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Smersh er russisk og betyr "død over spionene". Det var navnet på en gruppe kontraspionasjebyråer som ble opprettet i den sovjetiske hær under andre verdenskrig. Deres oppgave var å gi den røde armé ryggdekning ved å arrestere forrædere, desertører, spioner og kriminelle grupper.
Utgivelsesdato: 16 Okt 2007
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Death to Spies - Now Available In Six Languages

11 Mars 2014

You can select a desired language in Steam properties of the game (right-click on the game entry in Steam library and choose properties): English, Russian, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

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Om spillet

Smersh er russisk og betyr "død over spionene". Det var navnet på en gruppe kontraspionasjebyråer som ble opprettet i den sovjetiske hær under andre verdenskrig. Deres oppgave var å gi den røde armé ryggdekning ved å arrestere forrædere, desertører, spioner og kriminelle grupper. Under krigen ble disse agentene hovedforsvaret mot de tyske etterretningstjenestene.
Du er kaptein i 4. avdeling i Smersh og jobben din er å utføre disse oppdragene midt i fiendens territorium. Vær forberedt på å gjennomføre diverse oppgaver, blant annet å stjele viktige dokumenter, henrette fiendens offiserer, kidnappe fremtredende offentlige tjenestemenn og sabotere fiendens planer.
  • Spilleren sniker seg rundt i tredjepersonsperspektiv og fordyper seg i atmosfæren til militær etterretningstjeneste under andre verdenskrig.
  • Forskjellige typer oppdrag basert på virkelige hendelser fra militær etterretningstjeneste og kontraspionasje.
  • Friheten til å velge hvordan et oppdrag skal gjennomføres.
  • Vidstrakte utendørs- og innendørsmiljøer.
  • Spilleren kan benytte en rekke forskjellige spionferdigheter som å snike seg rundt, gjemme seg, bære døde kropper, bytte klær, få tak i objekter, kaste kniver, være snikskyter, bryte opp låser, legge ut feller og mye annet.
  • Autentiske våpen og kjøretøy fra andre verdenskrig.


    • Operativsystem som støttes: Windows® 2000/XP
    • Prosessor: Intel Pentium 4 1,7 GHz eller AMD Athlon 1,8 GHz (Intel Pentium 4 2,4 GHz eller AMD Athlon 2,4 GHz+ eller bedre anbefales)
    • Minne: 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM anbefales)
    • Grafikk: NVIDIA GeForce 5200/ATI Radeon 9500 med 128 MB RAM eller høyere (NVIDIA GeForce 6800/ATI Radeon X800 med 256 MB RAM eller mer anbefales)*
    • DirectX-versjon: DirectX® versjon 9.0 (inkludert) eller bedre
    • Lyd: DirectX®-versjon 9.0-kompatibelt lydkort
    • Harddisk: 3 GB ledig plass
    *Angir at en enhet bør være kompatibel med DirectX® versjon 9.0 eller bedre.
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This game is amazing, and has so much more than you would expect! It is certainly a challenge. It is not a "shoot anything that moves" game, rather, it is more of a game of stealth. I started the game on easy mode, and figured I could just charge in and shoot all the enemies to complete the mission, like you would do in a call of duty type game. I ended up dead realy quick. it took me about 5 hours just to complete the first mission, but it did not get boring. Buy this game, or better yet, buy the Gold bundle and play both the games. Dont expect this to be a fast paced, or "graphix" game. This is not a game you will be able to complete in a weekend.
Publisert: 2 Mars 2014
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The Voice Acting Sucks....
The Driving mechanics suck....
The Graphics are ok at best....
THE STEALTH IS ABSOLUTELY ♥♥♥♥ING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 1st mission is one of the best Stealth Missions I have seen. You start out in the Drop zone and have to work your way past a few Patrols. From there you must work your way to a Mechanic who's Uniform you must take to DRIVE ACROSS THE MAP where the main objectives start. I won't spoil the rest. It's amazing how much you have to do in just the 1st mission.

10/10 for the stealth alone. This is not New school run n gun Stealth. This is Old school pay attention or be prepared to hit reset Stealth haha.
Publisert: 16 Mars 2014
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Plays basically like Hitman with a bit of Commandos. It's pretty difficult and unpolished, so I'd just recommend it for more hardcore stealth fans who can look over a relatively steep learning curve (I didn't have much trouble, but many other people seem to) and an overall lack of polish. If you can get over that, Death to Spies is a really fun game. I especially like the overall atmosphere. My only complaints are that it's relatively short (especially Moment of Truth) and that missions don't seem to have as much replayability as in Hitman. The story is also pretty weak and confusing, but I never cared for that in Hitman either.
Publisert: 16 Februar 2014
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Fun as Hitman, but harder ;)

And you play as a soviet spy, and that's actually awesome ^^
Publisert: 31 Mars 2014
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Its a very challenging stealth game, the style it has is just like the hitman games, you take the enemies uniform,steal documents etc..

If you like hitman you should try that, but its only for STEALTH fans.
Publisert: 3 Mai 2014
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After completing this game on the hardest difficulty, I can say, that this is the only game that has a similar gameplay to the Hitman franchise. And if it didn't had an unlimited save option on the last difficulty, it was going to be a lot harder than any of the Hitman games. This game is definitly not for everyone. It is one of the hardest stealth games ever made and shooting your way out is impossible on most of the missions. The game has the wonderful stealth feauture of hiding in plain sight by using different disguises to infiltrate enemy areas. But most of the places are so crowded, that you will find it very hard to remain undetected, even if you take an unique disguise. Getting a disguise is not easy, enemies are hard to be distracted most of the times and after getting distracted, they can become very unpredictable, so you have to be very patient. Things I liked about the game are:
+ this is a pure stealth game that combines a lot of elements from other stealth games
+ disguises work significantly well, as long as you don't do anything suspicious;
+ things like running, crouching or crawling are suspicious, so you cannot act strange in front of your enemy and hope you can get away with it;
+ in order for you disguise to work, as a Russian spy, you must only carry enemy German weapons or they will detect you;
+ disguises work only if they are acquired after sedating, strangling or stunning an enemy, which means you cannot shoot someone, take his clothes and expect to fool someone else, while the outfit is covered in blood;
+ if enemies get alerted after sounding an alarm, like when they found an unconscious body for example, this will automatically mean you can no longer use stealth as an onption because enemies know there is something very wrong with the situation and won't be fooled again. So you must be stealthy all the time, in order to complete most of the missions;
+ you have a lot tools at your disposal like chloroform for sedating, strangling wire, pliers, knifes, pitlocks, explosives, snipers an other other guns and most of the times, you can choose what you need the at the start of every mission;
+ the minimap and the detection meter are very helpful to complete the mission;
+ you have a rating system that monitors your playstyle like in the Hitman franchise
Things I didn't like about the game are:
- you don't have that much of a freedom like in the Hitman titles;
- they can detect you too easily at times, especially when enemies tend to stare at you for no reason.
- characters seem to be communicating with each other, but you can never hear real actual conversations
- the story is very weak, so if you are looking for a good plot in the WW2 era and a motive to complete the levels to see what happens next, this is not the case
- the character you play as is also too plain. You won't hear him say anything during the missions and you won't find him interesting at all like Agent 47 from the Hitman games.
- the game was not polished and it has some technical issues
Overall, this game was not fully developed. It has some very interesting and challenging gameplay and most of the times, it surpasses the gameplay of other stealth games especially in realism, but due to the fact that the game was made with a low budget, it wasn't developed to be a top-selling title. I only recommend this game to people who really enjoy playing stealth games, especially Hitman fans.
Publisert: 16 November 2013
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