Frontlines™: Fuel of War™ er et skytespill i førstepersonsperspektiv (FPS) i en åpen verden, som foregår ved frontlinjene i fremtiden. I en verden rasert av en global energikrise, miljøforfall og økonomiske nedgangstider inntar spillerne rollene som elitesoldater i hæren til Western Coalition på et storslått korstog mot Red...
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Utgivelsesdato: 27. feb, 2008

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SOMMERSALG! Tilbudet er over 4. juli


Om dette spillet

Frontlines™: Fuel of War™ er et skytespill i førstepersonsperspektiv (FPS) i en åpen verden, som foregår ved frontlinjene i fremtiden. I en verden rasert av en global energikrise, miljøforfall og økonomiske nedgangstider inntar spillerne rollene som elitesoldater i hæren til Western Coalition på et storslått korstog mot Red Star-alliansen for å få kontroll over verdens oljereserver. Frontlines: Fuel of War kombinerer en filmatisk, ikke-lineær spillopplevelse med moderne våpen og det revolusjonerende Frontline Combat System™, som sammen gir deg den mest spennende og intense FPS-opplevelsen til dags dato.
  • Frontline Combat System – både i enkelt- og flerspillermodus kan du være med styrkene i frontlinjen i fokuserte, intense kamper.
  • En åpen verden – i både enkeltspiller- og flerspillermodus kan du gå din egen vei mot seier med ikke-lineære oppdragsmål og områder du kan ødelegge. Ta for deg deler av slaget i stedet for å ta for deg alt sammen på én gang, slik at du slipper å måtte dø og starte på nytt om og om igjen.
  • Nyskapende våpen – mer enn 60 nyskapende kjøretøy og våpen inspirert av militær utforming i nær fremtid, med blant annet jetfly, helikoptre, tanks, pansrede kjøretøy og mer.
  • Justerbart soldatsystem – tilpassing av figurer gjør at du kan vise frem spillestilen din gjennom valgene figurene dine tar, våpenoppakning og rollespesialisering.
  • Avansert lagspill – støtter opp til 64 spillere på PC via LAN eller Internett med delte siktesystemer, gruppebasert VOIP og mer.


    • Operativsystem som støttes: Windows XP (32/64) eller Windows Vista (32/64)
    • Prosessor: Intel Pentium 2,8 HT eller AMD Athlon 2800+
    • Minne: 768 MB/1 GB for Vista
    • Grafikk: nVidia 6800GT (SM3) eller ATI X800XT (SM2) med de nyeste skjermkortdriverne
    • DirectX-versjon: DirectX 9.0
    • Lyd: AC '97 eller tilsvarende DirectX 9.0c-kompatibelt lydkort
    • Harddisk: 12 GB
    • Internett: Bredbåndstilkobling (minimum opplastingshastighet 768K for å være vert for spill)
    • Operativsystem som støttes: Windows XP (32/64) eller Windows Vista (32/64)
    • Prosessor: Intel Core2 E6400 (2,13 GHz) eller AMD X2 5000+
    • Minne: 1,5 GB
    • Grafikk: nVidia 8600GTX eller ATI X2600 med de nyeste skjermkortdriverne
    • DirectX-versjon: DirectX 9.0
    • Lyd: Creative Labs X-Fi-lydkort
    • Harddisk: 12 GB
    • Internett: Bredbåndstilkobling (minimum opplastingshastighet 768K for å være vert for spill)
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Publisert: 29. juni
I never understood why this game is so underated. In fact it could be underated BECAUSE its so good for some reason ! The story has undertones critical of the Iraq War. Now Bush, Laney and 500 CIA agents cannot travel to Europe because there are arrest warrants out for them (go check if you don't believe me) that throws the games story into a very interesting light in retrospect, and I think it was meant as a kind of protest vote ... "what's realy going on guys" ? So that set the game play into an interesting context for me. I can only examine the single player campaign here as I have not tried the multiplayer part. I found everything about the single player combat here to be outstanding. The gun play and FPS combat is very fluid. The key innovation at the heart of the game's system is the remote drones. I've never seen any other game get this right with a seamless transition from the player soldier holding a control screen for the drone to looking out of the drone's camera and back again. So you can blast away with a drone, then leave it in some tactical location, switch back to the human first person view and do some fighting there, and then switch back to the drone again. The level design is still very good to this day and shows that less really is more. Many games these days try and cram too much into the scene and the focus is lost. This should be a very simple "zen of 3D engine design" but the point so often gets lost. Look at the levels in Frontlines. You eye is drawn to the most important elements because it's not distracted so the sense of place is enhanced as well as immersion. Cool ! My favourite level. The one when you can fly a helicopter as you approach a huge fortress. One last thing. If the "distortion" effect does not enable in the graphics settings, first apply very low settings, return to main menu, apply very high settings, return to main menu. Now distortion should be on and you can increase the other settings that were not set to full by "very high".
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Publisert: 28. juni
Man, I remember so many late nights playing this game. Was a shot load of fun, esp when I would fly drones over a sniper and detonate right behind them. So sad this entire company collapsed.

