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Immergez-vous dans les batailles et machinations des Grandes Maisons qui ont façonnées le Royaume de Westeros et conservez votre trône par tous les moyens possibles.
Date de parution: 29 sep 2011
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À propos du jeu

Quel roi serez-vous ?
Conquérant, usurpateur ou diplomate ?
"A Game of Thrones - Genesis" vous plonge au cœur des batailles et des intrigues entre les grandes Maisons qui ont façonné le royaume de Westeros. Depuis l’arrivée de Nyméria sur les terres du royaume de Dorne, jusqu’au réveil des « Autres » au-delà du Mur, c’est toute la genèse de la grande saga du Trône de Fer que vous vivrez à travers plus de 1000 ans d’Histoire en devenant acteur des batailles et des événements fondateurs de Westeros

Dans ce grand jeu mêlant stratégie, diplomatie et politique, victoire ne rime pas nécessairement avec force. Vous pouvez opter pour une approche militaire et assiéger vos adversaires, les étouffer dans une guerre économique, ou encore faire usage de ruse et de diplomatie pour les écraser politiquement ! Traîtrise et fourberie sont de la partie et peuvent s’avérer plus renversantes que la plus puissante des armées. Surveillez vos arrières et apprêtez-vous à livrer une lutte sans merci pour prendre place sur le Trône de Fer.

Caractéristiques :

  • Ce jeu est l'adaptation de la saga fantastique "A Song of Ice and Fire" de George RR Martin.
  • Une profondeur de jeu incroyable : un gameplay passionnant mêlant stratégie, diplomatie et politique.
  • Découvrez la genèse de l’univers du Trône de Fer à travers le mode Histoire, et participez aux plus grands conflits qui ont façonné Westeros.
  • Affrontez jusqu’à 7 autres joueurs en multijoueur. Formez des alliances et rompez-les, faites preuve de subtilité tactique et écrasez vos adversaires !

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP SP2 / Vista SP1 / Windows 7
    • Processeur : AMD ou Intel Dual core 2.2 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 1024 Mo de RAM (pour XP) / 2048 Mo de RAM (pour Vista / 7)
    • Carte graphique : Carte 100% compatible DirectX 9 comportant 256 Mo de mémoire vidéo avec support Shaders 3.0. ATI Radeon X1600 XT / Intel HD / nVidia GeForce 6600 GT ou meilleure
    • DirectX® : 9
    • Disque dur : 10 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX 9
    • Internet : Connexion Internet requise pour l'activation et le jeu en ligne
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Des graphismes moches, une optimisation catastrophique... mais.... une vraie profondeur de jeu !
Si vous êtes FAN de l'univers, ce jeu est un MUST HAVE !!
Un super gameplay, trés riche permettant diverses stratégies et permettant de retranscrire la guerre des trones.
Attention, se la jouer Grosbill en entassant ses armées n'est pas forcément la meilleure tactique.... et c'est ce qui fait le charme du jeu ! Vive les assassins, les courtisanes et les corruptions !
La campagne est sympa et permet de bien prendre le jeu en main.
Probablement excelent en multi.... s'il y avait des joueurs en ligne...
On retrouve les sensations du jeu de plateau, mais quel dommage de devoir y jouer seul...
Posté le : 28 avril 2014
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bon jeu de strat !
Posté le : 8 mai 2014
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It has been a long time since I had last played a game like this. The type of game you'd label "A Shameless Cash in."

With the fourth season of Game of Thrones hitting the air, you might feel inspired to do your own bit of dynastic warfare. I am here to stop you. Whatever you do; you don't want to spend a penny on this pile of refuse. Game of Thrones Genesis is a broken and convoluted mess. It has some nice ideas, but pretty much everything stop it from working as it should.

