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Half-Life: Before – is a modification for Half-Life with new levels and story. Mod is based on Spirit of Half-Life 1.8 technology, that increases visual and functional component of the mod. You're playing as a Black Mesa scientist Andrew Winner.

Излязла на: 31 октомври 2004

Zombie Panic is a cooperative survival horror Half-Life Modification that pits a group of survivors up against the walking dead. Your goal is to complete a number of objectives to reach safety or take out the remaining zombies still lingering in the...

Излязла на: 1 септември 2004

An arsenal of over 20 weapons makes sure you stand a chance of surviving against the zombie hordes - even if it's but a small one. Are you afraid of being killed by a zombie? One thing is worse: becoming one of them!

Излязла на: 1 септември 2002

Vampire Slayer is a teamplay mod where two sides battle it out in a variety of atmospheric settings. Good versus evil, guns versus agility, Slayers versus Vampires! Do you want guns and stakes?

Излязла на: 1 юли 2002

Action Half Life is designed to simulate the experience of being in an Action movie, and aims for something called 'Movie Realism.' This means that you can take a few bullets and keep fighting.

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Science and Industry is a teamplay mod for Half-Life, in which players assume the role of Security Officer in one of two rival corporations striving for domination in the cutthroat world of chemical and weapons research and development.

Излязла на: 1 януари 2002

Natural Selection blends first-person combat with real-time strategy in atmospheric sci-fi environments. It allows one player to become Commander and issue orders to live players from a top-down perspective.

Излязла на: 1 януари 2002

The Battle Grounds places you in the time period of the revolutionary war in America. American rebels are fighting for their freedom and the troops of the british crown are trying to keep control of the colonies.

Излязла на: 1 януари 2002

Sven Co-op offers the unique gameplay of single player Half-Life... but you can bring your friends with you. Together you can play the original missions, or choose from over 200 custom maps & missions created specifically for Sven.

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Action movies meet deathmatch in one of the most spectacular Half-Life mods available. At your disposal are over 30 unique firearms along with edged weapons, kung fu and a huge range of stunts, mixed in with epic gunfights, slow motion and tracer...

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ESF is based on an animated television series... Do your favorite character's signature moves while running, jumping, flying and teleporting around huge maps. Use abilities such as melee, transform, power struggling, attack swatting and more...