A true test your wits and spatial reasoning. Detour combines the highway-building fun of the Sim City series with the excitement of a competitive real-time strategy game. Construct a path for your convoy to reach its destination in this incredibly addictive title. With online multiplayer!
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リリース日: 2011年5月16日


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A true test your wits and spatial reasoning. DETOUR combines the highway building fun from the Sim City series with the addictive excitement of real-time-strategy games like Starcraft and Command & Conquer.

The goal of the game is simple: forge a path for your convoy of trucks to reach its destination, but obtaining your goal often requires a mix of smart resource allocation, clever route planning, and strategic thinking. Your AI and human enemies will try to stop your progress with routes of their own.

DETOUR sports endless amounts of unique strategies, Adaptive AI opponents, 5 distinct modes of play, dozens of singleplayer maps, unlockables, online play, an epic soundtrack, and much, much more!


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 160 MB
    • Video Card: DirectX 9 and Shader Model 1.1 support. 512 MB required.
    • Sound: DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card
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記録時間: 2.4 時間
投稿日: 2015年8月23日
DETOUR could have been a neat little game, but the interface is clunky and its very one sided. In single player, the AI targets only you. In the 10th level, there are 3 AI opponents that target just you, even when an AI opponent who is about to win. Its unwinnable, no matter what I do. It seems like the single player is just broken or you're not supposed to progress. The multiplayer portion of this game is dead and is half of the available achievements, so good luck getting those. If they would fix it, it could be a fun little game, but as it is, I can not recommend this game.
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記録時間: 0.1 時間
投稿日: 2015年11月30日
Everyday when you're walking down the street
And everybody that you meet
Has an original point of view

And I say HEY! (HEY!)
What a wonderful kind of day.
If you can learn to work and play
And get along with each other

You got to listen to your heart
Listen to the beat
Listen to the rhythm
The rhythm of the street
Open up your eyes
Open up your ears
Get together and make things better
By working together!

It's a simple message and it comes from the heart
Believe in yourself (in yourself)
cause that's the place to start (to start)

And I say HEY! (HEY!)
What a wonderful kind of day
If we can learn to work and play
And get along with each other.
Hey what a wonderful kind of day hey!
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記録時間: 2.2 時間
投稿日: 2015年12月7日
A good game with friends.

Detour has a great idea around gameplay. Battling opponents to get trucks to the other side of the map. This involves bomb, missiles, and a bunch of other stuff. The game controls are slightly annoying, as switching from roads to tunnels to missiles takes WAY more effort that it could. The best way is to learn the hotkeys. The other downfall is not many people actually play the game at one time. So servers are limited. The best way to play is have some friends that wish to play as then you have someone to enjoy the game.

So overall Detour is a great game to play... with some friends. Not by yourself.
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7 人中 5 人 (71%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 0.8 時間
投稿日: 2015年10月8日
Really fun enjoyed the mechanics! Macro level tatics to micro level expertise required. resembles games as good starcraft and age of empires. A must play, take a detour from triple A titles and stumble upon this hidden gem. a steal at $5
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9 人中 6 人 (67%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 0.8 時間
投稿日: 2015年10月8日
Highly recommend, cant say that enough, great mechanics. Leave true games behind and get around the exciting family or party fun of detour.

My friends and I are keen to break into Master Elite rank but gotta spend much more time working as a team.

Great value.

10 detours / 10
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