Giant monster mayhem! The evil Dr. Cube has used a forbidden weapon to tear apart time and space. It's up to the Kaiju Big Battel Heroes to travel through time and set things right! A turn-based RPG from the makers of C. Kane.
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Early 2018

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Available: Early 2018


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September 17

September Screenshot Spectacular

Here's a look at some battle shots, a character's subsystem, and some NPC graphics progress!

Here we see a Roman senator who's thrown his support behind Dr. Cube. In the top left we have my hideous placeholder graphic used during development. To the right, Soda_piggy's first draft of the character. At the bottom, the completed work! A lot of work has gone into making each townsperson throughout the game look and feel unique. We hope you enjoy befriending and/or annoying them all!

Slo Feng takes things a little more leisurely than other heroes. All of his abilities take 1-3 turns to charge up, but when they hit, they land some serious damage! Using him successfully involves careful planning, with other heroes buffing up his strength while he's charging.

Meatball: Hurl a heavily seasoned projectile! It takes a couple of turns to cook, but once it's ready this meaty delight will leave foes frowning.

Need someone punched in the brain? Call Paco Plantain. Pedro can summon his macho mustached uncle to deal major damage a single foe. While Pedro's skills are largely focused on support abilities, this one's a big damage dealer that can get you out of tough situations quickly.

Dusto's gonna put some dirt in your eye! Sling some mud into an unsuspecting enemy's face and stun them for a couple of turns. Here we see Dusto harassing a Muscle Mummy; you may notice that Dusto takes some damage here too. If you look at his health bar, you'll see he's been poisoned! The point is, be very careful when messing with mummies, even if you've got a pocketful of dirt.

Each Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy hero has a special ability that they can use outside of battle. Sometimes these are necessary to progress through the game, sometimes they open up optional areas to reward careful players who love to explore!

Robox here can hack into computers, taking players into a spooky world outside of reality. When Robox first joins the team, players will have to take him through a series of test chambers filled with hacking puzzles and broken down prototype robots. Don't die!
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June 24

Thanks for your support!

A big thanks to everyone who's talked to us about the game and to everyone who supported us on Greenlight. Work is progressing well but with the game getting a little larger, it may take a few months longer than expected. Here's a handful of screenshots to show some new areas and features, including some goofy color palettes you can unlock.

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About This Game

Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy is 16-bit styled RPG featuring turn-based combat, plenty of exploration, and a funky soundtrack to pump you up. This is an officially licensed game based on the live-action monster wrestling group Kaiju Big Battel, who have been performing their Godzilla-meets-WWE act for over 20 years.

Designed for Kaiju fans and newcomers alike, Fighto Fantasy takes players on a quest through time and space as they work to undo damage caused by the evil Dr. Cube as he rampages through history in search of fame and glory. With seven main playable heroes (and a secret one to unlock), players explore six time periods and punch out dozens of deadly monsters.

All the world is watching as the Kaiju Big Battel Title Fight is about to begin: The diabolical Dr. Cube vs. the patriotic pugilist, American Beetle! Things take a sudden turn when Cube pulls out a secret weapon that rips open portals into history. Now it's up to the Kaiju Heroes to pursue Cube across the centuries, from Egypt to Rome to Russia and beyond! Is the mad doctor pursuing dangerous artifacts lost to time, or does he just want to deface famous landmarks with his own ugly mug?

⚫ Combat: No random encounters here; touch enemy NPCs on the map to trigger turn-based battles. Each of the seven main heroes has their own strengths and weaknesses.
⚫ Side stories: When you're not chasing Dr. Cube through time, take a minute to help out some locals. Slay a musclebound mummy, rescue lost Kaiju heroes, adopt cats!
⚫ Map abilities: Each hero has a unique ability to interact with environmental objects, unlocking hidden paths and secret treasures.
⚫ Difficulty selection: Easy Mode for a relaxed experience, Normal Mode for players who want some tense fights.
⚫ 10+ hours of RPG adventure.
⚫ Future expansions will be released as free updates; no paid DLC here!

Super Walrus Games has been making independent RPGs for 15 years, starting with the release of Walthros in 2002. Their most recent title is C. Kane, currently available on Steam and Android platforms. Fighto Fantasy is written and designed by Super Walrus Games boss Paul Harrington, with graphics by Soda Piggy / W. James Pandelis and music by Glock & mr8bit .

When is it out?

Fighto Fantasy is currently around 2/3rds complete. We are hoping to launch the finished game in early 2018 if all goes according to plan! Updates are posted weekly on the official Facebook and Twitter pages, so be sure to check us out.

System Requirements

    • OS: XP and newer
    • Processor: 500MHz Pentium 3 Equivalent
    • Storage: 60 MB available space
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