Turba ofrece una experiencia de juego diferente a cualquiera que hayas visto antes. ¡Añade música de tu PC y combina bloques al ritmo de tus canciones favoritas en esta única y nueva vuelta de tuerca al estilo de juego "conecta 3"! Los bloques del tablero del juego se generan y se mueven al ritmo de la canción que elijas.
Análisis de usuarios: Mayormente negativos (107 análisis) - El 32% de los 107 análisis de los usuarios sobre este juego son positivos.
Fecha de lanzamiento: jul. de 2010

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"Con numerosos elementos desbloqueables y tablas de clasificación online para competir, este es un buen primer intento por parte del desarrollador Binary Takeover y bien merece la pena perder unas cuantas horas con él."

-EuroGamer, 8/10

"El desarrollador Binary Takeover ha logrado hacer lo mejor posible para crear un innovador y adictivo puzle musical que te mantendrá entretenido durante horas."

-GamerNode, 4/5

"Turba es agradable, emparejar bloques siguiendo el compás es una buena diversión rítmica."

-Gamespot 7/10

Acerca de este juego

Turba ofrece una experiencia de juego diferente a cualquiera que hayas visto antes. ¡Añade música de tu PC y combina bloques al ritmo de tus canciones favoritas en esta única y nueva vuelta de tuerca al estilo de juego "conecta 3"!

Los bloques del tablero del juego se generan y se mueven al ritmo de la canción que elijas. Elimina los bloques a tiempo siguiendo el ritmo y haz combos de experto para aumentar tu puntuación a la vez que compites para llegar a lo más alto de las tablas de clasificación online por todas y cada de las canciones con las que juegues.

Características principales:

  • Tres modos de juego
  • Siete poderes especiales para cambiar tu forma de jugar
  • Tablas de clasificación por cada canción con la que juegues
  • Tipos de archivo soportados: Mp3, Music CDs, Flac, Ogg, Wma, Ape y Mpc
  • Compatible con el scrobbling de Last.fm
  • Exhaustivo sistema de desbloqueo y de seguimiento de estadísticas
  • 20 logros de Steam, más de 50 estadísticas de Steam y marcadores de Steam

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7
    • Procesador: Intel® Pentium® 4 a 2.5 GHz
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: nVidia GeForce FX 5200 (puede funcionar con gráficas integradas, pero el rendimiento se puede resentir)
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 35 MB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX® 9.0c
    • Otros requisitos:
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Publicado el 21 de septiembre de 2015
The late 2000's gave us a cool new type of game which I like to call the "media player" genre: you load up music files from your own computer and they generate the level you play, often with elements of a rhythm game. This fad gave us many classic games such as Beat Hazard and Audiosurf, and continues strong to this day with games like Melody's Escape and Drive Any Track. It's personally one of my favorite types of game. Unfortunately, it also gave us some real stinkers like Ugly Baby and Turba.

Turba is supposed to be a rhythm-based match-3 game, but it's so ill-conceived and badly-designed on so many levels that it’s almost a work of art. The basis of the game is that you’re supposed to select groups of same-colored blocks, then right-click to clear them to the rhythm of the music. You get more points for using multiplier blocks, for keeping the rhythm, and for selecting one group of each color before clearing them at once. There are three game modes which determine how the tiles will appear: Free mode will give you a Bejeweled-style wall of blocks, Descend mode makes the tiles slowly push from the top of the screen like Tetris Attack, and Ascend mode makes tiles gradually appear on top of other tiles. To help you control the board, you’re also given a choice of a rechargeable special power, which ranges from generating wildcard blocks to shooting blocks with a laser. The special powers gradually unlock and grow stronger the more you play.

The game concepts are all horrible, not just in practice but also in theory. For starters, the core game mechanic of dragging paths through colored groups is a terrible idea. Depending on what mode you play, the whole board is gradually moving, and punishment tiles are decaying and causing the board to collapse. In other words, the game consists of dragging paths through blocks which are always unexpectedly shifting or falling from underneath your mouse cursor. Imagine trying to draw pixel art in Microsoft Paint as the window will randomly jerk around, and you can get an idea of how it feels like to play Turba. I think the idea was that you’re supposed to carefully select tiles between beats of the music, but it’s ruined thanks to the beat detection.

