When a series of gruesome murders shake a small town after a strange aristocrat dies and his body goes missing, rumors of a supernatural monster abound. In life Sir William was known to be a cruel and evil man, rumored to be the murderer behind many unsolved crimes.
Nutzerreviews: Größtenteils positiv (45 Reviews)
Veröffentlichung: 3. Aug. 2010
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Über dieses Spiel

Nach einer Reihe grausamer Morde in einer Kleinstadt nach dem Tode eines seltsamen Aristokraten, dessen Leiche verschwand, verbreiten sich Gerüchte über ein übernatürliches Monster in der Gegend. Zu Lebzeiten war Sir William bekannt als fürchterlicher und böswilliger Mensch und man sagte ihm den Mord hinter mehreren Kriminalfällen nach. Nun, nach seinem Ableben, lässt diese Serie von Vorfällen das gesamte Dorf erzittern und manche Einbewohner fliehen sogar. Die örtliche Polizei scheint keinerlei Fortschritte zur Aufklärung dieser Fälle zu machen. Detektiv Briscol, ein Mann von Logik und Prinzipien, und Timothy Moor, ein armer Immigrant und ehemaliger Gauner werden zum ungleichen Paar, um diese gruseligen Vorfälle aufzuklären. Die Spieler werden zwischen diesen Charakteren hin- und herwechseln und mit der fortschreitenden Untersuchung dieser seltsamen Vorfälle ein unheimliches, dunkles Geheimnis enthüllen.


  • Erleben Sie eine spannende Serie von Mordfällen aus wechselnden Perspektiven
  • Über 80 Schauplätze gilt es zu entdecken
  • Über 25 Charaktere stehen zur Interaktion bereit
  • Filmreife Grafik
  • Eine Geschichte, die sie NIEMALS VERGESSEN werden!


    • Betriebssystem: Windows 7/Vista/XP SP 2
    • Prozessor: 2.5 GHz Single Core
    • Speicher: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafik: 128 MB 3D Grafikkarte (Geforce 6600/Radeon 9600 oder besser)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c oder höher
    • Festplatte: 3 GB frei
    • Sound: DirectX Soundkarte
Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
5 von 5 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
8.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16. Januar
A very good game with great graphic style. The gameplay based on the classic click'n'point interaction and almost all puzzles are inventory based. The voiceovers are all fine except Tim who sounds a bit... dull. Almost all his voiceovers are done in the same tone so it sounds a bit out of place at some points.

The game will be easy for any player that usually plays these type of games and you can easily finish it in 5-7 hours. The story is good - it starts slowly but it picks up later with all the murders. Even though I've read most of the reviews for this game, and even though they all gave it a pretty bad score - the game really is good.

However - the end of the game is really rushed. It does make sense, but the way it's presented is far from what it should be for this type of game. Also - you'll spend the last 30min of gameplay just going from location to location in a very speedy way because (i guess) devs ran out of time or money to make it interactive. The story at that point just rushes up till the point where the detective literally explains everything to you, what was really going on and who was behind the murders. The bad thing about it is that most of the info was never present in the game, or was mentioned very vaguely.

All in all - it's a good game and I recommend it to all adventure lovers
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3 von 4 Personen (75%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1 Person fand dieses Review lustig
0.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 2. November 2014
Beautiful graphic style and gripping, fascinating storyline. It ends somewhat abruptly but other than that it was amazing.

Equivalent t a book that I couldn't put down- I started it quite late, intending to just look at the first few minutes and 5 hours later, at 6 in the morning, I finished it. Thanks for a great game!

-The recorded playtime is wrong- I played this for almost exactly 5 hours
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2 von 3 Personen (67%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
5.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11. November 2014
Yeah, when a game:
1. Is utterly bland and hasn't really got interesting after 5 hours of playtime (apparently, though I idled with this open a lot... because it's boring)
2. Has mundane, pointless puzzles that mostly involve "did you remember to get such and such from before because you need it now" or "hit the button that shows all hotspots, puzzle solved".
3. Has windowed issues, to the point where I had to restart my computer more than once because it froze up and took my mouse cursor with it.

It is neither worth my time or the effort it takes to play. I've tried to be the least bit interested in this for over two weeks now, and... nothing. There is no reason to buy this game, there are so many better adventure games out there.
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3 von 6 Personen (50%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
11.1 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 31. Oktober 2014
This game seems to be the victim of a budget shortage. It starts well enough, but as it reaches a point of tension, it just... stops. I can only think that they simply ran out of money and shipped what they had, because it's just unacceptable as it is now. Also, the "alter ego" of the title never even comes up in the game at all.
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2 von 4 Personen (50%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
7.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 23. Dezember 2013
Schönes Point & Click Adventure, viele Charaktere, logische Rätsel, tolle Story, viele Schauplätze.
Ein Point & Click Adventure wie es sein sollte!
Es gibt sogar 2 Charaktere die sich während der Story abwechseln und parallel laufen.

