Un viaje de fantasía a través de las grandes mitologías. Loki permite que el jugador se meta en el papel de uno de los cuatro héroes del juego, cada uno extraído de una mitología diferente: un fuerte luchador nórdico, un fiero guerrero griego, un poderoso mago egipcio o un chamán azteca que domina los secretos del mundo de los espíritus.
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Acerca de este juego

Un viaje de fantasía a través de las grandes mitologías. Loki permite que el jugador se meta en el papel de uno de los cuatro héroes del juego, cada uno extraído de una mitología diferente: un fuerte luchador nórdico, un fiero guerrero griego, un poderoso mago egipcio o un chamán azteca que domina los secretos del mundo de los espíritus.
Cualquiera que sea el héroe que el jugador elija, tendrá que ganarse el apoyo de los dioses a los que adora. Pronto se dará cuenta de que tras el caos que está amenazando a su mundo se encuentra Seth, el dios egipcio del mal y la oscuridad, que ha regresado del reino de los muertos.
El héroe deberá, por tanto, llevar a cabo un viaje épico a lo largo de varias épocas y mitos. En su camino tendrá que luchar contra una gran multitud de monstruos de todas las formas y tamaños, incluso derrocar a unos cuantos dioses, para evitar que Seth establezca de nuevo su terrible reinado.
  • Una gran aventura a través de cuatro grandes mitologías, azteca, egipcia, griega y nórdica, que permite vivir al jugador muchos de los episodios clave que marcaron a estas culturas (el asedio de Troya, el Ragnarok...) y seguir los pasos de las figuras más importantes de cada episodio (Aquiles, Thor, Akenatón...)
  • Elige entre cuatro héroes diferentes con distintos poderes y atributos. Cada héroe tiene un amplio abanico de hechizos y habilidades para ayudarle durante su misión
  • Más de 100 monstruos de todas las formas y tamaños
  • Arriésgate a luchar contra las criaturas mitológicas que atenazaron los corazones de nuestros ancestros (el lobo gigante Fenrir, el Minotauro en su laberinto...)
  • Innumerables líneas argumentales gracias a una generación aleatoria de decorados y objetos. Para que nadie viva nunca la misma experiencia y evitando que el héroe tenga el mismo conjunto de armas, armaduras o hechizos en dos partidas diferentes
  • Las armas, compuestas de dos partes (hoja y empuñadura) de diferentes materiales, pueden personalizarse en la forja del pueblo para cambiar sus características. Las runas mágicas, encontradas por el camino, pueden multiplicar los poderes de las armas

Requisitos del sistema

    Mínimo: Windows XP / Vista 32/64-bit, Pentium 4 a 2GHz/AthlonXP 2000+, 512 MB de RAM, gráfica con 64 MB y compatible con DirectX 9 (GeForce4 Ti/Radeon 9000), sonido compatible con DirectX 9, DirectX: 9.0c o superior (incluido), 7 GB de espacio libre en disco, LAN / conexión de banda ancha a internet para multijugador online y 1 GB de RAM
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Loki: Heroes of Mythology is a hack & slash RPG. The Norse God of Mischief is on the loose across the world, so local heroes must each travel across their lands and help their own Gods safeguard the world.

Pros: This game has plenty of dungeon crawling. With each of the four characters, you have an entire campaign set in a different part of the world, interacting with different Gods and different enemies and creatures. There is a large variety of weapons and armors, and different levels of rarity very similar to the Diablo series. Graphics are ok if you're zoomed out, and you heal quickly enough when idle that you can jump right back into action after a few seconds of rest.

Cons: The game is basic, story is bland and so is the voice-acting. Crafting is pretty good, or at least it would be if it was of any use: Why would you dissassemble your Two-Handed Hammer's magical handle if you'll throw it away as soon as you start getting the Spiked Hammer a few levels later? Why would you recycle for material your old weapons and armor if you can't even sell the material, which will be outdated as soon as better material becomes standard a few levels later? The game lags terribly whenever you're walking along an invisible wall (whether a ledge or an actual wall). Game gets quite repetitive after a while. You'll find equipment for classes other than your own (exemple: finding an Aztec Shaman armor while playing the Norse Campaign), which doesn't make sense seeing you can't transfer inventory between the different characters, and the characters will never set foot in the other campaign settings. The advertisement in Steam would have you believe this plays in 3rd person mode, but you actually play in isometric view (image #11 is the only accurate representation of the game).