I recently managed to locate the dedicated server files and was thinking about putting up a server and hopefully finding maybe 10 or more people who would want a weekly game night for FFOW. I dont even see any dedicated servers available for rent anymore so I doubt anyone plays much.

Any interest? Hit me up on steam.

BEWARE if you are buying this game: I remember single player was fun but there is NO multiplayer. You can start a LAN game but there are NO BOTS to play against. So you better have friends pleb.
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( 1.6 timer registrert )
Publisert: 25. mai
Look, i've posted good reviews, i've posted bat ones, but this may be the only review that i've had trouble deciding on weather it's good or bad. FFOW is a game that i bought for $5 because it was on sale. Although made in '08, FFOW presents us with aspects ahead of it's time. I mean, i own Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and i instantly saw aspects of that here. But honestly, the only part that makes me indecisive here, is the fact that they seem to have canceled the multi-player. This may just be my own computer, but it looks like it's over (As is the case with some other older FPS games, some of which would have had merit had the designers bothered to keep the servers up) It is a nicly made game with good concepts, but all-in-all, 7/10.
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Thomas the Dank Engine
( 2.2 timer registrert )
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Publisert: 3. mai
Online multiplayer is dead, and was the only reason to play this game to begin with. Even if it was still active, I'm not sure I would recommend it.
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( 3.3 timer registrert )
Publisert: 3. mai
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Papa Franku
( 6.8 timer registrert )
Publisert: 11. april
Really good game even though i play this after SIX YEARS!
If you want to play adventure,story shooter game then it's for you
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Boris the Zjulik
( 4.2 timer registrert )
Publisert: 5. april
buy it once it's on sale
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( 9.8 timer registrert )
Publisert: 1. april
This was basically an extra that came with the THQ pack I got when they were in business. By now you should be aware that this is basically a single player game only. I got around 9 hours worth on hardcore level. Only had one crash on my XP computer. Had to DL a driver patch to make the game work. If they had a neutral button I would vote for that. The game gives you generous amount of ammo and the ability to instantly heal yourself if you disengage from a firefight. You can't really count on your AI buddies to save you. More than once the enemy would stroll up to around shotgun range and shoot at me ignoring my friendly AI, while my AI buddies kinda danced around missing or ignoring the enemy. So basically your AI buddies help you locate the enemy by shooting in their direction. You also use some type of radar that lights of the enemy in a red circle when you see them. Not sure why you would have this on on hardcore mode. This game is really easy especially when you have a tank. Just go forward, shoot, go back and repeat. Hide to get repaired if necessary. You also get plently of lives to finish a mission. I'm not sure if you have the ability to change your loadout before a mission starts, but you do have that ability when you die once. All in all not a bad game,but better games are out there. Also there seems to be 3 or 4 active nordic employees -_-
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( 3.1 timer registrert )
Publisert: 20. mars
It is hard to begin where this game just lets me down, if it were not 2.99 I'd have never have tried it(yay sale) and even then I wish I could get my money back. What we have is a poor man's dystopian FPS that feels like it tried to cash in on COD, with a plot so thin you can see through it, and gameplay I'd attribute to a game 10 years in the past during the PS2 and 1 era. It is very obvious out the gate the devs wanted you to do multi player and the "Story" mode was just a 4 hour time wasintg tutorial with lackluster characters you can never identify with let alone like.