Hat echt Spaß gemacht!
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12 von 13 Personen (92%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
7.5 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16. Juli 2014
This is not a yes, it's at best a "maybe". If it's discounted and/or you're a big fan of slow, linear point&click adventures of the detective mystery variety, and if you come to it with low expectations, it can offer you some entertaining hours.

It's obviously a low budget game, technically lacking, very linear, quite old-fashioned, with logical puzzles that offer zero challenge but also zero frustration. And I use the world puzzles very liberally here, most of the time you point, you click, the story moves on. It is also very sloooooow. Seriously, everything is slow: the story, the movements of the characters, the time it takes for clicks to register - this is one for people with patience, and if you can't deal with that stay well away, you'll hate it.

The overall atmosphere is probably the best part of this game. The other big positive for me is the attempt to describe the detective process in a relatively "realistic" way for the police detectives of the era, or at least their fictional counterparts. I found the characters entertaining, however they're both rather antiheroes than heroes, and not always portrayed in a positive light, and I expect not everyone will like that. The visuals are allright and fit the mood, the sound is barely there but not annoying and the voice acting is decent enough for this kind of budget. The story itself isn't good, isn't bad. Imagine a paperback period detective mystery, a bit of a guilty pleasure with no real substance. However, the ending is bafflingly unfulfilling. The game ends very abrubtly right in the thick of things - I actually thought I hit a bug. That alone may have warranted a downvote, but truth be told I had very low expectations of this game, and the hours I spent with it were pleasurable, so my approach was... oh well, I had fun while it lasted.

Conclusion: There are tones of better point & clicks out there. But if you like these types of games and get it cheap, this is not a bad way to spend a relaxed summer afternoon. Think cold drink in one hand, mouse in the other, minimal thinking required. ;)
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17 von 23 Personen (74%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
7.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27. November 2013
Just finished it and I wanted to warn people that want to buy this game.

I would not consider this game "good" but decent. It could easily have been a great title but there are many things very wrong or badly done (mostly because of budget I suppose) like the cinematics and certain animations that are "lifeless" and feels very awkward. But in a point-and-click it isn't a main problem, what you want is a good narration and some mystery to solve. And it delivers in that regard with some really good design of places at the 19th century. I was surprised at how invested I was after a couple hours but that's mostly because I love this style of game and can put aside any type of gameplay to focus on the story. Which has many problems and holes (again probably budget) but still holds up for a decent story.

I still recommand this game but certainly not for 20$ and certainly not to anyone. You must be very patient and already like this style of game. It is better after the first hour but don't expect too much. You should almost buy this with an intent to know how can this type of game can go right and wrong as it is very obvious in this one.

I would say up to 5, maybe 10$ it isn't a steal, but only if you know what you're getting into.
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10 von 13 Personen (77%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
25.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 22. April 2014
Just finished this game. I'm a fan of slow point and click games and I must say, I really enjoyed its classic feel and realstic detective approach. most "gamers" wont like this game, but it offers a great story and enviroment, which is what I play games for. That ending sure was unsatisfying doe
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5 von 6 Personen (83%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
8.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28. Juni 2014
I recommend playing through this game but be prepared for a really lame and disappointing ending.

This game plays like Still Life. It's not a puzzle point-and-click, it's a murder mystery, with evidence to collect and use. You play as two different characters, providing two different points of views and adventures. The voice acting was well done, the story (for most of the game) was interesting and engaging, and the difficulty of the game was minimal.

I'm also not a fan of the title and cover art... it's very misdleading. I kept waiting for it to make sense, and in my opinion, it never did.
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5 von 6 Personen (83%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
5.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28. Mai 2014
A very linear adventure game but worth playing if you can get it cheap. Nothing memorable but quite immersive as you play it. A typical 6/10 modern adventure.
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8 von 13 Personen (62%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 1. Juli 2014
In Alter Ego, you play as two characters in the backdrop of late 19th Century England. There are ghastly murders happening, and in this point and click adventure, you will help to solve this case.

The character models are fairly well done for a low budget adventure game. They do somewhat clash with the backgrounds, at times not really seeming to actually be in the environment, but more like actors in front of a green screen. The videos are decently made, but the action and animation can look a little silly at times.