Verdict: It's an ok game. I'd even say Loki: Heroes of Mythology is a great way to just get the hack & slash crave out of the way when you're done with other Diablo clones. Unfortunately, that's as far as I'll recommand it, as the lack of intriguing story or puzzle (of any form) prevents it from being more than that.
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Publicado: 31 de enero de 2014
the map is divided in areas separated by load screens, and if you die(and you will), you dont lose anything but a little bit of time, for you'll respawn in the entrance of your current area.

combat is difficult and it takes quite a while to progress through areas if you plan on killing everything. or you can just rush to the next if you have enough potions, since there is no fog of war and a giant marker on the map pointing to the quest goal.

since you can choose whether or not monsters will respawn when you enter the game, you can progress as slowly as you can, killing a little bit at a time, which is great if you cant play for 2-3h in a row.

all and all, if you ever see it on a 75% sale, its worth trying. wont be as good as torchlight, diablo or titanquest, but might give you some hours of fun.

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Publicado: 11 de agosto de 2014
Okay, it's a nice game. I can call Loki "beat'em'up-RPG". It's really atmospheric, there are lots of different enemies, weapons and skills. About minuses... Storyline is crap, non-customizing characters, monotonous gameplay a little bit.
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Publicado: 24 de marzo de 2014
After playing this nonsense for a few hours I checked the Steam page and did a doubletake. I swear it looks like a completely different game than the one I'm playing. I guess anything could be made more exciting if you zoom the camera in on action shots. When you actually play Loki you'll notice that you spend almost the entirety of it a mile away from the action, watching your hero slay countless foes in repetitive drab backdrops in the hopes of getting a hold of that phat loot.

If I had a grain of sand for every hour that I've spent with games like Diablo 2, I could create my own Sahara in the backyard. Naturally I'm easy prey for games like Loki. Eventually my better sense prevails and I realize that I'm playing with hot garbage.

The biggest problem with Loki is that you're staring at a giant middle finger while playing. It's in the background and it almost feels like if you alt-tabbed at just the right moment you'd see it. That middle finger doesn't appear until you start leveling up. Getting a level up is usually a good thing in Action RPGs. You become stronger, you gain new abilities, and you can proceed to take on new challenges. In Loki however the monsters level up with you, and they tend to do so at a better rate. The gear you find doesn't in any way compensate for this rapidly growing disparity.

I have no idea what happens 5, 10, or even 20 hours into Loki. Does that middle finger grow in size? Does it disappear for awhile and then come back with a vengeance? Or is it like a heart beat? Pulsating and thumping every second as a reminder that you're spending time with something that hates you almost as much as it hates fun? I don't know and I really don't care to find out.
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Loki is an isometric perspective action role playing game. There are different classes to play each entrenched in one of four mythologies; Norse, Greek, Egyptian or Aztec.

Character controls and the interface are functional, but lack polish and feel.

Individual enemies are extremely well drawn and animated.

The terrain feels blocky and awkward, almost as if it was an afterthought.

There is no smooth transition between zones, and the zones are all square tiles with portals linking neighbouring zones. Moving between one square tile zone and the next brings up a loading screen.

The game balance in early game is among the worst I have ever experienced. Your character will keep dying and respawning at the zone entrance.

Loki has a nice design concept which has been extremely poorly implemented. This is a lack-lustre attempt to create a "me too" game to cash in on the Diablo / Diablo 2 franchise success. The quests, storyline and mythology are the strong points, but these are let down by poor gameplay mechanics and lack of balance.

As an alternative consider playing any of the ARPG games in the Blizzard franchise (Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo 3) or consider Titan Quest and it's add-on Immortal throne. Sacred and Sacred 2 are also alternatives worth consideration. Other alternatives include Spellforce, Spellforce 2, Dungeon Siege, Dungeon Siege 2.

Loki is not a bad game, but it lacks much of the finesse, polish and playability of the top games in this genre current at the time of its release. In other words Loki is not to be considered a good game, but rather a mediocre attempt to imitate games that are good. That said, Loki is not the worst game in this genre, but certainly could be contrived as making a half-hearted attempt at achieving that accolade.

Worth picking up when it is on sale at good discount, but Loki is not a game you will be tempted to re-play too often or remember with fond nostalgia.

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