The final straw for me however, was the lousy bugs as well as the AEGIS physics engine bug that requires you to roll back your drivers if using anything beyond and 8600.

Overall, i'd not wish this game on anyone, if you truly need the FPS, war is hell feel, wait for Call fo Duty to go on sale or some such.
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Publisert: 22. september, 2014
It no longer has multiplayer but this game was Battlefield 3 before Battlefield 3 was Battlefield 3. R.I.P. the amazing multiplayer. :'(
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Publisert: 17. januar, 2014
4 years and its still better than the new generation fps
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Publisert: 5. november, 2014
I bought this game long ago, when it first released, to the people that complain and give it bad reviews, all i have to say, is, its your fault you bought it now, because what this game was, is no longer, you should have done your research before hand.

I bought this game when on its release like i said (The play time hours you see are not represenative of what i actually played, since at that time such hour stat system did not exist) and in its glory days, was an amazing game, i had endless hours of fun with this, from sniping (the way sniping is meant to be done in large maps) to close quarter, vehicles, you name it.

This game was ahead of its time, and its true worth was on the multiplayer, and so i cannot recommend you buy this at the current time, since the multiplayer is long gone, there are no servers.

So, a few years back i would have told you to buy it, because the game was absolutely fantastic due to its amazing multiplayer, but now, i suggest you stay away and dont buy the game, because you wont be able to get the old experience from before.

But, still, i will give this a Thumbs up, because i once came to love this game, and the game was a fantastic addition to my collection then, and because although you are best not buying this game anymore, it was a damn good one years back, and that deserves at least some apretiation from my part, so as a thanks, a Thumbs up for this once upon a time very good and ahead of its time Game. Thanks Frontlines, but i guess everything comes to an end.

Note: I will stress this here, so people, can understand and they dont let themselves fall into hole, The game is not playable anymore, there is no multiplayer, all servers have been shutdown, there is no way you will be able to play it online EVER again, do not yourselves get fooled, if you think there is such way, use it at your own risk. But it is from my experience that if something is too good to be true, then its because it is. Dont let yourselves take risks unnecesarily, its not worh it, i have been gaming for years now, so you can take my word for it, or maybe not, its your call, but i talk from experience.
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Publisert: 21. desember, 2013
Have owned this game for too many year to count :) Absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone who loves battefield type games. It's too bad the multiplayer servers are shutdown now since not too many ppl play it anymore. If they could re-open it somehow and get the name on the headlines again that would be legit.
5 star game
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10.6 timer registrert
Publisert: 13. mai, 2014
A pretty solid single player experience as a near-future, open-world-ish, Military themed FPS. It's not a full open world, as it's one structured area per level. I think "open level" would be a better description. Think of a battlefield map that has your forces moving from one side of the map to the other (like the front line moving in the trailer). This open level mechanic is refreshing for a single player experience (that isn't battlefield with bots) compared to the modern military shooter campaigns which are very linear. There's still a hint of linearity as each mission is basically about 3 target objectives (at a time) you have to capture/destroy but you can pretty much get to each of them in whatever order you want. Then another 3, and so on, until you've basically hit ever point of interest in the large scale level. It plays out somewhat like Crysis (1) or FarCry (1), but better in my opinion because the combat comes sooner, is more sustained (more ammo, more bad guys, & less time traversing the map), you have allies to fight alongside you, you're given more choice via multiple simultaneous objectives, and the level design is more than just a jungle (it's an urban jungle)

This game lets you use vehicles (tanks) but you can survive w/o having to use them (unlike fights in battlefield). Then there's also using drones (RC cars/helicopters with mounted guns/bombs), which occures quite often-more than I would wish in an FPS game but at least its not the majority (or even the entirety) of any particular mission and It's possible to get the through the mission w/o using them, though can be difficult at times.

