Travel to the four corners of the world with Brian and Gina in a crazy story packed full of surprises. Pirates, spies, surfers, soldiers, and even aliens get in on the act - all combining to create a wonderfully rewarding experience to savour and remember forever!
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Mixed (96 reviews) - 60% of the 96 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Mar 12, 2007

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About This Game

Travel to the four corners of the world with Brian and Gina in a crazy story packed full of surprises. Pirates, spies, surfers, soldiers, and even aliens get in on the act - all combining to create a wonderfully rewarding experience to savour and remember forever!
With loveable characters, rib-cracking humour, brain-tickling puzzles and stunning graphics, Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle is a glorious sight to behold.
Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle is an adventure game that is a pure pleasure to play.
  • A beautifully produced adventure game, with rich scenarios, ever-present humour and captivating puzzles.
  • Hundreds of places to explore throughout the world.
  • Over an hour of superb animated sequences bring to life the intrigue, plot twists and many comic moments.
  • High quality sound featuring cinema quality dubbing, as well an original and hugely inspirational soundtrack with both vocal and instrumental tracks.

System Requirements

    • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    • Pentium IV 1.6 GHz / Athlon XP 1600+
    • 128 MB RAM (256 MB for Windows 2000/XP)
    • 32 MB DirectX 9-compliant video card (min 1024x768 16Bit)
    • DirectX 9-compliant sound card
    • DirectX 9 or higher (included on the disc)
    • 2.5 GB free disk space(for minimal installation)
    • Windows-compatible keyboard and mouse
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38 of 51 people (75%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
5.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 23
Well... Here is the continuation to Runaway series, Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle, made in 2006. Aside that little bit of factual definition, there is not a single good thing to say about this game. If you've played the first game and declared it a tasteless, tacky and overcomplicated little adventure full of character stereotypes as I did, be warned: This is way worse than the first game. At least, the first game was working properly!

Adventures of self-acclaimed genius Ken doll Brian Basco continue from where we left him: on a vacation in Hawaii with the oversexualized bimbo stereotype Gina who he ended up as lovers beforehand. Thanks to a series of unfortunate - and mindlessly obvious - wrong choices, Brian ends up surviving a plane crash to only get stranded on an island invaded by military forces, missing Gina without a clue to her whereabouts. How...very...convenient. As before, his story will start with a destined accident and progress to become ridiculous, fast pacing and needlessly complicated over a short period of time. Buckle your seats, and be ready for alien conspiracy theories.

First and foremost, I really have a problem about the story execution in this game. In the first game, we went through a series of absurd events and got blessed with miraculous luck so random strangers with extraordinary talents and means ended up helping us regularly to get a happy ending. Brilliant. Here in this continuation, the same dynamic applies - but the game is needlessly extended to present the illusion for the presence of a game time. The first 3 chapters that take place in Mala Island are somewhat consistent with the main story if not harbored with annoyingly superficial humor and aroused teenage level sexual remarks. The rest of the game is an unbearable story anchor for situational comedy purposes mostly. The whole chapter 4 is only there to serve as a situational comedy during a supposed intergalactic emergency! Look, I can appreciate absurd humor, I loved every single moment of Monkey Island series, but there is nothing funny about deliberately feeding a complete stranger to a polar bear's sexual frustration, just because Brian decided to icefish at the spot the bear's standing! It's plain disgusting.

Aside a slight improvement on graphics and in-game animations, the game uses the same character design, 2D environments and a combination of 3D modeled cut scenes alongside 2D dialogue sequences among characters. Gosh, even the design choice is over complicated here! Fair warning: 3D cut scenes where Brian talks to Sushi, beginning from the start of the game, are spastically slow for some reason. Speaking of bugs, first 3 chapters of the game work fine, but the game gets unbelievably slow when you reach 4th Chapter. It takes a couple seconds to even move the mouse from one point to another. I think it's a problem with the snowing animation. I tried everything in my ability but couldn't find a way to mend it so I ended up closing the game and finding a YouTube playthrough to watch the rest to learn the story. This bug occurs with both Windows 7 Pro and 8.1 Pro. Be warned.

As before, game logic is flawed - not letting you go for the obvious solution before trying everything else to be rejected properly is our main thing. But ask yourself this: what kind of dimwit of a protagonist gets snow shoes to his inventory in a tropical island and leaves first aid kit behind, after a plane crash??? Such is our game logic. Puzzles are somewhat simple, but story progression and dialogues are a pain to go through. I'd vote for "nope, surely there is something better to do".

