net Navigation movie by left clicking.
  • I have increased Ravencore's potential job offers. There is a 50% a second contract is offered, and then a 25% a third contract is offered. One of the only real upsides currently with Freelancer was the amount of contracts to choose from, and I wasn't comfortable taking that away. With the next major update (focusing on Freelancer gameplay) that will all change, so I'm comfortable now loosening up Ravencore's job offerings.
  • Double all base pay from salary and contracts.
  • Lowered the base pay of hardware from $40 to $25, but inceased the cost increase per rank from 5% to 30%. This makes the lower-end hardware more affordable relative to income, and pushes "the grind" onto the late-game characters.
  • Rebalanced Programming cost to be similar to hardware. It will be cheaper and more accessible early game, and more expensive late-game.
  • Increased the Processor Discount rates from $4.90 to $10 per 8THZ.
  • Radically increased movement speed in the Net. Celerity now increases move speed by an even greater degree.
  • Systems now crash 10 seconds after issuing the reboot command in the CPU.
  • Players now begin the game with the Onion mod, which adds 3 sheild tags at the beginning of combat.
  • Re-worked the way IC handles program execution. Previously they just ran the program, and the player made a test to resist. Now they make the same "attack" test as the player.
  • Reworked the attack tests. All combatants will have a greater chance of hitting higher level targets. An Avatar or Firewall with no Breach Tags gains a bonus, making it even harder to affect them. A single Breach tag will now have a significant effect, with additional Breach Tags further decreasing the effective Firewall rating.
  • During their activation phase, the Avatar and IC will remove 1 Breach tag. In order to *really* Breach an IC, you will need multiple Breach subroutines in one program, or slow their Activation with Spam in order to bog them down. This is happens before virus checks, so a Corrosion virus will always keep a Breach tag on the IC (until removed).
  • Skills no longer factor in to resisting IC attacks, but the ECHO bonus will.
  • If a program with a Breach subroutine gets blocked by the IC Firewall, each Breach subroutine will roll again to see if they can still apply a Breach Tag. This makes it much easier to "Breach" a higher level IC. IC do not have this bonus.
  • Purge subroutines will work 100% of the time, regardless of the IC Firewall.
  • Programs used outside of combat will always succeed, but are still subject to Masking tests. Literally reversed this change from the last patch after some more playtesting, Makes more sense thematically as well.
  • The Combat Log now clearly states when an IC inflicts a Tag on you.
  • The Combat Log lines have been color coordinated. White is a player action. Red is an IC action, or negative effect.
  • Increased the difficulty for Masking tests when passing through checkpoints.
  • Running a program forces a normal Masking test, and if you fail, you get a second chance with a penalty before a tag is inflicted. The previous version had less of a chance per test, and both tests were equal chances.
  • Fixed a bug that was not reseting contract variables after completing an Overwatch mission.
  • Fixed a bug with the Exodus IC trace time. It's now 10 seconds, plus (Masking-IC_Rating), with every Misdirection tag adding 3 seconds to the timer.
  • Fixed a bug with the Purge queue icons not being displayed.
  • Fixed a graphical bug with the Dead End IC.
  • Fixed a bug when upgrading Masking, where the cost wouldn't update.
  • Fixed a bug with the Extractor subroutine, not having a proper icon (which was causing other issues).
  • Fixed a bug where an IC with an effective Firewall of 0 (due to tags) was able to resist most programs.
Archamon - Vionsoft
I’m happy to announce that Archamon will be released on November 24th !
Play with Gilbert - | DeRaNgEr
Hi Everyone.

First of all I wanted to thank you all for your support and feedback. So far I think everyone seems to be enjoying the game for the most part so I'm happy with that. I've received a few bug reports regarding keybinding and have attempted to address and fix them. However I'll need your input to make sure it's sorted.

I also attempted to improve how Gilbert controls. I'd like to thank Erikku for providing a detailed breakdown of what she thinks could be improved. I have not gone over the entire video yet but I have dealt with what I think are the most important improvements.

First of all I made Gilbert, or your own kitty, be able to jump slightly higher. This should increase ease of play throughout the game. I also made it so that Gilbert now has a small forward momentum when you jump. This should make it so much easier to jump on platforms when your standing still or walking. I also reduced the chance of being pushed back when trying to jump on stuff. There's still a chance it'll happen but I believe it eliminates a lot of stress during gameplay.

I tweaked Mr.Cactus too. He now only follows you when you meow at him and he will stop following when you hiss at him, just make sure you don't have a bunch of kittens following you already or they will stop following you as well. (I'm thinking of changing this so that any kitten found will forever be counted until you either leave the level or quit the game.

I also fixed a few minor issues regarding collisions missing or not working properly. I still want to further extend improving the controls but there are limitations so I'm not sure what I can improve/change/fix.

On top of that I will have some more new actual content planned some time in the future regarding additional music and accessories for the kitties and a new level but I can't say exactly when I'll have that ready since I'm now also back to work on my main project.

I hope this update shows that I listen to you guys and that I'll continue to improve and add onto the existing game. The new build is now live!

