Grab your cape and defend Millennium City in this comic book-style action MMORPG! Design your hero and costume from thousands of costume pieces, face super-villains like Dr. Destroyer, and create your own unique nemesis.
사용자 평가: 대체로 긍정적 (평가 1,406 개)
출시 날짜: 2009년 9월 1일

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Champions Online: Free for All 플레이

Free to Play

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"Great character editor and rich world to explore :)"

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2015년 2월 19일

[2/19] Chat server temporarily down

Champions, we're having an issue with our chat server -- if you send a chat message (in any channel, including Local and Zone), you'll get an error message.

We don't currently have a resolution ETA -- my guess is a few hours, the engineers are saying 1-2 hours. Once we get it resolved, it should be fixable without needing to restart the main Champs server. Stay tuned here or on the official forums:

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2015년 2월 12일

Valentine's Bonus XP, Flashback Event, and Key Sale

Can you feel that spark in the air, the one that makes all your senses tingle? That's bonus XP! We're going to be celebrating Valentine's Day with bonus XP, starting Friday, plus old lockboxes will be dropping and keys will be discounted.


Double XP will be active starting Friday. Talk to Witchcraft by the Powerhouse to get the buff, then refresh it at any time!

Start: Friday 2/13/15 @ 12:01 PM PST
End: Monday 2/16/15 @ 11:59 AM PST
More details:


All weekend is a bonus ZEN weekend: Every time you charge ZEN, you'll get 15%!

Start: 2/12/15 @ 9AM PST
End: 2/15/15 @ 9AM PST
More details:


For the next eleven days, lockbox keys are discounted 20%! Combines well with the Timewarp and bonus ZEN, doesn't it? :D

Individual keys are just 80 ZEN, the ten-pack is 720 ZEN.

Start: 2/12/15 @ 7AM PST
End: 2/23/15 @ 7AM PST
More details:


We want you to have even more options of what to use your Keys on, so we've brought back the Flashback event and Timewarp Lockbox. For one week only, all the old lockboxes will be dropping, alongside the current Krampus lockbox. Some of the oldest boxes have had their prizes aggregated into the Timewarp Lockbox.

Can't wait to get your boxes? All but the Timewarp Lockbox are in the Q-Store!

Flashback event start: 2/12/2015 @ 7AM PST
Flashback event end: 2/19/2015 @ 7AM PST
More info:


All of these promotions are limited-time, so make sure to get yours this weekend!

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게임에 대해

Champions Online: Free for All brings epic heroism back to the MMORPG genre with depth that challenges the most experienced online gamers, while its fast-paced action engages new entrants to the online superhero universe. Join Defender and the legendary Champions to stop Dr. Destroyer and his minions in the ultimate showdown between good and evil.

Key features:

  • Free-to-Play: Play a triple-A MMO experience without cost. Play from level 1 to 40 free of charge! There is no box price and no mandatory subscription. Enjoy Champions Online: Free for All as you like, when you like.
  • Total Customization: Choose from thousands of different costume pieces, colors and body types to create your character's one-of-a-kind look. There are billions of possible combinations, and even in a universe brimming with the fantastic and the unforgettable, you can be completely unique!
  • Keep Your Enemies Close: Every hero must have an archenemy. Design your character's supreme adversary, choosing a name, powers and costume for a superpowered foe to bedevil your hero throughout his or her career.
  • Endless Exploration: The battle against evil rages across the world and into alternate dimensions. No other MMO offers players the chance to explore such diverse realms — from the shining skyscrapers of Millennium City and the frozen wastes of Canada to the hidden underwater city of Lemuria, the foul mystical dimension known as Qliphothic, and the tormented Vibora Bay.
  • Evil Most Foul: Battle supervillains, aliens, giant monsters and secret, sinister organizations. Doctor Destroyer is launching new plans to conquer the world. VIPER lurks in the shadows, seeking chances to strike at humanity. The ancient Lemurians are plotting a return to power. And Mechanon won't stop until it has wiped all organic life from the planet. Can you stop these heinous threats to humanity?
  • Hi-Octane Excitement: Combat is instantaneous and electrifying. No more boring auto attacks and lengthy recharge times.
  • Brains Required: Every enemy and super-powered threat in Champions Online: Free for All has its own unique abilities and combat specialties. Use your head or wind up dead!
  • Bring Friends, Make Friends: Our universe is jam-packed with thousands of heroes, facing thousands of threats. Join up with other heroes, create your own super group, and prepare to take on the ultimate threats!
  • Your Powers, Your Terms: There is a multitude of astonishing powers to choose from and the flexible character creation system gives you total control over your hero's abilities. You can even pick the appearance of your powers. Do you want purple force fields? Green fire blasts? Jet black claws? You decide!
  • Bigger and Better: Vanquish evil and your successes will be rewarded with costume pieces to enhance your powers and abilities. Then customize the appearance of those rewards to your vision of your hero's look and abilities!
  • Make Your Mark: All this within a constantly changing, continually evolving story: Villains are defeated. Heroes rise and fall. Cities transform. Your actions may decide the future!

