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The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly - killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor grows ever wider.
Release Date: Jun 22, 2000

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The Deus Ex Collection includes the complete library of Deus Ex titles ever released for PC, including the Game of the Year Ediotion of the original masterpiece, as well as the Director's Cut version of the applauded Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

About the Game

The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly - killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor grows ever wider. Worst of all, an ages old conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and take control.

Key Features:

  • Real role-playing from an immersive 3D, first-person perspective. The game includes action, character interaction and problem solving.
  • Realistic, recognizable locations. Many of the locations are built from actual blueprints of real places set in a near future scenario.
  • A game filled with people rather than monsters. This creates empathy with the game characters and enhances the realism of the game world.
  • Rich character development systems: Skills, augmentations, weapon and item selections and multiple solutions to problems ensure that no two players will end the game with similar characters.
  • Multiple solutions to problems and character development choices ensure a varied game experience. Talk, fight or use skills to get past obstacles as the game adapts itself to your style of play.
  • Strong storyline: Built on "real" conspiracy theories, current events and expected advancements in technology. If it's in the game, someone, somewhere believes

System Requirements

    Minimum: 300 MHz Pentium II or equlivalent, Windows 95/98, 64 MB RAM, DirectX 7.0a compliant 3D accelerated video card 16MB VRAM, Direct X 7.0a compliant sound card, Direct X 7.0a or higher (included), 150MB uncompressed hard drive space, Keyboard and Mouse

Helpful customer reviews
48 of 50 people (96%) found this review helpful
62.4 hrs on record
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition is a masterpiece. If you didn't play it yet - you definetly should.
An exceptional mix of FPS / RPG / Stealth / Adventure. Took me 62 hours to get the whole 3 endings and still didn't get enough of it.

You get to play as UNATCO (United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition) agent J.C. Denton. Not a simple agent, but an augmented bionic man. Find out betrayal, carefully choose who your friends and enemies are and, finally, decide the fate of the world.

The game gives you freedom in everything. You don't get a Game Over except you get killed, throw yourself from a building, drink booze or do drugs till you overdose, or smoke cigarettes till you get cancer. Overwise it doesn't care what path you choose as long as you can survive the consequences. And there are choices to be made every instance. Use lockpicks to open a door or find a key for it, look for computer login info or use your computer skills to hack it, find acces codes for door keypads or use multitools to disable them, jump on your enemies and slaughter them the way you like it, or look for alternative ways, tunnels, air ventilation systems, etc, and avoid unnecessary kills. It's very rewarding also. A lot of augumentations to choose from, a big variety of weapons, ammo, tools, enemies, locations, etc, which will increasingly keep you interested in going through this cyberpunk conspiracy story.

Proclaim yourself God, be part of The Illuminati, or plunge the world into another Dark Age. The choice is yours.
Posted: July 16
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86 of 111 people (77%) found this review helpful
35.0 hrs on record
Year 2000, Microsoft release a videogame for windows, named Deus Ex...

And now, 14 years later, im making this review. The review of one of the best games i´ve ever had the chance to play, and personally, the summit of videogames.

Deus Ex has a cyberpunk hue, which is a subgenre of SCI-FI in a near future (specifically in the 2052) such as Blade Runner, Matrix o The Sprawl Trilogy of William Gibson. Also is an acction videogame stapled with Rpg mechanics, adventure and Simulation.

With all these traits, Deus Ex gives you the chance of make profit of your own skills, there are a lot of ways to achieve your goal during a quest. Despite of the fact that there are 4 genres of videogames taking part in this game (rpg-fps-adventure-simulation) the gameplay is just hilarious, and all this because these 4 elements are so well coordinated that you get over the prejudice of having "gameplay issues due to the quantity of the genres", just attending the story and the characters.

In addition to this, as we accomplish goals we will be rewarded with "skill points", these are used to enhance our skills in different ways, moreover we can improve our weapons with a wide variety of "Weapon modifications".

We assume the role of Denton. J.C. Denton is an special agent under the orders of U.N.A.T.C.O. (United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition) with nanotech-augmentations. As we fathom into the world of Deus Ex, we will discover that the society has been splitted by the differences between "augmens" and people who cannot pay them, the illnesses and the expensive heals, and of course, between goverment and people. As the plot unfolds, JC will face organizations like Illuminati, Templars or Hong-Kong Tryads.