Game of Thrones Genesis is a Real Time Strategy game, but it has a twist. Instead of building units and testing your tactics against your opponents you are now in the business of building alliances and brokering treaties between the many colourful houses of Westeros. The goal is out out-prestiege your opponent. You achieve this by earning money, maintaining alliances with towns and castles, eliminating prominent enemy units, uncovering your enemies' ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ sons, and upholding the faith. To accomplish this you employ the services of assassins, envoys, rouges, spies and even your own daughters to break or make allegiences. If you think that this sounds pretty cool then you are sadly mistaken. The system is a micromanagement nightmare. It is impossible to see what you need to do, because each unit is highly specialised. Even your random highwayman can't just be told to kill the enemy envoy. You need another unit for that. To make matters worse, everything is tiny. Even my HD screen is too small to even give me a remote chance to properly click on the one unit I need.

When all else fails you can always resort to war. War is an utter joke. Declaring war will deduct points from your prestige, so you need to trick your enemy into declaring war on you. What AI that cannot even walk from end of the map to the other without burrowing through a mountain is going to take your bait? War cannot be waged with your regular security units. Oh no, you need armies; special units that need food to function. Food is a resource that is advertised in the game as much as Sarin gas is advertised as a nice party trick on children's tv programming. You need to put peasants to work the field. However, both the peasants and the fields are hidden in the horrible interface and the unsightly map textures respectively. The army units then are supposed to work with a rock-paper-scissors system, but it doesn't. You're lucky if your army even goes to where you ask it to go.

Just when you thought you had seen it all the crapshoot AI comes in. The campaign is joke. It tells the origin story of Westeros and the Iron Throne. You begin as the Martells and shortly after you play as the Targaryans to subjugate the entire continent. Only to lose it the inevitable alliance of Stark, Lannister and Baratheon in the endgame, followed by a little bit of 'What if' up at the wall. The problem is the crapshoot AI. The moment you start the stage the AI makes it move and beats you. The only way to win is by trial and error. Find out what the AI does, counter it in the first minute, and move from there. The AI will just keep on trying to do what it was going to do, but will fail forever. It is both lame and boring. What's the point of playing a Game of Thrones if there isn't even a real game to play.

Don't buy this game. Avoid it like the plague. Put it in chains, drag it up to the wall, send it north, dump a couldron of gold on it, bury it in soft peat and finally recycle it as firelighters to burn the box it came in.
Posté le : 9 avril 2014
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This game was not what I was expecting at all. It was more like a fast paced board game than the sort of resource management and strategy game I thought it would be. I can't fault it for not being like the Total War games, which I was thinking it was, but I can fault it for not being particularly fun. As far as I can see from playing the tutorial and the first level, you basically run around with envoys and spies trying to keep alliances with towns while your opponents ruin your alliances and make their own. It can get a little hectic keeping up with all of that going on, while also trying to get some food or money together to make an army.

You don't build structures in this game, they already exist on the map. What you do is build units, which will carry out certain tasks like assassinations and spying. The goal is to build alliances with nearby towns and castles to keep yourself stronger and richer than your enemies. You do this to collect prestige points, which determine the winner of the map. The combat in this game is not at all exciting, since your armies will consist of around 8 little guys that will hack at the other side's armies until one team is dead. You don't really want to declare war too often anyway, since it will cost you prestige points. So you want to convince the other guy to declare war, and then spend some time chasing around his units to destroy them, all while chasing his envoys with yours so that you can keep them from stealing your alliances.

The graphics are decent but not particularly impressive. The music is standard fantasy fare. Not memorable, but not bad either.

It's just not as impressives as I was hoping for, and I think I only gave it the time I did because of the GoT license. It does go back a ways to give you a taste of some of the origins of the great houses of Westeros, but I felt like the license was not important to the gameplay. It was like playing a licensed version of Monopoly, wherein the lore of GoT only ran skin deep. Overall I could not recommend this title.

Grade: D
Posté le : 16 juin 2014
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A cash in on the books.
Posté le : 24 juin 2014
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