시스템 요구 사항

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: 2.5GHz Single Core or 1.8GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon X700 or HD / Intel Graphics with Dual Core
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5GB Free Disk Space
    • Sound: DirectX Compatible Soundcard
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core or Better
    • Memory: 2GB RAM or Better
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or Better / ATI Radeon HD3850 or Better
    • DirectX®: ®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5GB Free Disk Space
    • Sound: DirectX Compatible Soundcard
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60.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 2월 24일
DC유니버스, 마블히어로즈2015, 챔피언스온라인 셋다 해봤는데
커스터마이징 측면에서는 챔피언스온라인이 거의 최고존엄입니다.
DC유니버스는 챔피언스온라인보단 커스터마이징이 많지않고
마블히어로즈2015는 이미 정해진 코스튬을 선택하는 방식이라 커스터마이징이 거의 없다시피함...
(챔스 온라인이랑 DC유니버스는 일부커스터마이징을 돈주고 구매해야합니다)

전투나 사냥은 흔한 mmorpg와 비슷해서 약간 실망하실수도 있습니다.
퀘스트깰때는 영어를 몰라도 대충 위치는 표시해주니까 딱히 어려움은 없을거같네요.
pvp까지 가면 또 얘기가 다르지만 pvp까지 갈수있는 분들이 얼마나 될지 궁금하네요. 게임이 영어라서 언어압박이 좀 있는데다 양놈들 게임이다보니 핑문제도 있음;

자기 캐릭 만들어서 애착가지고 플레이하는거 좋아하시는분들은 한번쯤 해볼만합니다.

대신 우리가 흔히 알고있는 영웅들(슈퍼맨, 배트맨, 아이언맨, 스파이더맨 등등)은 나올수가없으니 그부분에서 실망하고 DC나 마블히어로즈로 가시는분들도 많은거같네요. 근데 이 게임은 다른데서 나오는 영웅들을 커스터마이징으로 매우 비슷하게 재현할수있다는게 함정 -ㅅ-;;)
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5,264.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 1일
Just in case, I started to play when it turned into Free-to-Play. I don't have the experiences with anything before that time either. This is my self explanations and the whole experiences I got during the time I played this game. (Yes, over 5k hours)

When I started out, the game got recently into free-to-play. From me, it was great! I got into the game, got a hard time to choose my very first archetype (Free build for Free players) and the customization of my very first character, which I finally made a kinda "Lizardman fighter tank" looking for the Tank build (The Behemoth). Back in time, we had 2 primary stats for our character builds. When I played it out, Free Players, on PvP, could do at least to go Toe-to-toe with the subscribed players, which they are Freeform build (making their own powers,etc.) As for the crafting, I do remember the old system, where you needed to gather materials to craft your equipments. It was grindy, but in the end, it worthed it. And if you wanted to continue to do your researches for the crafting, you needed to go to a special location for each branch you wanted to do!

Maybe 1 year later, I went to the lifetime myself, thinking to support the game, like many others too! Then... they started to make one the mistakes I still am not happy with it: The Patch that it changed the whole system: The Champions Online ON ALERT. I was quite neutral with the stuff that it changed that we needed 3 Primary stats, but it was more focused to try to create some "balances" beyond superpower builds. The problem is, that system greatly degenerated about how it was. Instead of you need to focus on two stats and that you needed a teammate to help you out (MMO everyone! not MSO (Massive Singleplayer Online)), they did clearly put that everyone can solo MOSTLY ALL the contents without any other players (Except Therakiel Temple and I don't count the alerts, see below). So yes, a full team instance can be soloes without any problems now!

Where is the MMO feeling in that?

