La Segunda Guerra Mundial está en su máximo apogeo y las naciones caen. Himmler, el líder de las SS, tiene el pleno respaldo de Hitler para hacer uso de la ciencia y lo oculto y crear un ejército capaz de aniquilar a los Aliados de una vez por todas.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 20 de Nov, 2001

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Recomendado por mentores

"Nazis and mutants and zombies, oh my! Impressive level design, lots of weapons, great pacing, lots of variety, hard to put down, hard to win."

Acerca de este juego

La Segunda Guerra Mundial está en su máximo apogeo y las naciones caen. Himmler, el líder de las SS, tiene el pleno respaldo de Hitler para hacer uso de la ciencia y lo oculto y crear un ejército capaz de aniquilar a los Aliados de una vez por todas. Luchando completamente solo, estás en una intensa misión para atravesar el corazón negro del Tercer Reich y detener a Himmler (o morir en el intento). Combatiendo en el avanzado modo multijugador por equipos, podrás librar tu propia guerra, donde las potencias del Eje y los Aliados se enfrentan por la dominación del frente de batalla.
Gracias al motor de Quake III Arena, el universo Wolfenstein crece hasta límites inimaginables con entornos excepcionales, IA, potencia de fuego y efectos cinemáticos que sólo un juego creado por auténticos maestros puede ofrecerte. El Reich se va acercando. Es hora de actuar. Para que el mal triunfe, basta con que los hombres buenos no hagan nada.
  • Entornos excepcionales
  • Historia llena de intensa acción
  • Agresiva IA
  • Efectos cinematográficos como en la gran pantalla
  • Modo multijugador por equipos

Requisitos del sistema

    Tarjeta gráfica con aceleración 3D (con 16 MB de VRAM y soporte completo de OpenGL®); procesador Pentium® II a 400 Mhz o procesador Athlon®; versión en inglés de Windows® 2000/XP; 128 MB de RAM; modo de vídeo: color de 16 bits; 800 MB de espacio libre en disco sin comprimir para los archivos del juego (instalación mínima) más 300 MB para el archivo de intercambio de Windows; un equipo 100% compatible con Windows® 2000/XP (incluyendo drivers de 32 bits para la tarjeta gráfica, la tarjeta de sonido y los dispositivos de entrada); 100% compatible con DirectX® 8.0a (incluido); dispositivo de sonido y drivers 100% compatibles con DirectX 3.0 o posterior; teclado/ratón y drivers 100% compatibles con Microsoft
    Requisitos del multijugador: Juego vía Internet (TCP/IP) y LAN (TCP/IP y IPX) soportado, para jugar vía Internet es necesario un módem de 56.6 kbps (o más rápido) 100% compatible con Windows 2000/XP
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Return to Castle is a first person shooter that seemed like a Pre-Cursor to DOOM 3, given the development history of DOOM 3.

This is a infinite times better than The New Order. It's fun, fast-paced, funny quotes from the Nazi. and has a big weapon variety, and enemy variety as well with the mutants, female assassins, and nazi soldiers. It's also more gameplay focused than story driven that TNO tried too hard to be. Also, UberSoldats are the best and tough to kill because of their rocket launchers.

Just to clarify, Gameplay > everything else. It's all about fun, not putting so much focus into a silly story that killed the canon one of id Software's early games.

Get it! Great fun!
Publicado: 23 de Septiembre
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein is supposedly a sort of remake of Wolfenstein 3D, but I don't know how you can have a remake of Wolfenstein 3D where you don't get to fight and kill a mech-clad Hitler.

RtCW is all good fun when you're fighting Nazis. Basic Nazis, elite Nazi ladies, and the what have yous. Where it loses me entirely is when it does the Monster Mash. The first mission is great! Fighting your way through Where Eagles Dare (a classic) and feeling like a boss. Then you get to mission 2. And now you're facing skeletons with swords and shields. For ♥♥♥♥'s sake, the most basic, stereotypical video game enemy possible. And yes, I am complaining about that in a game where you fight NAZIS.

But that's the thing, isn't it? I wanted to fight Nazis. I was playing Wolfenstein, and it turned into medieval DOOM with Germans. The final boss is an undead guy with a sword. Quite a step down from Hitler in a mech suit, I can tell you that. And sure, Wolf3D definitely had zombies. But they were experiments created by a Mengele-type guy. And they were basically just regular Nazis, but with an extra arm in the middle so that they could point their gun at you quicker than you could at them. There are electricity-shooting legless monster things in RtCW that the Nazis did create, and they're pretty cool. The game does a great job of building tension with these guys, and when they're not leaping into your face and being ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ they add a fun level of depth to their levels. But then you also have to deal with Super Soldiers, who are also sciencey, but ultimately boring.