Beat detection is downright unreliable. The game’s registration of beats seems mostly random except on the most specific types of songs, so it’s completely up to luck whether or not clicking on a drumbeat of the song will break your combo or keep it going. To get reasonable scores, I had to find a (very) small handful of songs in my library where the beat detection actually worked and stick to those.

Then you have to deal with the bombs. You cannot even rock out to your own music, because the game will constantly spawn time bombs which beep obnoxiously like 90’s-era digital alarm clocks. They spawn on random tiles which must be cleared before they blow up into a 3x3 square of punishment blocks. On the higher difficulties it’s nearly impossible to get rid of them, because they’ll just keep spawning, and often land in places that are unreachable anyway. Defending against bombs is not interesting and not fun, not to mention that it ruins the music, and I don’t see how anyone thought it was a good idea.

The menus are so badly-designed that they must be seen to be believed. They’re filled with pointless, lethargic menu animations that sometimes take up to five seconds for buttons to slide into place or fade in. The selection box around items is a soft glow which is so hard to see that it might as well not be there. The menu music has some of the most depressing, boring tracks I have ever heard. Whereas games like Audiosurf punch you in the face with electronica the minute you hit the title screen and get you pumped to play the game, Turba’s “song select” menu music will forever be burned into my mind as the official theme song for watching paint dry.

I’ve hunted for the achievements and tried to master the gameplay, and I feel like I gave Turba an honest chance at capturing my heart, but it never even come close. The gameplay is just aggravating, obtuse, and unrewarding. The minor satisfaction I got from holding a long beat streak was destroyed by unreliable beat detection breaking my combos, the massive frustration of trying to paint selection areas as the board is constantly falling and shifting, and that constant beeping of the time bombs over the music that never seems to go away.

Bleh. Awful.
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Publicado el 26 de agosto de 2014
Lo acabo de jugar, y simplemente resulta bonito teniendo en cuenta ciertos criterios, si costara 1 € no podría ser el mismo, a mí me gusta megusta como un juego casual barato y que jugas con tus propias canciones, de hecho me ha entretenido tanto que cuando paré lleva ba más de 20 canciones escuchadas xd. ¿Resulta simple para valer lo que vale? sí tal vez, aunuqe es mas completo que algunos parecidos que yo jugué... Pero todo eso que te digo no te lleva a nada. LA única idea que debéis tener es probar el demo y pensar que los modos de juego que tiene serán apliados un poco, tampoco esque sea tanto, pero lo bueno esque no me ha dado ningun tipod e problema y en el rato que estuve me reprodujo todo, un punto a favor porque no tueve que cambiar de formato la música. Además desde el juego puedes buscar tus canciones lo cual evita que tengas que tu copiarla a ningún lado, es un juego que quizas 4€ se que da justo. Algo menos tal vez, en mi caso fue casualidad que lo vi en descuentos un buendía xd.
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Publicado el 6 de junio de 2015
es un muy buen juego y los logros no son nada ficiles
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Publicado el 22 de septiembre de 2011
It's spelled "turbo", guys
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Publicado el 20 de diciembre de 2013
Turba takes the enticing idea of a Bejeweled-style game that utilizes your music library and screws it all up by incorporating features that don't work as they should, resulting in a nearly unplayable mess. The simple task of matching three or more blocks of the same color is complicated by "bomb" blocks, which are blocks that will cause a 3x3 set of blocks to turn gray if they aren't matched within a certain number of beats. Adding to this problem is the brainless design decision that your board fills up with blocks with each beat of the song. This ensures that fast songs are literally unbeatable on certain play modes, even without the addition of bomb blocks. Worse yet, the game does not accurately detect beats, so blocks appear at completely random intervals. Finally, cheaters have devised a way to obtain the top scores on literally every song, so forget about ranking in the top 3 on anything, no matter how obscure it is. I've spoken with one of the devs (They have another terrible-looking game on Greenlight), and he sees nothing wrong with the game and has no plans to support it any further. This game is a horrendous waste of money at any price.
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