As written in my brackets. We got the Constant farming with the Alerts. The Alerts are instances that they constantly change after a set of time, doing some rotations in fact. The idea at first was quite innovative at first, but it was simply mind grinding them for getting free XP and leveling faster, most of the time. Otherwise, you can do those for gaining Money or Mods (new crafting system). But since most people do Experiences alerts mostly, mainly none does the two others. There is also another type of alert which you do gain another type of ressources that it is called Questionites. It is used for buying stuff in the store for free!

How cool is that! But here's the catchy thing: There is also a Questionite / Zen exchange which you can get Zen (currency from Perfect World by using real money into virtual money) by exchanging your questionites. But the Zen currency are coming from OTHER PLAYERS! So if you want Zen by exchanging your questionites, you should check what the other players has to offer to you IF they want to exchange it. I mean, the Lifetimers get Zen for free each month, so they can do that in the game freely without any problems. If we take another game from Cryptic Studio, for example Neverwinter, there is no such thing in the game! So you can't get Zen for free except if you want to pay on your own with your money from your wallet.

Anyway, I could return another disaprovement if we look toward the Crafting system, right now. Since we changed into 3 primary stats, the old items are not good anymore, so we needed to make our gear to be changed. The materials we used before are now useless. We need to get a Certain mod which it will improve our stats. As simple as that You can do that under 1 specific place. Do you remember when I said that you needed to go to another place to continue your crafting? Those places are no more around. There was a hole with some lights going out near a Prison in the City where you could enter to get into a specific crafting lab. Now you can't! They removed it. I was not happy when I noticed this. Heck, we were able to enter in a library before. But instead of re-opening the library, they made a Door, standing out of nowhere, front of that door, to let us go to a place of an ancient crafting instance: THAT HOLE near the prison, completly at the opposite of the city!

Then we have the famous PvP. The game never been too balance, I must say. The reality is that the PvP is really dead. I don't mean those who enjoys the Duels and such. I am rather more focused the PvP instance, where you do gain Points to get PvP gears too, along with PvP costumes! No one enters in those instances anymore. No one cares about those PvP. Mostly everyone prefer hitting each others in a duel, which it doesn't gives any pvp points. Since the duels are there, 1 vs 1, the Dev made a Team duel during one of the updates, no one wants to do that anyway. So what's the point if the players don't care anymore?

Seriously, I could add much more with my disapointment of the game of its state (My list would go on and such, no kidding), right now, but if I could make a favor for Cryptic Studio, I would say this one:

"Please, remake the game fully. This game is on the verge of being dropped down into the abyss. If you want to see it shiny, I would suggest to make a new one and maybe, just maybe, listen to the players to those who have a idea to fix all the problems from it. You are too focused on trying to get this game as a money sink. Do like you did for the character editor: Get Creative, dammit!"