Don't get me wrong, here. The majority of the game has you just fighting Nazis. Snipers are awesome and paratroopers are awesome and the extra-skillful leather-clad ladies are awesome, and... well, the guys with flamethrowers suck. But luckily there aren't many of them in the game.

The level design is very good. Each mission looks and feels different. In one you'll be sneaking around a wooded area, in another you'll be sniping through a snowstorm. In one mission you'll be fighting from a cable car as you descend from Castle Wolfenstein, in another you'll be infiltrating secret Nazi labs, and in still another you'll be escorting a tank through a town. There are plenty of secrets to find... at times. After you leave Castle Wolfenstein, they seem to just stop existing for several missions. It's a bit of a bummer, to be honest.

The pre-mission cutscenes are dull, I'm not gonna lie to you. A fat guy behind a desk far away from our protagonist speaks with some suits as slow and boringly as possible (not even having Tony Jay voice the fat guy saves these scenes). I also found that the music drowned out half of the other sounds in the game, making stealth tougher and making it impossible to overhear conversations that you're meant to overhear. Make sure to turn that option down a good deal.

The guns feel good when you're fighting humans. Otherworldly creatures often take too many bullets and don't react enough to being shot, leading one to wonder whether you're even damaging them at all.

So I like it. I do recommend it. But I wouldn't blame you for using console cheats to go invincible or skip levels when you have to deal with doofy skeletons and anything else that just fills you with apathy. And if there's a mod out there that replaces the final boss with Wolf3D's mech suit Hitler (in all of his pixely sprite glory), I'd suggest getting it. And if there isn't, I'd suggest making it.
Publicado: 15 de Octubre
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Publicado: 30 de Septiembre
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW) may look dated but it is a great FPS without political correctness!

I have enjoyed RTCW in early 2000s and it still is a pleasure to play it again in 2014 :)

You go back to "Castle Wolfenstein" in order to investigate on an occult and secret program. Indeed, Nazis look for some kind of supernatural power in order to beat Allies and win the WW2 …. and your job is to try to stop them by all means ^^

### Pros:
- Immersive FPS & interesting story (WW2, Nazis & Allies, occult quest, zombies)
- Good level design with great gameplay
- Both real WW2 and imaginary/fun guns (e.g. Luger, Sten, Mauser, flamethrower)
- Lots of secrets (e.g. you must destroy Hitler posters to access to Nazis gold or ammo)
- Elite SS-girls dressed in Black Leather & Boots xD

### Cons:
- Only passable graphics because the game is quite old
- Nazis should speak German (with subtitles) … instead of some “German accented English”
- Improvable AI & easy bosses
- Impossible to be out of ammo :(

### Conclusion:
- Killing Nazis is fun (++)
- Killing Zombies is fun (+)
- Killing both Nazis & Zombies is extremely fun (+++), especially with flamethrower xD

RTCW is an incredible game and a “must have” for any serious library ;)

Publicado: 3 de Octubre
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A classic id Software FPS: it has everything the genre requires. The boss isn't tough though and that's quite a loss but Nazis, ueber-soldiers and undead guys are the right cannon fodder for your MP40.
Publicado: 8 de Octubre
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The first wolfenstien may of been old school and hard but this will be even a bigger challenge. As the Nazis continue and start using science and bio weapons to take you down and you will even be facing undead zombies. Can you make a stop to there plans of taking over the world. Will you pervale and be victorious or die and let Hittlers army take over the world? Put your skills to the test. This game may be old but still puts you on the egde of death. In the game that is.
Publicado: 9 de Octubre
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A classic ID game with no short-comings other then being repetetive and the hilarious 'kick' button.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein, released in 2002, is the succesor to the classic Wolfenstein 3D. The game has you going from place to place blowing up Nazi, Zombies and mutants, classic oldschool style. You place as who cares, the same who cares as in the first game. Nazi's have some technology they use to mess everything up and you're sent to Castle Wolfenstein to kick their butt except something or rather goes wrong and now you have to escape. The story sucks, the voice acting is okay and you shouldn't actually care. The only thing you should care about is murdering everything in sight.