Graphics may be slightly dated, but they're unified and solid. Sound is generic but it gets the job done well enough without detracting too much from immersion. Dialog is simple, not much depth. Same with the plot, but this is good as it doesn't try to cram a bunch of narrative/history into your brain when you've come to play a shoot 'em up action game. The controls are tight. You have health regeneration so as long as you have cover, you can almost always stay alive. There are still times where you may die, but the open-world game mechanic makes dying less frustrating as you are not forced to follow the exact same path that just got you killed!!

No aim down sights, just some weapons with scopes as alt fire. You're able to choose your "class" (pre-set loadout) if you die and have to respawn in the campaign.

Overall, great fun playing the single player campaign as an open level shooter. I was disappointed with the last few levels in the cities as you couldn't enter many of the large buildings which greatly restricts your movement and attack options compared to the previous levels in the game.
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Publisert: 5. november, 2015
amazing multiplayer,still perfectly playable via hamachi,tunngle,gameranger etc. due to LAN mode (yes LAN! mindblowing, i know). also online servers hosted by the kiling crew are also still avaiable (connectable via ingame console).
lil sidenote: retail and steam version frontlines cannot play together in lan iirc.

well resurrection of frontlines great multiplayer wont happen anyway because people are idiots as usual.
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Publisert: 14. november, 2014
This is a fun game.

It ain't Battlefield, though it certainly tries very hard. Bad news first: Servers are down, you won't find anyone to play with online. Thankfully, the single player mode has a lot to offer. If you're old enough to remember Battlefield 2 and how they said it'd have a single player campaign, I'm pretty sure that's what the designers of that old frigate had in mind when they thought about it, even though it never came through eventually (thanks for that, Obama!).

Graphics are still decent, weapons are neat, vehicles rock. The little boondoggle drones keep ingame monotony down. The story is surprsingly well written. I really liked how much thought went into all that just-slightly-beyond-tomorrow-tech - the experience is similar to the recent 2020-future Cowadooties, though far less spectacular, of course. Still, the designer's artistic achievement is to be applauded, if Call of Duty Advanced Blabla comes up with pretty much the same ideas five years later.

Naturally, the immersive aspect is rather reduced when compared to a big-budget game like Battlefield. Often you'll find yourself just blasting at simpleton foes or hammering away at a distant installation with and IFV chaingun. Nonetheless, I was playing through this game with a big grin on my face, if only because it actually felt like a good old GAME instead of these new overscripted pseudo-movies. I'd give the single player experience a straight 8/10, though that number drops significantly after the first pass.

Like I said, a real fun game. Definitely recommended when on sale, you won't regret the four hours or so it takes to finish. After that, go for two double cheeseburgers at Mickey D's and feel like you're 15 again and all's well with the world for about an hour.
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Publisert: 14. mai, 2015
In short:

The Good:
Nice graphics
Interesting background to story
Plenty of ammo
Driveable vehicles
Deployment system (acts almost like having lives)
Just plain fun
Simplistic mission designs (taking points, eliminating all enemies, destroying specific spots)
Various controllable drones

The Bad:
Short (4-5 hours)
Inaccurate weapons
Enemies are bullet sponges
Can't use enemy's weaponry
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Publisert: 14. juni, 2014
only single player now. Kaos has shut down the Multiplayer servers
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Publisert: 2. januar
Great gameplay in multiplayer.

They disable multiplayer.

Game was AMAZING in MP. Drones, tanks, detection, shooting, camping... That is BF:BC2 but better. Serious.
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