I know this isn't much, but to those who read my review, I supported the game fully. But I do feel, since a while, that this game really need a kick in the butt to get up, once again.
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21명 중 18명(86%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
305.9 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 13일
In my experiences playing MMORPGs, there are few I return to as much as Champions Online.
On the surface, the game is rather asthetically pleasing. It has a gentle cell-shading style that gives it a pleasant comic booky feel, environments and enemies that vary greatly between bright and popping, or dark and grim, and a very spectacular character creation system.
The extensive character creation allowed to players is one of the most detailed I have ever seen. Right away, you have hundreds of options for each part of the body: head, torso/arms, hands, legs/feet, even the size of each body part is highly customizable with many sliders working on length, size, and more of the same. And then the ability to change the colors of each individual part can result in some incredible or nauseatingly dizzy character designs. Currently, the most lacking thing for adjusting body type is the inability to make characters more chubby in appearance, the closest thing behing adjusting body-mass, which Hulkifies your character, but doesn't give any appearance of being heavy. Also concerning, as of late there have been players that make characters but don't play, favoring a quiter RP to killing baddies. Due to this, character creation options have slowly, but surely, started becoming limited in earlier levels. Still, the options allow for great creativity.
Still on the note of appearances, the range of powers is handled quite beautifly. Few abilities look choppy and strange in effect, often blending well together to create a fantastic super hero feel. Between two differently-themed characters with the same power set, the powers can suit both equally due to how they look and work in-game. The travel powers are no exception, and can be quite spectacular in functionality. There are different variations of the same power available to even unsubscribed players, which allows for better creativity in movement. Unfortunately, most of the more cool-looking power-sets and travel powers must be purchased from the store, but that doesn't hinder the ability to enjoy the game, unlike other MMOs I've seen.
Gameplay is also remarkably smooth, though it is far easier to play the game with a gamepad than a keyboard/mouse. On the keyboard, the use of abilities resides in the number keys or number pad, and requires holding the ALT or CTRL key sometimes to select other powers. To target, move, attack, repeat requires either speedy hand motions or a more compact way to control. Also, unless the skill of holding both mouse buttons and aiming where you want to go is mastered, using the keyboard and mouse to travel can be clunky and awkward. Upon plugging in a controller, it is quite clear the game was once to be on a console. Using powers, targeting, interaction with mission items and traveling are all far easier like this.
The functionality of the power sets is for the most part handled well. There are several power archetypes available in categories listed as ranged, tank, support, and hybrid, which lets players immediately know the recommended focus of each power set. While there are still some issues with power balance, each archetype is easily a piece of a whole, making teams truly a team where every individual has a purpose, making interacting with other people a fulfilling experience. That being said, the streamline of each power set can feel incredibly limited. While leveling, one or two ability slots have a choice, and more often than not, the choice has an obvious answer. While it makes sense that archetypes are set powers, it feels like there should be more options in selecting powers, and the options are in need of being equally beneficial to the player. Another issue can be the Free-Form power selection, which lets a player hand-pick each and every power earned as they level. The process can be incredibly tricky, with one wrong choice upsetting the whole character viability, not to mention that when all the right choices are made, characters can become extremely overpowered, which drags on the interaction experience.
More debatable are the effects of microtransactions in the game. Unlike many of the other MMOs I've played, the purchasing of content simply does not damage the ability to enjoy the game, since you don't have to make purchases to progress in the game. I have been playing for a little over four years and have not spent a single cent on it, and still I find it incredibly fun. The introduction of Questionite (or Q), lets players earn resources to purchase content with effort as opposed to a card number, which adds to the amount of time certain types of players put into the game. Not to mention the mission sets- once having to been paid for- that for the past year have been free for all to enjoy. The lockbox drops from enemies can get irritating, filling up one's inventory, and vehicles are still extremely over-powered in the game, but those downsides do not truly inhibit the average player's experience.
The last big issue seen as of late is the decline of large-scale content updates to the game. While numerous small things have been added- auras, new costume sets, new vehicles, etc.- there has been a notable lack of new missions and events for players to really participate in. It is unapparent when this update drought will end, but it does put a damper on the game for long-time players.
Champions Online is one of the most enjoyable games I've played in the last decade. It has a personality that has few competitors in the gaming world, lending in part to its roots in pen-and-paper RPG. It's beautiful, realitivly easy to play, and has a great slew of experiences for its players.
I can't give the game a proper number rating, since I tend to rate individual parts as opposed to the whole, but I will say this is possibly my favorite game in terms of MMOs.

+Great asthetics
+In-depth character creation.
+Smooth power designs.
+Microtransactions not a big deal.
-Awkward controls.
-Archetypes get repeatitive.
-Overpowered players are common.
-Recent lack of big-scale content updates.
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31명 중 20명(65%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
1,386.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 3일
At launch, i would rate this game at: 9/10 - Amazing, fun and even though needed balancing, it was so good i didnt care.
Now after the Free-2-play update: 1/10 - I wouldn't wish this game on my worst enemies. Broken pile of abandoned dung. If you come on this game for anything, just play around in the Costume creator.

I still login to this game in the hopes that one day i will be able to fix the game with my own hands and hire people who are passionate about revealing the true, good game hidden beneath the rubble it now is.
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7명 중 6명(86%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
49.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 10월 24일
Not as great as it was and not even in the same league as city of heroes. Still sort of fun but a bit crampt and restrictive compared to it's origins. The power systems aren't great but the stories are pretty cool. Worth giving a go.
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7명 중 6명(86%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
170.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 3일
A great game with a amazing character creator. But, sadly because it's a PvE game, you will spend most of the late game roleplaying or dueling and not much else.

