Build the nightclub of your dreams in Party Hard Tycoon, a business management sim where you're tasked with making the most profitable party ever. Takes place in the same universe as tinyBuild's 2015 hit Party Hard.
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May 14

KNOW YOUR GOER Vol. 3: Revealing more characters

Howdy, party addicts!

KNOW YOUR GOER is here again! After the total craziness of the last entry it's time to relax and go on a trip with the next two Party Hard Tycoon residents. You've been warned.


Real name: Denis Guilherme Fraga De Jesus
Sex: male
Origin: Braʒil
Age: 36
Status: single
Bad habits: all euphoria-producing substances known to mankind (we mean ALL)

While his peers scorched feet on the burning hot coastal sand, dreaming of Zico's fame, Denis Guilherme crammed textbooks on botany and chemistry. And how dazed his teachers were when prodigy abandoned the colledge one year before graduation. Little did they know cara already got all he needed—a knowledge on different kinds of herbs and chemicals. Folks started to call De Jesus "The Funpowder Guide" way before he moved to the land of opportunity. Keyf is an intelligent and shrewd user who makes stuff user friendly for the bright young things.
You should pronounce his nickname "kief". No implication.



Real name: Jonathan Francis Habbort
Sex: male
Origin: USA
Age: 42
Status: single
Bad habits: green weight, my man...
Whereabouts: unknown

Illegitimate child of the sixties and sworn pacifist, Johnny “Haze” Habbort hails from Long Beach, CA. Wandering from place to place, he have never knew what it’s like to earn the actual money. Last time he tried wasn't too successful for him: Johnny went missing after WoodFest—a local benigh hippie get-together on the outskirts of Aho Bay which he organized. Some say Haze has been taken out for messing with the wrong people, others consider that he died in a mysterious accident. Either way, Habbort's whereabouts remain unknown to this very day.

So, what really happened to Haze? Write your guesses in the comments. And, of course, don't forget to follow the game here for more Party Hard Tycoon news.

Happy roistering, guys!

P.S. Keep looking on those GIFs to the music.

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May 8


What up, party beasts!

In the previous edition of KNOW YOUR GOER we have introduced to you the first two people who will engage in the huge ass get-together called Party Hard Tycoon. Now it's time to meet the next two. Prepare your tea and cookies, here they go.


Real name: unknown
Nickname: Black Virgin
Sex: female
Origin: Bulgaria
Age: 27
Status: widowed
Bad habits: alcohol, heavy smoking, two-timing

Marena's parents had fled to USA from Народна република България, carrying an infant, two bags of clothes, and 176 dollars. Of course, the life of an illegal immigrant ain't no weekend picnic: Marena's father didn't survive hard work after a tough trip, and the living conditions took a toll on her mother. Little Mar was put in an orphanage to be later adopted by the Whites, who gave her all the love and care they had. But when gal turned 17, she treated her foster family much like her own parents treated their homeland: Marena fled for her freedom. Doing the only thing she knew for living—pole dancing for adults,—young lady became the best stripper around... and the worst wife one can wish for.
Don't ask what happened to her eye, we're not in the know. No one is, in fact. Almost...



Real name: Quentin Thomas Dawson
Sex: male
Origin: Netherlands/USA
Age: 22
Status: single
Bad habits: chemical compounds, lies

Upon achieving 'Best MC of the Old World' status, Quinten Bos, the offspring of an American politician and a Dutch model, has left for the States. According to Bos, pursuit of fame has been his primary goal. But some reliable sources tell us Quinten had crossed the Atlantic to become his father's successor. Mayor Thomas Dawson teaches Bos and his other children all the essential political subjects: deceit, lie, setup, you name it. Besides all that, this arrogant apprentice demonstrates a sincere desire for learning even outside study time: he patiently embraces chemistry and the high art of full tilt partying.

There you have it: two of the maddest individuals in Party Hard Tycoon. But who's capable of wreaking more havoc: Marena or Bos? Write your opinion in the comments.
Also, don't forget to hit that sexy blue 'Follow' button on the game's store page for more exciting announcements.

Happy partying, y'all!

P.S. Try looking on those GIFs with some neat party beat on.

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About This Game

Build and manage your own nightclub in Party Hard Tycoon, the most accurate nightclub simulation game of the year! Expanding upon the AI & hilarious setups of Party Hard, the game takes a Tycoon-style look at what it's like to be a professional party-runner.

  • Build the perfect party
  • Pick a theme & figure out your marketing strategy
  • Build out the layout with accurate speaker simulation
  • Don't forget about security, entertainment and booze

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
    • Processor: 1.4 Ghz and up
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Integrated with 128mb of vram
    • Additional Notes: AlienFX enabled
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