And what about the OST? Well if they Succeeded with a 4stylegenres-mixture in the videogame...why not mix musical genres too? Its just amazing how this music complement the game with a gorgeous melody made with Techno, Jazz and Classical music. Just check it on your own here.

Personally, and as i said in the top of this review, for me this game is the Pinacle, the summit of videogames. I still playing this game, and yet i keep finding new resources to achieve my goals in the game, just amazing..

And sorry if i made any mistake, i just woke up and i had to write this. :mortis:
Posted: June 11
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Probably the best game ever made.
Posted: August 30
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Posted: July 6
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22.8 hrs on record
Literally GOTY every single year.
Posted: September 10
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40.8 hrs on record
In 1997, John Romero of Ion Storm Dallas approached the producer of System Shock, Warren Spector, said "Make the game of your dreams. No limits" and the end result was the creation of Ion Storm Austin and their first game; Deus Ex.

Deus Ex is a First-Person Shooter/Role Playing Game with a heavy emphasis on stealth and thinking carefully about your surroundings. The game provides you, from start to finish, with a number of ways to solve every single problem put in front of you. The level design is open ended enough for any method of completion.

The game is inspired by Looking Glass Studio's System Shock and Thief and as a result, the freedom you have to approach and complete your objectives is simply staggering. You are given a huge world to explore, some tools you might want to use to complete your objectives and let loose upon your environment. Careful exploration is needed to uncover all of the hidden gadgets, secret tunnels and small story elements.

The only time you will ever receive a Game Over is if you die. There are no penalties for doing things your way and the game dynamically changes as you play. People in the game may think differently of you if you don't do what they expect of you and may effect certain things as you progress through the story.

Speaking of Story, the story of Deus Ex is one of a heavily political and conspiratorial nature. You play as JC Denton, an agent on his first day with the UNATCO, an organization that deals with the growing rise of foreign and domestic terrorism in the early 21st century. It does not take long however for JC to discover that he is merely a pawn in a huge political game that leans far beyond his own understanding.

He will have to travel far and wide to gather the help he needs from unsuspecting allies. Hong Kong, Paris, New York City and various US locations will be visited, all of which have a fitting Tech-noir feel and stellar music to match. One listen of the music for Hong Kong and you'll never forget it.

Being an Role-Playing Game as well as a shooter, Deus Ex allows you to customize your character to your preference. The game features a skill system that will allow you to improve JC in a number of fields. Like big guns? Master the Heavy Weapons skill and go in with the GEP Gun blowing people and locked doors to bits. Want to silently infiltrate every location with skill and precision? Master Computers and Lockpicking to open doors, hack security machines, ATM machines for money (if you don't find any bank account details lying around) and read e-mails for clues about the environment you're in.

Another notable part of Deus Ex are its unforgettable characters. Every major character in the game has a well rounded personality with their own expectations of you. What you do in the world or tell them can affect how they treat you which might be crucial in your immediate future.

There are boss battles in the game but some may be avoided entirely by learning information from other characters. If you do walk into a boss fight, you even have the choice of running right out the door behind them and not bother engaging them at all! When was the last time a game let you do that? Things might even happen to that character later on if you don't fight them.

With all the above praise, Deus Ex is not without its small faults however. Some of the levels are huge and empty of detail, forcing long walks if you want to get anywhere specific in a short amount of time. The large empty levels also make the game feel a little devoid of life in some places. A lot of areas that look as if they should be full of people, are completely empty except for maybe two or three characters at once.

With every conspiracy theory under the sun under the microscope in Deus Ex, you must learn to question everything and trust no one. You may even find that things that this game was talking about in the Year 2000 are happening right now or have a very real possibility to happen at some point during our lifetimes; wealth and the increasing gap between the rich and the poor across the globe, omnipresent electronic surveillance, technical augmentations that can enhance the human race beyond what nature intended and much more.

It's a roller-coaster ride of a game that everyone simply has to play to experience at least once. Your favourite game was probably inspired by this piece of art so do yourself a favour, set next weekend aside and play this game already. You will never leave the house without your tin-foil hat again!
Posted: March 4
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