If you enjoy crass humor and are fond of "It was aliens!" skets - and able to forgive not being able to play half the game - sure, go for it. Otherwise, avoid it. Yeah, I will still play the last part of the series to get done with it and write a review. I know, I know. I love my community...

Please also check out Lady Storyteller's Curator page here - follow for regular updates on reviews for other games!
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16 of 16 people (100%) found this review helpful
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7.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 8, 2012
In some ways, an improvement on the first Runaway game, in others, it's not as good. If you enjoyed the first game, I'd pick this one up for sure, but I probably wouldn't recommend approaching it without. The first half of the game is set in beautiful tropics and the colour and art is actually really nice. Some... interesting writing and a few annoying puzzles, but the last half hour will be some of the most frustrating that you will have ever experienced.
It is probably best as a buffer between Runaway: A Road Adventure and Runaway: A Twist of Fate, but if you like Pendulo adventures, this is clearly one.
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34 of 52 people (65%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
31.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 15, 2015
Runaway, Dream of the Turtle is the second installation after Runaway , Road adventure which I also played. Those games are made in the typical point and click adventure styles which was made famous by classics like Monkey Island or day of the tentacles in the 90s. Those games with some others made in the 90's are seen as the pinacle of adventure games, with their smart puzzles, great stories and humour, a golden age which is gone. Although adventure games are not as numerous or famous as they once were, they are still around in the new millineum with various grades of quality and enjoyment.

Runaway , Dream of the Turtle, developped in 2006 is made in this spirit, a new take on adventure games with better graphics and newer functionality . I liked Road adventure , the first Runaway, well enough and it seemed Pendulo which developped the game had even more ressources to make this game, with better graphics (2,5 D animations some places) , nice, cartoony and longer cutscenes, more characters and longer story than before.

But I rather think this game is inferior to the first for several reasons:

The characters:
Where to start? the main character, Brian Basco, which was sympathic if not very interesting in the first installement, has become a arrogant douchey prancing in eurotrash cargo pants with a goatee on top of being boring and annoying. As a main character, he is also not a very nice person. During the game he basically two-times his girlfriend (who he is supposed to save) with the local bimbo on an island, then he litteraly pimps out his newfound lover in order to advance the plot, very classy. On another instance he throw a character who actually wanted to help him litterally into the arms of an lustful polar bear, for an unclear destiny of either being maimed or violently violated. He might have gone away with it if the scene was funny, but it wasn't , my reaction was of pity and discuss mainly...

He get a little less annoying by the end of the game, but it's too little too late...

The other characters which help or counter our "hero" are not much better,it's a mixed bunch of annoying and forgettable clichè characters , some of them are bearable. in a few instances they might bring a smile on your lips, but don't expect much. The ones that are really annoying like Joshua will make you cringe, just think of something nice while they are in a scene...

The Graphics:
Honestly for a game from 2006, they're pretty good, the backgrounds are colourful and diverse and save the whole game from being a complete chore. The characters if you look away from their personality are cartoony and nicely done, my main critic is how frozen they look and how unnatural they're moving around. You could get away with it in 1994 when everything was pizelated, but I kind of expected better animations from the 2000's. The sounds and music are forgettable but ok.

The puzzle.
Nothing revolutionnary here, the normal point and click routine. While some of the puzzles are ok both in complexity and logic, some others are really hard and arcane, and you end up trying all kind of combination or to save time and your nerves, check a walkthrough.

In few instances I manage to solve a puzzle by luck , I couldn't help but feel bewildered by the unlogic solution. Other times , the whole setting didn't make sence, like when you have to solve a rather complex chains of events to get a measly notebook from another character while roaming in a huge and expensive multimillions dollars yacht full of expensive stuff.

To be honest the puzzles in the game are no worse than in many other middle of the road adventure games, but they're not better either, if you put on top of that a rather unlikable main character and annoying surroundings, it just makes thing worse.

The story and dialogs
The story is rather forgettable and not especially intersesting, which would have been ok with good characters and nice and witty dialogues, but Runaway , The Dream of the Turtle has none of that. It could have been if the writers had put more time in designing their characters to be more interessting and put some humour in the game through the dialogues. But instead we've get one liners that aren't even remotely funny and strange situations that don't make sence, since they were intended to be humourous but weren't.