I would definitely recomend this game if you want to bring your superhero to life.
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29명 중 17명(59%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
28.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 6일
This game has the best visual character creator. The game itself is not very good though.
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6명 중 5명(83%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
22.6 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 2월 6일
A good cheesy cringy mmorpg, not for the faint hearted... the voices are heartless.
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5명 중 4명(80%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
53.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 25일
This game is both good and bad. It's bad in the sense that missions are repetative and you feel quite aimless as you wander through the city. Canada is cool for a couple of missions and so is the bizarro world. However, it's just not as well made as City of Heroes was. The content is good. The costume creator is mediocre and so much of the content/costume/items are "purchaseable" that really should just be part of the basic game. The amount you would have to spend to access all of these things, without any idea of how they work or what you need to do to use them is astronomical. (Sure you can earn a lot of these items over time but meh) With so many other games to choose from, I find myself only coming back to play this game in its most basic of basic formats. No vehicle, no really enhanced anything. I just can't force myself to sit long enough to figure out how everything works. I really do miss City of Heroes and it's tutorials on building mods and slotting and ... well everything that this game is not.
That said, it's still enjoyable but it's a pale game in comparisson with CoX. Until Valiance and CoT, this is what we have though.
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7명 중 5명(71%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
3,501.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 10일
Champions Online is a superhero MMO RPG game, that became Free2Play few years ago and is a spiritual successor of City of Heroes.
You will have to make Perfect World account to play this game. The game isn't exactly at the peak of activity, but is still being updated with small events and new shop stuff. Community is also there, even if some zones are almost completely empty.

Now, as far as gameplay itself goes it's a standart MMO RPG. Well, Superhero theme sure helps to set it aside from usual fantasy trash though. Colorful world and characters, as well as occasional nice action music. And that they got some more sense of gameplay, by having world that doesn't take few hours to travel though, while still giving it nice details. All characters having travel power helps. Gameplay also feels faster and arcadeys, but it's still same old target-based thing you seen before. The main gimmick is that in order to get "mana" (called "energy") you just have to keep using your most basic power on target. There is also Players vs Players duel mechanic, but it's just "abuse the week's most broken powers combinations".

Now, the game is Free 2 Play. And yep, those who pay get gameplay stuff as well. Like, costumes, classes, small boosts. You can farm special "questionite" recources to trade those for in-game shop money, but it takes ages. You also can be a monthly sub, getting all the stuff by default. None the less, what you really should be looking forward are costume pieces and Freeform class. Because the strong point of this MMO is a customization!

Freeform can be said is "the way that game is supposed to be played", as it allows you to pick absolutely any powers available in the game! Water, Thunder, Kung-fu, Dual Pistols, whatever. Sure thing having such broad selection bring problem where are some combinations are clearly more superior than others, as balancing so many powers would be near impossible. Sadly, F2Players only have access from beggining only to Archetypes (read: classes with pre-set powers.) and only to few of them.

And biggest feature this MMO has: One of the best characters costume customizations around. It really is what keeps half of those players, who still play Champions, around, along with RolePlaying. It allows players to do wide arrange of things. Don't thing of thousands slides of "how thick is that eyebrow" or "wanna make that single muscle wide". Well, it does have some of such slider. But main focus will be on changing costume pieces of various body parts around, whetever it's belt, cape, head or wings. And there is many of costume pieces to choose from. You can make superhero of your dreams. Actually, what you can do and what many do, is to make a character who doesn't even look like your generic superhero, whetever it's some robot-zombie-pirate, anthro of your choice or, well, troll character that brings acid to your eyes. Though, I wouldn't say that it looks smooth, all non-human heads aren't animated, for example. Clipping is also the thing, but what you would expect from something what has this many choices.

So yes, customization and costume creation is really something what outdoes any MMO and most of other video games, and you are most likely to learn what is "RolePlaying" from this MMO, which is quite common there thanks to features I just told you about. Thus game has great social-part value to it, while having slightly above-average for MMO gameplay part (and below-average compared to non-MMO games).

Unless you don't care of such stuff.

Or want sandbox.

Or just sane videogamer.