There's a wide variety of weapons in the game from the classic machine gun to the oh so crappy pistol to rocket launchers. All of the weapons are fun to use (excluding the pistol) and the large variety helps a little from keeping it stale. Unfortunately it's not enough. This game, like many ID games, gets old pretty damn fast. I'd recommend playing it in 15 minute then take a break otherwise you'll get bored fast. In fact, this game would actually be best to play when you're bored or just waiting for something as it's short and you probably wouldn't want to play it a lot.

The games graphics are equally stale to the rest of the game. It's all filled with grey and blacks and whites, it's really not a good looking game. It holds up terribly for a game made in 2002 due to the not so pretty ID Tech ?2? engine which was getting old. Considering Serious Sam came out the year before, it looks miles better then this. It's pretty poor. For a 2002 game, you shouldn't really give a crap about graphics anyway but it would have been nice for some more colour.

Game comes with a multiplayer but no one plays anymore unfortuantely. I hear it was amazing though. All in all this game is good, nothing more, nothing less. Guns are nice and it is fun but only for a short period, multiplayer isn't a thing anymore, looks stale, sounds stale, is stale. It's only $10 so I say get it, just don't expect to be wanting to play it a lot. 6/10-GOOD
Publicado: 11 de Octubre
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Back in the days, this was my favourite game, I would spend tons of hours playing multiplayer or re-playing the amazing campaign just for the soundtrack. Killing nazis is fun, killing nazis with a flamethrower while strafe jumping around is waaay more fun. Gameplay is addictive and the story is amazing, expecially if you are into WWII games. It's a shame that Enemy Territory didn't make it to Steam, someone should greenlight it because it deserves to be played again.
Publicado: 28 de Septiembre
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Incredibly great old game. So what about the graphics? If you've played games like this, the graphics will be very nostalgic for you. Great game. Worth the cash, its a shame the company who made this got merged.
Publicado: 28 de Septiembre
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RtCW was one of the definitive FPS's from the dawn of the new millennium, back when single player campaigns took more than 15 hours to complete, and multi-player mods were all the rage. The graphics were ahead of it's time, and still work to a degree today. The sound was eerie with Nazi's on the loose, and creepy when ghosts ran a muck. Ghosts? Yes, BJ returns to Castle Wolfenstein to take out Heinrich Himmler who has started to dabble in the occult as a way to boost the conquering power of the Nazi regime. Something goes wrong, (of course), and BJ must deal with the terrible power Himmler unleashes.

Good old fun all around :D During a sale, this is a must have for any serious library. Who couldn't love shooting Nazi's and banishing the undead in the same day?! Highly recommended.
Publicado: 3 de Octubre
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awesome game, i used to play it all the time. I just bought it on steam. Its good! but if you downloaded it for online play its nothing but bots.
Publicado: 7 de Octubre
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04 oct 2014, 82%. Well made game, with good game play. But normally, for the scoring, I compared game to Bethesda games, like any Elders Scrolls games, or any Fallout games. And Sid Meyers games, or Call of Duty, Grand theft Auto, Rainbow Six, Warhammer 40000, and Tomb Raiders, that have a lot of gameplay, good control, good story, and well made difficulty level too. This is why I Gave that score. And that game is as good as those mentioned.
Publicado: 4 de Octubre
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An old game but a fun one. Good first shooter experience. Can't wait to try out the "new and improved" version!
Publicado: 4 de Octubre
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One of the best games I've ever played. For its time, this game was beyond amazing. If you haven't played it yet, then you are missing big on this classic PC legend.
Publicado: 29 de Septiembre
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Nazis are the enemy.
You may find this cliche.
But not when they have walking dead nazi supersoldiers and angry 16th century German Princes.
Publicado: 14 de Octubre
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I still come back to it from time to time, then uninstall it because it goes full ♥♥♥♥♥♥. It is what it is...
Publicado: 5 de Octubre
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I can definitely reccomend this. Even though it might be considered old, it is one of the best games i have ever played. It keeps drawing me back now and again. A well designed, beautiful game. 5/5 stars
Publicado: 16 de Octubre
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Quit as soon as you find the first supersoldier, and its a good game.
Publicado: 18 de Octubre
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Played this game years ago and picked it up on Steam on a discount because I remembered it as 'good'. But it's a great game and I've just played the single player campaign. Great balance and varaity of weapons, stealth, action, challange, enemies, level design for a first person shooter and even a fair story with entertaining cut scenes.

Highly recommended.
Publicado: 18 de Octubre
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good game 5/5
Publicado: 18 de Octubre
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