The creative minds behind this game this put some effort in putting most of the poor female characters in vaguely sexy skimpy outfit , probably to appeal to the more juvenile segment of the player with a bit of softcore . But it end up giving the game an almost mysoginistic feel since most female characters end up being just eyecandies at some level.

It's definitively not the worse adventure game out there, but it's really not among the best, it's barely mediocre. I didn't hate playing it, but I definitively won't repeat the feat. The sad thing is that it could have been a lot better if they had put better writers to bring up more interesting characters with better and humourous dialogues.
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19 of 26 people (73%) found this review helpful
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10.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 9, 2014
It's probably a better game than the first. Great graphics, fluid and very lively animations, plenty of interesting dialogs, nice and varied locations, interesting characters and story. Everything is great with this game, i liked it very much BUT the ending kinda ruins the game a bit. In other words there's no ending. And there's no continuation of the story in the next game.
Boggles the mind huh?
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10 of 11 people (91%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
18.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 6, 2011
This game rocks and I recommend it to any fan of point and click adventure games. Yeah the ending leaves a lot to be desired but it is the second game of a trilogy. The writing is hilarious and most of the puzzles are fun. Definitely try it out but play Runaway first!
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18 of 26 people (69%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
10.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 6, 2015
Short version: 37%
The second Runaway game is more beautiful and even stupider than the first one. If you like immature sex jokes and rampant racism, and don’t mind horrific plot dump dialogues, you may have some fun, but otherwise just skip it. (It’s not even needed for the third game.)

Long version:
Runaway: A Road Adventure was a beautiful, but overcomplicated point ‘n’ click with ridiculous puzzles, terrible voice acting, and a story that eventually turned out to be quite nice in the very end. The Dream of the Turtle has no redeeming factors other than better graphics; everything else is worse.
Much, much worse.

The voice acting will make you cringe, especially after you meet Joshua, who is the most offensively racist stereotype you will ever see in a commercial video game, ever. And, again, this is the smaller issue.
The larger problem is the plot, which is beyond stupid. Not because it is about unravelling a government conspiracy about aliens– real, actual, tinfoil suit wearing, bug-eyed aliens–, but because it has no direction or story structure: things just happen out of nowhere without rhyme or reason. Also, the humour is mostly sex jokes. Very childish sex jokes.
The insane, but entertaining characters are also replaced by one-dimensional clichés. Brian is now a goatee-wearing muscular douchebag who cheats on his girlfriend while she is being held in captivity. One of the antagonists is a military operative dominatrix with spider fetish. And don’t we ever forget Joshua, whose entire role is to extend all puzzles by ruining your initial solutions.

On the topic of puzzles: get a guide. Don’t even attempt to play this game by yourself. None of them make any sense, and they are so overcomplicated even walkthroughs can get entangled in their stupidity.

Is there anything good in this game besides the graphics? No, but the final Runaway title will redeem the series, if you manage to stay on board…
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22 of 35 people (63%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
5.5 hrs on record
Pre-Release Review
Posted: December 17, 2011
I love adventure games. I do. And I lkied the original Runaway way back in the days of VGA. But this, despite having gorgeous art, and the point and click modality down to a science, is a "skip it" game. Pendulo has to have some of the worst dialog and plot writers working in games, or their translators should be's hard to know who to blame. But either way, the dialog and plot are stereotypically gawd-awful. And the puzzles suck. Suck hard. No happy ending either. Just a "to be continued" at the end of the game. Skip it. Really.
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8 of 10 people (80%) found this review helpful
16.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 7, 2014
For those of you who don't know this is the second in the series and much like the first it once again follows Brian Basco or at least a man with the same name. This time around Brian finds himself crashed on an island filled with secrets and it's up to him to find Gina before something bad happens to her.

To be honest I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first but it was alright, I prefer the Brian from the first game and it almost feels like the two are completely different characters during the game. This was my least favorite of the trilogy but it was still a fun playthrough for the most part.

I reccomend buying this only if it's on sale and only if you have all the other adventure games on your to do list crossed off as this game although fun isn't as good as some of the bigger named titles in my opinion. Also although it isn't required that you play the first one to understand I reccomend buying the first before this just on the fact that I felt it was a better game.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
15.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 15
This game is just... absurd. It tries to be funny, Monkey-Island style, but fails miserably. The puzzles are sometimes really annoying and there's that thing I hated in the first game as well - you can clearly see an object A, but Brian (main character) will refuse to take it. However, after having a completely unrelated dialogue with another character, Brian WILL pick up object A because it now makes sense (does it?) to pick it up. I'd call this a poor game design, even though it may look logical at first glance.