Character movement can be really slow and plodding. Luckily you can double click to run to areas. However, every time you interact with an object the animations always feel like they take a little too long. Voice acting is not great, but also not in the so bad it's good category, so it's just kind of mediocre. It won't take you out of the story, but it won't do much for you. Puzzles are not too difficult thanks to the option to highlight all interactive items in the scene.

I did not find the characters you play as or encounter to be terribly interesting. The dialogue sounds a bit awkward at times. The story wasn't really gripping, and unfortunately, about two hours in, I lost my save. I was not having enough fun and did not care enough about the story to make it through that progress again.

There are better point and click adventure games out there. If you get this in a bundle, try it out for a few minutes to see if the story interests you. The setting can be fun, as seen in the Sherlock Holmes games, but I found the story to be a bit lacking.

Grade: D+
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8 von 13 Personen (62%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
11.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26. November 2013
Very great and well done Point-and-Click game.
Has great memorable characters, nicely done scenes, and a great interesting storyline.
Only negative thing I have about it is the ending, which was very unsatisfying.
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4 von 6 Personen (67%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
9.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17. April 2013
I loved the graphics and the storyline but the ending was really bad, expecting part 2 is on its way.
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2 von 3 Personen (67%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
9.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 23. Juni 2013
This game has one of the most ambiguous endings. I wonder what's next even knowing that there's no sequel yet. And it's the worst feeling about the game.
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2 von 3 Personen (67%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
12.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26. Juni 2013
Alter Ego is a fantastic Point & Click game.

You play as both Timothy Moor - a thief who dreams of escaping to America, and Detective Briscol - who aims to solve the infamous murders committed by "Mad William". There are various parts to the game and you will switch between the two characters to get both perspectives on the story as it unfolds - this is the meaning behind the game's namesake, two separate points of view.

The atmosphere, voice acting and music are perfect for immersion; and the story is uniquely written - it leads you to believe one outcome, yet it turns right around and you're left with something entirely different and unexpected.

The few complaints I have are that it is a bit short, there are still a few things that are left unexplained and I wished that the ending had been left on a more positive note.

As for replay value, I can't be certain; but I absolutely loved it and it's worth the price!
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5 von 9 Personen (56%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
11.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27. Mai 2014

First and foremost I find the title of the game misleading. Just looking at the cover you would imagine the game follows some character who lives a double life; one as a good citizen, the other a darker kind of villain. I was expecting something along the lines of a Jekyll and Hyde game.

Instead you play as two independent characters one an Irish rascal, the other a straight-laced English policeman. The game doesn't involve any problem solving but more like going from one place to another clicking on different things, and figuring out what to do next. The story is enjoyable whilst you're playing it, it unravells nicely and keeps you gripped.

Nothing however can really compensate for how poor the ending is. I'ts not simply that the ending is an unhappy one for both protagonists but it renders the whole story pointless.

There is one stupid part where you have to steal the ledger from a shop associated with the villain. This involves:
1. Walking outside from the church
2. Walking outside the main gates
3. Walking from outside the main gates to outside the shop.
4. Click on the door.
And thats it. After you click on the door you're automatically sent back to the church after a brief monologue and tell you're partner "Here you go, I've got the account book" (not the exact wording, but that's basically what happens). Stupid, utterly stupid.

There are far better point and clicks out there. Find anohter.
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4 von 8 Personen (50%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
6.5 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 4. Juni 2014
Very poor storyline. The puzzles for this game is pretty logical for the most part, but the story itself is pretty bland. The two main characters that you play are thoroughly unenjoyable, and the ending is very bad. If there had been a sequel to this game, then I can understand as to how they thought ending the game the way they did was a good idea.

The ending provides no resolution. The story is incredibly boring. All of the interesting things happen to be described to you at the end. Just not a good story at all. If you want an adventure game to play and like the puzzles, play this game. Otherwise, the very bad story will bore you immensely.
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1 von 3 Personen (33%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
12.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17. Februar 2013
it is exactly like all of the Sherlock Holmes Point and Klick games..or like Nancy Drew games..i like those type of games but i have no idea why this one is still so expensive..it is too expensive i wouldnt buy it anymore for that price..and it isnt creepy the story isnt told very well the riddles arent really good..once it is so unlogic that you would never think of it and almost have to use a walkthrough to find out the next steps and then it continues with such easy riddles that you just bored klick through the game
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1 von 3 Personen (33%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
10.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 9. Juli 2013
This ending...
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1 von 3 Personen (33%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
17.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 30. Dezember 2010
Seems like a good game at first, graphics are ok, the setting is quite dark and mysterious but all of this can't hide the fact that this game is bad. The puzzles are easy (too easy for most people) and the story ends when it gets exciting. Unless there is follow-up to this game i can only say: stay away from this game, it's not worth it.
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