Valve 最新鉅獻 — Counter-Strike、Half-Life 等遊戲創作團隊再次出擊 — Left 4 Dead 是一款橫跨 PC 與 Xbox 360 平台的遊戲,四位「倖存者」主角必須對抗蜂擁而至的僵屍群與駭人的突變型「魔王感染者」,展開一場絕望的殊死對決。 遊戲背景採用了眾所期待的僵屍末日題材,鋪陳出浩劫餘生的氛圍。L4D 的生存合作遊戲模式,分別以都市和郊區環境為場景的四段「電影」作為故事主軸,在玩家的行動下逐步進展。 每部「電影」都有一項主要的團隊目標,並由五張龐大的地圖所構成,可以供 1 到 4 位人類玩家進行遊戲。 遊戲採用了稱為「AI 控制器」的最新技術,能夠以程序化的方式製造出最獨特的體驗,讓遊戲每次玩起來都有新鮮感。
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"This is one of the best coop fps games ever. I am usually terrifiied by zombie games but this is so fun I can power through it. No Mercy = the best"

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Valve 最新鉅獻 — Counter-Strike、Half-Life 等遊戲創作團隊再次出擊 — Left 4 Dead 是一款橫跨 PC 與 Xbox 360 平台的遊戲,四位「倖存者」主角必須對抗蜂擁而至的僵屍群與駭人的突變型「魔王感染者」,展開一場絕望的殊死對決。
遊戲背景採用了眾所期待的僵屍末日題材,鋪陳出浩劫餘生的氛圍。L4D 的生存合作遊戲模式,分別以都市和郊區環境為場景的四段「電影」作為故事主軸,在玩家的行動下逐步進展。 每部「電影」都有一項主要的團隊目標,並由五張龐大的地圖所構成,可以供 1 到 4 位人類玩家進行遊戲。
遊戲採用了稱為「AI 控制器」的最新技術,能夠以程序化的方式製造出最獨特的體驗,讓遊戲每次玩起來都有新鮮感。 如同好萊塢電影一般,控制器 (Director) 會根據團隊表現,運用新型的怪物、音效和動作來量身打造遊戲體驗。
本遊戲將於今年 11 月在 PC 與 Xbox 360 上全球同步發行,Left 4 Dead 更加入了全新的多人連線模式。
  • 這是一款令人欲罷不能的團隊合作動作遊戲,由 Counter-Strike 和 Half-Life 的製作團隊精心呈獻
  • 在先進的人工智慧操控下,無論敵方或友方成員,都有相當活躍的表現。每場遊戲都能帶來緊湊的單人遊戲、團隊合作及多人連線體驗
  • 20 張新地圖。 10 種新武器。 由玩家所主導、逐步展開的四場「電影」
  • 遊戲配對、統計資料、排名和獎勵系統,促使團隊合作更緊密
  • 「設計人員說明」模式讓玩家能參與遊戲幕後模式
  • 採用 Source 與 Steam 技術研發而成


"The Sacrifice” is the new add-on for Left 4 Dead.

"The Sacrifice" is the prequel to "The Passing," and takes place from the L4D Survivors' perspective as they make their way South. In addition to advancing the story, "The Sacrifice" introduces a new style finale featuring "Sacrificial Gameplay" where players get to decide who will give their life so the others may live.

In The Sacrifice for Left 4 Dead owners receive "The Sacrifice" campaign playable in Campaign, Versus, and Survival modes.


Mac OS X
    • 支援作業系統:Windows® 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP
    • 處理器:Pentium 4 3.0GHz
    • 記憶體:1 GB
    • 顯示:128 MB、Shader model 2.0、ATI 9600、NVidia 6600 或更佳
    • 硬碟:至少 7.5 GB 的可用空間
    • 音效卡:DirectX 9.0c 相容音效卡
    • 支援作業系統:Windows® 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP
    • 處理器:Intel core 2 duo 2.4GHz
    • 記憶體:1 GB
    • 顯示:Shader model 3.0、NVidia 7600、ATI X1600 或更佳
    • OS: MacOS X 10.6.4 or higher (Snow Leopard Graphics Update required)
    • Processor: Dual core Intel processor, 2GHz or better
    • Video Card: ATI Radeon 2400 or higher / NVIDIA 8600M or higher / Intel HD Graphics 3000
    • Not supported: OS X 10.5.x, ATI X1600 or X1900 graphics, NVIDIA GeForce 7 graphics or Intel graphics less than Intel HD 3000.
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經典的L4D,讓人想起以前在網咖歡樂的經驗! :D


1. 刺激、緊張的四人合作遊戲代表!
2. 快節奏、逗趣的劇情!
3. 優秀的畫面、流暢的優化(以2008年的產品來說)

1. 較少的武器選擇(2代改進啦)


Play L4D in internet cafe long time ago, so buy it to commemorate, great zombie game! Recommend buy L4D2, because you can play the L4D story in L4D2. :)
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PILLS HERE!! 100000/10!
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Left 4 Dead is a CO-OP first person shooter game. The game uses Valve's well known Source engine, released in 2008.

The game is set during the aftermath of an apocalyptic pandemic, you take control of one of four protagonists, which will be known as the "Survivors". They will be pitted against hordes of infected zombies in four different game modes, a single player mode which the three other characters are controlled by the AI. A co-op campaign mode, an online versus mode and a four player survival mode.

the game play focuses mainly on cooperation and working as a team. You will see all the regular features included in other FPS games, such as outlined teammates throughout the world, so you know where they are all the time. A cool feature which I found to be a nice surprise was if a member of your team were to fall off a ledge, they won't automatically plunge to their death, they will manage to hold onto the ledge and the other team members may go and "Help them up" much like you would do if you were healing them.

The campaign mode has six levels, each containing anywhere between three and five individual chapters in them. Each of the chapters takes place in a set environment which allows the player to explore around to find little Easter eggs, pick ups - such as medi-packs, pain pills, weapons and ammo. These points are supposedly randomly generated so each time you play, they will be scattered around in different spots. There are tons of rooms, tunnels and buildings to explore on every level, and there is no time limit either so you can roam around to your hearts content, provided you don't mind the odd zombie jumping out of the closet to try and eat your brains every now and again.

Each of the Survivors are individually voice acted very well; and you can communicate with your team using quick menus. Some voice commands will sound off automatically such as when you are reloading, you'll let the rest of your team know so they can cover you. This to me was a small addition but added to the realism of the game.

Throughout the game you will encounter a number of different zombies which have their own special attack or mutation, such as The Boomer, which is a bloated zombie that will spit bile onto the Survivors which attracts other zombies to your location. This again adds a lot of variety to the game so you don't feel as if you are just mowing through hoards of regular zombies all the time.

The graphics, while are running on an engine which is a number of years old now, still look awesome, and games today sometimes struggle to present them selves as well as Left 4 Dead. Even with settings right the way down on low, it still looks impressive - meaning any rig or potato will be able to run this.

I played the single player campaign on normal mode; while I had no real issues finishing the game, apart from the last level, I still was satisfied with the level of challenge which was on offer, I can imagine the hard and advanced levels will be completely mind fumblingly hard though. I tried to play the campaign mode online, but sadly there weren't many games available at the time, but it is something I really want to try just to experience the co-op side of things on this game.

Pretty much every one owns Left 4 Dead already, and most will have probably already played it; but I really suggest people that haven't played it or at least purchased it but not tried it to play. You will not be disappointed and this is one of the classics of our generation that you need to experience.

P.S - if anyone would like to have a play through the campaign with me, please add me or hit me up as I would welcome any opportunity to give it ago!

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