Overall, I did complete the game but I got frustrated too many times. Unfortunately :(
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13 of 24 people (54%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
9.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 14, 2014
NOTE: I had a lot of trouble running this game on my Windows 7 64 bit PC. It was unplayable even after attempting every fix I could find. Apparently this is due to an issue with AMD video cards. I had to run it on my laptop and use the new Steam In Home Streaming option to play on my PC. However, I still had issues with crashing, especially towards the end of the game. Keep this issues in mind when choosing whether to purchase this game.

Runaway, the Dream of the Turtle is a point and click adventure game by Pendulo. It is the sequel to Runaway, a Road Adventure, and the second in the Runaway trilogy. In this adventure, Brian and Gina are continuing their island vacation shown at the end of the previous game. Things go awry, however, and Brian must become the hero once again.

Mechanics in this game are exactly the same as the previous entry in the series. You can switch between looking at and interacting with objects using the right mouse click. Double click on scene transitions to switch quickly to the next scene.

I did not notice much of a change from the graphics of Runaway, a Road Adventure, so my same critiques apply. Backgrounds look great once again. There are more of a variety in backgrounds as well this time, which is a nice addition. Character models could use some improvement. The voice acting is mostly similar, so serviceable without any major complaints.

There are some story concerns this time around. Once again, almost zero interaction is had with Gina through the majority of the game, so it's hard to feel an attachment to her. Brian must feel this way too, since he jumps at the first new girl he finds on his adventure. I do have some issues with one of the characters, Joshua. He feels a little too much like a stereotype for my liking. The man character also dabbles in some light racism through the use of blackface while in disguise. The main character, Brian, comes off as very punchable during the first half of the game is in island attire. I believe it is the combination of soul patch and spiky hair that does it. The humor overall is funny at times, corny at others. There are some problems with pacing, with some areas done in a flash and others taking a very long time.

The puzzles are very similar in style to the previous game in the series. You will have to spend some time trying to pick up everything in the scene to see what works. There is a fair bit of combining objects to complete puzzles. Some use the dreaded adventure game logic, but there are no unwinnable scenarios or deaths so you really just need to keep plugging away.

Overall, I see Runaway, the Dream of the Turtle as on par with Runaway, a Road Adventure. There are some positive developments, such as variety, and some negatives. I would have given it the same score and my recommendation if there had not been a problem running the game. Since performance is spotty for AMD video cards, and I even had some crashes with my Nvidia based laptop that caused me to lose a good deal of progress, I cannot recommend this game.

Score: C-
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Recently Posted
16.3 hrs
Posted: October 13
Runaway: The Dream of The Turtle feels like 6 separate poorly designed point and click adventure games strung loosely together by extremely dated racism and sexual "humor" that culminates to a cringe worthy cliff hanger that was clearly intended to hype the next game but fails miserably.

First, the game suffers from some critical design flaws. Namely performing tasks requires flags to be triggered. Say you search a trunk and find nothing. Go fish some goggles out of a puddle and suddenly that trunk has everything you need in it. Sometimes talking to other characters will suddenly allow you to see the random item that will be useful later on.

The game was also buggy, Snow fall halted the game to a near standstill, I had to use a DirectDraw wrapper to get the game running at full speed.

There is also some unusual cut scenes that add nothing. Near the end, we see main character Brian go scuba diving about 6 times in 1 cut scene, repeatedly getting in the water, getting out, talking to another character then repeating the process with slight variation in the animation. It doesn't make any sense WHY the extra-long animations were included when so many have nothing to do with the main story or are just inflated for no reason. Worse yet, the game has a tendency to crash during these cut scenes, so hopefully you saved before they started.

But all of that is just design, I haven't gotten to the story. Story is nonsensical. I feel like it is trying REALLY hard to be Secret of Monkey Island and portray Brian as the second coming of Guybrush Threepwood, but he is not. He's an extremely unlikable and unfunny character that I tried to click of a cliff more than a few times. The game takes place in 6 locales, and with every shift in location the grip on the main story lines slips further away. At the start of the game you are searching for your girlfriend you kicked out of a plane, and by the end you are a mighty pirate. In between all that, you cheat on your girlfriend, get a man ♥♥♥♥♥, and finish that off by getting drunk.

