Smersh is Russian for "Death to Spies" and was the name of a set of counterintelligence agencies formed in the Soviet Army during World War II. Their mission was to secure the rear of the active Red Army by arresting traitors, deserters, spies and criminal cells.
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Julkaisupäivä: 16. loka, 2007

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Osta Death to Spies

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Osta Death to Spies: Gold

Sisältää pelit Death to Spies ja Death to Spies: Moment of Truth

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"Amazing stealth action. A must play, especially at the price. Almost always on sale. Get it in conjunction with Death to Spies: Moment of truth."

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Smersh is Russian for "Death to Spies" and was the name of a set of counterintelligence agencies formed in the Soviet Army during World War II. Their mission was to secure the rear of the active Red Army by arresting traitors, deserters, spies and criminal cells. During the war these agents became the main force combating the German intelligence service.
As captain of the 4th department of Smersh, it is your job to execute these operations in the heart of enemy territory. Be prepared to complete various tasks, including stealing important documents, eliminating enemy officers, kidnapping high-ranking officials, and sabotage enemy plans.
  • Third-person stealth action immerses the player into the atmosphere of World War II military intelligence operations.
  • Different types of missions based on real historical intelligence and counterintelligence operations.
  • Freedom to choose the way a mission is completed.
  • Extensive real-life indoor and outdoor locations.
  • A variety of different spy skills at the player's disposal such as sneak, hide, carry dead bodies, change clothes, mine objects, throw knives, sniping, picking locks, setting traps and many others.
  • Authentic weapons and vehicles of World War II.


    • Supported OS: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz or AMD Athlon 1.8 GHz (Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 2.4 GHz+ or higher recommended)
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM recommended)
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 5200/ATI Radeon 9500 with 128 MB RAM or higher(NVIDIA GeForce 6800/ATI Radeon X800 with 256 MB RAM or higher recommended)*
    • DirectX Version: DirectX® version 9.0 (included) or higher
    • Sound: DirectX® version 9.0-compatible sound card
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB free space
    * Indicates device should be compatible with DirectX® version 9.0 or higher.
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75/75 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
3 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
67.4 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 3. elokuu.
Death to Spies is probably the most niche recommendation I can possibly give.
While by no means is it bad, it's definitely the type of game you're either going to love or hate.
The problems it has are pretty big.

It has almost no sense of atmosphere, with many levels lacking music. Most of the characters in-game are lacking any sense of real voice acting.
Most blatantly the international version of the game is censored to not include swastikas or Hitler portraits.
There are NO subtitles whatsoever, and the few english voice actors they brought on to do cutscene work are absolutely monotone, beneath even Bethesda level.

Thankfully, if you're in love with stealth games, all of this is trumped by the frankly insane amount of work put into the game's levels and mechanics. You will probably never find a stealth game that's as hard, yet as fair as this one.
You will work for HOURS finding the perfect disguise and route to penetrate the ONE small hole in security the developers made for you, and you will ♥♥♥♥ing LOVE it.

That said? If you don't feel like spending loads of time, patience and thought on any given level in a stealth game, you're probably playing the wrong one.
Death to Spies has levels so difficult and guarded that the game expects a degree of lethality, rewarding the best rating in spite of 10 or so guards killed at times. This makes it fairly unique amongst the game's peers in that while it doesn't encourage lethality, it makes it a necessity rather than shunning murder altogether.

If you like tough as nails, yet fair and complex stealth games to the point that you can tolerate questionable delivery? Pick this game up.
You owe it to yourself.
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21/25 (84%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
1 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
69.8 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 8. marraskuu.
To give an overall assessment to this product, we do not hide the difficulties of assessment. The perplexity of being before a game with such graphics, in 2008, could drop any enthusiasm. Death to Spies you save when you decide to go beyond the aesthetic aspect to analyze, even from a psychological point of view, a title which is reserved only for the few, because it requires a dose of patience out there. In the face of a stealth component so marked, it is advisable to purchase only to genre purists, who here will find what they have been looking for. If you want a good game of infiltration, but not so challenging, might better opt for the Splinter Cell franchise that is still the undisputed benchmark for all fans.
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13/14 (93%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
3 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
2.1 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 29. syyskuu.
You will die.... alot, but you will have a hell of a good time doing it. Very hardcore game that feels like it could have inspired many of the shooters/stealth games we know today.
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7/7 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
20.3 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 21. kesäkuu.
After completing Death to Spies I am very pleasantly surprised with the game mechanics and shockingly smart enemy A.I. Enemies will respond accordingly to mostly all of your actions on the field but I recommend stealthing this game fully as the A.I. can become brainless when you are caught. They run around aimlessly and constantly chuck grenades at you. The game is definitely meant to be played silently and it is way more rewarding this way.
Death to Spies has you tackling Nazi prison camps, bases and even tasks you with destroying an entire bridge to cut of enemy reinforcements to the front lines as well as a few other locations I will leave to you to find out for yourself. Do not expect anything exciting from the story and dialogue as that does not seem to be a huge focus in Death to Spies. Character voice acting and lip to voice synchronization is a mess but I did not let that take away from the stories I created within each individual mission.
To say the least, Death to Spies is truly underrated and was lost in the shadows of Hitman. It is a must play for hardcore stealth lovers!

Personal Score: 7.4/10
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6/10 (60%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
0.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 17. lokakuu.
Super buggy, couldn't get past the tutorial, the camera kept glitching, making my character run to the side instead of in the direction where the camera was aiming.

Also got texture bugs after tabbing out of the game, and after a while, I couldn't aim with my gun anymore, which prevented me from finishing the "fire on the target" tutorial mission.

Tried restarting the game and the tutorial, and same glitches happened. Uninstalled the game then. :(
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