Still spent more time with it than I really should have.
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7명 중 5명(71%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
13.7 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 16일
I have been playing Champions Online since it went free to play in 2011. I have recently added Champions to Steam just to write the review. I have NOT paid real money for anything on my 4 accounts.
Champions Online is a free-to-play superhero-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game by former City of Heroes developer Cryptic Studios based on the Champions license. The game's rules and setting are loosely based on the HERO System ruleset and has it's own universe. The graphics are like how American comic books look. Your controls are limited to fewer skill buttons. The level cap is 40. You can make 2 characters per account as free2play.
If you are not willing to pay real money, you still can have some fun on Champions Online, you just have to be limited in your choice of avatars and power. The game has ore you can collect as reward for certain missions and can be sold in game for store points. Has a good cosmetic customization system even for F2P players. The quest content is free and enough to reach level cap. It is an Ok free to play superhero MMORPG. Give it a try.
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6.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 8일
Although it feels like other mmos the character creation is madness and you create your own nemesis
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58.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 30일
More Achievements Than TF2. Best Character Creation I've Ever Seen. Awesome Events. You Get To Design Your Own Nemesis. Do You Need Another Reason To Play?
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6명 중 4명(67%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
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976.4 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 2월 4일
Champions Online: Free for All is the standard base-building, tower defense/offense game that you've seen about a hundred times before, but this time it's got a thin veneer of the CoD franchise sprayed on top. The "Champions" bit comes from the fact that some of the leading characters of the previous games in the franchise will show up to help boost your forces. The usual leveling system has been implemented, complete with in-app purchases to make it go faster, all the way up to $99.99 (almost double the cost of the latest console game). Way to be subtle, fellas.
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1.1 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 1월 18일
I don't normally write things about games, I'm not very good at it. However I would like to exspress my sadness when it comes to how much this game has changed. This company has become to greedy. Every costume part cost money and the system that I use to think was ok has become a thing of the past. I miss City of Hero's. It may have been out dated but you know what at least it went down being the prime example on what MMO's should be. Fun, filled with options, and not money bound. I played coh when it was pay to play and when it wasn't. Nothing changed. Updates came out with new weapons and classes to choose. New areas had been created so that "Teams could go fight and hunt." This game is nothing like CoH. That sucks. (Read it for what is and move on, spelling isn't me strong point. Deal with it.)
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1,349.2 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 2일
This game is awesome, especially the customization! And the gameplay is great too!
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3명 중 2명(67%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
125.3 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 3월 5일
(I would have said "Maybe" recommend it but that is not an option.)

Champions Online has fantastic customization but some huge issues with things on the gameplay side.

You can make any superhero you could ever imagine (almost ofc) if you buy a subscription and build a "Free-form" character. You can make them look anyway you want, you can give them any powers you want, you can make them fly or web-swing through the city to get around, or drive a jet, anything you want! It's incredibly satisfying to finish customizing your character and then romp around beating up bad guys. The game believes in freedom! :) You can play for free but you'll have less freedom and can't choose your powers other than preset learnsets.

However beating up the bad guys just isn't that fun. I only lasted about two weeks into my subscription before I was 100% done. It's very repetitive. The fastest way to level up was to join a queue and beat a dungeon with four other players. This makes you never want to leave the main hub and makes the entire world seem small and pointless. The dungeons themselves are fun at first but they offer no strategy! Every boss is just "tank and spank" aside from two or three that require you to block with the shift key and a few summon adds you need to kill. There's only around five or six dungeons as well with randomly selected bosses (that are all mostly the same as I said) so you'll get tired of the same areas over and over and over. Even if you do go out and quest instead of do the instances/dungeons it doesn't get much more fun from there. It's just killing 10-20 things every quest. There aren't even collection quests generally, and even when there are, you still need to kill the mobs guarding the stuff you need to collect. There are even micro dungeons where you have to run in and find an object at the end of it, and those require you to clear out every single mob in the entire area to complete it. You cannot avoid grinding/killing mobs at all.

The game believing in freedom comes at a price. The reason the dungeon/instance bosses are so simplistic is because there's no guarantee anyone will be playing a tank or a healer. They have to make sure every mechanic can be dealt with even by the squishiest DPS characters, or if your party is just five healers. It has to make sure any party can beat any boss, which sacrifices the ability to create good boss fight designs.

Also the end game, when you finally hit the level cap? What do you earn? A cool new raid only accessible by high level players? Nope. A new PvP map? Nope. You just unlock more quests that give you tokens to buy better armor that you don't ever need to wear because you're already strong enough to beat any quest with ease.

So do I recommend it? It's hard to say. The characters I created were conceptually really cool! I had a blast making their costumes, designing their power-sets, AND you even get to create your own bad guy! You choose their powers, their outfit, their henchmen, everything, and they show up in a particular instance/dungeon where your party of five players has to fight all five of your personally created rivals. It's really cool seeing what every one created! However all of this customization is not enough to hold the game up on its own.