Yeah this is some real frat boy humor. It is filled with stuff that might have flown in an 80s sexcapade movie, but here it is just painful to sit through now.

Like I said in the start to this review, the game ends on a cliff hanger. You go through each stage of the game looking for the next McGuffin, only to be rewarded with a To Be Continued.

Racism is just annoying in this game. They have a 1950s Japanese stereotype running around being annoying. He was in the last game but only for a few scenes, now he is a major character.

The game doesn’t seem to know what it is trying to be. Whether it’s an Animal House parody, a Spy like Us parody, Indiana Jones parody, or Secret of Monkey Island parody, it just fails at all of them. None of the little throw backs amused me. With that in mind I can’t recommend. I played the Runaway game that came before this, it had a ton of issues too, but it benefitted from a more humble character and more diluted sexism and racism.

This game is just bad.
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5.7 hrs
Posted: September 20
Honestly, I don't think this was a good idea. The setting was great, but the plot and puzzles became ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s.
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7.5 hrs
Posted: September 12
Some items and solutions are completely unrelated. The story does not end within the game. This should have been labeled as PART 1 ONLY.
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19.6 hrs
Posted: September 2
Needs a function to highlight all the selectable objects on a screen. Miss any and the story stagnates till you google it to see what you missed. Also making you wait while the guy literally walks between areas is absurd. Even the story was not really very funny, so this has to be a thumbs down for me.
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12.7 hrs
Posted: August 16
I'm only playing through it in order to better enjoy the third part of the series, which I heard was awesome.

That's what I thought at least. Ignore this game, skip directly to the third if you've already played the first. It is utterly irrelevant.

Around halfway you think the game is actually going somewhere. But it isn't going anywhere. This piece of garbage has a half-finished plot which ultimately doesn't go anywhere near where it seemed to be going(closure). At the end you're left with a foul, empty taste.

All the puzzles consist of basically the same formula:

"you can't move on with the story until you deal with some annoying moron or freak that is standing in your way just for the sake of prolonging your game time. And just when you think they'll FINALLY let you move on, NO, they'll find ANOTHER ridiculous reason to block your path"

Seriously, this is the worst game design for an adventure game I've ever seen. Even if you figure out what you're supposed to do, the game still wont let you do it because Brian has to have an "a-ha!" moment first. Combining items or interacting with objects you KNOW should work isn't possible until Brian spells it out for you. There are many such "trial and error" portions throughout the game which result in needless backtracking.

After I finish this and play the third part, I'll update my review and say whether or not this entry can be skipped entirely or not.
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23.5 hrs
Posted: July 26
This a great step up from the first installment in the Runaway series in many ways. The improvements are enough for me to say that I would recommend this game to a friend. Before I talk about what really worked for this game, let me say the big issues I experienced.

I broke the game in Act 2 by using the butter on Joshua while worked on the bull, before I greased up the chain and untied it. This made it so I was unable to progress and it wound up taking me about an hour to finally consult the walkthrough and find out that it was impossible to continue. This is a really unfortunate thing to happen so early in the game, but I wish that was the worst thing I experienced. All of Act 4 was laggy beyond playability. I had to go through it with a walkthrough next to me, because every action took double the amount of time it should. If I did this legitimately, it probably would have taken a day just to play this one Act. Also, Joshua felt a little too much like the racially charged Mickey Rooney character in Breakfast at Tiffany's, which got overbearing at times.

The story is pretty good, and it definitely keeps you guessing with the inclusion of military and alien things. There are some great characters that you'll remember like Knife, O'Connor, and Archibald. I didn't understand that I was playing through a "To Be Continued" game though, which can be upsetting when you see it. I feel like Pendulo could have stated that better in the description on Steam, because after 20+ hours of figuring out puzzles, I want to see Brian save Gina!

All around, it's a great game, and I enjoyed all of the parts that played well. The logic through the game made sense, and it was fun to get the rewarding moments of successfully solving a puzzle. The cutscenes were also fun to watch, and it felt like they greatly added to the player having empathy to the characters.
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9.7 hrs
Posted: July 25
You will crave sushi after this!
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7.2 hrs
Posted: May 10
Bad jokes, poor voice acting, and gamebreaking bugs. At one point, if you fail to ask a dude a specific question, you can't ask him about it again later.
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 lagrenouille☠
1.5 hrs
Posted: April 16
Few point and clicks.. lots of story telling... is it a game?
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