La Segunda Guerra Mundial está en su máximo apogeo y las naciones caen. Himmler, el líder de las SS, tiene el pleno respaldo de Hitler para hacer uso de la ciencia y lo oculto y crear un ejército capaz de aniquilar a los Aliados de una vez por todas.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 20 nov. 2001

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Acerca de este juego

La Segunda Guerra Mundial está en su máximo apogeo y las naciones caen. Himmler, el líder de las SS, tiene el pleno respaldo de Hitler para hacer uso de la ciencia y lo oculto y crear un ejército capaz de aniquilar a los Aliados de una vez por todas. Luchando completamente solo, estás en una intensa misión para atravesar el corazón negro del Tercer Reich y detener a Himmler (o morir en el intento). Combatiendo en el avanzado modo multijugador por equipos, podrás librar tu propia guerra, donde las potencias del Eje y los Aliados se enfrentan por la dominación del frente de batalla.
Gracias al motor de Quake III Arena, el universo Wolfenstein crece hasta límites inimaginables con entornos excepcionales, IA, potencia de fuego y efectos cinemáticos que sólo un juego creado por auténticos maestros puede ofrecerte. El Reich se va acercando. Es hora de actuar. Para que el mal triunfe, basta con que los hombres buenos no hagan nada.
  • Entornos excepcionales
  • Historia llena de intensa acción
  • Agresiva IA
  • Efectos cinematográficos como en la gran pantalla
  • Modo multijugador por equipos

Requisitos del sistema

    Tarjeta gráfica con aceleración 3D (con 16 MB de VRAM y soporte completo de OpenGL®); procesador Pentium® II a 400 Mhz o procesador Athlon®; versión en inglés de Windows® 2000/XP; 128 MB de RAM; modo de vídeo: color de 16 bits; 800 MB de espacio libre en disco sin comprimir para los archivos del juego (instalación mínima) más 300 MB para el archivo de intercambio de Windows; un equipo 100% compatible con Windows® 2000/XP (incluyendo drivers de 32 bits para la tarjeta gráfica, la tarjeta de sonido y los dispositivos de entrada); 100% compatible con DirectX® 8.0a (incluido); dispositivo de sonido y drivers 100% compatibles con DirectX 3.0 o posterior; teclado/ratón y drivers 100% compatibles con Microsoft
    Requisitos del multijugador: Juego vía Internet (TCP/IP) y LAN (TCP/IP y IPX) soportado, para jugar vía Internet es necesario un módem de 56.6 kbps (o más rápido) 100% compatible con Windows 2000/XP
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Publicado el 10 de noviembre de 2015
I used to think first-person shooters were all about the graphics. I used to think old games like this one just weren't worth it anymore in the modern era of action games. I was an idiot.
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Publicado el 26 de diciembre de 2015
Wolfenstein.... Or RTCW you get me right ?

Actually ( when i write this review am 28 and soon 29 ) Date 27/12/2015 at 00:30 on the planet earth...... Sh!t !

I buyed this game in 2001 in the beautiful metal box so the limited edition.
My friend at that time was jalous ^^
My mother was mad about me cause she always said it was a Nazi game, and me to tell her that it was just a game.....
And yes its just a game ! Dont confond game and reality.

Anyway let start.....

Wolfenstein using the graphic motor of quake 3. And hell yeah this graphic motor do perfectly his job, very very well optimized ( well we know its a old game ok.... ) But imagine those graphic in 2001.... I remember and it was just amazing !!

The graphic are still very enjoyable and nice ( i dont givashit about graphic btw except for Thief 1 ... )

The environnement are very nice, there are different kind of environement too, castle for sure, forest, ruins, airport, small village in the snow, laboratory, there is also a U-Boat with the symbole of the smiling sawfish on it. Das Boat movie reference ? ^^
And way more stuff....

For sure if you are like me, saying that old game are .... Old but gold, you will, like me do the game in the hardest difficulty, your not a noob right ? You like it hard right ???...

So you will do the game in the I AM DEATH INCARNATE difficulty !