  • Gilbert jumps slightly higher now.
  • Reduced the chance of being pushed backwards when trying to jump on platforms.
  • Added a small forward momentum when you jump.
  • Fixed a few missing collisions
  • Attempt at fixing keybinding issues.
  • Mr.Cactus will now only follow when meowed at.
  • Mr.Cactus will now stop following when hissed at.
Behind The Scenes
I tweaked this post to add a little bit of background to the making of this game. So I'm using a number of asset packs and I wanted to show that I don't simply use them as is. I tweak and modify almost every pack I buy.

This is usually to improve the quality and also to further distinguish these assets from their source. In the Image below you can see how Gilbert looked like when I first got him (Left) to as he now looks after I heavily modified the textures and created my own custom material (Right).

If you guys like this kind of stuff then I'll try to include little tidbits like these in future posts as well.

Thank you for the support and take care.
Grand Pskov Story - Captain Super Mustache
Thanks for the translation!
Nov 18
Naklua VR - Fly Dream Dev
1. Fix shield location in world.
Blasted Road Terror - Tryzna

Hi everyone! Im back to bring you another game update! We finally reached version 0.6 today, and even there were no content updates this time, i belive you will notice big improvements.

Lets start with the list of changes and additions and then we ll talk about some points in detail.

0.6 - Changes & Additions
  • Selling empty slots - fixed
  • Z axis for buzzsaws - fixed
  • vehicle inventory bug - fixed
  • shelter water bug - fixed
  • item level scaling bug - fixed

  • Wasteland enrichment - half destroyed bridges, cactuses, vultures - done
  • Improved ground collision warnings - done
  • Vehicle collision warnings - done
  • Tavern NPCs - done
  • Black Market NPCs - done
  • Warehouse Rework - done
  • Armory facility - done
  • Vehicle movement dynamics rework - done
  • New patrol item level formula - done
  • Spear thrower - idle animations - done
  • Lightflamer - idle animation - done
  • Minigun - idle animations - done
  • Tinkerer facility gfx - done
  • Night, Dust storm and Heavy rain weather brightened - done

  • Ghoul Hunt Missions Rework - done(for now, still not final)

Bug Fixes
Not much to say here, they were all known before i started working on this update and none of them gave me a headache while attempting to fix it. Only notable change here is item level formula - i wanted to replace it in 0.7 but bug related to it accelerated this change. This new formula takes base upgrade level in to account as well, so there wont be that huge difference between purchased/dropped items as was before. Sure dropped items will always be better, even with slightly worse rarity, but there wont be that huge leap anymore.

I felt like wasteland environment need some more love. Added new sand dunes, ground crackles, cactuses(even cactuses with vultures sitting on top of them) and some additional big decoration items as well.

Collision telegraphs were added as well and now its really hard to miss collision warning and lose vehicle by not paying enought attention. In addition vehicle it self will detect collision in advance and will display another warning both on it self and on its item plate.

Weapons received some more love as well! Not all of them but Spearthrowers, Miniguns and Light Flamers received its own idle animations. I know, it does not affect gameplay in any way, but game certainly feels much better when your crewmen scratch themselves time to time, look in to the distance or make rude gestures. In future i want to add two or three possible animations to every manned weapon(enemies included).

Save wipe
I dont want to enforce save wipe so its up to you if you ll decide to follow my recommentdation. I strongly advise to reset your save files now. Dont worry, you wont lose achivement progress anyway and without this step, your feedback and experience wont be relevant anymore.

Thats it for today! Hope you ll enjoy "Shadow of the Vulture" !

With regards

Alpha Mike Foxtrot VR - AMF VR - Alpha Mike Foxtrot
Hi All,
This is EARLY ACCESS HOTFIX 5: Ver.0.77


  • Set Height error for Feet/Inches Resolved
Kill Streaks
  • Kill Steaks' Audio and Visual commands may now be turned on and off in the lobby
  • Kill streak visuals pushed up on screen to prevent blocking player's view
  • Kill streak timer reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds per kill for each level up

Magazine Respawn
  • Magazines now respawn whenever you put your hand over the magazine location, you no longer need to empty mag well first

General Updates
  • Improved stability of intermittent crashes in Slum / Prison Maps

Thanks for playing, and hope you are enjoying our progress on the updates and hope to see you all in game!

Stay up to date with the latest news, communicate with the AMF community and be part of the VR FPS revolution by joining our Discord:
Rec Center Tycoon - Rec Center Tycoon
Hey everyone,

I thought I'd give you all an update on the current progress of Rec Center Tycoon.

The game is feature complete (for the first early access version) although there are a few things I have decided to leave out of the first release such as hiring & training athletes & hosting your own sporting competitions (Both of these will be coming soon after EA release). I would love to include them in the initial release however this would likely add another 6+ months to development time.

I'm in the final round of polishing, testing & bug fixing. There are a few things left to do such as putting together a press kit and preparing the final EA-release trailer which will take a little bit of time too.

I can't really give a specific date just yet, the nature of being a solo indie developer means there is a lot of uncertainty, just know that I'm working around the clock to get the first EA version ready for release.

Mac & Linux versions will be coming some time during early-access.

As soon as I have a specific date, I'll post an update here with the details.

Thank you all for your patience.
Neofeud - Silver Spook
It appears some users may have problems purchasing games through Steam as of this past Monday, November 13, after some changes were made Steam-wide. If you've had trouble purchasing Neofeud, please let me know, thanks!

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