IF you have the money to spare and you've always wanted to create your own superhero I'd say spend 15 dollars, then shut off your subscription after the payment goes through and have fun until you get bored. The character creation is awesome but I just wish the game made you want to keep playing your character! If you're looking for a replacement for WoW/GW2 or something just don't bother. It's not nearly as compelling as the top MMOs.

TL;DR: Character creation is awesome. With a subscription you can give yourself any appearance, powers, hideout and arch-nemesis you can imagine. However the game itself isn't that fun and you spend every single level, even at the level cap, grinding tank and spank enemies. Only play it if you really just want to create a superhero, not for gameplay reasons.
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3명 중 2명(67%)이 이 평가가 유용하다고 함
0.1 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2015년 3월 12일
With the fall of City of Heroes, CO is the new king of super hero MMO's. With the rising popularity of Marvel and DC movies, and the utter lack of compitition from DC online, you'd think Cryptic would have an amazing gem on there hands, right? Well sadly the answer is WRONG, Cryptic abandoned CO, if you played this game 4 years ago, you've already seen everything this game has to offer. They add some new costume packs now and then, but the main thing they keep adding to in the game is vehicles which are a total gimmick they tacked on, soley to sepperate you from your money. It is a crying shame to see the last remaining super hero MMO with an amazing character creator, left to virtually rust.

+ The best character creator currently available, if you can think it, you can make it or close to it, not excluding any genre, from Sci Fi, to traditional caped crusaders, to super mutant furry horse monsters with bat wings and a devil tail.

+Amusing combat. Not great by any means, but if you are a gold subscriber and make free form characters (potentially picking any power you want) you can make a very attractive and satisfying looking attack combo. While its a little stale at times, some powers really revolve around one or two skills, forcing you to use them over and over again, and they might look idiotic depending on your interests.

+ Extremely mobile travel powers! One of the best things about this game, is how fast you can move, how high you can jump, how easily you can fly. Other games will feel like your character has lead boots on, this game makes you so mobile.


+Dev's abandoned the game. No new dungeons/issues, no new enemies, story, anything.
+Buggy as hell. These can go from game crashing to mild annoyances, either way, it magnifies the lack of Dev support.
+Grindy, it used to be to easy to level up, you'd que in an instanced Alert, and kill a boss, get a big XP boost, repeat repeat repeat. However they switched it around within the last year, so the much longer, annoying robberies are the ones that give XP now. This forces you to do the missions more, and that leads to another con...
+Boring missions. They are really dull, the story is so laughably neglected, they rip off of movies. Not super hero movies, sci fi movies. The villains motivations are so typical, and the quests never give you a reason to care about what your doing.
+Cash shop is very price gouging. No option to unlock Free Form classes so you have to sub to play as those (Mixing power sets to make amazing combos and freedom) costume sets that they sell are really... limiting. They feel like they fit one look and one look only, opposed to CoH, which is odd since CO actually has an option to match textures.
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2.8 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 11월 12일
This game WAS totally awesome. When I had to pay for it monthly.
Greatest character editor ever. I think I spend as much time in the creator than in the game itself - witch was funny, full of wonderfull content. Great amount of cool skills you could combine as you wished to. Smooth combat system (yes it's a mana-skill-1-2-3-X system but it's fun and more action-styled than many others that came before and after).
The movement powers were so... enjoyable (fyling is just boring... check out rocket-boot-jump or teleport :P).
And the NEMESIS part is a little underused but creating your own arch-enemy (henchmen included!) was just to sweet.

The free-to-play version just feels wrong - especially if you knew what else this game has(d) to offer... but then you have to pay for it...
I returned after over a year of not having played to find all my former character locked. I was tempted to re-unlock some of my favorites (eternal love for Killerbunny) but then I saw I had to buy every costume part and every power I used... So it was : Goodbye
Creating a new - but stripped down character (content wise) was just... unsatisfying.

IF you can afford to unlock free-character building (I'm not sure if this is even possible anymore) - most of the content (without you wont be able to level up smoothly) and at least a big chunk of costume parts
THEN enjoy a very sweet MMORPG witch has tons of cool stuff

IF NOT: keep the **** away - this castrated "free" version is an insult to the original game
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51.6 시간 기록
게시 일시: 2014년 12월 17일
♥♥♥♥in awesome. Now stop reading the reviews and install it right now!
10/10 i came
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