I did the game straight without pause, it took me around 7h30 the first time, using most of the time the sten, the G43 and the K98 + killing all the ennemy finding also all the secrets area.... ^^
For sure you will rage a little bit, the I.A ennemy are still very very very good ! They are smart, use environement object, use cover or take cover, throw back your grenade ^^

The badass thing in this game
The differents boss!
You can hear the ennemy reloading, so rush them and kick ther /-\ss ^^
You can open the door by kicking them and destroying item too that way.
Definitively in this game the IA is so GOLD, the intelligence of the ennemy in the hardest difficulty is just amazing seriously !
Different and nice environement.

The sound i like them... Especially the sound of the Alarm ^^
But time to time the music can appear too much repetitive, so i like to play without during some mission
There is some infiltration mission ! You can also use the sten to stay silent if you want.
And also my preferate thing is that in almost all the level there is some secret area, if you see a place where you cant go its generally cause this place is secret and you have to find your self the way in.

Last thing.. If you see a couple of barrel near a wall... Shoot them....

The boots !! Yeah you can kick with your foot door for example !! This is nuts !!

But with your boots you can also kick.... Lets say some poster paint picture, radio, chair,windows, soldier, door for sure, SOME BOSS :D, zombie and more !!!! BOOTS THAT SH!T MAN !

Opening a door the normal way ? NO USE YOUR BOOTS BOOOOM HELL YEAH !!!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What about the weapons now ? They are realist for some and fun for the other one ^^ But enjoyable.
My preferate is for sure the Sten with the silencer what the fuerk man seriously this gun.... pew pew pew pew pew pew shhhhhhhhh .... <3

The headshot in the game are real headshot, one shot in the head = Ennemy down ^^ So the Hitboxe are good and better then csgo hahahahaha ..... ( badjoke right ? ) ...

What else ??? I think you can really enjoy this game seriously.

Different weapons, different environement, ennemy too.
The story is not the most important in this game, there is some reference about Indiana Jones for example... ^^ Find yourself..

ps I am French my english is not perfect, but you get me right ? Wolfenstein is a must do.

ps² There still some player on Ennemy Territory mod... <3

With HD texture.

To avoid open GL error at start of the game and to be able to use high resolution in the game install this patch

Be sure to read the README from the patch.

Link >>>

And also i just re finished the game in like 3hoo new record.. :D i love RTCW ............ <3
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Publicado el 16 de diciembre de 2015
One of the best games ever.

'the enemy is weakened'
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Publicado el 27 de noviembre de 2015
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Publicado el 30 de diciembre de 2015
RTCW is a fun game and has aged well.

The premise of the story is very interesting. It centers around the Nazis' interest in the occult during WWII. While the story isn't the game's strongest point, it is satisfactory and never takes away from the gameplay. I appreciated the various letters that you find lying around during the game; they really add to the game's atmosphere.

Despite the game's age, the graphics are still good, in my opinion. By 2001 standards, they are exceptional.

The Quake 3 engine not only provides decent graphics, but, more importantly, makes for an awesome FPS combat experience. The weapons are great, and your character's movement is smooth. Combat is the game's main focus and without a doubt its strongest point.

The enemy A.I. is tough. I played the game on Bring em on! (the "normal" difficulty) and died several times during my playthrough. However, my deaths were never frustrating; I always felt as if each of my deaths was due more to my own shortcomings/poor play than by any cheapness from the A.I. I was forced to keep multiple save files and I recommend the same to anyone who isn't an expert at these sort of games.

The level designs are great. Plenty of hidden spots with loot for the players that appreciate that sort of thing in a game. I've heard complaints about the stealth missions, but I found these levels to be really fun and a great change of pace. My only complaint is that some of the levels were a little too dark for my taste. They made it difficult to see enemies who have no problem seeing and shooting you in the same poor lighting.

The game's music is good as well. The sounds of the game really add to the atmosphere, and in some parts the game is downright creepy. You also stumble on conversations between Nazis who are unaware of you presence. These conversations often add to the game's story, and a few of them are hilarious and memorable.

It took me about 6.5 hours of total playtime to beat the campaign. At the end I was more than satisfied. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes fast paced FPS games.
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