Join poker's most outspoken players for a hand of Telltale Texas Hold'em, the card game stacked high with personality. Quips will fly, chips will fall, and you may just end up rolling in the aisles. This is your chance to play in a poker tournament against four characters of such lethal absurdity, you'll either die laughing or die trying.
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发行日期: 2005年2月11日


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Join poker's most outspoken players for a hand of Telltale Texas Hold'em, the card game stacked high with personality. Quips will fly, chips will fall, and you may just end up rolling in the aisles.
This is your chance to play in a poker tournament against four characters of such lethal absurdity, you'll either die laughing or die trying. Test your skills as you answer life's toughest questions...
  • Can you outsmart Harry Weinhead, the wily businessman and student of the game?
  • Can you humiliate Boris Krinkle, the tough guy with a heart of pure lead?
  • Can you groove with Theodore Dudebrough, slacker extraordinaire and just plain cool dude?
  • Can you even understand Grandma Shaky, the eccentric old coot who may be more dangerous than she looks?
Even if you've never played Texas Hold'em before, you'll learn everything you need to know, and you'll laugh learning it!


    • OS: Windows XP and Vista
    • Processor: 1.5GHz processor
    • Memory: 256MB RAM
    • Graphics: 32MB 3D-accelerated video card
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Before Poker Night at the Inventory, there was Telltale Texas Hold'em. Not a bad proof of concept, although it's not much more than that.
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Ok i just wanna say that i got this game for free in a budle and i greatful for geting 19 telltale games for free, but this one is just a pile of dog ♥♥♥♥ inside of a goat's ♥♥♥ within a t-rex's ♥♥♥♥! it's fun too play some video game poker but this game has a horrible cast of poker players i've ever seen. the old lady is just planly creepy as hell, the guy with the mustache just get's boring within 2 mins of the game, the bald guy is just a @$$hole, but the worse one yet in the ugly ♥♥♥♥er with big @$$ jaw, his get so annoying, and eveything he has too say in his dumb ♥♥♥♥ of a voice has no humor or point whats so ever. look if you like poker games then just buy Poker Night at the Inventory or Poker Night 2, those games are fun, With way more better poker players, TF2 items to win, and in-game stuff you can get! Don't buy this game.
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A very cheesy, dull attempt at Poker. You're far better off with the newer Poker games TellTale put out, or practically any other you can find.
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Telltale Texas Hold 'Em is a fun poker simulator, but is more of a prototype for the sequels than anything else. With no achievements, no DLC, and the exact same players match after match, you're better off playing Poker Night At The Inventory 1 & 2. They are all the same game anyhow.
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Want a Texas Hold 'Em game on Steam where you can make the players shut the hell up? There's probably still something better than this out there, but once you've had your fill of Poker Night content, TTTHE pulls ahead for a mute function and some quick no-frills poker.
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Even though it's old it is still a good game. It was a good start to telltale games. Plus Boris looks like Leonard off Sam & Max
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Telltale texas Hold Em is the first game from the people that gave us amazing expierences Like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us but will you want to play this game. Right off the bat this is not a story driven expierence this is a poker game in the style of Poker Night without the popular charecters (excluding one). Essiantly you are The player and youre gonna play a poker match with a Grandma, Ted,Borris and Harry. So how is this classic ? Its quite decent and its quite fun to play. But it has a few quirks as well. Well right off the bat if you want the same expierence as Poker Night just skip this title right off the bat because its not as good as those other games and of course theres no rewards for playing this game. Now for the good. The game is Hilarious. The jokes are sometimes laugh out loud funny and sometimes not so much. Now the game is a simple Texas Hold em game and its fun to play even though there arent more modes to play. Now for the bad. The AI is so stupid you can pretty much win the game going all in. Because the game almost always gives the Ai bad cards and you get the best ones. Graphiclly this game isnt nothing too special but its still a decent game. Theres also a well know bug where the gave will give you better cards than the AI but they wills still win with the lower cards. Overall Telltale Texas Hold Em is a fun poker game even though its nothing too special. Overall this game is worth full price for fans of telltale and fans of poker but if your neither of that just wait for a price drop. I give Telltale Texas Hold 'Em a 7.5/10
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It's basically "Poker Night 0". It's a passable poker game, but I recommend getting it only if you have Poker Night 1 & 2 already, and this one is on sale.
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I only got this game as it came in a deal with other Telltale games but I thought it might be interesting to learn how to play poker. The tutorial pop ups are not that helpful and the full rules are only explained in text in the menu. After I got the hang of it I suppose it is vaguely entertaining but poker seems to me to be a really boring game. I'm not sure if you are a seasoned poker player that it might prove more enjoyable but I don't know how the AI stacks up against real opponents. So I would avoid this one.
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Telltale Texas Hold'em is a poker video game released by Telltale Games. It was their first game and is so far the only game by Telltale Games to use solely original characters rather than licensed ones. The game was insinuated by Telltale Games before release when they stated that they would release a mini game or two before the announcement of their first big adventure game. Telltale Texas Hold'Em was released by Telltale to examine the benefits of digital distribution. The game would serve as the basis for Telltale's second poker game, Poker Night at the Inventory.
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No doubt Telltale's magnum opus.
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I have played Poker Night 1 and compared to this, I loved this game better. In this game you play 4 players entered in The TellTale Poker Tournament. All four characters I really enjoyed in this game over the characters in Poker Night 1. This game is great for Texas Hold 'Em newbies or old pros. In between turns you sometimes get dialouge from the characters who all have unique personalities. Harry is a guy who thinks he is the best because of his poker coach. Borris is a momma's boy who wishes that she'll grant him luck. Ted is a surfer who has some great one liners but seems to be hated by the group. Last, but not least, is Grandma who is just a sweet old lady trying to get some extra cash. Sure it might not have the cool atmosphere Poker Night has, but considering this game is 2 dollars cheaper and is has more enjoyable characters in my opinion, I say go for this one.
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A fun little Taxas hold em simulator. You opponents speak to you and amoungst themselves making it a quirky and fun game. Great game to take a break and have a cup of coffee while playing some poker!
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You'll have more fun playing Free Soltaire than this garbage. Zynga Poker on Facebook is even more enjoyable.

Weak AI, annoying recurring conversations between players and talks about your moves drove me to quickly uninstall this.
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I made Boris angry.


...In all honesty though, this is an okay game; In fact, it's one of the first games that the legendary TellTale Games have ever released. Yes, before The Walking Dead and the Poker Night games, etc., there came this.

While the AI is fairly weak and the graphics worse than a PS2 game, it's still poker; all of the elements of Texas Hold 'Em are still there...Well, that and this game is charming in its own right due to just how cheesy it is.
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Telltale's first game and is like a prototype of Poker Night. Unlike Poker Night, Texas Hold 'Em does not use any licensed characters, a practice Telltale uses a lot. Texas Hold 'Em has more silly humor than I can recall from Poker Night and Poker Night 2, like this quote by Boris which made me laugh that I got it stuck in my head: "Prepare to be humiulated... I fold". So before you play Poker Night, play Texas Hold 'Em.
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It's a coolest game ever
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Title says it all : Texas Hold `Em
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i wish they they didnt tie there name into this, its not good at all, there Poker Night at the Inventory 1 and 2, are much better from the same people, in my opine this dose not meet telltale standers
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A game that was obviously made to jump on the Texas Hold'Em band wagon. Playing two games lets you here most of the dialogue and then it's just not worth playing. If this game is aimed at children, then this is just sad/wrong. If it is aimed at adults, then they haven't done a very good job at all.
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